Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 21

Upper left:

  • Health: “golden” consultations at the hospital and local health authority: they spend 2.3 million
  • Departments and services at the Manzoni [hospital] up for bidding by private interests?
  • Tragedy: mother of three dies in the crash


  • Free gift: the map of the pre-Alpine lakes
  • 350 thousand euros to the extortionists: gas station owner on the [?] (in the red)
  • “We sell bread, not coins”

Center left:

  • Free gift: the map of the pre-Alpine lakes
  • Volunteer dies at the fish farm
  • 140 public residences on the way

Center right:

  • Play and win very rich prizes
  • Lecco: Lario [lake] clean and safe: the interforce committee is born


  • Dangerous roads: in grave danger another mother
  • Tables in the piazza: a bar against town hall
  • Blu-celeste [light blue] rugby near Series B

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