The Twitter Diaries: October 2012

@brendangregg I’m tempted to say “come hear from the people who have actually been running a cloud on Solaris for years”. 😉 #oow12 10/1/12 0:52

RT @insideHPC: Solaris Reunion is Monday night in San Fran next to #OOW 10/1/12 1:40

@ZDNetRachel apparently your memory is better than his. 😉 10/1/12 1:43

@merv and the walled garden just gets more expensive and harder to climb out of. 10/1/12 1:45

Solaris fans feeling left out or let down at #OOW – we’ve got some names and topics to cheer you up! 10/1/12 1:46

Just about all that needs doing for is done. About to prove that you can kick butt, have fun without spending big $. 10/1/12 2:46

RT @joyent: Find the blue tees to find Joyent Mon/Tues at RT @LindsayofSF #oow 2012 #joyent #smartos … 10/1/12 3:14

@kvegh I see some of my fave authors are represented. 😉 10/1/12 3:56

@kvegh Damn right. Even my name is in one of those. 10/1/12 4:21 10/1/12 4:54

#illumosday video stream: 10/1/12 13:49

@harschness 10/1/12 16:18

Dry Systems builds on illumos because of the OS’s enterprise heritage. #illumos 10/1/12 16:18

Hash tag for today is #illumosday 10/1/12 16:42

RT @klpaskett: At #IllumosDay and had ROI before the first talk even started. 10/1/12 16:43

RT @brendangregg: #illumosday venue, up stairs ahead 10/1/12 16:54

RT @jasonyoho: @deystorage #illumosday $130MM+ invested in illumos companies! 10/1/12 16:55

RT @martinpaulnash: “THE tool for latency minimisation is #dtrace” #illumosday 10/1/12 16:56

RT @guerciotti: @whitwatts WUT??? Hypervisors are terribly inefficient, Pros go with FreeBSD Jails & Solaris Zones. … 10/1/12 17:02

@befreax 10/1/12 17:18

@eirescot We’ll see if we can fix that in the upcoming break. 10/1/12 17:19

Dam McDonald about the illumos home data center #illumosday 10/1/12 17:22

@willbldrco looks like youre in my old stomping ground! Where is that? 10/1/12 17:58

RT @CaryMillsap: In #oaktableworld watching @dboptimizer work. 10/1/12 18:03

@KI4OTK yes – recording as usual, see the ustream page for the morning session already! 10/1/12 18:03

RT @LeftSaidTim: Great to see #illumosDay focus on small business and consolidating services into a single box with zones. 10/1/12 18:04

Next up at #illumosday: Ben Rockwood 10/1/12 18:10

Ben Rockwood on running a cloud on Joyent – live now! 10/1/12 18:11

“Apparently other people spend time installing software. I think that’s stupid.” Ben Rockwood #illumosday 10/1/12 18:19

Missing open source #solaris #oow? See what’s up #illumosday, behind the carousel or live stream: 10/1/12 18:25

…and if you’re in SF tonight, come to the 2nd Annual #Solaris Family Reunion! Lots of familiar faces: 10/1/12 18:46

RT @kebesays: My slides from today’s #illumosday talk are here: #fb 10/1/12 18:49

Starting NOW! @brendangregg’s DTracing the Cloud talk live streamed 10/1/12 18:53

#Solaris #oow DTrace – don’t miss the action live now: 10/1/12 20:36

@sbraswe1 They go up pretty quicktly when each record session ends. 10/1/12 20:38

@sogrady Amen, brother! I’m almost there… 10/1/12 20:44

RT @DavidMasciorini: Find the blue tees to find Joyent Mon/Tues at @DavidMasciorini #oow 2012 #joyent #smartos http … 10/1/12 20:45

RT @pijewski: Full-stack visibility from @brendangregg at #illumosday 10/1/12 20:46

RT @kebesays: #illumosday folks who want to see the Illumos home data center demo shld visit the @nexenta table. If I’m not there, I’m i … 10/1/12 20:52

Up next #illumosday Jerry Jelinek on Enhanced OS Virtualization for the Cloud 10/1/12 21:08

@chanezon @vambenepe Nah, you’re both wrong. 😉 10/1/12 21:14

RT @kode_vicious: Reading the DTrace book by Gregg and Mauro. It turns out to be the best book on system performance analysis since Raj … 10/1/12 21:15

#solaris fans will remember Jerry Jelinek – listen to him live now! #oow #illumosday 10/1/12 21:18

Jerry talking about improvements to virtualization in illumos over #solaris #illumosday 10/1/12 21:26

Services and DTrace enhanced for zones in #illumos, new kstats added 10/1/12 21:29

RT @brendangregg: My #illumosday slides “DTracing the Cloud” 10/1/12 21:32

Getting ready to start @ahl’s talk on “illumos Innovations That Will Never be in Oracle Solaris” 10/1/12 21:58

You want to be seeing this: #solaris 10/1/12 22:21

@cdwillie76 Yes, you can already see earlier sessions on the videos tab on 10/1/12 22:23

RT @eirescot: +1 RT @harschness Jerry Jelinek’s #illumosday talk was excellent. 10/1/12 22:25

No comment 10/1/12 22:25

ZFS Feature Flags allow us all to work together productively #illumosday 10/1/12 22:26

RT @AlecMuffett: : If you ever need to keep a cat away from your laptop for 3+ hours, get one of these 10/1/12 22:29

@jmclulow Well, we haven’t actually tried to make a bootable shirt… 10/1/12 22:34

@willbldrco If you’re going to be there longer, check my blog for some great nearby wineries and restaurants 10/1/12 22:35

@ludomp …and then you’re coming to the party? 😉 10/1/12 22:40

Up now: Nexenta’s Chris Nelson on Using illumos to Change the Storage World 10/1/12 22:43

@mattvogt What ever made you think that? 😉 10/1/12 23:04

Up now: Bayard Bell on Contributing to illumos 10/1/12 23:19

@ludomp Feel free to bring more people – we have lots of space for conversation. And beer. 10/1/12 23:32

RT @blakeirvin: Things that matter to an #Illumos contributor. #illumosday 10/1/12 23:47

@sharat_chander Hey, you gonna drop by the party? Solaris family reunion, but you’re a friend too. 😉 10/1/12 23:49

RT @kbeninato: “I think it is time to bring our troops home and to stop spending $2 billion a week in Afghanistan”- Elizabeth Warren #MA … 10/1/12 23:50

Last talk of #illumosday: Robert Mustacchi on What to Do next with illumos 10/1/12 23:54

illumos hardware compatibility list 10/2/12 0:08

@bdha blame @ahl! 10/2/12 0:12

On you? 10/2/12 4:39

@SniperWulfzen Girl Geek Dinners might be a good way for you to get answers to that 10/2/12 4:39

It’s been a good day. And my feet hurt. 10/2/12 4:46

Heading in to set up for #zfsday 10/2/12 5:30

RT @ahl: .@pndc false and false. Oracle is in the process of porting DTrace but very slowly. And they haven’t changed the license yet… 10/2/12 15:10

#zfsday live stream has begun 10/2/12 15:11

Eric Sproul of OmniTI up next at #zfsday 10/2/12 16:16

RT @postwait: I’m attending three conferences at the same time #stratconf + #velocityconf + #zfsday … live streaming for the win/fail. 10/2/12 16:35

RT @brendangregg: I’m giving two talks today: systems perf at Oaktable World 10am, and ZFS perf tools at #zfsday 2:30pm. See you there! 10/2/12 16:37

SpectraLogic talking about productizing ZFS #zfsday 10/2/12 16:37

RT @harschness: Me watching @pijewski on the #zfsday video stream. 10/2/12 17:56

RT @benr: Illumos Days Slide Deck, “SmartOS Operations”: 10/2/12 18:11

Brian Behlendorf on the Linux implementation of ZFS starting now #zfsday 10/2/12 18:13

@bartmu yes, look at the videos tab on the same page 10/2/12 18:25

@orcldoug it was recorded (not by me) 10/2/12 18:28

RT @eirescot: Big system pr0n from Brian Behlendorf at #zfsday 10/2/12 18:36

Today we have a stable ZFS release candidate running on a huge supercomputer without problems. #zfsday 10/2/12 18:37

@orcldoug Brendan’s oak table talk was recorded 10/2/12 18:38

RT @brendangregg: Slides for my talk “ZFS Performance Analysis and Tools” up next at #zfsday 10/2/12 18:42

. @brendangregg live now 10/2/12 21:34

Slides here 10/2/12 21:50

RT @shardedbarf: Dtrace all the things #zfsday 10/2/12 21:51

Adam Leventhal on hybrid storage pools live now 10/2/12 21:59

RT @brendangregg: Done! 4 talks, 3 days, 255 slides #surgecon #illumosday #oaktableworld #zfsday 10/2/12 23:08

Jonathan Halstuch of Racktop Systems up nowat #zfsday 10/2/12 23:10

RT @brendangregg: T-shirts at #zfsday 10/2/12 23:38

RT @BufferGOverflow: #illumos hackathon tomorrow has limited slots for Internet participation, please sign up ASAP. — 10/2/12 23:52

RT @BufferGOverflow: @BrendanGregg nailed it: “The dime hadn’t dropped for a lot of people that DTrace isn’t worth nearly as much withou … 10/2/12 23:56

@LeftSaidTim we’ll see what we can do 10/3/12 0:15

Geeks and beers! 10/3/12 0:16

RT @kbeninato: Not just Obama was pissed off in 2007 New Orleans. “Come Kitty Kitty Come Come – The Doctor is Pissed” 10/3/12 2:32

RT @ecdysone: “You keep saying that word…” 10/3/12 3:07

@DrJenGunter I don’t think he talks to actual women. Maybe it’s a religious vow. 10/3/12 3:09

Whatever I need to do tomorrow, it must not involve standing up. At all. 10/3/12 3:49

RT @jesseberney: SECRET VIDEO REVELATIONS: 1. Obama thinks government should help the poor. 2. Romney thinks half the country should go … 10/3/12 3:50

Loving @TaskRabbit! If you want to try it out, use my link to get $10 off on your Task. 10/3/12 3:58

RT @MathSimon: Thanks to the recordings on #illumosday and #zfssday one can catch up if the time zone difference is to big: … 10/3/12 15:59

@herrold getting old how? Please explain. 10/3/12 16:01

May I should get a t-shirt made saying “Bronies love DTrace”. 10/3/12 16:02

@eirescot you’re very. Welcome, thanks fora great talk! 10/3/12 16:09

@BufferGOverflow yes! “yup, that’s a nail all right.” 10/3/12 16:10

@jacksonwest Ouch! Be easy on yourself in the coming weeks – concussion will get you in ways you may not expect. 10/3/12 17:10

RT @ahl: working with @rmustacc on user-land DTrace type at the #illumos #hackathon 10/3/12 19:33

UStream video links for #illumosday #zfsday – the future of #solaris is here! 10/3/12 20:55

.@pborenstein “If you let us in, we’ll show you how it can be done!” 10/3/12 21:29

My daughter is going to see “Book of Mormon” this weekend. I don’t hate her or anything… 10/3/12 22:02

About to end#zfsday with beers on the roof 10/3/12 22:05

It’s something of a relief that I’ve been too insanely busy to pay attention to the debate. It would probably just infuriate me. 10/4/12 0:02

RT @richardelling: engineers hard at work #Illumos hackathon 10/4/12 0:51

RT @ahl: Mischief managed: @rmustacc and I got the new DTrace ‘user’ keyword working. No more copyin()! #illumos #hackathon 10/4/12 0:55

RT @brendangregg: Sweet #dtrace demo by @ahl and @rmustacc on #illumos: Making D more user-friendly and avoid needing user-land copyin()s 10/4/12 0:55

I love the sound of engineers getting things done. And they’re so easy to keep happy: beer and pizza! 😉 10/4/12 0:55

Anyone who says: “There is no real difference between the candidates”: if you’ve ever been poor, or uninsurable, or female: YES, THERE IS. 10/4/12 0:56

@c_bright Wave! 10/4/12 5:09

@michaeldexter photo? We don’t see it in the wild usually. 10/4/12 5:34

It would have been nice to have a day or two to enjoy my achievements before the new shit started hitting the fan. Sigh. 10/4/12 7:28

” Italians who do pay taxes were shocked to learn of head of a tax-collecting agency suspected of embezzling €100m” 10/4/12 7:30

@AnastasiaAshman You might appreciate this film about TCKs: 10/4/12 17:09

@HumanityCritic I find that people use “arrogant” when they mean “How dare you be smarter than me?!” 10/4/12 17:31

@RealTimeWWII it scares me that for a moment I thought this was current news. 10/4/12 18:07

@joelhousman @sfeuer maybe he just doesn’t get “reply all”? 10/4/12 18:16

@sfeuer @joelhousman safer for her than the opposite mistake many make! 10/4/12 18:18

@bdha Yay girls! 10/4/12 18:22

I have always tried to have my work documented & organized such that “if I get hit by a truck” it would be easy for colleagues to carry on. 10/4/12 19:03

The Blue Angels have arrived! 10/4/12 19:07

8 years ago I filmed a sitar and tabla concert: 10/4/12 23:01

Dear everyone: please start using @voxer. Text massaging is stupid expensive. I may just turn it off. 10/5/12 2:52

I have had AT&T turn messaging off. 10/5/12 2:55

I also cut down my phone data plan to 300MB/month. So for no trouble staying within it. Only ? is why I gave away so much money for so long. 10/5/12 3:05

So, for this evening… latest Terry Pratchett on my Kindle, or the Dowager Countess on my iPad? Or Sherlock? Choices, choices… 10/5/12 3:24

@ajayravindra bought WhatsApp (bec my daughter uses it) 5 mins after turning off text messaging – and it wants to send me an SMS to confirm. 10/5/12 3:25

@bubbva Where charges are concerned, it’s more like text date rape. 10/5/12 3:52

11 years I wrote about “Globalization vs. Local Culture” 10/5/12 4:05

RT @xkcdfeed: #xkcd My Sky: 10/5/12 4:17

7 years ago I filmed a traveling performance of I Promessi Sposi 10/5/12 4:36

Oh, no, please – I cannot stomach 1-year anniversary Steve Jobs retrospectives. Just DON’T. 10/5/12 4:53

“Picture yourself with a career in Community and Social Services at Oracle ” – uh, LinkedIn, can we have a word? 10/5/12 5:25

RT @harschness: Hearing the backstory of #zfsonlinux at #zfsday was incredibly interesting. The Linux Community owes @energy a huge deb … 10/5/12 6:04

RT @papertigerss: Giving a talk today on #smartos #dtrace and #illumos at RIT. 10/5/12 15:46

6 years ago I wondered “what can an atheist do to help a world that we see being wrecked by extreme believers?” 10/5/12 15:46

More communication is better. In the absence of news, we all assume the worst. Being unable to read your mind, we may assume bad intentions. 10/5/12 18:42

And saying “That information has been available to you” when it’s been hidden in the recesses of a crappy site UI does NOT help. 10/5/12 18:43

RT @OFA_FL: Have you registered to vote yet? Got five minutes? Do it now: 10/5/12 18:45

RT @storming: What do you do with the brilliant jerk? 10/5/12 19:59

RT @NomdeB: Romney apologies for his 47% comment. So what. Batterers apologize to those they’ve battered. They haven’t changed. http://t … 10/5/12 20:03

I guess there’s a lot of sports in SF this weekend. I’m running away. 10/5/12 20:05

AT&T charges for incoming text messages, which I have no control over. Is this normal? All US phone companies do this? Feels like a ripoff. 10/5/12 20:07

@bartmu In the US I think they charge both incoming and outgoing calls against your monthly pool of minutes, no matter where you are. 10/6/12 0:38

My greatest vice is travel, and I love my friends. So tomorrow I’m traveling to see someone special. Sssh! It’s a surprise! 10/6/12 3:47

@brendangregg Would that explain the quarterly hardware numbers? 10/6/12 4:23

Have to get up way too early tomorrow… 10/6/12 4:25

Have reached the age where our parents are dying. Multiple friends suffering this week. Sigh. 10/6/12 5:02

Dear ladies: if you must use those paper toilet seat covers, do us the courtesy of making sure they flush. Don’t wanna put my hand there. 10/6/12 5:47

Found out too late Bart starts too late in the morning for 8:12am flight. Others appear to have solved this by sleeping in the terminal. 10/6/12 13:43

SFO sunrise 10/6/12 14:16

American Taliban. Wonder what he thinks about women? 10/6/12 14:17

Where am I? 10/6/12 14:26

Surprise worked! 10/6/12 23:39

Came to Calgary for the surprise 50th of my Woodstock classmate / roommate Laura. 10/7/12 0:25

@kebesays @postwait – @jasonh was very happy to get so much of that! 10/7/12 0:26

@RossellaLaeng you best be buying me a souvenir! 10/7/12 3:08

@hridaybala you’re in Calgary?!? I’m here til Weds 10/7/12 3:44

So Looper was interesting. But the plot twists I imagined were coming might have been better than the ones they filmed. 😉 10/7/12 6:12

@hridaybala prob not tomorrow, Tuesday? I’m here with old friend from school 10/7/12 6:17

9 years ago I wrote about why so few Italian babies were (and are) being born: 10/7/12 6:25

Insist on export pack! 10/7/12 15:46

A breakfast chain that won’t poison me with soy? Done! I’m moving to Canada. 10/7/12 17:11

@pborenstein i’m back weds am, look fwd to seeing you. Restaurants: the slanted door, Colibri. Opentable for reservations 10/7/12 18:21

Canadian Rockies 10/7/12 18:59 10/7/12 19:49

@AnastasiaAshman a generation younger, but same school, yes. 10/7/12 22:27

Canadian wildlife 10/7/12 23:11

Seems as if much human misery arises from marrying the wrong person. At least nowadays we have the option to admit our mistake and move on. 10/7/12 23:19

@anildash I’ve decided it didn’t add up. 10/8/12 0:48

@thesulk you mean Congress? 10/8/12 3:33

RT @SarcasticRover: Americans are spending 320 million on pet-costumes this halloween. AND THEY SAY NASA IS A WASTE OF MONEY! #angryfist … 10/8/12 3:39

And in the “No shit, Sherlock!” department… 10/8/12 5:35

6 years ago I filmed a Windy Sunday on Lake Como 10/8/12 10:39

RT @konobi: first person to spot me in my smartos t-shirt gets a free half day of smartos/nodejs consulting. #Belfast #nodejs #smartos 10/8/12 13:46

A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant, from the talented hand of Nina Paley. 10/8/12 16:25

“So quiet you can hear a Chevy rust.” 10/8/12 17:06

“What I see is ignorance of what is reality” 10/8/12 17:46

Persistence and determination… 10/8/12 18:54

@grahamperrin Sorry, it’s complicated: seems to work 10/8/12 23:41

RT @KI4OTK: iPXE: Now with Native Menus and SmartOS Support (via Instapaper) 10/9/12 3:05

Reminder: @brendangregg’s DTrace course (now 3 days!) in NYC Nov 28-30. Seats very limited for this intense class. 10/9/12 3:31

Facebook’s use of the word “hacking” raises my hackles. 10/9/12 15:43

I’m afraid I’ve specialized too much for the job market: I work with the very best and brightest (that’s not just @Joyent). 10/9/12 15:58

RT @DrJenGunter: What God says kill chikdren? -> Girl who spoke out against Taliban shot 10/9/12 16:00

@drjengunter The famous “god of peace”, of course. (said she in bitterness and rage) 10/9/12 16:01

“federal budget deficit for the year was about $1.1 trillion, approximately $200 billion lower than 2011” 10/9/12 16:01

RT @RobIsIT: @KhuramMalik Local install of SmartOS. Whitebox server with (32 GB of RAM) and a 2U case so that I can move it in to my dat … 10/9/12 16:17

RT @karolinaszczur: Got some #smartos and #dtrace swag! 10/9/12 23:03

RT @TriangleDevOps: Expand your horizons and learn about Illumos at this months meetup: 10/9/12 23:03

Last night of a too-brief visit to Calgary, where I have friends both “ancient” and recent. I think I’ll be back… 10/9/12 23:04

“America’s stockmarket has gained more under Democratic than Republican presidents” – The Economist 10/10/12 0:03

“Atheists tend to be registered Democrats, could become as important to Democrats as evangelicals are to Republicans” 10/10/12 3:13

RT @planetpostgres: Josh Berkus: Postgres SMF Permissions on Joyent SmartOS 10/10/12 3:19

@philiph @bdha That’s why I never had a proper bed as a kid – always fell out of it. Mattress on the floor was safer. 10/10/12 3:43

RT @arclight: If your god is so frail, you need to defend him from cartoons, pineapples, & teenage girls, maybe you need a stronger … 10/10/12 4:00

RT @umairh: America has a lot going for it. But it doesn’t have a God-given monopoly on the future, and it might be time to accept that … 10/10/12 12:47

On a plane. Tired. 10/10/12 12:57

RT @govindajeggy: There’s a word that can be used to describe people who know precisely fuck-all. It’s Romney-scient 10/10/12 12:58

Flying with baby? Give her something to swallow during descent – clears ears, screaming alleviated. 10/10/12 13:04

RT @jperkin: New blog post, pkgsrc-2012Q3 binary packages for illumos and SmartOS now available: 10/10/12 15:47

Dear fellow Americans: you might be overdoing this Halloween thing just a tiny bit… 10/10/12 15:49

@bobthomson70 yes, I just writhe. Your kid’s in pain! Too far away this time to tell them (but not to hear the poor baby). 10/10/12 15:52

Awake since 3am (2am PT). Word to the wise: do not cross me today. It won’t end well. May be better not even to speak to me. 10/10/12 16:06

One of the Chris Andersons, Wired or TED, needs to change his name. Trademark fail. 10/10/12 16:39

@DrJenGunter yes, at least trimming the ends. 10/10/12 16:44

@angelcamacho not sure just a suck will do it but,yes, breasts work for the purpose! But so does a sports water bottle. 10/10/12 16:44

@izs 10/10/12 16:47

RT @umairh: Can we please fucking deal with the murderous, cowardly, barbaric “religious” extremists of the world already? 10/10/12 18:54

@andiamo …until they need jobs. Seen the youth unemployment figures for Italy lately? 10/10/12 21:20

.@briankrebs @BrendanEich ever been poor, female, or uninsured? Put yourselves in our shoes. There’s a HELL of a difference. 10/10/12 22:38

Funny how all the people I see saying “There’s No difference between the candidates” are… White. Male. Relatively well off (AFAIK). 10/11/12 2:32

RT @RichmondDoc: .@MittRomney claims he doesn’t have an agenda to target women’s reproductive choice. Don’t believe him–believe this: … 10/11/12 2:37

6 years ago I wrote about the betrayed trust of children 10/11/12 4:08

11 years ago I wrote “Now, It’s Personal” 10/11/12 13:46

RT @dysinger: $442 #SmartOS box ditch your laptop-melting vagrant/virtualbox/vmware ! 10/11/12 14:46

RT @ElizabethKeeler: Hello node.js world…see you @nodedublin! #letspartylikeits1999 10/11/12 15:11

RT @trochej: Did you know? #OpenIndiana 151a7 was released. Installed, works. #illumos 10/11/12 15:11

According to author, this is a finished project: GSoC Wpa-Enterprise for #illumOS 10/11/12 15:12

Awaiting final edits on illumos/ZFS Day videos? Sorry for the delay. Got through my own event, immediately got another one dropped on me. 10/11/12 15:12

We’ll have a few seats available for illumos/SmartOS Internals Oct 29-30 & Nov 1-2 in SF with Max Bruning signups soon! 10/11/12 15:25

11 years ago I jotted Some Thoughts on Extremism 10/11/12 15:37

@craigmorgan Hey, what is going on in your life besides sunsets? Was sorry not to see you at illumos/ZFS Days! 10/11/12 15:46

Dear @economist: in past elections I have often agreed with you and valued your analysis. This time, you’re looking biased. What gives? 10/11/12 17:38

been an @economist subscriber for ~15, and have always respected its viewpoint even when I did not agree. Sad to find it less useful. 10/11/12 18:33

. @economist “Intelligent Life”, while gorgeous and a good read, shows where their bread is buttered: by the extremely wealthy. 10/11/12 18:37

Adam Leventhal’s blog » illumos hackathon 2012: user-land types for DTrace 10/11/12 18:39

SmartOS News: Oct 11, 2012 – 10/11/12 21:38

SmartOS / illumos Internals w Max Bruning – Thur-Fri Oct 25-26; Mon-Tue Oct 29-30 in San Francisco. Seats VERY limited. 10/11/12 21:41

This should be fun! 10/11/12 21:44

@khushil why argh? We are looking to run one in London… 10/11/12 22:28

Really Twitter, a promoted tweet from the guy who bought most of his followers? 10/11/12 23:27

RT @chadmitch: I’m former #Sun emp I like #Solaris and I just found SmartOS, I think I may have found heaven. Watching video from the il … 10/12/12 0:18

@chadmitch Welcome home. 😉 10/12/12 0:55

Oh, so Romney likes giving… when he personally chooses the recipient and decides they’re “worthy”. 10/12/12 0:55

Tax cuts for the wealthy helps the middle class,,, how, exactly? 10/12/12 1:28

RT @ebertchicago: Will Romney pay all of our medical bils out of his own pocket? One anecdote does not save Health Care. #vpdebate 10/12/12 1:32

@shreeyasinha Ok, but for what reason? Maybe because Congress has been doing everything it can to make further investment impossible? 10/12/12 1:36

“Don’t change benefits for those >55 – they’re a big voting bloc. We’ll just screw everyone younger than that…” 10/12/12 1:38

RT @debcha: I would like to hear *either* party say, “The economy will take time to recover. Let’s strengthen the social safety net so n … 10/12/12 1:39

RT @wilw: Lloyd Bentsen is getting a check from Biden in the morning. 10/12/12 1:41

I thought RR were supposed to be good at money and math? 10/12/12 1:54

RT @glennbeck: “Biden is an absolute bully” – Now there’s the pot calling the kettle black. 10/12/12 1:56

Dear America: please grow up. Faith has no place in public life, politics, or law. Pandering to this is dangerous – look at our attackers! 10/12/12 2:01

RT @dangillmor: Still baffling that Ryan, who voted for every budget-busting Bush program, claims to be deficit hawk now. Huh? 10/12/12 2:16

@mentalexotica judging by the centuries-long popularity of ghazals, and that many Bollywood lyricists appear to be Muslim, I hope not! 10/12/12 5:07

@khushil There for which? 10/12/12 5:31

@khushil We don’thave internals on the calendar in Europe yet, but not November I think. 10/12/12 16:00

I’m not a Christian, but I studied the Bible in school and have heard a lot about it from believers…. 10/12/12 16:01

…so where exactly did Jesus say: “Screw the poor, they deserve it!” – the attitude I see from many Americans who claim to be Christian. 10/12/12 16:19

“Being poor and uninsured limits your choices far more than a national health system does.” 10/12/12 16:20

Dang, I really want to see this… 10/12/12 16:35

“where is the efficiency in a system that neglects routine physicals & preventive care, then pays $550,000 in bills?” 10/12/12 18:57

@globalniche thanks! 10/12/12 19:06

RT @ReddQian: “@smithatlanta: Nice little blog post on my favorite stack at the moment.” rt@ReddQian 10/12/12 19:06

.@hemantmehta @SamHarrisOrg – Connie Wilis pretty well covered this in fiction years ago, read her lovely “Passages”. 10/12/12 21:30

RT @dkastner: Trying out SmartOS for my new dev PC 10/12/12 21:36

“He’s a good man, and they’re not like buses – there won’t be another one along in ten minutes!” 10/13/12 1:09

@dkastner Would love more on that when you can – blog post? Wiki page? 10/13/12 16:08

RT @chadmitch: I love that #SmartOS does not waste disks for OS. Get rid of bloat and have bullet proof foundation! 10/13/12 16:09

RT @chadmitch: Brainstorm: SmartOS as a honeypot base. zfs snap/rollback send to another for malware analysis. 😉 10/13/12 16:09

Wasn’t planning to, but woke up early enough for leisurely coffee before yoga. So I guess I’d better do the yoga after all… 10/13/12 16:09

“sometimes eating the first marshmallow is actually the more rational approach” 10/13/12 16:10

During #OOW last year, I posted a photo in need of a caption… 10/13/12 16:23

Ditched yoga in favor of catching up on social media. So I can be in a roomful of sweaty people virtually instead of really. 10/13/12 16:37

~2 years ago I wrote about being a stranger in my homeland: 10/13/12 16:44

@deirdresm Oh, thanks! I’ll drink more coffee for you. 😉 10/13/12 16:46

And… here’s a collection of info (from me) on some lesser-known places to visit in Italy: 10/13/12 16:49

~2 years ago I translated a bunch of Italian songs, here’s one: 10/13/12 16:50

3 years ago I got to attend #ghc, this video interview about community happened: 10/13/12 16:51

…I also talked about video 10/13/12 17:06

3 years ago at #ghc I also wrote about the Open Source Community Development Panel #ghc09 10/13/12 17:06

4 years ago I was baffled by Americans’ Phobia of Socialized Medicine (still am) 10/13/12 17:07

4 years ago I was On the Phone for Obama – and wrote about why. And some of the reactions I got. 10/13/12 17:12

RT @MacDiva: If you’re an engineering student and a woman, @Square wants you to join its first-ever Code Camp: 10/13/12 17:14

“Theoretically, Objectivists should be great in bed.” 10/13/12 17:18

“You hear her voice everywhere, taking the chair, she’s a leading lady…” 10/13/12 18:11

A largish young woman (not a girl) wearing. tinkerbell hoodie. Umm.. 10/13/12 19:16

When you can’t win by democratic process OR money, resort to violence: Shot fired at Obama’s Denver campaign office 10/13/12 19:17

RT @Calestous: #Malala: “The #terrorists showed what frightens them most: A #girl with a book.” — Ban Ki-moon #Taliban #extremism 10/13/12 19:27

Would it freak people out if I started singing on the Bart? Probably not. This is San Francisco. 10/13/12 19:27

RT @konobi: at #nodedublin this week. If you want to talk nodejs, smartos, smartdatacenter, systems eng. or tech, ping me. time getting … 10/13/12 19:30

I get to do THIS tomorrow! 10/14/12 5:00

@KristinaRibali uh huh. Because being a law professor at Chicago is sooooo easy. Sheesh, people. Grow up. 10/14/12 5:20

Oh look, I found another conservative to pick a fight with. Let’s see if this one knows how to argue a point without changing the subject. 10/14/12 5:43

” in America today it is harder to escape the social class of your birth than it is in Europe” 10/14/12 5:45

RT @khushil: @DeirdreS @benr Anyone running Illumos/SmartOS on #opencompute hardware as yet? Looking very hard at this atm. 10/14/12 14:10

@bdha Oh, I have other hobbies, much healthier ones… 10/14/12 14:11

@stevengharris you are making a value judgement that fog isn’t part of a best climate. 😉 10/14/12 14:12

2 years ago I was going through a sinus ordeal… 10/14/12 15:40

A little girl on the street looked at me, blinked, and mouthed “Wow.” a middle-aged woman out walking her dog said “You’re really dressed!” 10/14/12 17:08

@krucoff zero, most of us are already living it live 10/14/12 18:22

Oh very THIS: Marketing is Dead HT @SFoskett 10/14/12 18:47

Hats! 10/14/12 18:47

How is it that I always end up at events that are mostly men? Umm. 10/14/12 19:42

Ross – a fellow alum of yours… Walnut Hill 10/14/12 19:50

Sitting at brunch with social media activist @JoeMyGod, who is being honored by the @SFGMC. Yes, I love San Francisco. 10/14/12 20:19

Clarification: today’s event is a fundraiser for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. Hence shortage – but by no means absence – of women. 10/14/12 20:53

@angelcamacho I’m not getting much attention in this crowd! 10/14/12 21:00

Watching a rising star move a room to tears. 10/14/12 21:06

You see, this is the America I love: the country which is grand and inclusive and has a place for everyone. @SFGMC 10/14/12 21:12

Andrew Lippa performs the first movement of his forthcoming “I am Harvey Milk”. 10/14/12 21:21

so I won some stuff in the silent auction, like tix to see Judy Collins with the SF Symphony. Woot! 10/14/12 21:30

.@Fakedansavage being “a big weepy bitch” at @sfgmc Crescendo 10/14/12 22:44

RT @markburgess_osl: Implemented SmartOS support and tested in Joyent cloud — smartos class/zone detection and pkgin package manager de … 10/14/12 22:56

“there’s no question that lack of insurance is responsible for tens of thousands of excess deaths of Americans” 10/14/12 23:42

RT @steveklabnik: Great post, @izs 10/15/12 1:36

RT @xeni: You can have health insurance in America and still be totally fucked. Insurance is not the same thing as healthcare. #insuran … 10/15/12 1:41

My various online um debates have made me think (more) about what I believe and why. Now just need to find the time to write. 10/15/12 1:47

This presumably official definition of “marketing” is an example of marketing at its very worst: 10/15/12 1:51

Beginning to wonder if I’ll ever fit into this country. Or if I want to. 10/15/12 1:54

@esignoretti tell me about it! <wry smile> 10/15/12 3:55

@esignoretti oh, nice! Which spa? 10/15/12 4:59

@esignoretti my fave so far is Bormio 10/15/12 5:56

One lively panel shaping up for tomorrow’s video conference – problem may be to get them to STOP talking. 10/15/12 5:56

RT @bensummers: I can’t believe I’m now running a conference for people called Ben. 10/15/12 14:28

@bensummers what leaps to my (admittedly strange) mind: “Benjamin, you nasty youth, your crime has shocked me to the core…” 10/15/12 14:41

RT @mrbruning: And next week, my favorite thing to do for work – teaching SmartOS Internals. in SF. 10/15/12 14:42

RT @JoeMyGod: New From JMG: ITALY: Catholic Church To Be Stripped Of Property Tax Exemptions: Beginning next year the Catholic… http:/ … 10/15/12 14:43

RT @wonderlandblog: Really, really tickled by the tech conference for people called Ben: . 10/15/12 14:43

@bensummers wish we could send @benr Rockwood, but I don’t think the budget will stretch to it… 10/15/12 15:10

RT @mrbruning: This week I’ll be at NodeDublin talking DTrace and NodeJS. Looking forward to it – See you there. # … 10/15/12 15:11

RT @TriangleDevOps: Meetup is happening this Wed. @WebAssign, 7pm. Learn why you should pay attention to Illumos. 10/15/12 16:15

RT @joshtpm: Looking like a Romney victory cld mean Medicare abolished & replace by vouchers by next Spring via … 10/15/12 16:15

RT @meinardi: Next week I’ll be at @NodeDublin with @izs @mrbruning @konobi to talk #NodeJS #SmartOS #DTrace #mdb #SmartDataCenter and @ … 10/15/12 16:17

Ironically, if Romney is elected, even I may pay a bit less in taxes. No consolation while watching the things I value in the US crumble. 10/15/12 16:26

2 years ago @brendangregg presented at #oow on How to Build Better Applications with DTrace 10/15/12 16:33

Perhaps profoundest thing @fakedansavage said yesterday: “With YouTube etc we no longer need permission to speak to youth.” Or anyone else. 10/15/12 17:09

Register now! illumos / SmartOS and DTrace Training from Joyent 10/15/12 17:46

RT @red_square: Still looking for a server admin, cloud based win/ubuntu/smartos machines. Holla if you know anybody, 3yrs exp+ #manches … 10/15/12 19:11

@zee Some or many of those things can be done with kids, FYI. Many of them were done with me as a kid. 10/15/12 20:37

“Lying for the Lord refers lying to protect the Mormon religion, a practice which Mormonism itself fosters” 10/15/12 20:58

illumos / ZFS Days pages updated with most speaker slide decks, UStream videos already there. Final vids to come. 10/15/12 21:30

RT @KellyOSullivan: SNL nails it again. “If men could get pregnant…” 10/15/12 21:56

@timoreilly …managing it rather badly, I fear. 10/15/12 21:57

Adding new video stream production skills to my personal toolkit. Wednesday’s event will look great, for this and other reasons. 10/15/12 22:23

@cote Too late to switch? 10/15/12 23:02

The Taliban fail to understand their name was already worse than mud worldwide. Killing journalists will not help. 10/15/12 23:18

RT @blueben: @steakknifesteak @deirdres SmartOS makes me wish hardware developers would build small redundant SSDs in all my machines fo … 10/16/12 0:29

RT @hypatiadotca: Yup, this. RT @eassumption: Why “meritocracy” is a joke: 10/16/12 1:00

@jcbackus that’s not silly, actually. In Italy our daughter’s homework was such that a Yale PhD in math and an MBA were hard pressed to help 10/16/12 3:47

.@planspark good chance you’ll run into some of my @joyent colleagues there 10/16/12 3:50

7 years ago I photographed and filmed Villa Monastero: Varenna, Lake Como 10/16/12 5:42

Years ago I pondered: “Can a country have an inferiority complex?” 10/16/12 14:46

@jcbackus Here’s some of our experience of homework in Italy: 10/16/12 15:46

@jcbackus It’s hard for a kid with uneducated parents to keep up; without good teacher support, they’ll do poorly. So, yes, that’s unfair. 10/16/12 16:22

RT @dan_joyentcloud: Joyent and 10gen Strengthen Partnership Around MongoDB and SmartOS 10/16/12 16:23

@krobertson Have fun, let us know if we can help! 10/16/12 16:24

Tomorrow! a live online video conference, including @bcantrill on nodestack Foundation = SmartOS: 10/16/12 18:54

For those who want news about SmartOS and related tech, but aren’t interested in my personal stuff – or opinions 😉 10/16/12 21:03

@jcbackus Please read my article. I don’t know that banning is the answer, but it can be true that same kids/parents are at a disadvantage. 10/16/12 21:05

@jcbackus My point exactly: those services COST MONEY. So, again, poor families lose out. 10/16/12 21:38

“What lies behind these widening gaps? A big reason, particularly in the bottom half, is education…” 10/16/12 22:06

@jcbackus So… we just write off all the kids who don’t have educated parents who have lots of time to be involved? 10/16/12 22:09

@jcbackus Similarly, while it’s ideal to have parents who can feed their kids, fact is: school breakfast helps underfed kids study better. 10/16/12 23:17

One lively panel shaping up for tomorrow’s video conference – problem may be to get them to STOP talking. 10/16/12 23:19

We’re in a new era of candor where technologies are being very open about where they are and are not appropriate. @BCantrill at #nodestack 10/16/12 23:48

RT @steakknifesteak: SmartOS is way, way ahead of its time. Basically all the changes that need to stick in a modern enterprise OS sans … 10/16/12 23:48

Developers have very good bullshit detectors. Ben Wen of Mongo #nodestack 10/17/12 2:28

The node community embraces the “right tool for the job” mentality. Aaron Heckmann #nodestack 10/17/12 2:29

RT @russellmadsen: all of a sudden… #nodestack fro < damn, and we worked so hard to avoid that halo effect! 10/17/12 2:35

Getting away from “six months to first feature”. #nodestack 10/17/12 2:36

Techologies become disruptive because people play with them outside of their day jobs. #nodestack 10/17/12 2:40

The node community is good at quantifying, proving the case that your cool shit is solving a real problem – better faster cheaper #nodestack 10/17/12 2:41

Nice collection of coffee mugs… #nodestack 10/17/12 2:41

RT @lusis: I figure most software vendors have about a 1-3 yr window before they get disintermediated by opensource if they’re poor ecos … 10/17/12 2:41

We’re hearing over and over again the importance of community and openness. #nodestack 10/17/12 2:46

…but at what point do you need enterprise support? #nodestack 10/17/12 2:47

@gdonelli We’ll look into making those mugs available for online order. 10/17/12 2:52

@databigot Yes, we may need a bit of time to do some nicer video editing than what I’ve been able to do on the fly. 10/17/12 3:07

Last change for #nodestack questions! Use the hashtag 10/17/12 3:13

“If you love something, open source it.” #nodestack 10/17/12 3:26

Recording of #nodestack will be available IF YOU REGISTER. You can still do that now at 10/17/12 3:54

@pborenstein Thanks. Glad we all survived it! 10/17/12 3:55

@timfoster I think so. So far my friends & family put up with tech better than the techies put up with my politics. 😉 10/17/12 3:58

@sbraswe1 Sorry about that, here it is: 10/17/12 4:44

@timfoster can do. It’s all me,for the foreseeable future. 10/17/12 4:55

@ErebusBat aww, thanks. I guess this is how I’ll find out who my real friends are. 😉 10/17/12 13:54

@philiph glass, water 10/17/12 13:55

RT @robinbloor: The mantis shrimp has an extending claw that can punch a hole through a glass jar. #odd facts 10/17/12 14:02

@danielelepido smau persiste ?!? 10/17/12 14:03

3 years ago I posted a video on Videoblogging Tips: Getting Good Sound at a Conference 10/17/12 14:07

@bassdread Welcome back! 10/17/12 14:17 – Gah! Religion! 10/17/12 15:07

RT @bassdread: I have been away from Solaris for so long I just found out Brendan Gregg works at joyent and I have DTrace on my Mac 10/17/12 15:09

@joelhousman It’s the difference between stupid and evil. 10/17/12 15:10

Today’s event will be live-tweeted @joyent – I’ll be too busy producing. Probably. Starting at 9am PT! 10/17/12 15:11

Live in 5. Or less. 10/17/12 15:48

1 year ago I filmed twilight at Humayun’s tomb in Delhi 10/17/12 15:56

Time for the #nodestack panel! 10/17/12 16:21

Why run your business on #nodestack? Our panelists respond. 10/17/12 18:23

.@bcantrill: Being an open source company is the cheapest way to advertise. #nodestack 10/17/12 18:26

Evolution in tech marketing: developer focus. #nodestack. Hear, hear! 10/17/12 18:31

It’s all about iteration and flexibility. #nodestack 10/17/12 18:37

Got questions for our panel? tweet with #nodestack 10/17/12 18:38

So… how are y’all liking this online conference format? #nodestack 10/17/12 18:41

What are the risks vs advantages in moving to these newer technologies? #nodestack 10/17/12 18:45

Wondering how you can learn some of these #nodestack technologies? Well, we do offer training… 10/17/12 18:47

@beaker We call it double-hulled security. 😉 10/17/12 18:48

@wintermi Next step is to find a graceful way to include speakers worldwide! 10/17/12 18:52

@heinz_gies marketing 10/17/12 18:54

oooohhhh fuck. Let’s start the Romney presidency with a nice trade war. That’ll be so cool! 10/17/12 18:58

I’ve only been watching this for 5 minutes, and I already know I’m going to have a lot more fun with my herd of geeks tomorrow. 10/17/12 18:59


How do folks in Massachusetts feel about all this “my state” stuff? 10/17/12 19:02

RT @deirdresm: RT @malindalo: You can add “except for gay people” to everything Romney says. 10/17/12 19:04

Rare moments of truth at #Debate2012 10/17/12 19:06

RT @GoAngelo: 9PM Romney brags that he’ll create 12M jobs. // 10:30PM Romney exclaims “Government does not create jobs! Gov’t does not c … 10/17/12 19:08

Right, now I need a good stiff drink… 10/17/12 19:13

@hridaybala Well, we do have an office in Vancouver already. 10/17/12 19:21

@richlowe I have a very hard job to do tomorrow, so, sadly, can only have one… 10/17/12 19:27

I just donated (again) to 10/17/12 19:28

Reminder: for those who want “just the technology, ma’am” from me, just set up @joyentsmartos …but I’ll still put tech stuff here I think 10/17/12 19:36

So we’re now 12 hours away from the most ambitious video event I’ve yet been involved in (and wasn’t supposed to be quite so busy with). 10/17/12 19:39

Now that I’ve broken 1800 followers is when I decide to split my traffic and try to manage two streams… Dang, there goes my Klout score! 10/17/12 19:41

Our own @mrbruning will be speaking at this Friday on DTrace with a node.js example. 10/17/12 19:42

@hridaybala I cannot be bound. 😉 10/17/12 19:51

RT @brendangregg: the future! an online conference tomorrow, nodestack: #nodejs #smartos. online = no TSA 🙂 10/17/12 20:27

“Romney didn’t know any qualified women, or where to find any qualified women. So what does that say?” 10/17/12 20:28

RT @michaelroston: Launching a new app tomorrow: Bindr tells you if there are any qualified women nearby to hire for job openings at you … 10/17/12 20:44

And that concludes two extremely hectic weeks for me. Tomorrow I’m going to… not work. 10/17/12 20:59

@khushil Thanks! Glad you liked it. Looks like this will be a model for future events. 10/17/12 21:16

For those who can’t get enough node.js and SmartOS, there will be a number of Joyeurs at 10/17/12 21:19

Right, who wants to go to the beach tomorrow? 10/17/12 21:25

RT @umairh: Those of you saying “discussing politics is offensive”, please explain to an idiot like me why. I’d say it’s “necessary”. 10/17/12 21:27

RT @umairh: OK, but not anywhere else I’ve been. RT @TuckerMattR: @umairh People find those with different fundamental beliefs to be off … 10/17/12 22:31

RT @MMFlint: George McGovern, the last true left/liberal Democrat & anti-war candidate 2 run for President, is on life support tonig … 10/17/12 22:33

.@MMFlint my earliest political memory is of my dad campaigning for McGovern. Dad died last year. Sigh. 10/17/12 22:34

.@jebyler @umairh it’s possible to have different political and religious opinions from your friends, as long as you still have respect 10/17/12 22:35

RT @Livermore_Lab: Dear Maryland Voters: You may want to check your online registration. via @WashingtonPost 10/17/12 22:36

“live a lie, and you will live to regret it.” Jimmy Buffett 10/17/12 22:38

On my way to work. Way way WAY too early. 10/17/12 22:41

@heinz_gies I know. 10/18/12 0:57

@heinz_gies …but this event did cost quite a lot to produce, and marketing needs to show some return for that… 10/18/12 2:25

Well, Nuno wins the quotable quote of #nodestack with “If you love something, open source it.” 10/18/12 2:26

@heinz_gies Thanks. I suspect after some time all will be freely available – seems to be the model that eg O’Reilly are following. 10/18/12 2:39

RT @othiym23: watching @bcantrill’s presentation was like drinking rocket fuel. Nobody smoke around me for a while, please. #nodestack 10/18/12 2:45

So today I added live video production skills to my repertoire, and finally figured out how to show live software demos well with UStream. 10/18/12 2:48

“Some at the top remain sceptical inequality is a problem, but if it continues to rise momentum for change will build” 10/18/12 2:52

@jmclulow It did, indeed. 10/18/12 2:59

.@nickkristof I am sick and stunned at the heartlessness of some of your readers. My condolences to you and Scott’s other friends. 10/18/12 3:00

“Because stuff actually does happen, and you really do have to deal with it.” – thank you, @maddow! 10/18/12 3:30

@hudsonette So… what’s good on Broadway in the next month? 10/18/12 5:30

3 years ago I posted a video on Videoblogging Tips: Camera Motion 10/18/12 5:50

4 years ago I filmed people talking about “Why I’m Volunteering for Obama” 10/18/12 13:16

@hirojin There are some svgs in this collection: 10/18/12 14:26

@jebyler I try to respect the people. By no means do I always respect the views, political or religious.And where they impinge on others… 10/18/12 15:51

“The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today the [DOMA] definition of marriage is unconstitutional.” 10/18/12 15:52

RT @ahl: at the illumos hackathon @rmustacc and I improved DTrace for user-land; blog post on that and what’s next 10/18/12 17:07

RT @meinardi: #DTrace again at #ndoedublin! Even more details and examples tomorrow at 10AM by @mrbruning on how to debug #nodejs apps 10/18/12 17:16

Thanks @jaredmontz for the great pics and account of #nodestack! 10/18/12 17:16

RT @indecision: Comedy Central’s advice to the candidates for winning the millennial vote: 10/18/12 17:40

FYI: taking the day mostly off! 10/18/12 19:27

3 years ago I filmed Christoph Schuba on Protecting Oracle Applications with Built-In Solaris Security Features 10/18/12 19:28

@umairh Exactly. He doesn’t look happy or convinced about what’s coming out of his mouth. He seems to be a good man masquerading as a nutjob 10/19/12 1:41

@umairh Very sad. He had principles once, I suspect, but has let ambition override all else. 10/19/12 1:50

This time of year, when the rest of the US is starting to feel winter coming on, SF has these amazing perfect days… 10/19/12 1:59

Umm… YouTube, this is weird. Why did you re-post several of my old videos to my account today? 10/19/12 2:06

“What is it about this country that is making me angry?” Good question, many answers… 10/19/12 2:17

I don’t need to hear from any self-styled “community experts”; I can just listen to @izs: 10/19/12 2:38

@acdha No, those were never on Google video, or at least I didn’t see them there when I looked months ago. 10/19/12 3:21

@waxpancake Aaaaggghhh. It was still his choice to DO that stuff. Not going to give him the thrill of watching. 10/19/12 3:41

Thought starting a separate @joyentsmartos account would cannibalize my @deirdres following, but – no. Is it time for my Sally Field moment? 10/19/12 3:45

RT @RichmondDoc: Scouts ‘perversion files’ opened — years of protecting abuse, but gay scouts are somehow a moral risk? … 10/19/12 3:59

@jonasthaler The hat thing would be fun, but not likely without more faith in hats than I am capable of. 10/19/12 4:21

@rbreich I hope (1) is in the bag, very worried about whether (2) is possible. Suggestions? Plans? 10/19/12 4:23

@postwait Thanks for getting these out so quickly! 10/19/12 4:25

“a handful of yachts become ocean liners while the rest remain lowly canoes” 10/19/12 5:35

Feeling a bit… bruised. 10/19/12 5:52

3 years ago I posted a video on Videoblogging Tips: Filming Engineers 10/19/12 13:16

@alecmuffett Sounds like something we’d love to hear more about. Maybe @chrisridd can invite him to present at LOSUG? And videostream it? 10/19/12 14:16

@scottishwildcat @darrenmoffat @timfoster they used to make a separator tool, don’t they anymore? 10/19/12 16:08

@umairh since Reagan, yes. One of his speenhwriters also voiced Boris the the Bullwinkle cartoons. 10/19/12 17:54

RT @NodeJsCommunity: We’re hiring! Looking for an awesome node.js developer to work with our kickass team: http://t … 10/19/12 17:55

RT @heinz_gies: We’re thinking about giving a free webinar about #ProjectFiFo a open source #smartOS management suite: 10/19/12 20:02

@sfgmc Loved it! 10/19/12 20:03

“The president has earned a second term. Romney, in whatever guise, does not deserve a first.” HT @JoeMyGod 10/19/12 20:03

RT @cianclarke: Dtrace with unicorns! #nodejsdublin 10/19/12 20:42

SmartOS News Oct 19, 2012 10/19/12 20:44

It’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you… t 10/19/12 21:24

RT @andiamo: I don’t think turning kids into door-to-door salespeople hawking cookie dough is really the best way to sustainably fund sc … 10/20/12 0:46

@jwadams_sf just a bit… 😉 10/20/12 0:46

@nonstick I always wondered about the subtext of those. “drive nice, don’t wipe out my next generation”? 10/20/12 0:51

Just added a new name to my list of famous TCKs – can you spot it? (or add more) 10/20/12 0:51

@timfoster the one I’m thinking of was in a set my ex had when he was a kid, and didn’t look like a crowbar in any way 10/20/12 2:22

“the harm to women’s reproductive rights would extend far beyond the borders of the United States.” 10/20/12 16:03

Life’s little mysteries… 10/20/12 16:16

“political action is the collective expression of some primal biological motives: those of survival and procreation.” 10/20/12 16:25

@mentalexotica Well that just took all the fun out of it! 10/20/12 17:02

@benr Training them already? I approve! 10/21/12 5:28

“Just because he was born here doesn’t mean he thinks like us.” – That is /exactly/ what bugs most Americans. 10/21/12 5:33

@mentalexotica Heh. By now I “know” you well enough not to believe you meant any of that seriously. 10/21/12 5:37

…because: “when people realize you don’t share all their habits, they suspect you don’t share their values either.” 10/21/12 5:41

RT @ArcticLab_org: #vmsend simplifies the transfer of #SmartOS zones between physical machines (vmadm) #illumos @ … 10/21/12 5:45

RT @unbuffered: I dream of a web-server with linux-level of friendliness but SmartOS vertical cpu/ram resizing and a dtraced nginx/php/m … 10/21/12 16:28

RT @brendangregg: @littleidea @normanmaurer There pretty much is an online DTrace course already, chaps1-10 of: 10/21/12 16:29

RT @adrianco: Dilbert’s definition of Cloudwashing, as the term moves beyond the clouderati to baffled Sunday comic page readers http:// … 10/21/12 16:30

“Across the board, men with better relationships are more successful.” 10/21/12 16:38

Raising kids: an experiment where you can’t control or even know many of the variables, and won’t know the outcome for decades. 10/21/12 16:58

Some of the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten… and I’ve eaten a LOT of chocolate! @PocoDolceSF 10/21/12 18:01

@franklmoralesii @normanmaurer There’s a lot more info here: 10/21/12 20:32

@franklmoralesii If you’re around NYC in late November, Brendan will be doing training. And in SF soonish (date TBD). 10/21/12 20:35

So I’ll be in NYC for a big birthday in late November. What should I see on Broadway? (BoM tix still too expensive, I expect.) 10/21/12 22:16

@khushil 10/21/12 22:19

@bubbva found that if you can’t select a seat during checkin because all the ones left are Premium, they have to seat you somewhere, so… 10/21/12 22:38

“THE EVIDENCE continues to mount about the implausibility of Mitt Romney’s pick-a-number-any-number tax plan. ” 10/22/12 1:52

“women also take more liberal stances than men on social issues ranging from same-sex marriage to gun control” 10/22/12 1:52

“while toxic stress or unsupportive parenting damages prefrontal cortex in infancy, this damage can often be undone” 10/22/12 2:00

RT @rohanpinto: Pirate Bay switches to ghost mode, moves servers to cloud < a technically interesting solution? 10/22/12 4:08

1. There are too many idiots with guns. 2. What kind of idiot shoots a skunk anyway? 10/22/12 4:31

RT @KellyOSullivan: the lesson here is “WOMEN NEED TO GET OUT THE VOTE” (sorry for the shouty part) 10/22/12 4:53

“The Romney-Ryan ticket represents a constricted, backward-looking vision of America: privatization of public good.” 10/22/12 5:30

@benr We always knew it. 😉 10/22/12 5:52

@unbuffered Can you be more specific on what would make it friendlier for you? Blog post, maybe? 10/22/12 15:39

RT @muskrat_john: WOW! Your religion, country, and sports team are the greatest in the world? And you just happened to be born into them … 10/22/12 16:04

RT @PeterKretzman: How often have you seen a sr exec communicate badly/tersely, then get upset that direction wasn’t followed correctly? … 10/22/12 17:41

Write a module to cele … 10/22/12 17:43

@dshaw @substack and the DTrace community thanks you for the awe-inspiring laser ponycorn! 10/22/12 17:43

RT @RBReich: The capital gains rate should be the same as the tax rate on ordinary income, and both should be significantly higher for t … 10/22/12 17:44

RT @RockTheVote: Today is the last day to register to vote in California! Register NOW at and RT to friends. http:/ … 10/22/12 17:46

@umairh All hat and no cattle,as they say in Texas. 😉 10/22/12 17:46

RT @gnat: Honestly people, mankind streamed live pictures from a plummeting crane bot across 225 gigameters of space. You can figure out … 10/22/12 17:52

People have already begun asking what I’m going to do for “the holidays”. The answer is: ignore them. I prefer my own holidays. 10/22/12 18:50

RT @pierreloic: “there are lots of products here being built for white guys in SF and white guys in SF have enough products..” (@ginab) … 10/22/12 18:52

@philiph It’s partly that I hate th mass culture assumption that you’re a failure if you don’t have a standard family to spend holidays with 10/22/12 18:53

Zazzle won’t let me make DTrace pony stickers, claims copyright infringement. Uhh… 10/22/12 22:58

Mitt’s foreign policy, in 5 minutes: 10/22/12 23:45

@shadihamid no doubt. But this debate is for the US audience. Sadly. 10/23/12 1:13

@umairh a great photo op I missed years ago: guy in DC taking a handcart full of cases of Johnny Walker into the Pakistani embassy 10/23/12 1:58

RT @tomcoates: BINDERS FULL OF TEACHERS ON HORSES WITH BAYONETS. #tumult on battleships, don’t forget! 10/23/12 1:58

@anncoulter @giovanni Dude and dudette: you’re grasping at straws. 10/23/12 2:35

Having a G&T. I deserve it for listening to any of that. 10/23/12 2:36

@planspark There’s not time in one debate to mention every country we care about. And it’s not really about them anyway, is it? 10/23/12 2:38

@captbeermerica Good point, but I do have to work tomorrow… 10/23/12 2:39

@planspark Also not the point, sadly. It’s all about sound bites for the US audience. No one actually wants depth. 10/23/12 3:49

RT @BBCBreaking: 6 Italian scientists jailed for 6yrs over misleading statement before 2009 L’Aquila earthquake in which 309 people died … 10/23/12 3:49

Hey, Reddit… 10/23/12 3:52

3 years ago I posted a video on Videoblogging Tips: Dressing for the Camera 10/23/12 5:39

6 years ago I wrote about A Missing Mother 10/23/12 14:16

RT @brendangregg: new blog post: Active Benchmarking 10/23/12 15:46

Right, I’m outta here til this Apple thing is over. Sad that it gets as much or more coverage as a presidential debate. 10/23/12 16:06

Somehow this email subject from Safeway is a bit… questionable: “Deirdre, Get Free Delivery + 8 Bananas” 10/23/12 17:04

Well, that’s more like it… DTrace pony stickers! 10/23/12 18:43

@darkproger Yes, once I get them in – delivery Nov 6th they tell me. Loved your talk, btw! 10/23/12 18:52

@hridaybala Ick! Quite a change from LA! just chatting about you and SCALE just now. 10/23/12 19:25

DevOps Demystified – An introduction to the ideas that are driving DevOps: meetup with @benr at @joyent 10/23/12 19:25

“Maybe you’ll pray, but god isn’t home, and there’s no guarantee that justice be done.” David Byrne – Dirty Old Town 10/23/12 23:13

@shreeyasinha Yes, but you and I have something in common that makes it a lot smaller, IIRC. 10/24/12 0:32

Rec’d this explanation of how ranked-choice voting works in local elections. I want to vote in the sample candidates! 10/24/12 0:44

What kind of sick twisted person believes in such a sick twisted god? Really, somebody in this has huge issues. 10/24/12 2:28

@mitchellh Pincus no doubt thinks of himself as an all-deserving “job creator”. 10/24/12 2:42

“Those who hope for Romney’s victory should pay attention to what he hasn’t said as much as to what he has.” 10/24/12 2:43

@austinyun because @bcantrill said so: (kinda) 10/24/12 4:42

3 years ago I posted us singing an old school song 10/24/12 5:08

7 years ago I wrote about the “high” price of gas in America 10/24/12 13:16

9 years ago I went on a week long Photographic Walking Tour of Rome – 100s of photos, start here: 10/24/12 14:46

RT @jperkin: As it comes up quite often on #smartos IRC, and because I needed it set up myself, quick new blog: setting up Samba http:// … 10/24/12 15:46

RT @timoreilly: Live in IA, OH, NV, NC, WI, CO, or FL? Make sure you vote early! Find out how at 10/24/12 16:07

RT @revskills: bye bye @amazon AWS, Hi @Joyent <3 SmartOS KVM Dtrace Zones ZFS 10/24/12 16:07

RT @KailiJoy: You know what would be a real gift to rape victims? Full access to all the medical care they need. 10/24/12 16:08

@davewiner and not enough brains. Or class. 10/24/12 16:08

RT @StarkInsider: San Francisco: Vertical Dance Company Bandaloop presents ‘Touching Up’ 10/24/12 16:08

“You can have my husband, but please don’t mess with my man” – a classic by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Lou Ann Barton 10/24/12 16:16

RT @ClueApp: The @voxer folks are looking for a stellar Product Design Lead to join their team. 10/24/12 16:17

2 years ago @brendangregg and Jim Mauro filmed an Introduction to the DTrace Book 10/24/12 16:23

…and What’s in the DTrace Book? 10/24/12 17:05

RT @ICS_UTSA: Grand opening for the new Research Data Center many thanks to @joyent @JoyentSmartOS @Rackspace 10/24/12 17:11

@hridaybala email me; we need to talk about Scale 10/24/12 17:15

@jayfallon and he’s abusive. 10/24/12 17:17

@bcantrill Hey! Somebody spent a lot of money to do that! 10/24/12 17:17

Women, it’s time to tell the GOP: You don’t own me. 10/24/12 17:35

@austinyun Have to admit it happened in a fit of silliness when we found General Zoi’s pony creator. Then we learned about bronies… 10/24/12 20:06

@austinyun …and I suspect @bcantrill and @ahl are nonplussed about the whole thing… 10/24/12 20:07

RT @ahl: Delphix 3.0 is out and our illumos-derived OS is up on github 10/24/12 20:09

RT @srsmoot: Our equipment (#smartos) has better uptime than all three big hosts we’ve tried. Or AWS. We should get into the 900% markup … 10/24/12 20:59

Sorry I haven’t been tweeting much – insanely busy – but you can expect a great SmartOS-related video Real Soon Now! 10/24/12 21:56

RT @ActivistAtheist: If rape is something god intended, your god is an asshole. via @MistressOfFrog I agree! 10/24/12 22:28

http:// … 10/24/12 23:07

@dlsspy ignore? 10/24/12 23:09

RT @RichmondDoc: Did you see @mittromney and the #GOP establishment pull their support from Mourdock after his rape comments? No? Beca … 10/24/12 23:10

@RichmondDoc he merely takes “pro choice” to its logical conclusion. 10/24/12 23:11

@joelhousman invited 10/24/12 23:12

@vittoriopasteris Che é successo? 10/24/12 23:17

@dlsspy we had a similar problem briefly with SmartOS (except trolling against). After a while everyone ignored him and he gave up. 10/24/12 23:17

@vittoriopasteris Era ora! 10/24/12 23:20

@shreeyasinha Anyone I know? 😉 10/24/12 23:56

@RichmondDoc oops no! Meant “pro life”. Tweeting while tired. 10/25/12 2:36

“what Mourdock said was not a mistake or a misstatement. It’s what he truly believes.” 10/25/12 2:38

@alanc LOL! 10/25/12 3:34

@joelhousman says it can’t verify your name, now 10/25/12 4:00

@alanc What’s frightening is how far voters will apparently go. I hope that’s all proved wrong in the election. 10/25/12 4:08

@joelhousman I’m deirdres there, same as here. 10/25/12 4:13

@thinguy No, I don’t think anybody’s Hitler, no matter how they vote. I sometimes feel a bit… disappointed, however. 10/25/12 5:22

@tamrmint Oh, right, tis the season why I avoid media even more assiduously, and stop going to stores. 10/25/12 5:24

Gah. The media is hyping the idea that the election could end in a tie. Do they think there’s not enough drama already? 10/25/12 5:28

RT @jperkin: Solaris 7 box I used to admin: “8:37pm up 4860 day(s), 7:08, 1 user, load average: 0.09, 0.11, 0.12”. SmartOS builds on … 10/25/12 14:12

10 years ago I published photos of a then-recent visit to Woodstock School (one of many such visits…) 10/25/12 14:35

Video! SmartOS Operations – Ben Rockwood at illumos Day 10/25/12 15:46

OH: “Working one year at Joyent is like working three years anywhere else.” 10/25/12 15:51

RT @arclight: Replace a FSA with a tax deduction on out-of-pocket medical expenses. No lost money, minimal hoop jumping. Problem: no pro … 10/25/12 16:29

Keeping an eye on @mrbruning’s SmartOS Internals class, just started at @joyent HQ. Interesting classroom dynamics. We’ll be here for 4 days 10/25/12 16:41

“this bill would shame and punish women for being sexual beings while forgetting it takes two to tango” 10/25/12 16:46

@truk77 In what way would you like Solaris (or perhaps its illumos cousins) to be more like Linux? 10/25/12 16:49

Max talking about tools for examining system behavior: mdb, DTrace, proc(1) tools, prstat, *stats… 10/25/12 17:09

3 years ago I reported on a panel at GHC09: Women in the Flat Connected World 10/25/12 17:15

Need to plan for 2013. If there are events you think SmartOS/illumos should be involved in, tell me now! 10/25/12 17:15

Happy 60th birthday, Nancy, wherever you are. 10/25/12 17:43

RT @brendangregg: Great Morgan Stanley presentation on using ZFS and DTrace for a 60x performance win 10/25/12 18:30

RT @dysinger: has #smartos compatible Lenovo ThinkServer for your desktop @ $462 (this time wi … 10/25/12 18:49

Former Israeli Intel Chief On Iran: Romney ‘Destroying Any Chance Of A Resolution Without War’ 10/25/12 19:16

RT @kristengwynne: Tina Fey: “if I have to listen to one more gray-faced man with a two-dollar haircut explain to me what rape is…” ht … 10/25/12 19:20

RT @HumanityCritic: Steve Benen: Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck, and Reince Priebus walk into a fundraiser… – 10/25/12 20:21

RT @bdha: ZFS saves the day again! 10/25/12 20:24

Realized I’d been overlooking comments on my YouTube videos. One response to a @brendangregg visualization talk: “im 12 what is this” 10/25/12 21:31

RT @mikeal: if people think it’s so cool to be a dick on the internet i’d like to see them put “banned for trolling” on their resume. 10/25/12 21:41

” It is the worst form of trickle-down bullying, and it absolutely splits my heart in half.” 10/25/12 21:52

Not liking this at all… 10/25/12 23:48

“When you’re a young, precocious introvert, it’s easy to turn those feelings of inferiority around and project them” 10/26/12 0:41

“thank you for supporting my right to control a woman’s life, not just when I’m raping her, but the rest of her life” 10/26/12 1:13

RT @GoAngelo: You thought wrestling back control of our society from extremists and plutocrats wld be easy? Sorry. It’s a constant strug … 10/26/12 1:17

@alecmuffett I think it warns “may trigger memories of your own trauma”- I’ve seen it used on pieces about rape. On this piece, seems odd. 10/26/12 3:59

RT @markhellewell: thinking of trying out a SmartOS install on my spare i5 760 box (far as I can tell it supports EPT). Any feedback? 10/26/12 15:29

The pen just for her… 10/26/12 15:46

@truk77 Fair enough. It’s the simple stuff that trips you in daily use. Maybe we can do something about that. 10/26/12 15:54

“We should not be ashamed of wanting to have non-procreative sex.” 10/26/12 15:56

As to why abortion needs to remain legal: 10/26/12 16:27

@truk77 For our own SmartOS, this may help: 10/26/12 16:30

“Some are offended by frank conversation about sexualized violence. I’m offended by tolerance for these assaults” 10/26/12 16:44

3 years ago I posted video of Max Bruning talking about Porting USB HID Device Drivers Between Linux and OpenSolaris 10/26/12 17:06

@binbash_co_uk That’s what we’re aiming for. What do you think we need to do to make it happen? 10/26/12 17:10

“ICS scholars are researching cloud security and malware defenses Using SmartDataCenter from Joyent and OpenStack from Rackspace”… 10/26/12 17:24

“ICS scholars are researching cloud security and malware defenses Using SmartDataCenter and OpenStack” 10/26/12 18:46

“Romney insisted that his top legal staff individually review the circumstances of every birth to same-sex parents.” 10/26/12 18:55

“look me in the eye and say, ‘My taxes and take-home pay mean more than your fundamental civil rights’ ” 10/26/12 19:22

ROI of what I do is very hard to measure. Has someone bought something as a result of events or videos I’ve done? Over time, probably… 10/26/12 19:30

Collecting Data with DTraceTools 10/26/12 20:18

Advantages of SmartOS and KVM in the Joyent Public Cloud 10/26/12 20:20

SmartOS News: Oct 26, 2012 10/26/12 20:25

@konobi Yes, and we have them, but I’m not sure it works that well with the kind of long-range awareness/evangelism stuff I do. 10/26/12 20:32

@joemygod Hmm, sounds like he has a personal issue with the removal of all the “nice-looking black men” from his purview… 10/26/12 20:32

RT @joyent: #NodeStack Online Conference Recap by @dscape @nodejitsu via @joyent Read to watch! @MongoLab @10gen @Clock 10/26/12 20:34

The #nodestack videos streamed last week and available now at include a vigorous talk by @BCantrill on SmartOS! 10/26/12 21:26

RT @intelcapital: 3 of our companies on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS 2012! Congrats @virtustream @tier3 @joyent #GartnerSy … 10/26/12 21:30

Straughan’s Law: at whatever point you randomly freeze-frame a video, someone will be making a weird face: 10/26/12 21:31

November meetup on The benefits of running Linux and/or SmartOS in a cloud 10/26/12 21:39

@hemantmehta Randy Newman: 10/26/12 21:41

Argh. I HATE these stupid automated robot phone trees. Always end up screaming swearwords at them. 10/26/12 22:19

Why is it that everything that’s supposed to be a “benefit” of being an employee takes a hell of a lot of my personal time to manage? 10/26/12 22:31

RT @littleidea: Hofstadter was an optimist 10/26/12 22:37

@danielelepido beh, se nessuno gli da retta… 10/26/12 22:47

@blueben Try to, without being dicks about it. 10/27/12 0:16

I’m making spaghetti sauce for dinner. That means I don’t have to vacuum, right? 10/27/12 0:42

RT @brendangregg: Using Ubuntu on AWS EC2? Want DTrace? this guy is working on it: github: 10/27/12 0:49

Romney-Ryan’s Real Poverty Plan: Soak the Poor 10/27/12 1:21

Over hipster, irony, & self-involved 20-something “genius” VC-funded fluff. How about using that creative energy and $ to make a DIFFERENCE? 10/27/12 1:39

@counternotions Sigh. Waste of three expensive educations? 10/27/12 2:43

“you don’t get to call yourself “pro-life” and be against common-sense gun control” 10/27/12 3:32

9 years ago: “Finally, we have tits – just like Panorama and L’Espresso!” 10/27/12 15:37 10/27/12 15:46

@hirojin I don’t think it’s good. Bullshit beliefs should be disrespected vigorously! 10/27/12 15:55

@hirojin that voice driven kind where you’re supposed to say yes or no or… Screaming just gets “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that.” 10/27/12 16:46

@hirojin in some other country where private health insurance is less expensive or unnecessary, I’d be self employed already. As it is… 10/27/12 16:48

@heinz_gies I don’t really use recipes. This was ground beef, sausage, canned tomatoes. Onion, garlic, thyme, red & black pepper… 10/27/12 16:49

@heinz_gies would have added red wine and tomato paste, but didn’t have them. 10/27/12 16:51

@khushil Rape and forced childbearing. 10/27/12 16:51

@JoeMyGod maybe GOP will get over idea it can win with only white straight male vote 10/27/12 16:52

RT @nytimes: U.S. to Sponsor Health Insurance Plans Nationwide – potentially very good news! 10/27/12 18:48

Four years ago, Romney published an op-ed in The New York Times saying “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” 10/27/12 21:01

Cool new video on! 10/27/12 22:28

RT @bdha: For Halloween I’m going as a grumpy sysadmin haunting a datacenter. No, wait, the bronchitis only makes me SOUND undead. 10/27/12 22:30

@blueben True, but at some point execs and boards want proof that those enterprises are buying. 10/27/12 23:37

RT @rvagg: Just pushed out levelup@0.2.0 now with solaris/sunos/smartos support. Now usable on @joyent & @nodejitsu /cc @pouchdb 10/28/12 4:43

Having fun with #Letterpress, a sweet new word game for iPhone and iPad! 10/28/12 4:46

RT @rmustacc: Following on the DTrace guide, the MDB guide is now online at: Next up writing device drivers and ne … 10/28/12 6:03

RT @seldo: The problem with San Francisco is that there’s no way to tell if it’s a Halloween costume or just Saturday night. 10/28/12 8:44

RT @scott_to_s: @tomislavcapan Got a response from the man that wrote it! 10/28/12 8:56

“The workplace was built on the assumption that there was somebody at home dealing with the home front,” 10/28/12 16:22

@peterkretzman I’m approaching it a bit like Othello – get the corners, then the sides… 10/28/12 16:32

Maybe it all starts with gender stereotypes in “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “My Little Pony”. 10/28/12 17:12

Never negotiate with terrorists. Or toddlers. 10/28/12 17:48

I hear it’s winter in other parts of the country? Wd really are spoiled in the Bay Area. 10/28/12 19:05

Local parents complaining that store-bought Halloween costumes are made for other parts of the country, hence too warm. #bayareaproblems 10/28/12 19:08

RT @KagroX: My thanks to all the private sector hurricane hunters flying their own homemade C-130s into #Sandy’s core to keep me informe … 10/28/12 19:11

@JPBarlow So what’s the solution? Hope the Republic of Gilead secedes without too much bloodshed? 10/28/12 19:24

This playground has everything a kid could want. Now how about a martini stand for the parents? 10/28/12 19:29

@bartmu 66F and clear blue skies where I live 10/28/12 19:46

Asked R if she’s prepared for the apocalypse. “This is New Tork. There’s always an apocalypse.” 10/28/12 19:48

@kebesays yup 10/28/12 19:49

“It’s his commitment to ungoverned corporate privilege that will nosedive this economy into insolvency and chaos.” 10/28/12 20:55

RT @Mike_Doughty_: “It’s pronounced FRAHNKEN-sterm.” Gene Wilder 10/28/12 21:36

“life chances of a young American more dependent on income & wealth of hs parents than in any other advanced countries” 10/28/12 21:43

So I’m supposed to buy my kid a cute Halloween costume so he can beg other people for candy? How ’bout I just give him the candy? 10/28/12 22:25

Caro Silvio: vaffanculo 10/28/12 22:29

@metadaddy glad someone is still doing costumes the right way! 10/28/12 23:01

I used to make home-made Halloween costumes for my daughter (now she makes her own). 10/29/12 0:32

RT @1coryc2: 4 of 5 Iowa Newspapers that endorsed Romney are owned by Gannet News. Which is owned by Bain Capital. – Learned from Berlusconi 10/29/12 1:11

RT @rmustacc: illumos Writing Device Driver’s guide now online — Bonus: our manual page links actually point to t … 10/29/12 1:13

The community owes @rmustacc something. Maybe a bottle of his favorite expensive tipple. 10/29/12 1:14

R-E-S-P-E-C-T 10/29/12 1:15

RT @TheStalwart: Wow. All these MTA Photos of abandoned NYC transportation hubs are great. 10/29/12 1:47

@usaid You might like this bit of USAID history: 10/29/12 2:53

“It is a leap that would be difficult even for professional circus acrobats.” 10/29/12 3:11

@mattblaze The wrath of Gozer? 10/29/12 3:17

Apparently “we” won a sports. 10/29/12 3:19

RT @robdelaney: #VIRGINIA • Due to storm, early/absentee voting being allowed. RT! 10/29/12 4:01

RT @thatdrew: if you’re near valencia/mission, get the fuck outta there. guns. 10/29/12 4:02

@superxero3 They might have been gunshots. Please stay safe. Need you back in class tomorrow. 😉 10/29/12 5:31

Biden on McGovern – powerful 10/29/12 5:33

@openjonathan Amazon’s cloud just goes down randomly instead. 😉 10/29/12 6:03

RT @SFBayBridge: Celebrating things about a city by breaking and trashing that city will NEVER make sense to me. 10/29/12 6:05

@bubbva ouch! Good luck 10/29/12 6:06

4 years ago colleagues treated us to Minnesota Hot Dish 10/29/12 12:07

7 years ago I wrote about Books by Foreigners About Italy 10/29/12 14:21 #smartos 10/29/12 15:46

“I’m not concerned about the impact on the election [but] about the impact on families, first responders, and the economy.” Obama #sandy 10/29/12 15:56

RT @thesulk: Obama coordinates emergency response teams on Federal, state and local levels. Ya know, just like Bush didn’t. 10/29/12 16:55

I’m kinda thinking that this is what it will come to… 10/29/12 16:57

#Letterpress, that wasn’t kind: show me a picture of my hairless opponent just as I submit “bald”. 10/29/12 17:00

RT @joyent: Building a Business on #illumos Panel Video illumos Day 2012 @JoyentSmartOS @Nexenta @DEYStorage via @j … 10/29/12 17:07

RT @jbeyda: Been using the @voxer walkie talkie app during #sandy prep. Very useful 10/29/12 17:09

RT @loopingrage: Oh zones… where have you been all my life? #smartos #badass #solaris #virtualization 10/29/12 18:27

Reminder: this is tomorrow night @joyent: DevOps Demystified – An introduction to the ideas that are driving DevOps 10/29/12 18:27

RT @KI4OTK: New #OmniOS stable release! #illumos #zfs 10/29/12 18:51

“So the best advice I can give to any young person, no matter what their pursuit: PUT IN THE WORK!” 10/29/12 20:36

” Romney used the tax-exempt status of a charity – the Mormon Church – to defer taxes for more than 15 years.” 10/29/12 21:41

Two of our favorite people share a birthday! 10/29/12 21:47

RT @jakobborg: Updated the ZFS snapshotting service zsnapper ( for SmartOS, now works out of the box. #zfs #smartos 10/29/12 22:14

@bubbva Very good cake, at that! 10/29/12 22:23

illumos News: Oct 29, 2012 10/29/12 22:31

@sogrady “a campaign estimated to cost about $1.5 billion.” < the word is “nauseating”. Shareholders will revolt, I hope. 10/29/12 22:37

RT @Political_Bill: FEMA, like infrastructure, military, & schools, is the reason ‘We, the People’ formed a gov’r & empowered ou … 10/29/12 22:38

@tenderlove Just think how exciting that would be if you were in NYC right now! 10/29/12 23:37

A pastor on East Coast blames gays for the hurricane. Tell him San Francisco is dry and celebrating th … 10/30/12 0:04

@sogrady serve you right 10/30/12 0:06

Of the 8 million people in New York, it’s statistically unlikely that my daughter will be hurt. Still… I’m the mom, I worry. 10/30/12 0:18

“Women choose abortion for one overwhelming reason: economic insecurity. ” 10/30/12 0:25

@lderezinski really good thing you didn’t come out here. OTOH, I doubt much of anyone is going out for Halloween. 10/30/12 0:29

RT @fakedansavage: I know other cities are getting slammed. But NYC is my favorite city on earth and the pics coming out of NYC tonight … 10/30/12 0:41

RT @whitneyhess: FUCK YOU @americanapparel! Please RT 10/30/12 1:18

RT @DanKennedy_NYC: Hey NYC hipsters who say they’re not voting in order to make a statement: Your ass is in a hurricane and Romney want … 10/30/12 4:03

RT @tomflannery1: Bay Area friends! RT the heck out of this pic until the SFPD identify and catch this jerk! 10/30/12 4:54

This would be a really, really bad time to mention that you support the candidate who thinks funding FEMA is immoral. 10/30/12 4:55

RT @DrieCulturen: Any adult third culture kids (between 18 and 80yrs!) wanting to fill in this survey? Check it out here … 10/30/12 6:37

3 years ago I filmed Stephen Tyree & Alex Barclay of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research 10/30/12 7:16

Some most excellent SmartOS Command Line Fu: 10/30/12 14:11

RT @_terroirism_: For those wondering, the twitter troll was outed — as an Republican consultant for a running candidate. shameful :: h … 10/30/12 16:19

1 year ago I posted photos of Jantr Mantr in Delhi 10/30/12 16:44

“We’ll always be bosom buddies, friends, neighbors and pals…” 10/30/12 16:46

RT @anniecorreal: Day laborers are going to rebuild #NJ after #Sandy, just as they did the dirtiest work after #Katrina. Note: day labor … 10/30/12 16:55

RT @phillipanderson: Ya know those firefighters fighting a neighborhood sized fire in the middle of a hurricane? Yeah. That’s “big gover … 10/30/12 16:55

RT @rtraister: Really, this IS a moment for political discussion. Climate change matters. Infrastructure matters. Federal aid and first … 10/30/12 16:55

3 years ago I posted on How ZFS Really Gets Done 10/30/12 16:57

RT @kissane: You know what the rest of the country can do for NYC? Elect us a President who won’t dismantle FEMA and will build infrastr … 10/30/12 17:06

Bring your daughter to work day… every day! (Note: I tried this with my newborn, not successful. Depends on the kid.) 10/30/12 17:15

RT @comay: Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne reiterates Jeep not moving production to China, contrary to Mitt’s continued lie. … 10/30/12 17:19

Mostly baffled by local ballot, but more education, less jailtime seem like good things. And I’m ok w paying more taxes to benefit neighbors 10/30/12 17:21

@bensummers I assume you mean in the UK? 10/30/12 17:30

RT @apperceptions: Let the climate change bailouts begin! Billions and billions will go to “shoring up” coastlines instead of… http:/ … 10/30/12 18:04

@bensummers Heh. In the US I’d recommend CustomInk. 10/30/12 18:04

RT @mikeal: still a few tickets left to NodeCopter SF 🙂 10/30/12 18:06

@HumanityCritic @jamilsmith @ajjaffe oh, I dunno. I’d add “Foad”. 10/30/12 18:27

RT @Stefigno: Adoro vedere le turiste a Milano fare le fighe in metro senza reggersi agli appositi sostegni. Due su tre a terra al primo … 10/30/12 18:29

@bensummers Heh. Yes, I seem to be the go-to expert for many random things lately… 10/30/12 18:34

A Message from The Greatest Generation (NSFW) 10/30/12 19:03

Glitch on Red Cross website meant I accidentally donated twice what I expected to. Oh, well – hardly going to bitch about it. 10/30/12 19:24

RT @kenshadford: The fact that the NYU hospital is dark but Goldman Sachs is well-lit is everything that’s wrong with this country. 10/30/12 19:43

ps I voted. 10/30/12 19:44

@jeridansky That’s the next strange antique I want to own, now that I finally have a type tray. 10/30/12 19:53

illumos et al Upcoming events calendar is looking a bit sparse, got something to list that I don’t yet know about? 10/30/12 20:08

“one side is lying a soggy pulpish object on the beaches of New Jersey, the other is trying to get the lights back on” 10/30/12 20:09

“one side is lying a soggy pulpish object on the beaches of New Jersey, the other is trying to get the lights back on” 10/30/12 21:06

RT @maddow: Red Cross does not want stuff like canned goods, but there are lots of ways to volunteer in NYC or donate: 10/30/12 21:06

@sfist I’m betting budget traveler who didn’t want to lug it around. 10/30/12 21:44

@oliviawilde Not sure which of those activities sounds more unpleasant… 10/30/12 21:48

.@smugmug hero Robin working on my daughter’s account using generator power – way above and beyond the call of duty! 10/30/12 23:12

@umairh You’ll look fabulous, darling. 10/30/12 23:34

“The outcome of the Sicilian election may be a sign that Italians are starting to embrace change” 10/30/12 23:44

@sailor_moon_irl I don’t see how that’s a disqualifier. 😉 10/30/12 23:47

This is really fucking stupid. 10/31/12 0:36

Whatever city planners did this, I hope they get voted out for idiocy 10/31/12 1:08

@ErebusBat you flatter my acting abilities! 10/31/12 1:11

RT @jensimmons: Now I’m getting pissed at NYC startups sysadmin who don’t have any backup plans. For paid services? For things the Gov … 10/31/12 1:28

RT @dlsspy: I’ve never seen this many people using public transportation outside of India. I’ve been in roomier mosh pits. 10/31/12 1:42

@dlsspy Italy too 10/31/12 2:03

1 year ago I filmed driving in India’s Himalaya’s (umm… adventurous) 10/31/12 2:03

At this moment, deeply thankful that the bay area does not match the national standard of obesity. 10/31/12 2:06

SF violent crime seems to be increasing. Result of growing economic inequality? 10/31/12 2:07

@ErebusBat at the moment I’m standing close enough to several people to constitute a group marriage. 10/31/12 2:32

@jkstark Yeah, it was part of the security scare after the shooting at that other school (in Pakistan) 10/31/12 2:34

New Video: Why 4K? – George Wilson’s ZFS Day Talk 10/31/12 2:44

RT @hudsonette: Not only that, but the way Bush Jr. scoffed at learning, knowledge & science still plagues us. NEVER FORGET. #BlameB … 10/31/12 2:45

@hudsonette Plus, W was a waste of an expensive Yale education. With today’s college costs, I resent that. 10/31/12 3:05

@pamelaschure We manage to be right in the thick of it… had a long chat today, her neighborhood largely untouched. 10/31/12 3:16

RT @dshaw: Great blog post on Restify by @mcavage on the Countdown to @node_knockout blog. 10/31/12 3:26

“Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for.” 10/31/12 3:29

It’s not that “people are wrong on the Internet” – ignorance is curable. Assholery not so much. 10/31/12 3:43

@heinz_gies no, I think Max did that. 10/31/12 6:50

@khushil Yes, it will. @mrbruning wants to tweak the course, and may not have room in the calendar in 2012, but likely soon… 10/31/12 6:56

RT @bakadesuyo: When your brain is fried and you can’t concentrate, what can help? 10/31/12 15:01

I should dress up as a baseball fan. That would be a costume, for me. 10/31/12 15:03

Whose idea was it to schedule a parade to coincide with rush hour? I needed to get on that Bart to get to work. Stupid sports. 10/31/12 15:11

Years ago I concluded that I lack a “God gene”. Apparently I also lack any hope of ever understanding conservatives. 10/31/12 16:11

Live streaming from ~6:30pm PT: DevOps Demystified with Ben Rockwood 10/31/12 16:11

@urbanturbanguy Yes, I do. Unfortunately, not strong on patience, either. 😉 10/31/12 16:38

@urbanturbanguy np, I understood! BTW I would love to meet in person sometime, and with @djkaurageous ! 10/31/12 16:39

argh, now they tell me – talk starts at 7. I’ll get someone to come tapdance or something. 10/31/12 16:40

RT @warrenellis: Somewhere, someone is pitching Joss Whedon on “STAR WARS: Which Character Did You Love Best? That’s The One I’m Killing” 10/31/12 16:40

@warrenellis It’s actually not necessary to pitch Joss on that, though… 10/31/12 16:41

The all-important devops question: “Do we need more beer?” 10/31/12 16:46

Aaannd… we’re live! 10/31/12 16:48

RT @ftrain: Dear NYC: I’m going remember the last few days when tax time comes, and seal the envelope with a kiss. 10/31/12 16:49

@miketrose Tell ’em it’s now Hogwarts. 10/31/12 16:49

@ispencerx Haven’t tried that yet, is it an option available to ordinary mortals? 10/31/12 17:13

RT @jmclulow: Watching @benr on DevOps at @joyent 10/31/12 17:51

@pborenstein spinning video… as ever. 10/31/12 18:57

Any questions you want me to relay to Ben? 10/31/12 18:58

@pragmaticism Low bar. 10/31/12 21:00

Aside: soy allergy sucks. So tired of this. 10/31/12 21:04

Hmm. I can’t donate blood: if “From 1980, thru 1996 you spent a cumulative time of 3 months or more in the UK” 10/31/12 21:46

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