The Twitter Diaries: Oct 14-30, 2010

YouTube video: When did you choose to be straight? #
@ATTJenn Thanks, the confusion was mine, tho it’s puzzling why AT&T wd send a disconnect notice to tenant from 6 mos ago #
@NomdeB The problem isn’t lack of ideas, but lack of energy to carry them out. #
@NomdeB Both are the assumed default options. 😉 #
@italylogue I’ve gotten so used to seeing an orange Milan tram on the streets of San Francisco that it’s now confusing to see one in Milan. #
@italylogue Entire Italian families used to go on road trip summer vacations in those. #italy #
SAGE Reps Ruth Brodeen and Nathan Scott will be visiting East Coast Oct 16 – 24 for India Beyond the Classroom #
Is someone doing a twitter marketing push for country music? I do listen to it, but that’s not obvious anywhere in my online life. #
Living in the moment. #
RT @ericmortensen: I want this photo to be made into a movie.  – Saw 14, Revenge of the Lumberjack #
Pumpkin pie for breakfast – yum. #
RT @NomdeB: Atheists debate how much to speak up > Didn’t realize there was an atheists’ closet. Guess I’m well out #
@ebertchicago Seems like Christians who say God loves you even if you don’t believe in Him – kindly meant, but somewhat condescending. #
RT @NomdeB: near Mussoorie in the Himalayas – this is a shameless shoutout for friend’s quaint new hotel: #
RT @ninapaley: Happy Dussehra! Ram’s victory over Ravana begins at 1:13 in this clip. #

Learn Italian in Song: Sei la Fine del Mondo #
@jasonh Oops. Was just considering repurposing my older-generation iPhone as a baby toy. Now seems wiser than letting him play w new one. #
an Italian poem dimly remembered from childhood – can anyone help? see comments here #
971 followers. By a fine old Twitter tradition, I should beg you all to get your friends to get me to 1000. Nah. Quality, not quantity. #
DTrace and Performance with Oracle Solaris 11 Express – BoF at LISA 10 (Brendan’s also giving a talk at LISA) #
Is deep bench a sports term? What does it mean? I wish speakers wd realize that much of the world knows zilch about US sports. #
@shawnferry So… a very important concept was lost in translation, I wonder to how many people besides me? Gah! #
@zaps and @wanderingitaly are, according adjacent tweets in my tweet stream, both in Istanbul at this moment. Are you aware of each other? #
RT @msgilligan: Serving Cocoa with Grails! – Should that be cocoa in grails? As opposed to mugs? #
RT @b6n: I have an idea. – Or is it a cunning plan? #
RT @ProfOrganizer: @NomdeB In other words, smart is sexy? 😉 – Absolutely! #
Learn Italian in Song: Ti Amo #
Hoegaarden beer goes well with pumpkin pie. #
Got thru yesterday with only Tylenol, hopeful that I can resume normal life soon. Or whatever passes therefor. #
my new eye doc, Dr. Bert, also does this: Tibet Vision Project – like! #
RT @OTN_Garage: Solaris Summit all day Tuesday, Nov 9, at LISA 10 in ballrooms A4-A5 of the San Jose Conv Ctr  #
@thomasvsteele It’s officially Oracle Solaris, I don’t think that will change. #
Eyes dilated for checkup, can’t read text very well. Video works much better for me in this moment. #
@MissExpatria Yes. Look at the ticket prices. #
You’re telling me that’s in the First Amendment? #
@MissExpatria 12 vs 400, no. #
@dboyll This photo’s a little scary, but I do like the beard on you. #sfgiants #playoffbeard #
@TalentSynch @nilofer I’m still learning, and don’t plan to stop even at 80. Don’t plan to die then, either. #bobaubrey #foti2015 #
Oracle Solaris Summit at LISA conference 2010 – full details  #
Work being done in the apt below sounds like dentistry. My teeth hurt in sympathy. #
Learn Italian in Song: Porta Portese #
How do Democrats run against this?  – I’d like to think that being sane would be a good start… too optimistic? #
I’m you, except with bigger…  #

Young people saw religion as intolerant, hypocritical, judgmental and homophobic. …not for them.  #
Koch Industries and Network of Republican Donors Plan Ahead –  #
RT @stevenbjohnson: I will be doing my own small part in Keeping Austin Weird at BookPeople at 7PM. Come out and talk #goodideas! #
Wondered why this page getting ^ hits this week. Keyword searches on Bangladesh (and other countries) 犋ⶺ�  – huh? #
Oh joy – new kinds of nose torture. #
Thank you, tweeple, for making me laugh. As you so often do. #
@b6n Define influenced. Has most impact, whether I like it or not? In today’s America, that’s probably the Bible, bcuz of others’ beliefs. #
The nose – it hurts. #
@thepartycow umm… where? #
is pumpkin pie a cure for insomnia? #
@llcrowe What? There’s another game?!? #
2 drs highly recom’d on Yelp, both turn out to donate much time & expertise. Coincidence that they’re also great with patients? I think not! #
@bubbva I’m quite fond of my nose, thanks, and trying hard to keep it in place and the same shape it’s been all along! #
@llcrowe So would you prefer them to win the next one and be done, or keep it going/drag it out? 😉 #
RT @NomdeB: Three tough American truck drivers drive in India:  I’ve been on many such roads – too many memories 4 me! #
RT @llcrowe: Republicans recently set a record number of filibusters. Vote to get things done this Nov.  (@jpcaponigro) #
@dboyll Thanks for the LOL. How do you manage to have the same scary expression every time? #sfgiants #playoffbeard #
Try not to get worried, try not to turn on to problems that upset you…  #

@angelcamacho It’s the airport jog, the airlines’ way to help us get in shape. So we can fit their tiny little seats better. #
@NomdeB this is not a recent photo, is it? #
My ex was right about one thing: when you read news stories about something you know well, you realize how ignorant and lazy the press is. #
My new theme song  #

Learn Italian in Song: Io Vagabondo #
@vdotw Yes, technically brilliant. Also resonates for me for both historical and present reasons. That was the soundtrack of my HS days. #
@bubbva @gtirloni The plan is to film it (I don’t miss this kind of opportunity!), maybe stream if we have the bandwidth. #
RT @fabianenardon: GlobalCode has a special code for getting 10 discount at JavaOne Brazil. Deadline: Oct.30. Enjoy! #
@wcpreston Or OpenOffice for 0 #
Goodnight and Thank You  #

Moscone being readied for some new event. I feel sorry for those guys on the scaffolding in the rain. #
Drinking Maker’s Mark, making pasta sauce, singing along to Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues #
End of File: Mike Shapiro leaves Oracle #
oh, that’s what the big X on Moscone center is for… #
@webmink This is where you not following me is a problem. #
@ZackFord If I were within reach, I’d hug you (I could use it, too). #
What a day. And i wasn’t even supposed to be at work. #
Today is Worldwide Woodstock Day, so here’s background on this extraordinary international school in India’s Himalayas #
RT @psycho_lady Can’t believe I ever thought it would be cute and clever to marry a European. It’s expensive as hell is what it is. [snort] #
Brendan Greggs’ invited talk at #LISA10 will be on Thursday, November 11  – at 9 am?!? #
@sogrady and writing. #
@Penguin Whoa. What? Congratulations! #
Not up to going to either of the Woodstock Day events in the Bay Area, but enjoying the monsoon-like rain on my windows. #
@adamsbaldwin Who is Joe the Plumber that thou art mindful of him? #deem #
@kbeninato At least she wants to know. Which is more than I can say for my mom, who does not have Alzheimer’s. #
@kbeninato Ours is a family saga worthy of a Tennessee Williams play. <wry smile> I’m glad your mom still realizes what she’s got! #
Good thing last night’s pasta sauce (made for 2 visiting colleagues) turned out well – having it again for dinner tonight. #
@Danjite Sadly, prices going up and service levels dropping. People don’t use it enough. Or something. #
THE PERIPATETIC PARENT | More Intelligent Life  #
working on a video that several of you have asked for, but between compression and upload times it won’t be available til tomorrow #
Learn Italian in Song: Agnese #
@sogrady Amen to that. Thought giant margaritas that you can walk around on the street with alleviate much pain. #
@jimgris It’ll be great to see you! #
RT @themayorpete: The city just had a giant fucking sportsgasm – LOL. Judging from the sounds I can hear outside, it’s still going on. #
@yesthattom That sure puts a lot on the shoulders of the Giants. Are they up to it? 😉 #
US vice-consul seeking Italian lessons for a 4 year old, in Italy, next year. Can anyone help? See the comments on  #
Glad I don’t have to go anywhere, but can just enjoy the rain pelting my windows. #
Dammit, this was supposed to be 16:9. Did I forget something about using #
Murphy’s law of automatec thumbnails: they will always make your subject look as weird, dorky, or unreliable as possible. How do they do it? #
NEW: How to Build Better Applications with Oracle Solaris DTrace – Oracle Solaris Video  #
RT @hudsonette: a-u-t-u-m-n – why is there an n at the end anyway? – because the adjective autummal would sound weird. #
oldie but goodie on my site (with videos): A Travelling Show of Italian Classic I Promessi Sposi #
I hope the #PayPalX organizers are grateful to the guys out on scaffolding in pouring rain putting your sign up on Moscone West. #
.@adamsbaldwin UN not the best example, but perhaps if we all considered ourselves global citizens, we’d spend less time killing each other. #
.@adamsbaldwin …and here’s an example of global citizenship that works a good deal better than the UN #
@bubbva @alecmuffett Mulled wine? Perfect idea for a rainy, windy day in San Francisco! Now to find a recipe… #
RT @bmangh: Chart: National Debt Goes Up under GOP Presidents, Down Under Democrats #
NEW: Introduction to the DTrace Book – Oracle Solaris Video  #
@cote In SF they’re kinda schizo – same day I’ll see women wearing books, heels, sandals, flip flops… #
RT @NomdeB The most saintly non-believer doesn’t stand a chance of winning office in much of America.That’s sickening.  #
@JoyceSolano The dryness of Denver made me feel the cold far less, but I was thirsty and had dry skin all the time. Prefer the humidity. #
was going to make mulled wine, but got distracted by this instead: Hot Buttered Bourbon and Cider #
@drostova I left out the sugar – cider is sweet enough – and half the butter (just because) and it’s yummy! #
@vdotw On the scale of secrets parents keep from kids, Cocoa Puffs is pretty innocuous. 😉 #
RT @GodlessAtheist: Jack Black shows how Glenn Beck works.  #glennbeckn – Bethany’ had a bright future, hope not w Fox! #

@Gundryggia Haven’t actually tried any yet, made the cider and bourbon instead. #
G’Day and Goodbye : Brendan Gregg #
@NomdeB What? Did hell freeze over or something? You decided to get a Mac?!? #
NEW What’s in the DTrace Book? – Brendan Gregg and Jim Mauro give a detailed overview of the contents.  #
Saturday was miserable, Sunday pretty good, waiting to see what today brings in sinus-land. #
@lindseyfowler Thanks, I’ve heard that, tho in this particular case there was a specific bacterium involved. #
@NomdeB @PeterKretzman He could also learn a lot of other Italian on my site. 😉 #
@StopBeck Next they’ll probably get after you for being a disloyal Italian-American #
@corey_latislaw Not sure what CSA stands for but know the concept. How do I get one? #
@monkchips With me, it keeps suggesting I am like or should follow people I’m already following. #
Hate it when FB tells me about others’ birthdays. Feel like I’m cheating if I then say happy birthday, like a heel if I don’t. #
@vdotw Good! If you’re open with them, they’re more likely to be open with you when it really counts. #
@amyrrich We may have to wake him up first. Not famously a morning person. #lisa10 #
@hudsonette Beautiful, and explains much. Korean/Indian marriage very unusual, even more so then! They had courage. #
@hudsonette Only ? is – your sibs don’t already read your blog? Not surprised, but it’s ironic: my family doesn’t read my stuff, either. #
Had the notion to privately diarize everything that has happened this year to date. Only in mid-March and I’m already exhausted remembering. #
@hudsonette I see we share at least some musical tastes – but this one seems more appropriate now #musicmonday #

I was never much for material possessions. When I have money, I spend it on people and experiences, not things. Things just weigh me down. #
@bklein34 Thanks, though I wouldn’t go so far as to compare myself to Thoreau. Just the legacy of a lifetime of moving around,.. #
@bklein34 …tends to pare life down to essentials. I’ve lost many things, but can choose not to care about that. Hurts more to lose people. #
Supremely Bad Judgment – #
@italylogue Bring back lots – Pocket Coffee was always very popular among my engineering buddies #italy #
Please welcome @brendangregg to Twitter! #
Home Improvements #
Want! Ganesh Doll | Ganesh Mall – also love the fact that there’s a Ganesh mall #
Italy below Rwanda and above Georgia in rankings of perceived corruption in the public sector.  #
Fiat would do better if it could ditch Italy #
Feeling… seditious. #
@bklein34 Perhaps I’m weird, but this actually sounds interesting to me. #
Comments have become forum for people trying to translate their immigrant grandparents’ Italian idiom – need help! #
@PeterKretzman Acronyms aren’t the only problem. Many non-American or non-sports types have trouble with sports jargon. Meaning gets lost. #
@lowbit I like the way your kid thinks! #
RT @StopBeck: Well, my ability to process just shut down. Glenn Beck: I am not afraid to be caught in a lie. – Kinda stating the obvious #
Friendly Atheist Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Disparages Atheists #
@adamsbaldwin Unclear: do you mean that the statists’ faith in mankind is disturbing, or that they live by disturbing it? #
@markwilliams Picturing you in lingerie and hiking boots… umm, no, let’s not go there. #
@markwilliams The Victoria’s Secret models don’t seem like camping types. #
@MrSimonTaylor Try being named Deirdré #
@StopBeck the page seems to be there (I can see it), but the wall posts are gone #
Watching Visioning Tibet – High incidence of cataracts due to high altitude UV exposure. SF drs train local surgeons #
@StopBeck Haven’t seen it yet – no TV and no cable. #
Forced solitude is REALLY not good for me. I’d had enough of that in my life already. #
@pennjillette Ben Stein? Ooh, wish I could watch. Surely you will take him apart? #
this one’s for JT: Learn Italian in Song: La Fisarmonica #
What wd be the decline in twitter usage if there was no tv and no sports? #
Time for more torture. No, not #sfgiants – nasal. #
The enemy approacheth [bad photo of the Rangers’ family bus going to the stadium] #
Ah, apropriate pathetic fallacy weather here in SF. #
A question about Italian streets that are named after dates – can anyone help? (I know they are historic events). #
Mailed in my ballot yesterday. So can everyone stop calling and emailing to remind me to vote? Thanks. #
RT @camanpour: What message is the Tea Party sending the rest of the world? how different countries view the Tea Party.  #
I wish the doctor would quit poking around in my nose. It seems to make things worse a day or two later. Owies. #
voters think taxes have gone up under Obama, when in fact, Obama cut taxes by 240 billion since taking office.  #
Finally, a use for all the parsley on my balcony: made Piemontese salsa verde to go with the bollito. Yum. #
RT @davidpaulyoung: Did I say Go #Rangers! – Very quietly, we hope. 😉 #
RT @MythicTechno: Brendan Gregg is now at Joyent – . leave some for the rest of us… LOL! #
I might even have the energy to do something for Halloween. SF suggestions, anyone? #
Y’know, this week has pretty much majorly sucked. I wish I could just sleep all weekend. Back to work (from home) on Monday! #
@bubbva I’ve never really learned to use parsley, so thanks for the tips. Took a lot of washing to get all the aphids off yesterday… #
@rosso I’ve got beef stock from yesterday’s bollito; it will become onion soup. #
@rosso Yum! In Italy, I used scamorza affumicata for the croutons in the soup. Here, it’ll be gruyere. #
No matter how hard people pray, other people keep behaving like, well, people.  #

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