The Twitter Diaries: July, 2007

I don’t have precise dates on these; something goes wrong in Google Reader’s interpretation of Twitter’s RSS feed.

my head hurts so bad I could cry

Occasionally, I get something that is actually identifiable as a migraine. Not too surprising given the stress I was going through at the time.

@pm10 spero che sia anche mamma porno-tolerante – mi dicono che e’ tutto sesso li’ dentro!

A friend was showing her mother around Second Life. I had just tried it a bit myself, and had read that there’s a lot of online sex in there. Not that I mind, but don’t consider it a compelling business venue for this reason. At least not for the kind of business I deal with…

maybe my migraine is finally calming down. I still just want to crawl into a corner and whimper.

@rosso received my second copy of HP from Amazon today, gave it to peppermint patty. Who passed our lunch together petting it. ; )

pensieri di una figlia in partenza: – non sa’ cosa sta passando la mamma!

@kitykity – sounds like my own pathetic fallacy of assuming that whatever is obvious to me is obvious to everybody, i.e. nothing special.

I’m awake, I’m awake! For once my body would have slept, but have things to do. Statistical things. Very exciting.

up to my eyeballs in web metrics. Should I try to corral my wandering content?

just posting about my daughter leaving. And Google slaps on an ad for ?!?!?!?!?

Ross shedding possessions: just “lent” her Fornarina shirts – considered part of her public identity – to a friend for the year she’s away

Argh! BA only allows 1 bag Milan-London. But Ross is going on to India for 10 months (Air India allows 2). !@#$@!$@#@#$ airlines!

NOT participating in a 2.5 hour conference by phone. just too much for a hot summer night in Italy. Had a great dinner and too much wine.

ordered HP 7 read by Stephen Fry to meet me in Milton Keynes. Absolute bliss for airplane listening.

@blublog se fossi passato per Jesolo la settimana scorsa, avresti trovato Rossella!

Symbols & Connections:

last-minute stuff: online check-in, print boarding passes, pay extra baggage, print that receipt just in case, what am I forgetting?

sticking last-minute things into suitcases. Are they too heavy now? Probably. I paid $77 for Ross’ “extra” bag – better not hassle me!

@jeffreytaylor – thanks, yeah, been through that. Apparently some passengers have resorted to putting everything into a garbage bag!

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