Woodstock 150th: Church

shot Oct 31, 2004, 3:28 min, 6.7 MB

Lots of broken image links to fix… when I have time. Meanwhile, you can see the full gallery here.

Excuse the unevenness of the camera work – I was trying to sing part of the time that I was filming. And if I lingered more on the faces that were more familiar to me, I trust you’ll understand.

NB: Most of the orcherstra had just returned from Activity Week, and hadn’t had much time to rehearse.

I have rarely willingly gone to a church service in my life, and I hadn’t originally planned to go to this one, no matter the occasion. But I woke up early enough that, by the time the rest of the gang was ready to go (most of our class attended), I was ready too, so figured I might as well go along. And I’m glad I did. The music was beautiful, with a combined chorus of present and former Woodstockers conducted by Vance George. (One area where Protestants definitely have it over Catholics: in the (very few) Catholic masses I’ve attended in Italy, the congregation rarely gets a chance to sing, and doesn’t know how.)

By the end of Bob Alter’s sermon, there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Me, I bawled my eyes out, in part because he suddenly reminded me of my recently-deceased (and much-loved) father-in-law, Mauro. But, discussing it afterwards with Sharon, she pointed out another reason: Bob has long been a father figure for many of us, and the realization that he won’t be with us forever is a hard blow. Something of the heart will go out of Woodstock when Bob goes.

Download sermon in MP3 format (24 minutes, 11 megabytes) – I hope my sniffles aren’t too audible. I ran out of tape during the last few seconds.


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