The Twitter Diaries: 2009-11-29: Austin


  • awake way too early. Agitated dreams. #
  • finally getting a newsletter out after months. This is a lot of work. #
  • Student Party at SC09 – Un Posto al Sole #
  • RT @c0t0d0s0: Comstar: A while ago, i wrote a tutorial about using iSCSI in Opensolaris and Solaris 10. While the t… #
  • added a few photo to Countries Beginning with I » The Twitter Diaries: 2009-11-22 #
  • My Chocolate Meltdown – NYTimes – if I could reach the author, I’d tell him to go to the source: #
  • “had been a loving father to his son… [but] cut off ties once DNA showed they were not related” – THAT is betrayal #
  • outing to Boulder netted great Cajun brunch at Lucile’s w Tin Tin, 2 more Helen Fisher books (used), and yet another massive headache. WTF? #
  • a nap and a beer seem to be helping the headache, but feeling wrung out and probably not up to roomie’s guests. #
  • roomie and now live-in boyfriend bought a snow blower today. Apparently BF must now show this off to male guests in the garage beneath my rm #
  • there has got to be a better way for me to spend company time and money than in wrestling with our TOTALLY SUCKY expense report system #
  • need food, but the hungrier I get, the less I feel able to face a roomful of people. This would be a good time not to have a roommate #
  • slept soundly with no particular dreams. Waking up slowly. Tomorrow night I see my kid. We’re both a bit nervous about that. #
  • sent out a newsletter (condense of my site) y’day after 3-month hiatus. Announced the Italy chapter of my life is closed. Lost subscribers. #
  • “Berlusconi’s lifestyle has earned him ‘Rockstar of the Year’ from Italian ed of Rolling Stone magazine.” #
  • RT @darrenmoffat: Buy my co-authored book: #
  • @wheninrometours – left a while ago: Countries Beginning with I » Leaving Italy #
  • uploading photos to SmugMug. I’d forgotten what a lot of really amazing photos Ross has taken #
  • so nice to work with people who can and do immediately implement useful features when I ask for them. #
  • Debugging and Diagnosing Interesting OpenSolaris Kernel Problems – Sun Video #
  • if you haven’t seen Mr. Deity, you should! – and help support one of the funniest shows anywhere EVER #
  • @LusciousPear OTOH, it helps to at least pretend to care about my feelings if you ever WANT to sleep with me. in reply to LusciousPear #
  • @ThinGuy glad you liked Mr. Deity, please RT – we want these guys to be able to keep being funny! in reply to ThinGuy #
  • awake since 5 am. Seems I only need 6 hrs sleep these days, so going to bed before midnight is too early. Oh, well. The extra time is useful #
  • to do: try again to upload Cantrill’s LISA talk, track down more missing video, run blog metrics for Oct, do OpenSol grants, get on a plane #
  • may finally be in touch with the long-lost Woodstock School classmate that EVERYONE has been looking for. She was well-loved among us. #
  • @ElaineEllis I ended up going to Starbucks in Vienna because the famous coffee houses all reeked of smoke and stale beer. Disappointing. in reply to ElaineEllis #
  • looking forward to T’giving/birthday in Austin, most of all to be with the amazing, wonderful Ross. That she’s my daughter is a bonus. #
  • any suggestions for great events/music in Austin this week? #
  • okay, finally succeeded in uploading Cantrill, now just waiting for it to process. May take a while – 1.5 hours of video! No good way to cut #
  • one system I needed to do my job today has been fixed, another one not so much… #
  • amused that ZManda pops up frequently as an advertiser on my personal blog/site #
  • lining up plans for Austin – music to hear, friends to meet. Plus shopping and pampering with Ross. #
  • I’ll be on vacation tomorrow, but finding it very hard to sit still today. #
  • RT @OrganizeFISH: MEEP! RT @doctorparadox: wtf awesome: Muppets cover Bohemian Rhapsody… in HD. (via @adamhirsch) #
  • among other activities today, uploading a bazillion photos to SmugMug. Wow there’s a lot of them. I been places! #
  • yeah, it’s not as if I had anything better to do than recreate and resubmit this complicated expense report just because our system sucks #
  • “Tigger on speed” Bryan Cantrill keynotes at LISA09: Visualizing DTrace: Sun Storage 7000 Analytics – Sun Video #
  • @mtuckerb @nikhilv never thought about a post-coital song, but now that you’ve mentioned it I have to ask – why that one? in reply to mtuckerb #
  • O beloved expense reporting system, if I have an expense <$5 for “Meals, Domestic” can we just assume I was the only one partaking? #
  • Expense System, can you NOT chastise me for spending $1200 on 1 night at hotel before allowing me to enter # of nights I actually spent? #
  • High Performance Data Management Panel Discussion at Sun’s HPC Consortium – Sun Video #
  • spent half the day in expense report hell. Hoping this all gets paid before my whopping corporate AmEx bill hits mid-December #
  • I might end up cooking for Thanksgiving after all – good thing I linked the recipes I used 2 years ago: #
  • damn. Denver wifi is sucking royally, as usual. #
  • @alanc at least the expense system isn’t yet asking us why we’re not sharing our hotel rooms. ; ) in reply to alanc #
  • Back in Austin, one of my favorite places #
  • @nikhilv that song wd definitely not work for me, since I’ve always associated it with my dad – whose name actually is Al. in reply to nikhilv #
  • back at Spankyville (, where R is residing til she starts her global tour. It’s good to have good friends. #
  • Cafe au lait and cherry strudel at Sweetish Hill on a warm sunny Austin morning. Life doesn’t suck #
  • @webmink actual security value of making you take that watch off in the first place very likely = 0 in reply to webmink #
  • Pre holiday traffic in Austin is hideous. Do I want to go to Whole Foods this badly? #
  • “Because your eyes are slant and sloeBecause your hair is sweet to touch #
  • …My heart is high again, but – oh!I doubt if this will get me much.”
    Dorothy Parker #
  • gave up on Thanksgiving cooking because the supermarket crowds are too scary. We’ll cook turkey at some less popular time. #
  • sleepy & lazy & just not going to do what any “they” think I should. Indian food and bowling tonight; we’ll figure out tomorrow, tomorrow. #
  • @msgilligan not too ironic in thise case – 3 of the 4 people who wil be at this dinner attended Woodstock School in India. in reply to msgilligan #
  • we’ll be having turkey etc. at the Alamo Drafthouse, with a movie. Was sold out, but we showed up in person so they added us – thx, Alamo! #
  • “Every claim made by religion comes not from sources out in the world… but from the insides of people’s heads.” #
  • I used to be addicted to checking the metrics on my website. Now it’s my videos. #
  • daughter has a small new business doing kids’ portrait photography. Some parents want the digital files. How much should she charge? #
  • @nonstick thanks. how much was a typical picture package, or can you give me a range? in reply to nonstick #
  • RT @wanderingitaly: Dang, I’m a bad American, too–> #
  • I’m leery of the Norman Rockwell ideals of tradition extolled today. How many of us have really EVER experienced that kind of family life? #
  • “Fantastic Mr. Fox” actually is fantastic – fun, charming, different. Recommend! #
  • Project Bandaloop goes to India (including Woodstock School) #
  • – My Longhorns snuggie, Thanksgiving gift from Guy #



  • @ThinGuy we had to do something traditional! Besides, there’s nothing else to do on Thanksgiving in reply to ThinGuy #
  • aparently we already missed the big Black Friday deals. Good. So when we do go shopping later, things will be sane, right? #
  • just in time for my 47th birthday (tomorrow), photos of me (& classmates) when I was 18 #
  • figuring out what to do in Austin on my birthday; this is helpful: Bill’s Map #
  • Buying bras at nordstrom delightfully untraumatic ( it’s harder than you’d think when you’re unusually sized). But expensive. #
  • @pizzocalabro good support is worth almost any price! in reply to pizzocalabro #
  • Okay, I’ve done my part for the consumer economy today. Ps Steve Madden I love you! #
  • friend sent this NSFW: A Practical Guide To Italian Sex my own Italian slang is more comprehensive #
  • @pizzocalabro is simply /not/ spending Christmas wfamily an option? One of the best Xmases I’ve had was me & Ross in Mumbai w friends. in reply to pizzocalabro #
  • @pizzocalabro yeah, I get it. You may have to sneak in a hip flask to survive it, though. in reply to pizzocalabro #
  • did country dance lesson at the Broken Spoke, which was fun, but too shy to hang around for the actual live music dancing. Some maneater. #
  • …but at least I did get out. I guess that’s a start. #
  • @bicyclemark reminded me to dig up this video of me and my life 3 years ago: Living in LLick with Dierdre Straughan #
  • oh, wow – forgot about this one with me and Ross – Bloating in Bellagio Part 1 #
  • @bicyclemark Lake Como is a beautiful place, but I don’t live there anymore. And that’s okay. in reply to bicyclemark #
  • When you’re the early bird in the household, no one ever brings /you/ coffee in bed. #
  • since I am not going to Brazil next week we’ll have my birthday dinner at Fogo de Chao in Austin, to remind me of good times in Porto Alegre #
  • @sogrady SEO thing – if someone finds your comment interesting they might jump over to your site. Less likely the further down u are in reply to sogrady #
  • very stuffed from birthday dinner at churrascaria… and two caipirinhas #
  • Need a custom ringtone for my iPhone, but can’t figure out what to use. Past tones have included themes from Blackadder and Sex & the City #
  • I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a month of my tweets – #



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