Woodstock 150th: At School

The next morning (Friday the 29th) some of us went to school, partly to stock up on Woodstock souvenirs. We all got the 150th anniversary fleece jackets (black, with a pine branch and “150th” embroidered on the breast) – Rs. 350. I also bought a Woodstock sweatshirt, which I hope will last longer than my previous one, and a beige bucket hat nicely embroidered with the new school logo. Lots of other goodies were available – coffee cups, jewelry, a DVD movie about the school, and a complete set of yearbooks scanned and stored on CD.

The main office area has been thoroughly reconstructed with a staircase going up to the alumni/development office where the Quad women’s staff bathroom used to be (there are nice new bathrooms out towards the kitchen now). Below the alumni office, what used to be the entry to the principal’s office, Tibetan room, and tea garden has now been closed off and made into the new IT center. Steve Ediger gave me a tour of his server room:

Cables galore – the entire campus is wired now, I think. In fact, Woodstock is one of the most IT-equipped educational institutions in India, including the universities. Steve has a lot to be justifiably proud of.

(Dude, he’s got a Dell.)

Lots of broken image links to fix… when I have time. Meanwhile, you can see the full gallery here.

photo by Fiona

The class of ’81 met at the Quad dining room for lunch, lining up with trays for old times’ sake. Some of the bearers looked familiar and remembered us; others were almost certainly the sons of some from our day.

photo by Fiona

tea for Dick Wechter

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