Computer Viruses 4

Virus mutation is happening alarmingly quickly. I have gotten into the habit of updating my virus software almost daily. Nonetheless, something arrived in my mailbox the other day which my virus software passed as clean. But it was from someone I didn’t know, with an executable (.EXE) attachment, so I didn’t touch it. I updated my virus software and ran a check and, sure enough, it was a virus.

Even had this piece of mail claimed to be from someone I know, I would have been suspicious unless I had been expecting to receive such a file from that person right then. Many viruses disguise themselves with fake email addresses pulled from your own address book, and/or someone you know may be infected and not know it himself.

Another Reason to Secure Your Computer

Some viruses are now looking to turn your unprotected computer into a spam-generator, especially if you have a high-speed, always-on connection such as cable or DSL. Such abuse of your system could result in your service being cut off by your Internet Service Provider. Read all about it.

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