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I’ve been doing lots of reading for the Woodstock history project, including some books that may be interesting even to non-Woodstockers. I was excited to finally lay hands on the journal of Fanny Parkes, an Englishwoman who lived in India from the 1820s to 40s. She was the first person to write about Mussoorie and Landour (the Himalayan town which is the site of the school), so is quoted in many of my sources, but her book has been out of print since 1850. It has now finally been republished (under the title “Begums, Thugs & White Mughals”), thanks, I suspect, to William Dalrymple, author of “White Mughals” (another source I’m using). Fanny was an amazing woman who travelled extensively in India and enjoyed everything and everyone she encountered, at a time when it was becoming unfashionable among the British to like anything much about the country they were taking over. Her book is rich in detail about life in India in those times, an excellent source for all kinds of research.

For current news for Mussoorie and Uttaranchal, see The Garhwal Post.

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Amazon UK links below; note that some items available in the UK are not available in the US, and vice-versa. 

Amazon UK:

Alter, Joseph S. Knowing Dil Das: Stories of a Himalayan Hunter
Alter, Robert C. Water for Pabolee: Stories about People and Development in the Himalayas
Alter, Stephen All the Way to Heaven: An American Boyhood in the Himalayas
Barr, Pat The Memsahibs: In Praise of the Women of VictorianIndia
Bond, Ruskin Mussoorie & Landour
Bond, Ruskin Mussoorie & Landour: Days of Wine & Roses
Bond, Ruskin Mussoorie: Jewel of the Hills
Dalrymple, William White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in 18th-Century India
James, Lawrence Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India
Keay, John The Great Arc: The Dramatic Tale of How India was Mapped and Everest was Named
Kennedy, Dane Keith The Magic Mountains: Hill Stations and the British Raj
Parkes, Fanny Begums, Thugs, and White Mughals – The Journals of Fanny Parkes, selected and introduced by William Dalrymple (Originally published in 1850 as “Wanderings of a Pilgirm in Search of the Picturesque, during four-and-twenty years in th tEast; with Revelations of Life in the Zenana”)
Pollock, David and Van Reken, Ruth E. The Third-Culture Kid Experience: Growing Up Among Worlds
Riddle, Katharine Parker A Nourishing Life
Van Reken, Ruth Letters Never Sent
Yule, Henry and Burnell, A.C. Hobson-Jobson: The Anglo-Indian Dictionary

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