The Ever-Expanding Holiday Season

Yesterday the local supermarket stuffed an advertising flyer into our mailbox, as they do about once a week. This one was unusual. Blazoned across the front was “E’ gia’ Natale!” (It’s already Christmas!)

I almost puked.

It’s not even November, and we’re already talking about Christmas. At this rate, Italy will soon have caught up with the U.S. in terms of over-advertising the holidays. (As I mentioned some time ago, the UK is already almost as bad).

And I’m not even Christian, and this makes me sick. I used to enjoy the Christmas season, whose bright lights and shiny decorations help me cope with the depressing deep dark nights of winter. Now I feel oppressed by it. And this oppression begins earlier and earlier every year. The feeling that I must buy something – anything! -for all the “important people” in my life.

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