Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 3

Reader Stefano Tonti sent me this photo. The headline says “Doctor beaten with a shovel”. ata is a suffix you can add to many nouns to create a word meaning “an application of [noun]”. Badile = shovel or spade, so someone applied a shovel to this poor doctor (unfortunately, we didn’t buy the newspaper so we don’t know why). A more common construction is sassata, stoning – as in, throw rocks at – sasso = stone.

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April, 2007 – from left to right:

Usury [loan sharking]: half of Lecco trembles / Motorcycle crash – 20 year old Lecchese without hopes [of living – in fact, she died]

Abusive construction [i.e., without proper building permits] – the beach of the “Bear” [a local disco, Orsa Maggiore – Ursa Major] impounded

Old people, new center at Germanedo

ICI [property tax] and TARSU [some other tax] – The municipality on the hunt for tax evaders: wants to recover two million euros

Forza Italia [political party] at war for the presidency of the “twinnings” [?]

Falls while on motorcycle: grave [seriously hurt] girl of Lecco

The mayor: “We’re looking for the area for the new stadium.”

The case – ALER claims that Bodega [a former mayor] has the right to public housing at 28 euros a month

Soccer: The Lecco [team] goes to Biella with victory in its sights

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