The Twitter Diaries: November, 2011

In reverse chron order.

It is a communist chocolate hellhole and I’m here to stop it ever happening.

2011-11-30 23:57:56

DeirdreS: @missbhavens Ewwwwwwww

2011-11-30 21:33:34

DeirdreS: RT @bubbva: RT @anuleczka: Shame on you, Apple. Siri can help me find Viagara or a dentist, but refuses to help if I got raped? http://t …

2011-11-30 21:29:18

DeirdreS: @mfernest thanks, that got some but I’m not sure all

2011-11-30 20:57:36

DeirdreS: there seem to be several wikipedia links to my site, but I can’t determine where they are or what they’re linking to. Anyone know a way?

2011-11-30 20:53:40

DeirdreS: new video: Katrina Tour: Xes

2011-11-30 20:51:55

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman We actually should meet up, though!

2011-11-30 19:52:52

DeirdreS: SmartOS Downloads Around the World

2011-11-30 18:45:26

DeirdreS: I am getting really sick of the phrase “reach out to”. Just call me, talk to me, communicate with me.

2011-11-30 18:23:24

DeirdreS: It is nice not to feel part of the holiday overconsumption rat race.

2011-11-30 18:02:58

DeirdreS: eBay chooses Node.js as the runtime stack in a data-retrieval and aggregation gateway for HTTP APIs ¬´ Joyeur

2011-11-30 17:41:51

DeirdreS: Measuring File System Latency from Applications´ Joyeur

2011-11-30 17:08:45

DeirdreS: @NomdeB Or bypass publishers altogether and publish ourzelsves. I’m about to experiment with that.

2011-11-30 17:02:53

DeirdreS: Part of the reason I laze in bed drinking coffee in the morning is that I get more sunlight and a better view here than in the office.

2011-11-30 16:58:26

DeirdreS: @mfernest Nothing that exciting – I don’t use expensive gear.

2011-11-30 06:36:59

DeirdreS: “they’re about confirming that the logic of their faith was correct by demonstrating its appeal to others.

2011-11-30 05:07:54

DeirdreS: New video equipment arriving this week. What would the SmartOS/illumos community like to see filmed?

2011-11-30 05:04:30

DeirdreS: @a_random_claire Dr Seuss is usually a good distraction.

2011-11-30 04:27:32

DeirdreS: Feeling extremely irritable. I need a replay of the Muppets.

2011-11-30 02:45:07

DeirdreS: @joechung …which is why, ultimately, my daughter will not escape her fate!

2011-11-30 02:44:32

DeirdreS: @joechung I’m pretty sure there is.

2011-11-30 02:23:11

DeirdreS: RT @synedra: Interested in PaaS providers like @heroku, @joyent or @app_engine? I’ll be doing a whirlwind tour of all 3 tomorrow at htt …

2011-11-30 02:21:34

DeirdreS: @PavelAnni I’m not the best person to ask about American culture – growing up in Asia, I missed out on many “typical” American experiences.

2011-11-30 02:20:11

DeirdreS: new video: Katrina Tour: The New Projects

2011-11-30 01:07:27

DeirdreS: Sometimes feels weird that I no longer watch TV (even online), nor many movies. So much else to do and learn and absorb, I don’t miss it.

2011-11-30 01:05:46

DeirdreS: @JasonIsbell @rosannecash The Lamoureux Stradivarius. Weirdly, found an old WSJ article on this written by Daniel Pearl. That was unsettling

2011-11-30 00:41:26

DeirdreS: @JasonIsbell @rosannecash An old friend lost a Strad and never played again

2011-11-30 00:09:27

DeirdreS: RT @jzy: I regularly hire woman for 65% to 75% of what males make. I am sick of it.

2011-11-29 22:54:28

DeirdreS: RT @hudsonette: I don’t think I would think the way I do without having read Phantom Tollbooth as a child. – Same goes for me.

2011-11-29 17:26:25

DeirdreS: @pprfldr Never done it myself, @RossellaLaeng is my daughter. #flashMob

2011-11-29 08:38:44

DeirdreS: RT @natashabadhwar: A hug and kiss for everyone who tweets-retweets the CST “flash mob dance video” to my timeline.  …

2011-11-29 07:51:24

DeirdreS: “I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it, it’s something that I’m s’posed to be…”

2011-11-29 06:46:39

DeirdreS: @leapingwoman you’ll also laugh a lon!

2011-11-29 06:40:41

DeirdreS: …and of course they sang “The Rainbow Connection.” And I cried.

2011-11-29 06:39:34

DeirdreS: @bubbva got The Economist (birthday present to myself – I’ve missed it), now need the iPad.

2011-11-29 06:36:48

DeirdreS: went to see The Muppets. Totally recommend – a blast even if you’re too young to have loved them as a kid.

2011-11-29 06:30:51

DeirdreS: Happy birthday to me: came home to a check – my share of the proceedings from a class-action lawsuit over foreign credit card fees.

2011-11-29 01:53:28

DeirdreS: @willbldrco Ah, you got me. That’s a clever way of damning with faint praise, I suppose!

2011-11-28 23:53:22

DeirdreS: @hridaybala Just resubscribed to the Economist, special offer was effective.

2011-11-28 23:53:03

DeirdreS: @hridaybala Both! Just re

2011-11-28 23:36:52

DeirdreS: I need an iPad, and a subscription to the Economist. Maybe the NYT too.

2011-11-28 22:15:11

DeirdreS: @nmar well, that would solve unemployment…

2011-11-28 20:14:37

DeirdreS: @baloss That could have a lot to do with the Italian culture of la mamma. Don’t surrender to it so easily!

2011-11-28 19:47:11

DeirdreS: RT @patricox: Indian state of Gujarat may start Chinese programs at language schools and colleges

2011-11-28 19:46:51

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine It’s a new thing here, as of 2 years ago. Convenient for me.

2011-11-28 19:41:16

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine Pharmacy intern.

2011-11-28 19:40:49

DeirdreS: His secret is out! RT @ngsw: brendan_clones02.jpg

2011-11-28 19:39:55

DeirdreS: @jasonh Congratulations to all!

2011-11-28 19:11:25

DeirdreS: RT @kellyoxford: I love having all of you guys in my pocket with me everywhere I go, my phone is like Whoville.

2011-11-28 19:04:05

DeirdreS: Bright young intern at Walgreens does injections very well. I foresee a brilliant career for him.

2011-11-28 19:03:07

DeirdreS: @StopBeck there’d be a serious risk of our men dropping dead from treatable conditions

2011-11-28 18:55:22

DeirdreS: @StopBeck women deal with that all the time. At least one of you is sensible!

2011-11-28 18:45:52

DeirdreS: Doing a Christmas album must be the low point of any singer’s career.

2011-11-28 17:16:21

DeirdreS: RT @SilverLinings7: Great article @Joyent SmartOS providing hardware and OS virtualization w/secure storage and system-wide introspectio …

2011-11-28 16:46:19

DeirdreS: RT @izs: Praise children for working hard, not for being smart.

2011-11-28 16:43:16

DeirdreS: I have a feeling I’ll be “stuck with” the Illumos community so long as we both shall live, regardless. Good thing I like you guys. 😉

2011-11-28 16:41:50

DeirdreS: early save-the-date: Illumos User Group Meetup, Menlo Park, CA Jan 10 — What’s new in ZFS?

2011-11-28 16:28:03

DeirdreS: new post: Women, Business Travel, and the Hyatt Regency New Orleans

2011-11-28 16:16:41

DeirdreS: RT @philiph: I can’t stop staring at the portrait in this nytimes article:  Is he a muppet? #fb – OMG I think he is!

2011-11-28 16:14:07

DeirdreS: @NomdeB oh definitely – I’ve seen it across the range.

2011-11-28 08:24:15

DeirdreS: lots of excellent discussion here about Startups Are Hard. So Work More, Cry Less… Hacker News

2011-11-28 08:00:33

DeirdreS: .@brendangregg More particularly, companies who value talent put the experts in front of the camera, not just the executives.

2011-11-28 07:25:49

DeirdreS: late night snack: tequila, good bread, and amazing chocolate from Gratitude Gourmet – thanks, Mary!

2011-11-28 07:03:27

DeirdreS: “I don’t know whether a punitive gospel produces a punitive culture, or a punitive culture prefers a punitive gospel

2011-11-28 06:10:26

DeirdreS: @brendangregg @darrenmoffat For me, it’s a way to take payment for ads on my site from people I don’t know.

2011-11-28 06:09:16

DeirdreS: @WinnieWongSF You are so right!

2011-11-28 06:00:55

DeirdreS: “You lost your city, you lost what it used to be, and the freedom that we had here.”

2011-11-28 05:49:55

DeirdreS: Finally editing video from the “disaster tour” my cousin did with me in New Orleans. It’s still disturbing.

2011-11-28 05:43:11

DeirdreS: @leapingwoman Either way works for me! 😉

2011-11-28 05:36:42

DeirdreS: when companies treat talent as a commodity, the consequences are severe, It takes years to repair a reputation.

2011-11-28 05:28:40

DeirdreS: I sometimes feel that a good stiff drink is the only rational response to the amazing amount of crap going on in the world.

2011-11-28 03:48:27

DeirdreS: Musing that anyone who claims to have a “normal” family life (as defined by US conservatives) is most likely lying through their teeth.

2011-11-28 01:41:14

DeirdreS: Sex => Sects! “watch out for nightclubs because the path is always the same: alcohol, sex, drugs and Satanic sects.”

2011-11-27 20:27:11

DeirdreS: @NomdeB Oh, you’ve seen that duckie? I gave one to my mother years ago…

2011-11-27 20:13:16

DeirdreS: @NomdeB what kinds of littel touches? I maintain that a bathtub, rather than shower, is the most important!

2011-11-27 19:00:11

DeirdreS: @NomdeB Yes, it’s tomorrow, but Saturdays are better for dinner parties.

2011-11-27 16:55:35

DeirdreS: RT @nodejschina: Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns – Telegraph  via @Telegraph

2011-11-27 16:50:15

DeirdreS: 8 years ago: The Patented Woman

2011-11-27 16:47:36

DeirdreS: 8 years ago: “Ross said that she would have grown up a different person without [Buffy].”

2011-11-27 16:43:15

DeirdreS: 8 years ago: When Ross protested, the teacher said witheringly: “We are learning English, not American.”

2011-11-27 16:29:24

DeirdreS: “The company man was content to be a cog in the machine, the modern worker must take pride in his talents.”

2011-11-27 07:38:12

DeirdreS: @gnat been taking lessons from Larry, evidently

2011-11-27 07:11:38

DeirdreS: @jsjohnst I think @jasonh responded some hours ago, but thanks for bringing it to our attention!

2011-11-27 07:09:19

DeirdreS: …and a fine birthday party was had by all (I think) – thanks to my friends for making it fun!

2011-11-27 22:45:30

DeirdreS: @melanierenzulli Indeed, I may end up there myself someday. Though I hope I won’t need neurosurgery while there.

2011-11-27 22:44:00

DeirdreS: Enjoying a lazy Sunday, writing and fooling about with my site. It still needs a lot of work…

2011-11-27 22:16:46

DeirdreS: RT @alaindebotton: We talk of rich-poor/healthy-sick: but shouldn’t forget that other huge divider: happily/bitterly married.

2011-11-27 21:47:38

DeirdreS: Google Realtime analytics is addictive, perhaps because my site is so weird. I’m #1 result for “punjabi peopel call their grandmother”

2011-11-27 21:42:18

DeirdreS: @melanierenzulli Anticipating a need for brain surgery anytmie soon?

2011-11-27 21:41:53

DeirdreS: RT @anildash: Tip: If you’re a millionaire, you never get to tell everyone else to stop whining or stop crying. Never. *You* can stop wh …

2011-11-27 21:34:34

DeirdreS: @synedra I think we’re getting you fixed up, hang tight.

2011-11-27 21:23:30

DeirdreS: @synedra can you send me email copy of whatever you sent Jason is fine

2011-11-27 21:19:51

DeirdreS: @synedra @jasonh may have an even better excuse than the holiday weekend, let me see who’s around…

2011-11-27 20:58:41

DeirdreS: Run a piece of cloud in your home. Stay warm. Data Furnaces. Intriguing.

2011-11-27 20:55:36

DeirdreS: Wow, this has been a banner week for hearing from old, old friends – hooray for the Interwebs!

2011-11-26 23:38:19

DeirdreS: Umm… apparently I write for WSJ now

2011-11-26 20:31:06

DeirdreS: RT @jburrows: “If there’s something you love to do, go out and don’t let anybody stop you from chasing after your dreams.”

2011-11-26 20:15:25

DeirdreS: @bdha I adored Anathem – like a SF “Name of the Rose”.

2011-11-26 20:14:38

DeirdreS: Hmm. My videos on (the older, longer, extremely technical ones) have aggregated 53,433 views in under 2 years.

2011-11-26 20:11:46

DeirdreS: Whoever’s looking at MPXIO could be there a while – it’s a 3 hour video. Contrary to received wisdom, even the 3rd hour has had 143 views.

2011-11-26 20:07:52

DeirdreS: “Obama was among the young Americans who they later encountered on the Martian surface after reaching Mars

2011-11-26 20:03:37

DeirdreS: My site doesn’t get a ton of traffic, but what I do get is quite varied (this is from Google Realtime Analytics).

2011-11-26 20:01:55

DeirdreS: @mulegirl @jasonh It’s questionable

2011-11-26 20:01:26

DeirdreS: RT @hudsonette: Careful, Naomi Wolf sources bad. via @angryblacklady (cc: @lavika)

2011-11-26 18:42:58

DeirdreS: 3 years ago, I was in St Barth’s: Island Wifi

2011-11-26 18:18:29

DeirdreS: this one’s for @dapsays – ran across it here

2011-11-26 17:55:48

DeirdreS: @bdha Not in a while, but loved all his other stuff. Must get the latest… hey, it’s almost my birthday!

2011-11-26 07:28:28

DeirdreS: “Lipizzans are dragons, the mares are queens, and they do Impress. And riding them can be like flying.”

2011-11-26 07:24:40

DeirdreS: @bdha He’s certainly smitten with the wonders of child-raising – for someone who never actually did it himself.

2011-11-26 06:16:39

DeirdreS: “I’m extremely inspired together with your writing abilities as smartly with the layout in your blog.” Spam commenters are so creative.

2011-11-26 05:46:24

DeirdreS: @landsend showing me my own shopping cart as an ad on YouTube is creepy, weird, and counter-productive. I’ll buy when I’m good & ready!

2011-11-26 05:43:10

DeirdreS: @bdha I’m currently re-reading Heinlein, after decades. Strange revisitaton.

2011-11-26 05:42:45

DeirdreS: @bdha Guess there’s a reason I never finished Ender’s Game, tho I didn’t remember what it was.

2011-11-26 04:11:48

DeirdreS: having silly fun

2011-11-26 04:01:08

DeirdreS: @philiph Until they’re sick or tired, then they scream no matter what you do.

2011-11-25 23:26:57

DeirdreS: Possibly the Most Beautiful Ad for Marriage Equality We’ve Seen | News | The Advocate

2011-11-25 23:22:54

DeirdreS: Italian Internet Portal and Service Provider Libero Launches Public Cloud Using Joyent SmartDataCenter Software

2011-11-25 23:21:57

DeirdreS: RT @paolorossi: @joyent porta sul #cloud l’infrastruttura di

2011-11-25 23:20:55

DeirdreS: RT @TheCloudNetwork: Amazon cloud rival adds object storage service: Joyent: Expect petabytes and petabytes of stor…  …

2011-11-25 19:57:21

DeirdreS: I’m at Asian Art Museum (200 Larkin St, at McAllister St, San Francisco) w/ 4 others

2011-11-25 19:50:01

DeirdreS: Woodie Guthrie nailed it long ago: there is mean things happening in this land.

2011-11-25 18:59:27

DeirdreS: Bay Bridge into San Francisco, November Evening #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-25 18:57:42

DeirdreS: (the shopping-as-competition culture isn’t helping) Why We Spend, Why They Save

2011-11-25 18:09:55

DeirdreS: ‘In the U.S., hedonic adaptation encourages overspending and indebtedness.”

2011-11-24 19:23:16

DeirdreS: So I have to go see the Muppet movie this weekend. Anyone up to join me Sunday in SF?

2011-11-24 19:03:46

DeirdreS: @bdha Happy birthday and happy Thanksgiving!

2011-11-24 18:46:28

DeirdreS: RT @esignoretti: playing with @joyent #SmartOS (it’s what Sun probably had in mind some years ago, good job guys!)

2011-11-24 05:20:21

DeirdreS: “What do you fear, my lady?” “A cage.”

2011-11-23 23:35:08

DeirdreS: @SFGMC season tix!

2011-11-23 22:07:08

DeirdreS: RT @HumanityCritic: Steve Benen: Maybe if Obama tried a Jedi mind trick

2011-11-23 21:31:14

DeirdreS: Why is it that I start to fall asleep every time I sit down at my desk?

2011-11-23 20:39:40

DeirdreS: “Thanksgiving travel rush underway” – SO glad not to be part of that. I won’t be shopping on Black Friday, either, maybe online. Hate crowds

2011-11-23 20:36:57

DeirdreS: RT @jon_spinks: @odyrf How about an instance of KVM in a Solaris Zone? SmartOS and OpenIndiana both have it now. Very cool.

2011-11-23 20:32:33

DeirdreS: @vambenepe I’ve heard that some people treated my videos as podcasts, listening to them during long drives.

2011-11-23 20:08:11

DeirdreS: .@vambenepe Different people like to absorb information in different formats, with increasing numbers preferring video.

2011-11-23 18:26:34

DeirdreS: RT @sogrady: as of that post, @redmonk is officially cut over to @nginx on Ubuntu on the @joyent cloud. this is you, visualized

2011-11-23 17:19:28

DeirdreS: @larrywake smartass. 😉 Yes, I recommend mics. There should be some of those in the same closet with the cameras.

2011-11-23 16:38:50

DeirdreS: Bourbon Street by Day  #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-23 16:34:59

DeirdreS: Quiche in the oven for the office Thanskgiving potluck, maybe I should go back to sleep for a bit…

2011-11-23 06:21:14

DeirdreS: RT @TheEconomist: Languages import foreign words, and it’s hit or miss whether pronounced the original way

2011-11-23 00:48:43

DeirdreS: @philiph depends how it suits your face. (Yeah, I know that’s not helpful.)

2011-11-23 00:45:23

DeirdreS: What he said: Open Source (Almost) Everything

2011-11-23 00:31:57

DeirdreS: Weird spam title of the day “Dear Tired Beneficiary”. Yes, definitely tired, not sure where the benefit comes in.

2011-11-23 00:28:59

DeirdreS: RT @natashabadhwar: The children almost broken by the world become the adults most likely to change it.
RT @PostSecret

2011-11-22 23:31:37

DeirdreS: RT @noebie: that old insult about “everyone in the room is dumber for having just listened to you?”  turns out it ca …

2011-11-22 23:13:00

DeirdreS: RT @rachelchalmers: Anne McCaffrey has gone Between.

2011-11-22 17:37:30

DeirdreS: RT @ryancnelson: Pretty sure I’m the first person to ever install a #smartOS cloud while riding NJ transit. Not positive, though :). Cc …

2011-11-22 03:59:26

DeirdreS: …at least my head feels better.

2011-11-22 03:58:02

DeirdreS: Apparently, migraine means I get silly drunk on ONE BEER.

2011-11-22 03:50:55

DeirdreS:  hiring would resume when there isn’t a Muslim in office.

2011-11-22 01:24:23

DeirdreS: @chrisridd Ah, that’s right – I knew that!

2011-11-22 00:39:26

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: DTrace ip and tcp providers are in Mac OS X! – time to write more scripts!

2011-11-22 00:29:37

DeirdreS: @hridaybala what do you want it to be about, and when?

2011-11-22 00:24:58

DeirdreS: @hridaybala could do, I think at least 3 will be present #SCALE9x

2011-11-22 00:11:42

DeirdreS: .@brendangregg yup, just ordered new gear precisely to film and stream illumos engineers

2011-11-21 23:11:55

DeirdreS: @massimosideri vedete anche gli affitti, che continuano a salire, ahinoi che non possiamo comprare…

2011-11-21 23:05:00

DeirdreS: @ptribble Thanks, did know about that one, though I don’t have direct contact with the organizers. Would be glad to.

2011-11-21 22:43:04

DeirdreS: Hey, would anyone still involved with an active OSUG anywhere in the world please get in touch with me? Thanks.

2011-11-21 22:39:26

DeirdreS: @danielelepido mi sa’ che fra poco ci vedremo 😉

2011-11-21 21:40:40

DeirdreS: @danielelepido Benvenuti!

2011-11-21 21:13:13

DeirdreS: “Their real goal is protecting the status quo for as long as possible.”

2011-11-21 19:41:41

DeirdreS: Himalayan dawn: Morning at Fairy Glen #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-21 19:11:53

DeirdreS: @larrywake Please please tell me someone is filming this one… properly… (I can probably tell you where the cameras are)

2011-11-21 19:11:14

DeirdreS: RT @larrywake: 2nd annual #Oracle #Solaris summit @ #USENIX #LISA in Boston, December 6th. Like Lollapalooza, only w/syscalls.

2011-11-21 19:03:40

DeirdreS: early save-the-date: Illumos User Group Meetup – illumos User Group (Santa Clara, CA) – Jan 10, 2012

2011-11-21 18:46:32

DeirdreS: @scottmcnealy The question is ambiguous. “Newt will restore America” – to what?

2011-11-21 18:45:33

DeirdreS: @izs Blunt honesty often isn’t polite, but it’s usually kinder and ultimately more respectful than dishonesty. Care enough to tell the truth

2011-11-21 18:43:47

DeirdreS: .@tejucole My life seems to be high drama most of the time, I’d like a little restful banality!

2011-11-21 18:43:09

DeirdreS: @philiph I think the “chemical event” at my apt complex wins. Actually, I hope it doesn’t. #fb

2011-11-21 18:14:51

DeirdreS: A “chemical event” going on at bldgs in my complex, hazmat and fire dept. Wtf?

2011-11-21 05:45:46

DeirdreS: RT @admgre: Spent my evening going down the SmartOS/Illumos/dtrace rabbit hole #TimeWellSpent

2011-11-21 04:49:34

DeirdreS: My site is the #2 Google resuln for “Cockroach stompers”. Umm. I guess that’s distiction.

2011-11-20 20:17:53

DeirdreS: …and can someone help with an Italian toast for his son’s wedding?

2011-11-20 20:17:03

DeirdreS: Help! Commenter wants to know how to explain a nut allergy in Italian

2011-11-20 19:58:53

DeirdreS: Seen from an Indian Train  #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-20 09:55:30

DeirdreS:  “students whose parents often read books with them during their 1st year of primary school show higher scores

2011-11-20 09:41:18

DeirdreS: RT @TheEconomist: It is rare for the intellectual firepower of so many technocrats to be trained on a country’s problems as with #Italy …

2011-11-20 05:02:00

DeirdreS: RT @ryancnelson: Converting my old freebsd server in NYC into a SmartOS VM container next week. “clonezilla” works great for machine-&g …

2011-11-20 03:27:42

DeirdreS: RT @jasonh: if you use node.js in production, read this from @bcantrill and take a look at node-panic

2011-11-20 03:18:20

DeirdreS: RT @slfritchie: Sweet, #DTrace for #erlang now available on FreeBSD 9.0rc1.

2011-11-20 03:16:41

DeirdreS: Making onion soup starting from home made beef stock which has bees simmering off and on for days. Should be yummy.

2011-11-20 00:39:11

DeirdreS: an American friend in Italy is in this one: 1 minuto e qualcosa – Prologo – YouTube

2011-11-19 20:28:38

DeirdreS: Food! (@ Costco w/ 6 others)

2011-11-19 18:38:15

DeirdreS: jus realized YouTube kept the original, so you can do a side by side comparison #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-19 18:32:19

DeirdreS: “I’m fighting to protect everyone’s rights, and it seems counterintuitive for me to not have them.””

2011-11-19 17:53:33

DeirdreS: @mrbruning Gorillas, except I didn’t want to liken myself to whatshername who got murdered. Dilbert got there before me, though.

2011-11-19 17:40:26

DeirdreS: I tried YouTube’s image stabilization feature: Jackson Square  #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-19 17:34:58

DeirdreS: RT @davidpaulyoung: Prize: $5000 worth of cloud hosting to the first person who finds me at Disneyland.

2011-11-19 07:37:26

DeirdreS: RT @JoshuaHol: Caught on Camera: 10 Shockingly Violent Police Assaults on Occupy Protesters – What. The. Fuck.

2011-11-19 07:07:16

DeirdreS: RT @LivePaola: 27anni, italiano, professore ordinario di matematica. In Texas

2011-11-19 06:57:00

DeirdreS: @almightygod You sure this isn’t a Monty Python film? #sk4

2011-11-19 06:52:34

DeirdreS: @LusciousPear Problem is, companies & customers expect the standard holidays. So I have days off when I don’t much want or need them.

2011-11-19 06:36:25

DeirdreS: Next week is the worst time all year to travel in the US. There must be some better way to do holidays than everyone going at same time.

2011-11-19 06:33:43

DeirdreS: neighbor forgiven: she dried my clothes for me, so they’re already done and I can go to sleep.

2011-11-19 06:08:50

DeirdreS: @hridaybala Nah’ just left her a note: “Next time, please make sure my clothes are dry when you take them out!”

2011-11-19 05:10:00

DeirdreS: …because I’m not quite enough of a passive-aggressive bitch to take hers out. But I’m sooo tempted.

2011-11-19 05:09:12

DeirdreS: Fire alarm in my bldg = dryer turned off. Neighbor took my still wet clothes out so she could dry hers = I have 2 hours to finish. RRR.

2011-11-19 02:53:16

DeirdreS: @pborenstein Hmm, that’s a point. But I do have a beef stew cooking that smells fantastic. And stock to make onion soup tomorrow.

2011-11-19 02:47:46

DeirdreS: Let’s see: a glass of wine, a loaf of bread, and… something’s missing.

2011-11-19 02:47:03

DeirdreS: @flips01 I tweet when I know something’s coming up (didn’t know about @bcantrill’s talk y’day). Think you can also “watch” the wiki page.

2011-11-19 00:28:05

DeirdreS: RT @Feldmarschall: Mysterious getcwd(3C) creepiness solved thanks to #DTrace and Brendan’s books. Otherwise it would have taken me ages …

2011-11-18 23:48:39

DeirdreS: …and don’t miss the SmartOS-Illumos-OpenIndiana Events listing

2011-11-18 23:48:11

DeirdreS: I’ve been adding information to SmartOS Resources – SmartOS Wiki

2011-11-18 23:17:44

DeirdreS: @bici Grazie!

2011-11-18 23:17:17

DeirdreS: @hollyburns it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…

2011-11-18 22:28:43

DeirdreS: Tip: You can make all those sad-looking people leave the top of your wikipedia pages by DONATING.

2011-11-18 22:25:38

DeirdreS: Another reason to love San Francisco for sheer weirdness: RT @SFist: Santacon 2011 Will Get Way More Naked

2011-11-18 21:04:18

DeirdreS: Need music to drown out office noise without distracting me. Bach cantatas work because I don’t understand German.

2011-11-18 21:01:23

DeirdreS: @reiger You mean I can pay to have him removed? I’m down with that.

2011-11-18 20:58:37

DeirdreS: @almightygod So at what point in Biblical history did dragons become flaming, maiden-eating nasties? #sk4

2011-11-18 20:57:41

DeirdreS: RT @NodeSummit: Pleased to announce – is live. Happy viewing and please RT!!

2011-11-18 18:21:54

DeirdreS: RT @esignoretti: @Joyent analytics tools sound the real solution to manage performance and quality of the services delivered from the cl …

2011-11-18 17:47:50

DeirdreS: RT @Steengoedetekst: #ITPT No longer is the cloud a black box, Cloud Analytics based on Dtrace provides deep insight into your architect …

2011-11-18 17:47:40

DeirdreS: RT @Chris_Mellor: Joyent: You can expect an object store service that will be able to support PBs and PBs of storage very soon. #ITPT

2011-11-18 17:47:21

DeirdreS: RT @esignoretti: @joyent’s Smartdatacenter offering is amazing. #ITPT (and the OS is very interesting).

2011-11-18 17:15:17

DeirdreS: @bici Ah, I see. Monti seems to be on the right track, if he can keep all the special interests at bay. Lots of strikes coming up, no doubt.

2011-11-18 16:46:51

DeirdreS: @bici The electors were repeatedly fooled by Berlusconi’s control of the media to get Italy into the mess it’s now in. What’s your solution?

2011-11-18 16:21:06

DeirdreS: There’s something to be said for a “technical” goverment: they’ve all got brains, apparently

2011-11-18 16:14:52

DeirdreS: Is anyone spending as much as they used to? The commercial “holiday cheer” seems more desperate than cheery.

2011-11-18 16:07:32

DeirdreS: Returned from India less than 3 weeks ago, but it seems like an eternity. Can I go back now?

2011-11-18 06:24:10

DeirdreS: Why are so many Twitter accounts being hacked lately?

2011-11-18 06:18:33

DeirdreS: @jasonh As a friend famously said in that situation: “What a… baby…”

2011-11-18 06:17:36

DeirdreS: @unixsadm FYI the dtrace-discuss mailing list is now more active at a new location

2011-11-18 02:15:14

DeirdreS: NYT featuring 2 of my favorite people: Hugh Jackman & Alan Rickman

2011-11-18 02:09:04

DeirdreS: @unixsadm Here are some resources you might find useful #dtrace #solaris

2011-11-18 01:51:27

DeirdreS: “Italians could expect sacrifices, but pledged those would be fair, and evenly spread” – Good luck. US needs the same.

2011-11-17 23:23:39

DeirdreS: “Berlusconi expects Italian govt to pass bills that would eased Berlusconi’s legal problems.”

2011-11-17 23:14:11

DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: Slides from my #qconsf talk are here: #disasterporn

2011-11-17 22:55:15

DeirdreS: Illy Espressamente just opened downstairs. Good coffee, but the baristi need to step it up – coffee is one thing Italians don’t wait for!

2011-11-17 19:37:54

DeirdreS: @lskrocki I only acclimate into national costume if it looks good on me. If you look hot in animal print yoga pants,go for it.

2011-11-17 19:09:18

DeirdreS: @lskrocki No, no, you really don’t…

2011-11-17 19:00:24

DeirdreS: @ahl Panic followed by a detailed “Panic Report” (if you ask for it). Crash dump may not be the right term, I’m happy to be educated on that

2011-11-17 18:56:31

DeirdreS: @dapsays Just another kind of sexism. Sigh.

2011-11-17 18:55:36

DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: Holy crap am I ever excited to demo @dapsays’s node.js debugging awesomeness in my talk today at #qconsf…

2011-11-17 18:55:25

DeirdreS: So that’s what a Mac OS X crash dump looks like.

2011-11-17 17:41:31

DeirdreS: RT @stevevinoski: #qconsf today, hosting the magnificent “Systems That Never Stop” track, speakers @mtnygard @bcantrill @r39132 @eonnen …

2011-11-17 17:31:54

DeirdreS: @ahl Yup, geek pron.

2011-11-17 17:30:01

DeirdreS: …which, BTW, is the source of my filming engineers mojo. You need to have them comfortable with you in their native environment.

2011-11-17 17:28:42

DeirdreS: Observing nerds at play in the early morning chatroom mists. I am the Jane Goodall of geekdom.

2011-11-17 16:57:20

DeirdreS: Benetton’s controversial kissing ads – The Washington Post

2011-11-17 16:54:41

DeirdreS: The US needs reforms as well, but very different ones. Americans brainwashed that these will hurt. Take a deep breath. You’ll be fine.

2011-11-17 16:52:01

DeirdreS: Dear Italians: it’s going to hurt. But most of you were on a dead end road before. Now you have a chance at a future.

2011-11-17 16:31:51

DeirdreS: New Orleans Street Performers #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-17 16:23:53

DeirdreS: @dboyll I did train as many people as I could, but I suspect 5 videocameras etc. are sitting unused in a drawer in SCA.

2011-11-17 00:18:52

DeirdreS: @larrywake It takes special mojo to film engineers. I took it all with me. 😉

2011-11-16 21:48:57

DeirdreS: RT @dboyll: @jamescmcpherson looks like you’re going to get your wish 🙂 Engineering Panel from Launch will be posted this week. #oracle …

2011-11-16 21:42:34

DeirdreS: “heartfelt cry from Italian student: Sometimes i think that i have to study hard to obtain…NOTHING.”

2011-11-16 21:27:38

DeirdreS: RT @hugs: This is why I opt out every time: “Airport full-body X-ray scanners banned across Europe as unsafe ” #tsa

2011-11-16 19:51:53

DeirdreS: @melanierenzulli I am hoping to achieve the same status. Sadly, probably not today.

2011-11-16 19:51:18

DeirdreS: @philiph grossoutophobia

2011-11-16 19:04:34


2011-11-16 19:03:03

DeirdreS: RT @peteryorke: Create anonymous ad-hoc chat rooms with #node.js and #Joyent –

2011-11-16 18:55:48

DeirdreS: trying out both Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Player. Neither appears to do what I really need: track dedupe.

2011-11-16 18:02:43

DeirdreS: video snip: Street Bluegrass, New Orleans #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-16 18:01:23

DeirdreS: @noebie If you wear a man’s hat, I’ll treat you as a man. Baseball cap… not so much.

2011-11-16 17:56:42

DeirdreS: So many great hats for men these days, why do any of you ever wear baseball caps?

2011-11-16 17:44:46

DeirdreS: Phew. No face torture today.

2011-11-16 17:33:37

DeirdreS: RT @scottherson: @joyent #Cloud Analytics Webinar at 10am PAC today!

2011-11-16 17:33:22

DeirdreS: RT @brianbehlendorf: I will not donate $ this coming election year to any politician who votes to break the Internet. RT if you agree. #SOPA

2011-11-16 15:48:15

DeirdreS: RT @benr: Working on my LISA keynote. If you had that forum, what would you want to say? Its such a great opportunity I don’t want to …

2011-11-16 05:39:02

DeirdreS: RT @jamescmcpherson: @dboyll still waiting for the ENGINEERING PANEL to be uploaded. That’s the value proposition, not the execs’ buzzwo …

2011-11-16 01:35:30

DeirdreS: @anildash Does that mean Glenn Beck is going to give us /his/ money?

2011-11-16 00:45:45

DeirdreS: Jeffrey Taylor’s Notepad – missbhavens: styro: From:  How the GOP Became…

2011-11-15 23:32:51

DeirdreS: My former boss told me often that I knew more about Solaris than I realized. I’m finally coming to agree with her. But it’s never enough.

2011-11-15 19:57:45

DeirdreS: .@Graftolistic The most effective marketing Sun ever did.

2011-11-15 19:29:18

DeirdreS: @ahl Ow ow ow. Facepalmed too hard. #ignoranceisbliss

2011-11-15 17:27:34

DeirdreS: File System Latencies Part II: Invisible Issues of I/O ¬´ Joyeur

2011-11-15 16:43:19

DeirdreS: @jrishaw No licensing questions that I’m aware of. It’s CDDL, same as in OpenSolaris. Now, there are those who spread license fud.. #solaris

2011-11-15 04:37:24

DeirdreS: @jrishaw have you had a look at the Illumos/OpenIndiana/SmartOS family? No license fees. #solaris

2011-11-15 03:13:20

DeirdreS: @benjaminws better than the stuff you leave in it

2011-11-15 00:32:06

DeirdreS: “Students display much more enthusiasm when they can self-direct their learning paths.”

2011-11-15 00:22:44

DeirdreS: @roninsa …and here’s some tips on using it: #dtrace

2011-11-15 00:05:10

DeirdreS: @ORCL_Solaris Whatever happened to the video of the engineering panel? I don’t see it on the site anywhere, just execs.

2011-11-14 22:47:03

DeirdreS: @brhubart “The session you have requested could not be found in our database. Please check the URL and try again.”

2011-11-14 20:44:02

DeirdreS: 8 years ago I wrote: Milano: Italy’s Under-Appreciated City

2011-11-14 20:41:01

DeirdreS: @webmink found it, thanks

2011-11-14 19:04:54

DeirdreS: @hridaybala @ahl I’m working on him. @brendangregg

2011-11-14 18:56:17

DeirdreS: RT @ahl: @jasoncallaway believe but verify – DTrace for OEL is not yet ready for prime time

2011-11-14 16:44:01

DeirdreS: 5 years ago, I got into trouble at airport security: Hot Water

2011-11-14 16:24:33

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: worked on the DTraceToolkit today. I’ll probably slip out a minor update (ver 1.0) before tackling the bigger changes

2011-11-14 16:20:36

DeirdreS: Cheeky Crows #vlomo11 #vlomo2100

2011-11-14 06:41:27

DeirdreS: @kebesays the more interesting point was his elders’ failure of leadership. The possibility of abuse was “only” a symptom of that.

2011-11-14 05:55:50

DeirdreS: @jburrows It was a very good dinner, definitely.

2011-11-14 05:16:27

DeirdreS: @webmink Thanks for an excellent dinner and excellent conversation!

2011-11-14 05:05:42

DeirdreS: “our parents’ generation inherited a country of boundless economic prosperity… they had opportunities to succeed…”

2011-11-14 01:56:45

DeirdreS: I get annoyed with people bragging on twitter about the cool people they’re hanging out with. @webmink is making me dinner. So there. 😉

2011-11-13 00:22:35

DeirdreS: RT @sizemore: As if millions of Benny Hill reruns suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced #Berlusconi

2011-11-13 23:17:46

DeirdreS: hate when trying to get something done that I do not enjoy (accounting) requires tech support because the damn software is not behaving

2011-11-13 21:12:04

DeirdreS: “cultural hegemony” is awfully popular on my site, I guess because Google ranks me 2nd only to Gramsci on the topic.

2011-11-13 20:49:14

DeirdreS: Small things make me happy: got this set of miniature Bhangra musicians in Delhi.

2011-11-13 20:31:06

DeirdreS: Nighttime Music #vlomo11 #wlomo2011

2011-11-13 19:41:40

DeirdreS: “holiday shopping season” is a phrase that strikes terror and disgust into my heart. Let’s just enjoy those we love. It doesn’t require $.

2011-11-13 19:13:47

DeirdreS: @kvegh Ah, that’s not the kind of guidance I signed up for – need that myself! Maybe we should have a conference and exchange ideas

2011-11-13 18:27:41

DeirdreS: What kind of guidance are you looking for? We might be able to help.

2011-11-13 18:27:17

DeirdreS: RT @bahamat: I’ve now solved two problems with dtrace. It’s like suddenly gaining super powers. #needprofessorxtoguideme

2011-11-13 17:53:06

DeirdreS: This time last year, I had streamed & filmed a full day on Solaris 11, here’s 1 piece on zones:

2011-11-13 17:51:26

DeirdreS: 2 years ago: What’s NEXT for OpenSolaris

2011-11-13 17:47:36

DeirdreS: 4 years ago: why phone books are useless in Italy

2011-11-13 17:42:45

DeirdreS: 7 years ago: Travel Vlog: Shopping in Delhi

2011-11-13 17:41:35

DeirdreS: 8 years ago: “Is it worthwhile to even go to Italy in winter?”

2011-11-13 17:40:49

DeirdreS: 8 yearso ago: “In Italy, a meal is neither mere refueling nor comforting self-indulgence.” Italian vs. American Diet

2011-11-13 17:39:14

DeirdreS: 8 years ago: Gender Identity Crises

2011-11-13 17:38:11

DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote “Woodstock is so all-embracing a community that I soon found my own niches and ways to contribute.”

2011-11-13 08:37:33

DeirdreS: very tired, just trying to wind down from a very emotional couple of days…

2011-11-13 08:10:46

DeirdreS: “Italian journalists had to rely on Al Jazeera, BBC, Sky and other foreigners…”

2011-11-13 07:57:00

DeirdreS: New Orleans Parade #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-13 07:32:12

DeirdreS: @alaindebotton or else you’re telling them everything without needing to be asked. 😉

2011-11-13 01:13:02

DeirdreS: @Beaker @edskoudis I’m communicating with my descendant now. Why should I be ashamed of anything I would say?

2011-11-13 01:09:20

DeirdreS: RT @3awadalla: The beginning of the story: Egypt Feminist Publishes Nude Photograph to “Express her Freedom” #NudeP …

2011-11-13 01:08:05

DeirdreS: @tomcoates big chunk of early adopters of CD-R were seniors wanting to store pix of grandkids – and they PAID for software.

2011-11-13 01:05:16

DeirdreS: @daeken actually, yes!

2011-11-13 01:04:02

DeirdreS: RT @jmleray: La prima pagina del Fatto quotidiano!

2011-11-13 01:03:23

DeirdreS: RT @m_silverberg: Anyone else have a problem with Nebraska and Penn State players openly praying before and after the game… at a publi …

2011-11-13 00:54:53

DeirdreS: There’s a flight boarding right now but I don’t have status on #aa – only 330k miles in my lifetime. Thanks, American. Not feelin the luv

2011-11-13 00:53:21

DeirdreS: Flight to SFO delayed by an hour. Thrilling.

2011-11-13 00:45:32

DeirdreS: @DamonBruce this and most other universities need a hard rethink of their priorities. Ethics clearly not at the top.

2011-11-13 00:44:25

DeirdreS: RT @DamonBruce: Penn State collected $22,000 for abuse victims at today’s game attended by more than 107,000 fans. Or … 20-cents per …

2011-11-13 00:24:43

DeirdreS: I’m at Terminal C (DFW Airport, DFW Airport)

2011-11-12 22:19:24

DeirdreS: @notmatt what does “dry” pretend to mean in the context of coffee?

2011-11-12 22:18:06

DeirdreS: Said no thanks to Rapiscan, got the full TSA treatment. Most politely.

2011-11-12 21:52:31

DeirdreS: …and then this bizarre, gaudy jewel of a house

2011-11-12 21:50:59

DeirdreS: One of many schools in New Orleans that may never reopen.

2011-11-12 21:49:13

DeirdreS: The 9th ward is eerily empty and seemingly peaceful. Vacant lots cleared of derelict houses, but many still th… (cont)

2011-11-12 21:42:53

DeirdreS: ” I know God is blessing me for what I did” says a man who murdered his daughter. Religion is poison, pure and simple.

2011-11-12 21:35:42

DeirdreS: @avbelow And I hope everyone by now is sufficiently ashamed to have voted for him AGAIN.

2011-11-12 21:34:53

DeirdreS: @avbelow I sure hope so.

2011-11-12 20:55:51

DeirdreS: “@BreakingNews: Presidential statement: Italian PM Berlusconi has resigned – @Reuters” fucking about time

2011-11-12 20:54:33

DeirdreS: @danielelepido ma davvero?!? Dio che class

2011-11-12 20:53:31

DeirdreS: RT @fattoquotidiano: La Carfagna alla folla: “Ce ne andiamo, contenti?”. E partono insulti e fischi. Dire che se l’e’ cercata e’ dire po …

2011-11-12 19:54:37

DeirdreS: Had a private “disaster tour” with my cousin. I wish the best for New Orleans, sad that I’ll never know the city as it was.

2011-11-12 19:49:22

DeirdreS: RT @rosso: Italians have broke into spontaneous Hallelujah chorus outside the Quirinale waiting for Berlusconi to arrive & step down.

2011-11-12 17:09:32

DeirdreS: Happy # from Italy: #BERLUSCONIFUORIDAICOGLIONI – Berlusconi out of our balls. ie a major pain in the ass is removed. Not before time…

2011-11-12 17:02:27

DeirdreS: RT @annejsimmons: To see what GHC is REALLY about go to the dance party. Thousands of girls dancing like no one is watching. Amazing tim …

2011-11-12 16:59:05

DeirdreS: RT @LivePaola: #nova-MBA Abravanel: quando avevo la vostra età mi disinteressavo della politica. Voi non potete pi√π ignorarla. Ne va del …

2011-11-12 05:33:04

DeirdreS: @kbeninato wait, you’re in NOLA right now? So am I. Til tomorrow.

2011-11-12 04:41:32

DeirdreS: In a house with one very active adolescent kitten, and two grumpy older cats. Fur may fly.

2011-11-12 03:14:06

DeirdreS: Listening to Coco Robicheaux live at a wine bar. I’m in New Orleans, bitch!

2011-11-12 00:49:42

DeirdreS: @NomdeB nothing that dramatic, thankfully (of I’d be a lot more careful). Just tummy troubles and itchy eyes

2011-11-12 00:44:38

DeirdreS: @NomdeB it’s a new thing, and a huge pain. Also peanuts

2011-11-11 23:39:50

DeirdreS: Dammit since when does Cajun cuisine involve soy? Didn’t need an allergic reaction

2011-11-11 23:28:11

DeirdreS: Hyatt NOLA still in shakedown cruise phase. Flow of traffic not worked out.

2011-11-11 22:38:47

DeirdreS: The average Italian was worse off in 2010 than in 2000: GDP per head fell over the decade. | The Economist

2011-11-11 22:31:22

DeirdreS: “I live for those I love.”

2011-11-11 22:23:01

DeirdreS: excited I get to see a cousin that I haven’s seen since we were ~12 (plus the other cousin I’ve seen more recently)

2011-11-11 22:11:11

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: The (birth?)date 3/04/1965 is still a mystery: see, and why it matters for Oracle #Solaris 11

2011-11-11 20:55:39

DeirdreS: Didn’t think I was hungry, but I’ll get through all of this blackened shrimp and avocado po boy Red Fish Grill

2011-11-11 20:47:52

DeirdreS: Taking refuge from Bourbon Street. I really don’t understand what is cool about public drunkenness.

2011-11-11 20:43:36

DeirdreS: RT @catehstn: Anyone can be fine in good times, ask of you’ve had a tough time you’ve gotten through. Need to have had a fight and got p …

2011-11-11 20:02:04

DeirdreS: Royal Pharmacy

2011-11-11 19:16:46

DeirdreS: Advised not to go to St Roch cemetery alone. Will have to return with reinforcements.

2011-11-11 18:45:52

DeirdreS: I find it weird to be just a speaker at an event, invited tho not expected to participate in everything. I prefer to be fully involved.

2011-11-11 18:05:46

DeirdreS: Music! Chihuahuas! Street Performers in New Orleans

2011-11-11 17:14:16

DeirdreS: @jonasthaler ooooh horses!

2011-11-11 17:09:11

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman I don’t know SF that well yet – need someone else to lead me. Shopping in Delhi? I’m your woman.

2011-11-11 17:08:12

DeirdreS: Talking about how Hyatt are sourcing foods locally, sustainably. Results I’ve seen so far: yummy.

2011-11-11 16:31:13

DeirdreS: Something I might enjoy doing more of: leading small, select groups on tours of places I know and love.

2011-11-11 16:16:10

DeirdreS: Look what eleven heads can cause on 11/11/11 – YouTube

2011-11-11 16:10:26

DeirdreS: Hyatt NOLA very kindly gave me late checkout so I can relax and work in this comfy room after 2 hectic days. I’m in love with this bathrobe.

2011-11-11 09:23:56

DeirdreS: “Italy will be the crucible which tests the euro to destruction—or survival.”

2011-11-11 05:17:04

DeirdreS: @NomdeB @PeterKretzman I just get asked if I’m “foreign”. It’s easier to say “yes”.

2011-11-11 05:13:14

DeirdreS: Did @jasonh call us all fruits?

2011-11-11 05:05:39

DeirdreS: @jasonjwwilliams There’s a threat of spanking; I think that’s some entirely different genre of film.

2011-11-11 04:55:07

DeirdreS: May I return to the beginning, the light is dimming, and the dream is too. The world and I, we are still wait

2011-11-11 04:53:59

DeirdreS: saw a book today “Hirschfeld Illustrates Tennessee Williams”. Would have made a perfect Christmas present for my dad.

2011-11-11 04:35:46

DeirdreS: RT @drpoulette: This is pretty cool for making videos: – finally! A @bcantrill capture device!

2011-11-11 04:27:42

DeirdreS: Sun expected to align with MIT’s Infinite Corridor Friday, 11-11-11 – Cambridge – Your Town –

2011-11-11 04:05:37

DeirdreS: @brendangregg Umm, who is it he wants to spank? #Solaris

2011-11-11 03:56:19

DeirdreS: This is what we’ve got tonight in New Orleans…

2011-11-11 03:54:14

DeirdreS: ,@jasonjwwilliams @brendangregg Solaris 11 is Michael Bay’s next movie… as in, a lot of things will blow up, loudly?

2011-11-11 03:52:30

DeirdreS: @missbhavens and so did I! Enjoy the company and cocktails, that is.

2011-11-11 01:35:33

DeirdreS: I missed drinks with fresh fruit juices and house made syrups. Must amend.

2011-11-11 01:33:55

DeirdreS: Ok, maybe I am a bit of a wine snob…

2011-11-11 01:31:53

DeirdreS: Emphasis on local and farm-to-table here at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans.

2011-11-11 01:30:11

DeirdreS: We’re being told the seafood is safer than ever.

2011-11-11 01:29:42

DeirdreS: Meet your dinner. Well, my dinner.

2011-11-11 00:58:46

DeirdreS: @saraford two bourbons

2011-11-11 00:57:01

DeirdreS: Happy happy joy joy good friend finally met in person.

2011-11-10 22:42:03

DeirdreS: I do have a complaint: New Orleans is supposed to be warm!

2011-11-10 22:34:53

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: Wired on Oracle #Solaris 11:

2011-11-10 22:22:20

DeirdreS: Spotted this beauty inside Hové. Nothing to do with the shop’s merchandise (perfume) but I love it.

2011-11-10 21:26:42


2011-11-10 20:42:06


2011-11-10 20:01:03

DeirdreS: RT @timminchin: Dearest Twitter, please make your Chicago friends come to my gig tonight. There are still tickets left. With love, Tim. …

2011-11-10 19:37:06

DeirdreS: Supposedly the front page of Italy’s leading financial paper tomorrow. Translates roughly as “Get it the fuc… (cont)

2011-11-10 17:40:25

DeirdreS: RT @corey_latislaw: Even if you marry the right guy, they dont come fully trained! #ghc11

2011-11-10 17:39:56

DeirdreS: RT @ProfK: Your life partner is the most important choice you can make Sandberg #ghc11

2011-11-10 17:39:26

DeirdreS: RT @bubbva: Same sex couples have more fair division of parenting and chores. Think about it! #ghc11 #Sandberg

2011-11-10 17:38:09

DeirdreS: @saraford the newly reopened Hyatt is pretty awesome, that’s all I’ve seen so far.

2011-11-10 17:01:25

DeirdreS: A woman’s career success relies heavily on her partner’s willingness to truly partner at home – unless she can afford a nanny.

2011-11-10 16:57:30

DeirdreS: Ok, conference industry, lesson 1 about women: we get colder than men. Turn the damned A/C down!

2011-11-10 16:50:26

DeirdreS: @jasonh start her cooking!

2011-11-10 16:06:42

DeirdreS: RT @JoeMyGod: The GOP says #DOMA repeal is a “waste of time.” Now let’s vote on “In God We Trust”! #Hypocrisy #Liars #Bigotry

2011-11-10 15:26:45

DeirdreS: Journalist Trish Regan. She’s smart.

2011-11-10 15:13:23

DeirdreS: Might be a little early in the day for jello shots…

2011-11-10 15:11:20

DeirdreS: @jlb13 ah, sorry – was too tired to parse facetion last night

2011-11-10 13:51:29

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: new blog post: “Solaris 11 DTrace syscall Provider Changes”

2011-11-10 13:49:23

DeirdreS: Urban Alwar #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-10 13:27:09

DeirdreS: @MathSimon Oh, I know. That doesn’t mean I think it’s right or even smart. And I wonder if it’s old-fashioned, tho many cos. still do it.

2011-11-10 05:48:13

DeirdreS: @jlb13 yes. SmartOS,KVM, Bryan. But also at Sun. They HAD engineers in that room today, had equipt rolling. To turn off the live stream…?

2011-11-10 05:38:46

DeirdreS: .@TheEconomist just read this book Race Against the Machine on the plane today. much food for thought.

2011-11-10 05:34:41

DeirdreS: @mattgillard …right, and that’s what’s wrong… I need to write about this…

2011-11-10 04:59:08

DeirdreS: …you can diss me all you want to, I’m just a facilitator, but not the engineers. Never the engineers.

2011-11-10 04:55:41

DeirdreS: For the record: still pissed that the Oracle circus this morning deliberately did not feature the people who coded the product.

2011-11-10 04:46:25

DeirdreS: @davidpaulyoung a very nice Sauvignon Blanc. The other was a good Pinot Noir. Fail: I had to ask what we were drinking.

2011-11-10 04:43:56

DeirdreS: “@ebertchicago: OMG! Rick Perry’s campaign ends before our very eyes.”

2011-11-10 04:33:57

DeirdreS: Gotta say: fantastic bed, and, up here on the 18tj floor, silence. Blessed, blessed silence.

2011-11-10 04:32:27

DeirdreS: Cushy bathrobe: +. Lack of bath tub: –

2011-11-10 04:26:57


2011-11-10 04:23:40

DeirdreS: …but, really, it’s all about sleep. (tho in my case it would also be about free wifi)

2011-11-10 04:22:39

DeirdreS: Interesting evening learning about the challenges of the hotel industry. Lead time now is 3-4 weeks, even for conferences.

2011-11-10 03:30:47

DeirdreS: Sitting in New Orleans talking about Kathmandu and London. My life…

2011-11-10 03:24:30


2011-11-10 02:55:26

DeirdreS: 82% of travel decisions are made by women.

2011-11-10 02:53:09

DeirdreS: In 75% of Chinese couples, the woman earns more than the man.

2011-11-10 01:36:48

DeirdreS: All systems not quite go here.

2011-11-10 01:02:19

DeirdreS: Got to my assigned room, “someone’s been sleeping in my bed!” and it’s a long way back to the lobby…

2011-11-10 00:43:40

DeirdreS: “barely legal club – sorority girls gone bad”. Uh, yeah, keepin’ it classy

2011-11-10 00:31:18

DeirdreS: @italylogue @bootsnall where’s “home” is the first question

2011-11-10 00:30:41

DeirdreS: Becoming disoriented with all these “homecomings”.

2011-11-10 00:15:30

DeirdreS: Landed NOLA. Can’t quite say “I am in you” – runway doesn’t count

2011-11-10 00:13:51

DeirdreS: @arpunk glad to be of service!

2011-11-09 20:43:54

DeirdreS: @gnat @tomcoates that’s not the fault of the language, but of our dirty minds. 😉

2011-11-09 20:42:21

DeirdreS: Made my connecting flight, so I won’t miss dinner with my co-speakers – yay! They look like an interesting group.

2011-11-09 20:39:47

DeirdreS: @arpunk had a look at SmartOS? All the DTrace, and it’s open source

2011-11-09 20:12:16

DeirdreS: @chrisridd I hope you’re not holding your breath

2011-11-09 20:10:25

DeirdreS: Get me out of this damn plane so I can run for the next one!

2011-11-09 18:20:41

DeirdreS: @kvegh @ahl heh. A year on, I’m still doing marketing for Oracle Solaris.

2011-11-09 18:14:30

DeirdreS: Back to my roots: I was born in NOLA. Will be visiting my grandparents in St Roch cemetery, and the Voodoo Museum on behalf of my dad.

2011-11-09 17:49:28

DeirdreS: @rbanffy it was a URL in the browser assess line

2011-11-09 17:48:26

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine it’s not tech, though some big tech cos will be there

2011-11-09 17:29:17

DeirdreS: @fitzage that got it! Thanks!

2011-11-09 17:29:05

DeirdreS: Some adventurous teens go to India:

2011-11-09 17:28:07

DeirdreS: @rbanffy safari

2011-11-09 17:27:46

DeirdreS: @UnLogikal tried that, but it’s a long URL and I can’t drag enough. I need a bitly fir iphone

2011-11-09 17:19:37

DeirdreS: @bubbva some of those 2500 shirts I gave away last summer? 😉

2011-11-09 17:18:09

DeirdreS: As a tangent to my day job (but…you never know), omw to NOLA to speak on a panel on women, business travel, & blogging.

2011-11-09 17:15:42

DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: @ORCL_Solaris Congrats on the launch! Looking forward to the source being available, as promised to #Solaris engineers on …

2011-11-09 17:15:01

DeirdreS: Is there an easy way to copy a long URL in safari on iPhone? Damned if I can find one.

2011-11-09 17:13:52

DeirdreS: @PeterGalvin apparently they had decided in advance to stream only the exec intro. Disappointing.

2011-11-09 16:56:13

DeirdreS: Zipped through security in <5 mins, not a Rapiscan in sight. Is travel actually becoming easier?

2011-11-09 16:28:20

DeirdreS: RT @virtualsteve: @DeirdreS just talked to the head of marketing. They’re going to see if they can turn the webcast back on for the rest …

2011-11-09 16:27:21

DeirdreS: RT @jimpick: What was the answer? RT @brendangregg: .@ORCL_Solaris Q&A: when will the Solaris 11 source code be released? #Solaris

2011-11-09 16:25:36

DeirdreS: @virtualsteve that would be great! I think in this day and age many wd rather hear from the folks at the coalface than intermediaries

2011-11-09 16:03:52

DeirdreS: @ORCL_Solaris Next time hire me. 😉 As I recall, I streamed an entire day of sessions about Solaris 11 last year. For cheap. #solaris

2011-11-09 16:02:52

DeirdreS: @reiger No, it isn’t. I want to see that just to see what Darren and Markus look like in suits!

2011-11-09 16:00:45

DeirdreS: @dboyll I know these folks, live streamed them for a whole day about this time last year. Shy is not the word.

2011-11-09 15:56:19

DeirdreS: @ORCL_Solaris So where’s the stream? #solaris

2011-11-09 15:55:00

DeirdreS: Yup, I’m pissed. The suits rate a live broadcast, the folks who built the product don’t. WTF? @dboyll #solaris

2011-11-09 15:50:20

DeirdreS: .@bubbva If they don’t broadcast the engineers’ panel, I’ll be pissed. I want to hear from those who actually, y’know, WROTE CODE. Not suits

2011-11-09 15:43:03

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: .@ORCL_Solaris Q&A: when will the Solaris 11 source code be released? #Solaris

2011-11-09 15:40:31

DeirdreS: I can see Liane’s hair 😉

2011-11-09 15:35:24

DeirdreS: Warm corgrats to all our friends who worked hard to bring #solaris 11 to fruition.

2011-11-09 15:32:35

DeirdreS: @darrenmoffat That’s a pity. The execs are live, why shouldn’t the engineers be? You guys did the WORK. #solaris

2011-11-09 15:10:29

DeirdreS: @PeterGalvin

2011-11-09 14:56:59

DeirdreS: View from the Hill Fort, Kesroli – looking into a modern Indian village

2011-11-09 14:55:31

DeirdreS: @kvegh You don’t have to be Darren.;-) Thanks!

2011-11-09 14:38:37

DeirdreS: @darrenmoffat where will the video stream be accessible?

2011-11-09 02:24:43

DeirdreS: @lderezinski We’d like te believe that kids never have to grieve, but they often do. Hugs to all.

2011-11-09 02:22:21

DeirdreS: Learn Italian in Song: Maria Teresa

2011-11-09 00:57:15

DeirdreS: @SFist Ok, ok, I’m going!

2011-11-09 00:12:16

DeirdreS: “If you have psychopathic tendencies and are born to a rich family you’re likely to go to business school.”

2011-11-08 23:37:40

DeirdreS: @hudsonette …and writing, when I have time…

2011-11-08 23:35:15

DeirdreS: @hudsonette 2 weeks in several parts of India – great trip, see my site for video & photos (much more to come)

2011-11-08 23:19:31

DeirdreS: @hudsonette ok, wasn’t him then. So who’s the simpatico-looking actor who looks a bit like him…? I’d make a lousy casting agent.

2011-11-08 23:16:32

DeirdreS: @hudsonette I think we saw Sam Waterston and his wife at a hotel bar in Agra 2 weeks ago. I was racking my brain to remember who he was…

2011-11-08 22:56:55

DeirdreS: song for Berlusconi: “Better to win by admitting my sin than to lose with a halo”

2011-11-08 22:21:05

DeirdreS: @feliciaday it’s not just marketers. Almost every headline involving a woman refers to her as a mother before all else (if she is one). sigh

2011-11-08 22:17:53

DeirdreS: @CorineBarella “the markets” is the collective wisdom of a lot of people who, in this case, don’t believe Berlusconi is doing Italy any good

2011-11-08 20:09:28

DeirdreS: RT @jakeporway: Rename the party something foul and misogynistic #BerlusconiConditions #OhWaitThatOnesReal

2011-11-08 20:08:56

DeirdreS: RT @blprnt: Berlusconi to resign, with conditions – surely there’s a twitter meme to be started here #BerlusconiConditions

2011-11-08 19:16:43

DeirdreS: @storagebod His dream, our nightmare… just want it to be over!

2011-11-08 19:03:05

DeirdreS: Is Berlusconi gone yet?

2011-11-08 19:02:19

DeirdreS: @montymunford final-fucking-mente! #Italy

2011-11-08 17:53:37

DeirdreS: urban wildlife in India:

2011-11-08 05:21:45

DeirdreS: @Neemrana_Hotels Thank you, lots more to come about a truly beautiful stay!

2011-11-08 03:59:29

DeirdreS: All those who told me what grief is like were right: sometimes it does just sock you in the gut with wo warning and for little or no reason.

2011-11-08 03:51:18

DeirdreS: Aalu Anday | Beygairat Brigade – YouTube

2011-11-08 03:46:15

DeirdreS: Beygairat Brigade’s YouTube Hit Song Challenges Extremism in Pakistan – – damn catchy song, too!

2011-11-08 03:18:34

DeirdreS: @angelcamacho Go, Angel! #ironmaiden

2011-11-08 02:47:21

DeirdreS: “Gates is making the world ideal, and the billions of us with no voice will be forever impacted.”

2011-11-08 02:05:58

DeirdreS: @postsecret No, that is not political. It’s fact.

2011-11-08 01:54:02

DeirdreS: If “the Western world” is going to hell in an economic handbasket, what will that mean for all the gains we’ve made in social equality?

2011-11-07 18:25:28

DeirdreS: Ethiopian taxi driver told me he’s never seen a dr in 54 years. Anyone who survived Ethiopia 50 yrs ago is more robust than I.

2011-11-07 17:05:21

DeirdreS: I love that I can work more or less from anywhere. Makes delays at the dr’s office far less annoying.

2011-11-07 14:24:52

DeirdreS: video, photo: Parrots at Humayun’s Tomb #vlowo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-07 04:54:34

DeirdreS: 2 years ago: Little Shop of Performance Horrors – the 1st video of @brendangregg that I published

2011-11-07 03:03:37

DeirdreS: 2 years ago: Little Shop of Performance Horrors

2011-11-07 03:02:33

DeirdreS: 4 years ago: Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 14

2011-11-07 03:00:57

DeirdreS: 7 years ago: Woodstock 150th: Back to Delhi

2011-11-07 02:59:02

DeirdreS: 8 years ago: Very Supertitious: Some Italian Folk Beliefs

2011-11-07 02:57:51

DeirdreS: 8 years ago: “she wasn’t to feel bad or strange if she didn’t agree; she was always free to make up her own mind.”

2011-11-07 02:55:46

DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote “I don’t respond the way Americans expect me to. They sense vaguely that something is wrong…”

2011-11-07 02:52:20

DeirdreS: I guess I’m still jet-lagged. That would explain the shattering exhaustion, right?

2011-11-06 23:15:08

DeirdreS: been doing this for more than a year now – it works as advertised! Wash Your Face… With Oil!??!?

2011-11-06 19:46:41

DeirdreS: video: Late Night Prayers at Dubai Airport #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-06 17:35:05

DeirdreS: @ryancnelson Geesh, you sure get the hardship posts. 😉

2011-11-06 16:54:54

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: s11 users: RT @ale_sp_brazil: Very nice Solaris 11 IPS (Image Package System) Cheat Sheet:

2011-11-06 16:50:40

DeirdreS: RT @bdha: Wow.

2011-11-06 16:43:09

DeirdreS: @bdha They need to know there’s a “making of” video for “shouting in the data center”

2011-11-06 01:47:47

DeirdreS: @erikbryn ps your caricature doesn’t do you justice

2011-11-06 01:37:36

DeirdreS: @erikbryn all right – I did!

2011-11-06 01:30:24

DeirdreS: RT @KatieS: What men could do to help advance women’s leadership: Kanter answered, “The laundry.” cc @patrickstanton 🙂

2011-11-06 01:20:41

DeirdreS: @erikbryn need a longer clip so I can see the rest of your argument!

2011-11-06 01:16:24

DeirdreS: RT @ericschrock: Another slew of new ZFS features, courtesy of @mahrens1:

2011-11-05 21:49:42

DeirdreS: Terry Pratchett defines goodness #Kindle

2011-11-05 21:40:49

DeirdreS: @LusciousPear You should give her a hug and tell her that ex is a dick and a coward.

2011-11-05 21:00:25

DeirdreS: Some old Italian political graffiti that might inspire #occupy Talking Back to Politicians: A Lesson in Modern Italian

2011-11-05 20:30:07

DeirdreS: RT @timminchin: Does anyone know anyone in Providence, Rhode Island? There are still tickets for m’show tonight! 7pm @ Lupo’s. It’s a wi …

2011-11-05 17:31:49

DeirdreS: video, photos, blog: Diwali Celebrations #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-05 03:13:30

DeirdreS: @mmayo @paulfranz It’s a simple lesson. Amazing how many never learn it.

2011-11-05 00:46:15

DeirdreS: “being able to admit you’re wrong is the greatest skill you can develop if you want to stay married.”

2011-11-05 00:24:10

DeirdreS: One of my tasks in NOLA next week will be to find out how to get my dad’s ashes into St Roch cemetery, and start planning a jazz funeral.

2011-11-05 00:18:30

DeirdreS: @MichaelLochead Denver is my guess

2011-11-04 21:51:33

DeirdreS: @missbhavens thanks for the LOL!

2011-11-04 21:51:06

DeirdreS: @LusciousPear Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

2011-11-04 21:50:38

DeirdreS: @hackerboss Yes, I can see your problem there… it’s large and furry

2011-11-04 20:52:48

DeirdreS: @hridaybala …I, of course, am in love with it. But India and I have a long history together.

2011-11-04 20:52:10

DeirdreS: @hridaybala He says “I’m not in love with it, but I’m fascinated.”

2011-11-04 20:46:33

DeirdreS: @missbhavens this is an older model, the plain 4 I think. You can probably get a good price on a used one now, photo/video quality is great.

2011-11-04 20:42:26

DeirdreS: “the powerful motivator in our lives is the opportunity to learn, grow in responsibilities, contribute, be recognized”

2011-11-04 20:08:05

DeirdreS: loved shooting video & stills in India on my iPhone. Can you tell which photos here were taken with SLR?

2011-11-04 18:33:48

DeirdreS: @storming bug spray?

2011-11-04 18:14:44

DeirdreS: @MogdenPong to see which creates more brownish foam?

2011-11-04 18:13:23

DeirdreS: “supporting policies that are to your personal financial disadvantage isn’t hypocrisy — it’s civic virtue!”

2011-11-04 15:22:16

DeirdreS: video, photos, blog: Diwali Market in Alwar #vlomo11 #vlomo2100

2011-11-04 14:53:41

DeirdreS: @mjbreitbach Have fun! Here are some resourcses that may help: #dtrace #nexenta #rocks

2011-11-04 14:53:06

DeirdreS: RT @smithnigelw: You can now see the src for the #DTrace Type-aware print() action in the #illumos OpenGrok

2011-11-04 14:40:14

DeirdreS: Learn Italian in Song: Giovanna e Angiolino

2011-11-04 02:56:41

DeirdreS: Learn Italian in Song: Giovanna e Angiolino

2011-11-04 01:23:09

DeirdreS: Google Realtime Analytics addictive. I want to see how many countries I can light up at once (with visitors to my site

2011-11-04 01:19:35

DeirdreS: @badnima wow, those kids are serious candy-holics

2011-11-04 00:59:50

DeirdreS: RT @osnews: SunSolve Resurrected Independent of Oracle: If you have ever administered Sun machines, updates were a big part … http://t …

2011-11-04 00:56:13

DeirdreS: unusual: a small plane is circling downtown SF – and it’s NOT pulling an advertising banner

2011-11-04 00:51:40

DeirdreS: cooking Rancho Gordo beans for dinner, the scent makes me so hungry may have to eat something else before they’re done

2011-11-04 00:05:11

DeirdreS: @hridaybala @NickKristof or, for that matter, how many American girls could get student loans.

2011-11-03 23:49:50

DeirdreS: (brief) blog post with photos and video, from the recent India trip: Scooter Taxi Ride to Alwar

2011-11-03 22:37:59

DeirdreS: @alanc 11/11 is a bank holiday? That strikes me as weird somehow.

2011-11-03 20:56:38

DeirdreS: Perhaps one of my mottoes should be “I’m always willing to be wrong – but you’d better bring solid evidence.”

2011-11-03 19:25:51

DeirdreS: Being paid to use this piece in a textbook alongside illustrious company such as Thomas Friedman. Double cool!

2011-11-03 19:21:11

DeirdreS: RT @Scott_Gilmore: Greece is collapsing, the Iranians are getting aggressive, and Rome is in disarray. Welcome back to 430 BC.

2011-11-03 18:27:40

DeirdreS: what took my dad to Vietnam as a civilian during wartime, 1967: @USAID | Celebrating 50 years – I miss JFK’s idealism

2011-11-03 17:48:27

DeirdreS: @larrywake I’m still surprised Ellison’s love of numerology didn’t trump all this.

2011-11-03 17:43:48

DeirdreS: Some large vehicle on the street below is making noises like a humpback whale. I hope it’s not heavy truck mating season.

2011-11-03 17:42:30

DeirdreS: RT @acarvin: +1 Baratunde: I’ve seen news orgs with 50-page social media guidelines. That misses the point of being authentic. It chokes …

2011-11-03 17:41:59

DeirdreS: @billblum Sounds like a reasonable consiulting fee, if it was a good lunch. #Dtrace

2011-11-03 17:29:19

DeirdreS: Although I am rarely contagious, it would probably be kind to stay home today so my colleagues don’t have to listen to me coughing, & worry.

2011-11-03 15:52:04

DeirdreS: blog, photos, video:
Scooter Taxi Ride to Alwar
#vlomo11 #vlomo2111

2011-11-03 15:35:05

DeirdreS: Solaris 11 will be launched next week. Is the DTrace book still relevant? You betcha: DTrace Book short videos

2011-11-03 00:15:23

DeirdreS: @sullof I fear you are correct.

2011-11-02 15:05:18

DeirdreS: Morning at the Hill Fort, Kesroli #vlomo11 #vlomo2011

2011-11-02 09:26:40

DeirdreS: @OdysseusG Me, neither.

2011-11-02 09:10:51

DeirdreS: RT @bdha: Still looking to hire ops person to build the platform for an insanely cool security product @Sourcefire. #aws #opschef #smart …

2011-11-02 02:37:47

DeirdreS: video: Twilight at Humayun’s Tomb #vlomo11

2011-11-02 00:46:05

DeirdreS: My problem with most forms of exercise is they bore me profoundly.

2011-11-02 00:39:27

DeirdreS: RT @ahl: sweet, excited for the slides/vid RT @fergleiser: I’ll be speaking about DTrace on FreeBSD next saturday at BSDday AR /CC @Panz …

2011-11-02 00:35:51

DeirdreS: Exercise is supposed to make me feel good, sleep better, relax, etc. This better be worth it…

2011-11-02 23:59:53

DeirdreS: “She apparently admitted to statuary rape.” – Molesting sculpture: a crime that sticks for life.

2011-11-02 23:55:54

DeirdreS: things I’m tired of: “awareness campaigns, Steve Jobs, “celebrity” news of any sort…

2011-11-02 21:11:28

DeirdreS: “any time your behavior increases someone’s anxiety, they’re less likely to perform effectively” HBR

2011-11-02 19:39:47

DeirdreS: @philiph Yes. Avoid.

2011-11-01 23:11:05

DeirdreS: Birdsong and Bougainvillea #vlomo11

2011-11-01 20:49:53

DeirdreS: @ingenthr curling up under my desk does in fact look attractive right now

2011-11-01 20:45:32

DeirdreS: I can haz sleep now?

2011-11-01 20:39:46

DeirdreS: @lderezinski oh, me dear… I hope some end is in sight.

2011-11-01 19:52:58

DeirdreS: guess I jumped the gun on #vlomo11 last night: video: Driving in India’s Himalayas

2011-11-01 18:55:56

DeirdreS: Road trip entertainment in India: “How many people can fit on one motorbike?” Max I counted shown here (five).

2011-11-01 08:03:11

DeirdreS: ” So many people, it seems, think they can wait until some perfect time ”

2011-11-01 06:16:06

DeirdreS: @vambenepe You’re saving them from themselves, right?

2011-11-01 06:13:09

DeirdreS: a video postrad: Birdsong and Bougainvillea via @youtube

2011-11-01 06:09:26

DeirdreS: Adam Leventhal’s blog » ZFS 10th anniversary

2011-11-01 06:07:33

DeirdreS: video: Driving in India’s Himalayas

2011-11-01 03:56:28

DeirdreS: and, yes, we went to the Taj Mahal

2011-11-01 03:37:16

DeirdreS: a 14th century hilltop fort in Rajasthan, now a charming hotel covered in bougainvillea. Much more to come o… (cont)

2011-11-01 03:01:22

DeirdreS: Everybody in Alwar wanted to be photographed, but I particularly enjoyed this happy panwalla.

2011-11-01 02:20:26

DeirdreS: spotted this outside the Imperial Hotel in Delhi – very appropriate!

2011-11-01 02:17:10

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman re tails: could also be furries… #SanFrancisco #Halloween

2011-11-01 02:13:36

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman welcome to SF! I’ve got massive jet lag, too.

2011-11-01 00:25:26

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