The Twitter Diaries: June 5-August 22, 2011

8 years ago: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – My Favorite Obsession @amber_benson#

4 years ago: Growing Up in Boarding School#

2 years ago: Producing Social Media#

hmm, seeing spam links on again. Does anyone actually see spam when they click on a link of mine?#

Dice are rolling, the knives are out…#

Spending the afternoon with a bunch of hunky cowboys. (@ SFGMC Hootenanny!) #

…and I’ve got a ringside seat for my beloved Ethan Pope! (photo, top) #sfgmc#

Just posted a photo #Β (see top)

Never thought I’d hear deep in the heart of Texas in San Francisco#

She sounds like a girl. She IS a girl!#


Just posted a photo

There won’t be bad hair days in heaven

@SniperWulfzen it’s the #sfgmc – always a great show!#

I can never hear the song San Francisco without thinking Fuck Anita Bryant#

Spent the morning talking node.js, now at the #sfgmc concert, tomorrow off to Milan. Yes, this is my life.#

An appropriate sleeve for my #Kindle #

SFGMC Hootenanny! #sfgmc#

I’ll Be on My Way #sfgmc#

I’m at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) (275 S Airport Blvd, San Francisco) w/ 113 others

Sonuvabitch is BIG#

Just posted a photo

.@jamescmcpherson Video can’t/shouldn’t totally replace the written word, each has its uses.#

Slept some on the plane, but it’s going to take a lot of coffee to convince my body it wants to be awake right now.#

@trochej Glad to do it. #illumos#

Long ago, I’d be disappointed if I arrived at an airport and there was no one to meet me. Then that became routine. But it’s still kinda sad#

Someone dear to me (and to many others) has died: Robert Alter-Alumni-Woodstock School, India #

Bob Alter Book Presentation#

so my site is definitely victim to a weird hack which sometimes shows spam pages. Any ideas?#

Back in Milan for the first time in > 2 years. Feels strange.#

@lucaconti Wow. You are very brave. Please come back alive! #Afghanistan#


Why, yes, I am going to torment you with food Sometimes it’s the little stuff that matters, like good bread #

Marinated raw seafood aka Italian ceviche

Pasta wih broccoli and clams. Never had this combo before, very good! #

besides eating lots of good food, spent the evening in conversation, in Italian, wih a former colleague. Warning up those language muscles#

Brendan’s blog mpstat videos

#sfgmc YouTube – I’ll Be on My Way

In case you were wondering: yes, it is very, very hard translating technical training on the fly.#

staying awake in hard to o…#

So thanks to a wise friend found out my blog has suffered the pharma hack. Removing it may be beyond my abilities alone, but I’ll have help.#

@billblum Thanks. I think I’d better wait til I’m not collapsing with jetlag to tackle that.#

@rbanffy the downside is you won’t be there to drink with them#

Massive jetlag plus air conditioning outage = about to go to sleep on the table#

Milan doorway #

I hadn’t intended this to be a food tour of Milan, but when knife-cut prosciutto and burrata appear, what ca (cont)

I take my job as hostess very seriously, even when it’s no longer my country (if it ever was, even after 17 years).#

@LusciousPear Well, dammit, now I’m far away!#

@sogrady @vambenepe Absolutely. It’s the teaser to get people to click.#

@Pinboard This might help:

Just generated a #TweetCloud, my top words are: people, joyent, time – (

@ryancnelson good for you!#

RT @rosannecash: Happy Birthday, Kris Kristofferson, 75 today. As dear to me as a brother.

This one’s for @jeffreytaylor #

A hard day’s work deserves… a giant mozzarella, flown in fresh from Naples. #

Two branzini and an orata. We ate the orata, or one of its kin. #

Crochette (potatoes n stuff, breaded and fried and YUMMY) #

@jeffreytaylor honestly, BlueBottle is as good – except for the ridiculous lines. and the price.#

@NomdeB it was an outdoor table, otherwise wouldn’t have been a smoking area. But no one was smoking.#

Absolutely miserable with allergies. Probably just as well I’m spending the weekend it Milton Keynes instead of on Lake Como.#

Wedding Vows in days both wretched and joyous, from this day forward, as long as you wish this from me

@craigmorgan Oh, I know – have spent a LOT of time there. But it’s where my dad lives (after a lifetime in many more interesting places).#

Allergies so bad I want to claw my eyes out. Now I remember one of the things I hate about Milan.#

Sorry, Netflix is not available in this country yet. At least let me queue up a movie I’d like to watch when I’m back in the US! Sheesh.#

@RaggedPoint Lived in Italy 17 years, it’s all sadly familiar. I know the workarounds, but want it fixed at the source. #netflix#

YouTube – Bryan Cantrill interviewed at Velocity 2011

Tried to get better allergy drugs, pharmacy closes for 3 HOURS at lunchtime. And you ask if I’m nostalgic for my former life in Italy…?#

.@pfuetz Yes, but as a US-based customer, why not give me access to my movie database from elsewhere, even if I can’t watch til I’m in US?#

.@pfuetz I understand the (stupid) restrictions on viewing the films. All I want to do is queue up something to watch when I’m back in SF.#

@pfuetz Got that. πŸ˜‰#

in Italy, order a cappuccino with your meal. It alerts the waiter that you know what you’re doing

Fantastic Art Deco gate in Milan. #

YouTube – Oh, What a Beautiful Morning #sfgmc

#SFGMC with very beautiful music inspired by Brokeback Mountain – Meet Me on the Mountain

Up early, but got ~6 hours of sleep, 3x the night before. Busy day ahead, starting to pack up my stuff at the former family home in Lecco…#

…then ~3 hr schlep to Malpensa to get a 2-hr flight to Luton to visit my dad. Yeah, this is my glamorous biz trip to Italy.#

@NomdeB Don’t know how much I’ll be able to bring, just doing excess baggage. Shipping from Italy ridiculously expensive.#

Milan getting ready for Pride. Sorry I’ll miss it both there and in SF.

Milan Central station has had an upgrade, but the trains…

Had time to kill at Stazione Centrale in Milan today. Can’t believe I got this photo. #

Very cool purse: upcycled soda can tabs, crocheted together. #

Lecco to Milton Keynes: car + train + train + bus + plane + taxi = 8 HOURS. Europe makes itself feel large by making travel inconvenient.#

@wayfaringrob My dad was a hippie, doen that count?#

Pizzocheri! (and the lady at Taverna ai Poggi remembered me,). #

Gallery: Milan Central Station

Damn. Gonna have to struggle to clean out this pharma hack – affecting my traffic badly. Fuckers.#

This day in 1981 I graduated from Woodstock School – Yes, we’re having a big party, later in the year.#

6 years ago: Transport Surprises on Lake Como

Since I can’t be there this year: last year’s video of SFGMC in SF Pride

@bubbva Haven’t got that far yet, trying to follow these instructions:

one of the tersest and more remarkable rejections of conservative economics ever penned by a conservative

the UK isn’t any better for my allergies right now, may even be worse. Vacation in the Sahara is beginning to sound very good!#

The Twitter Diaries: June 5-18, 2011

@willbldrco Right now deep Sahara is sounding pretty good.#

@CommunispaceCEO Maybe because of people who use Google’s search box as their URL bar?#

Yes, I’ve been awake since 3 am. At least in this timezone. No matter, must get up about this time for the next 2 days, + travel, packing.#

@trine Yes, very Norwegian! πŸ˜‰#

added the full photo gallery to: Villa Monastero: Varenna, Lake Como

Trip home already looking like a hassle. 1st leg is on Alitalia, so KLM directs me to their site to check in. And they won’t let me.#

@riccardo_iommi I wish I could say I have missed Italy, but the frustrations still outweigh the joys for me.#

Closing my Italian bank account. They need 3 days to figure out how much money is left and give it back to me. Isn’t this a BANK?…#

…but, in true Italian style, they were accommodating and got it done anyhow.#

my daughter is earning more in her starter job at Apple in Austin than I did in my last job in Milan. Hell YES I wanted her out of Italy!#

Need expert mode for customer service hold lines, to NOT tell me things I already know but cannot do. If I coulda done it myslf, I woulda.#

And to think I used to love traveling.#

4 hrs sleep + 7 hrs travel + 4 hrs packing = desperate need for a nap. Sadly, I am vey bad at napping.#

deeply tired, but will I be able to sleep for the 3.5 hours available to me tonight?#

No athlete, I excel at the travel triathlon: baggage pack and lift, airport dash, seat collapse.#

The Dutch have a charming habit of assuming that I am Dutch. But then, so do the Germans, English, Scots… Everyone except Americans!#

This is more like it. Thanks @KLM – trip not a hassle after all. That upgrade was very well timed.

Trip far better than feared, on most fronts. But glad and relieved to be home.#

@ditucci @nonstick O gonna pay you the same regardless, if you’re already an employee anyway#

I feel a bit out of focus. Too much to process from this trip. Thankful for jetlag – takes the edge off.#

Summary of my visit to Italy: good friends, great food, but I don’t miss living there. In so many ways, I need more than la dolce vita…#

…I couldn’t afford la dolce vita anyway. What I had was hardly dolce – and this is true for most ordinary Italians

.@NomdeB Very true. It’s never been US vs Italy (or anywhere else) but where can I have the most of what makes me happy in one place?#

Of course we all know that in the Real Italy, everyone sings opera all the time

.@NomdeB Wait til you see my apartment in SF. πŸ˜‰ I like living small – less to clean, less unnecessary crap because there’s just no room.#

Fuck. Site still hacked.#

Trying to fix horrible eye irritation from seasonal allergies. (@ Dr. Bert M.D. Office)

@izs I’ll take real geekspeak over marketing babble any day.#

@deeharvey Talk about taking candy from strangers. πŸ˜‰#

I’m awake! I’m awake! No, I’m not…#

.@NathanFillion Well, then, let me introduce you to my Italian daughter and long-time fan @RossellaLaeng#

Jetlag does weird things to me. Was’nt hungry most of the day, then bolted down Chipotle tacos, chips, guac, & an entire Lindt pistachio bar#

If I can’t clear my site of the pharma hack, I’ll be faced with the interesting challenge of getting traffic without search engines.#

…and/or the search engines will need to get smart enough to realize that I don’t write about (ahem) male enhancement drugs.#

RT @benr: Best. Video. Ever. – I only have a few friends left like this, thank Zod…#

Ok, the chocolate bar is explained. Hormones. Gah!#

It Just Doesn’t Matter

@ianhf That’s certainly more pithy than what I had in mind.#

The Org Charts Of All The Major Tech Companies (Humor)

Huh. I have just been asked permission to include this artcle in a college textbook:

why does Google+ think I know Michael Arrington?#

Finding room for the 3 suitcases of random stuff I brought from my old home in Italy. Gave bales of clothing to charity – little fit anymore#

4 years ago: Italys Amazing Summer Fruits

@ryah You dared to use your phone in a foriegn country, right?#

Here and now, worlds collide.

I’m at Joyent (345 California St, #2000, San Francisco)

My one meeting of this pre-holiday Friday is over. Time for beer yet?#

@vdotw AP English, actually… now trying to figure out what that’s worth.#

We are firing the women so they can stay at home and look after the children…what they bring in is a second income.

.@italylogue @michellefabio Excuse me while I go and vomit…

This is seriously cool. – MySQL Query Latency with DTrace 2 – Thanks, we think so, too. πŸ˜‰#

@saraford That’s why I wanted my daughter OUT of there. Now she works for Apple in Austin. Mamma knows best. πŸ˜‰#

xkcd: Hofstadter

@denizrende Put. Down. The. Keyboard. Go have some fun!#

Feeling emotionally dizzy. Had a lot to process in the last 12 days.#

New/recovered wall decorations…

I just love Ravana’s shit-eatin’ grin.

@Myrna_SF we can certainly arrange to meet – I don’t have particular plans thru the week. Looking forward to it!#

@pelegri I recall ~4000 blogs listed, but not all were active at the same time.#

Flowers in the Windows

.@pelegri Sun’s attitude towards employee blogging was even more significant. Don’t be stupid – and they trusted us for the rest.#

Jetlag and/or allergies… I feel as if a truck has parked on top of me.#

Id like to think that the most prosperous nation in human history can have both freedom and security.

Treating monogamy as the main indicator of a successful marriage gives us unrealistic expectations

Forget something, Larry?

2 years ago: President Lula of Brazil Meets OpenSolaris

5 years ago: Watching Football

6 years ago: International Marching Show Bands in Lecco

4 years ago: Biopsy: Digging to China Through My Breast

1 year ago: A Dinner Party in Wonderland

Fine with That

I’m at Joyent w/ @davidpaulyoung

oh my. I’m going to Austin Friday. It’s 50 degrees hotter there than here.#

I am very happy to announce my new position as SmartOS Community Manager at Joyent. Watch this space for news!#

@chrisridd We couldn’t live without each other. πŸ˜‰#

…and it’s kinda cool to be able to say My new boss is on Wikipedia.#

@bubbva What goes around comes around or Everything old is new again – take your pick. πŸ˜‰#

@italylogue ouch, I still owe you that…#

@sogrady @bcantrill does? I’ll see what I can do#

@UnLogikal That there will be a community. πŸ˜‰#

@sogrady well, I do have a little something already stashed away…#

@sh1mmer You suffer so for your art.#

@sh1mmer Ok then, you’re forgiven. πŸ˜‰ I’ll tell @brendangregg he needs a firepit next time he’s writing a book.#

I don’t actually need Skype, FB, etc to remind me that my daughter was born 22 years ago today!#

.@Sarahcarr Relevant becuz, the world over, women are told they invite rape by dressing provocatively. With this woman, there’s no excuse.#

@CetasAnalytics @LusciousPear Reminds me of a scene from Bring It On.#

@rosannecash We have similar taste in men, I see… #BridgesKristoffersonByrne#

maximizers are less happy than satisficers.

@UnLogikal it may, can you give me more details? firstname@joyent dot com#

If I’m still in bed with a cup of coffee but answering email etc., does that count as work?#

@fitzage my fingers are doing stuff, not sure the brain is connected yet#

Don’t know if I’m this is a summer cold, or allergies. Either way, should be better is Austin (currently enjoying low pollen counts and HOT)#

To see the new node meetup videos in fullscreen, go here: joyent’s Channel – YouTube

Just got yelled at by a taxi driver for not tipping him enough. Apprently driving me to the airport is doing me a favor.#

Opted out of the scanner, but didn’t get the promised pat-down. Should I feel cheated?#

I guess SFO wifi has a time limit bug doesn’t tell you that up front. Graceful.#

I’m at Cathedral of Junk (4422 Lareina Dr., Austin) [pic]:

WS India – Hostel Parkour – YouTube

@elijahwright They gave you the good drugs, huh?#

Austins Cathedral of Junk

A pattern in my life: if I hang on long enough, stuff I want to do anyway becomes part of my job.#

Part of my problem with shopping is the obnoxious music they play in stores.#

Iced coffee at this Starbucks in Texas is nasty.#

Daughters neighbors have peacocks. Live ones. Only in Austin…#

At way too much at Fogo de Chao in Austin, and wish I hadn’t. But at least I didn’t have to look out for soy or peanuts there.#

Had occasion today to reflect upon how happy it makes me to work closely with frighteningly smart people, and to learn from them.#

Barbacoa tacos: Sunday brunch, Tejas style!#

@jorbsd Welcome home. πŸ˜‰#

digesting good food and mimosas, listening to fun music, doing work. Sorta.#

Top 10 Things Texas Gov. Rick Perry Doesnt Want You To Know About Him | ThinkProgress

@deirdresm Oh, crap, are scarves hip? I’ll have to stop wearing them.#

To lose one parent, Mr. Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness. #

It would be really, really nice if I could sleep.#

my new home:

Come on down to – we’re giving it all away!#

@billblum Yes, we like to know exactly how much ass we tick, and how hard. πŸ˜‰#

this by special request of @sogrady: Computing History with Bryan Cantrill

@urbanturbanguy #Joynet#


@bcantrill waitaminute… you have slides done HOURS before your talk? Did the world end? #illumos #kvmforum#


Sitting here in limbo (@ Magnolia Cafe South w/ 3 others) [pic]:

@mfernest root/root I believe#

@joerussbowman oops#

SmartOS Downloads, Day 1

I feel as if we should be singing We will, we will ROCK YOU!#

@3rdEden They wake up earlier, and Asia hasn’t hit yet.#

@talios username: rootpassword: root#

Just ordered a pink purse. That’s got to help something, right?#

@DeirdreS root/root works#


The view from the pool on a hot Texas evening

Cupcake run successfully completed!

@xenbu eBay#

I’m about to run out of parents.#

Over the last five years, he says, I’ve had the pleasure of gutting the Sun kernel team.

@shawnferry Me, neither.#

@trochej ? #SmartOS #OpenIndiana#

@trochej Jason? I’m not gonna tell him how to behave. And, at this time in my life, this month especially, I have no use for subtlety.#

I’m at Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) (3600 Presidential Blvd., Texas Hwy. 71, Austin) w/ 20 others

@trochej for a small company with little marketing budget, it’s a very good strategy. We can’t plaster the world’s airports with billboards.#

@Gibheer not yet, but soon#

Waiting for a final phone call. The glamorous international life really sucks when you are far away from your loved ones at the wrong time#

@fabiokung Nah, we don’t bite. πŸ˜‰ #smartos #kvm #illumos#

My father has died.#

at least I have him, too, on video: What am I Doing Here? An American Civilian in Vietnam

@saraford We’ll be taking his ashes to New Orleans at some point and hopefully having a proper jazz funeral. It’s what he wanted.#

@jimpick Thanks, I wish he’d gotten more recorded or written down. But he was convinced he was immortal.#

From the rockin’ of the cradle to the rollin’ of the hearse, the goin’ up was worth the comin’ down

Al Straughan, 1939-2011

Ryans Rough Guide to the SmartOS ISO

@jeffreytaylor So can I get some chorines to come to NOLA and sing I’ll be on my way ? I think that would be appropriate.#

@jimpick Yes, in many ways I’m definitely my father’s daughter, and will probably become more so.#

@lkateley thanks. But we’re still on for tomorrow – distraction is good.#

It appears that mourning does absolutely nothing to cure the common cold. You’d think I could be excused from physical annoyances right now.#

Spinning up SmartMachines to house SmartOS community communications vehicles. Yes, we drink our own champagne.#

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the thoughts and hugs. I’m at work, which for me is good therapy and distraction.#

work in progress: SmartOS Technical FAQs

@rbanffy w00t!#

@openindiana Hey, whoever is in charge of community for you guys, we should talk.#

Slipping back into my community manager role (something I’ve been doing off and on for >15 years). Tools change, techniques not much.#

…and this community appears to be moving at lightspeed!#

@mikemaccana sorry, we’re a bit behind schedule on that, but working on it. Please see

@jeffreytaylor Or you can just not watch broadcast TV. πŸ˜‰#

A man walks down the streetIt’s a street in a strange worldMaybe it’s the Third World…

@rbanffy I can’t take credit for that, but I like it better than dogfood!#

Ain’t it funny how we all turned out – I guess we are the people our parents warned us about

Father forgive us for what we must doYou forgive us we’ll forgive youWe’ll forgive each other till we both turn blue

the banks are made of marble,With a guard at every door,the vaults are stuffed with silver,That we all sweated for.

SmartOS USB Key Image Now Available

community contribution: Serving SmartOS from your PXE server

Are Michele Bachmann’s Views About ‘Christian Submission’ Even More Extreme Than She’s Letting On? | | AlterNet

@Graftolistic do you have screenshots of the OSs you’ve booted under SmartOS KVM? Would love to show those on the blog #joyent#

Apparently grief is like jetlag: the first day I feel fine, then everything goes to pieces.#

@italylogue Thanks – it’s good to get advice from one who knows. Unfortunately, this is something most of us go through sooner or later…#

@saraford thanks#

@openindiana yes, wd love to, and I’d like to know how to explain to people that they can get the new OI release with KVM. Follow me here!#


could I just sleep for a week?#

@billblum Fortunately, discussing is easier than porting! Talk is cheap, after all. πŸ˜‰#

@jeffreytaylor Indeed. Dose that get a golf clap? πŸ˜‰ #shameless#

How Rich is Too Rich? : Sam Harris

@storagebod please tell us more! How do you like it? There’s a feature you may be esp interested in:

My Dads Death

@hridaybala Thanks. Yes, he was rather amazing. I’ll have more to say about that in future…#

The Tea Partys generals rank and file are more concerned about putting God in government.

@brendangregg OMFG#

Suddenly, in a moment of blurry eyed recognition, DTrace, ZFS, and SMF become very sexy… you become a devotee.

According to Twitter: Similar to you @bcantrill Bryan Cantrill#

@gsyoungblood No worries – we’re all working very closely together and plan to continue to do so. We want the whole ecosystem to thrive!#

@jeffreytaylor the patent wars employ lawyers#

More OSes Booted Under SmartOS KVM

RT @wattersjames: The tweet is mightier than the press release. – amen!#

I’m not depressed, I’m just sad.#

International travel for a funeral between UK and US holiday weekends, covering expenses for 3, with a weak . This just may not happen.#

@lderezinski Exactly, and for international travel bereavement fares often just don’t exist.#

For family tensions, undercurrents, and drama, funerals outdo even weddings.#

@jeffreytaylor If it was up to me… We need to catch up this week. Over many stiff drinks. As you say: it’s all going in the script!#

.@arne_d Have you met our team? @bcantrill @brendangregg @dapsays @pijewski @rmustacc + Jelinek, Bruning, others non-Sun but eq brilliant#

.@arne_d …and it’s not just us. There’s also a nascent SmartOS community, and the Illumos and OpenIndiana communtites. So… yes!#

RT @adambusch: Funerals are not for the dead.#

@SethGreen Hmm, I thought you were an alphabet letter-of-the-month club delivery man.#

I didn’t know grief would be so damned exhausting.#

Oh, with everything else going on, I forgot to mention: I started my personal newsletter and website about 10 years ago, in July, 2001#

10 years ago: How to Eat Like an Italian: Fundamentals of the Mediterranean Diet

4 years ago, video and photos: Roasted Green Chiles at the Las Vegas (NM) Flea Market

2 years ago at OSCON, Jack Adams and Sriram Natarajan on Using DTrace to Analyze Your Webstack

a year ago I translated: Learn Italian in Song: Tu Vuo Fa o Talebano

PBS was showing folk music. Made me weep for singing with my dad, and for a time when people believed music could make a difference.#

New SmartOS Wiki

seems somehow appropriate at the moment: Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water – Montreux 2006 – YouTube

post by Max Bruning: Its here! KVM on Illumos

Explaining cocks

.@bobthomson70 Don’t tell me we’re going to need a heatmap for this, to add the linguinstic/regional 4th dimension…#

You’ll see it’s all a show, keep ’em laughing as you go…

Learned from my dad’s untimely demise: I should start writing my autobiography NOW. Problem is, much of it strains credibility.#

@urbanturbanguy Baingan bharta would get me to show up, but chocolate is also good (not at the same time).#

@mfernest You’re welcome. Good contributions should always be recognized. #InternetPresenceOhYeah#

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  1. Brianna

    Seeing your photos of Italy makes me feel nostalgic. I miss many things about Italy and will always have a special place in my heart for it. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

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