The Twitter Diaries: 2009-12-27: SF, Tulsa, AR

lazing with a cup of coffee in bed, as I love to do, but this time @jeffreytaylor & John’s place. I’m a gypsy.

DeirdreS: you know you’re a modern mother when your kid hangs up on you in Facebook chat

could really do wtihout a pounding headache today. Where did this come from?

DeirdreS: Apparently google free wifi for the holidays doesn’t apply to sfo.

Dia again. Now to get my car and drive home.

just realized the 23rd is Weds, not Tues, so I have another day to unpack, repack, and do laundry before I take off again. yay me!

per my usual: doing the expense report on my last trip will booking the next

will never eat an airport veggie burger again. Side effects are anti-social and long-lasting.

so much to do that I’m really looking forward to a vacation…

@pizzocalabro begs the question: are there still minors at home? If not, who is she net nannying?

Mother & daughter with identical uncombed hair af Jasons. At least mom is not wearing pjs

there are times when you just need a meatball sandwich

@pizzocalabro a teacher I was training on Internet search way back when asked “How can I avoid nasty content?” “Just don’t click that link.”

Kerberos Authentication for Web Security – Sun Video

“really get to know yourself, for lack of anyone else who understands what the hell you are saying.”

RT @jeffhuber: DTrace Quick Start Guide – Observing Native and Web Applications in Production

Sita Sings the Blues NYC IFC Film Center, Dec. 25-31. – If you’re in NYC, GO SEE THIS. Amazing animation.

damn, didn’t mean to stay up this late. It’s been a down-and-up night.

More videos from the Solaris Security Summit now available on Sun Video

@nonstick Yup. People used to stop on their way off the plane to compliment me on my well-behaved baby. I worked hard for that!

@bubbva coming up: Darren Moffat on ZFS Crypto! (hopefully by tonight)

mood: sunny, with a chance of giggles

@nonstick I wince at parents who don’t know to give the kid something to suck during descent to clear their ears. Those kids are in pain!

@monkchips the way you spelled the name of that Cornish goodie was seriously misleading

Perhaps the secret is not to give in to the tyranny of what /others/ think should make me happy.

hmm. It seems the Ethernet adapter on my Air is no longer working.

Oh yes now I remember: I never go to the mall at this time of year because I HATE crowds.

it was worth braving the holiday shoppers to go to the Apple Store, where they replaced my defective USB-Ethernet adapter for free!

a gift for you ZFS fans: Darren Moffat on ZFS Crypto: Data Encryption for Local, NAS and SAN – Sun Video

end of year charity donations done (Woodstock School and the SAGE Program).

multitasking, distractedly. Trying to clear up video odds & ends while organizing my music (yet again) while doing online training…

trying to tell myself I don’t need chocolate all /that/ badly right now… and knowing there are bowls of goodies downstairs…

made plans to spend New Year’s Eve with cousin & her friends in New Orleans, as well as get together other evenings for drinks and music.

@missbhavens huh? is that on purpose so their kids won’t have their birthdays on Christmas?

@drewjensen umm… you may have a point

this training is telling me how to do all sorts of things… but not WHY I would want to do any of them

the weather outside is indeed frightful, and my rooms over the garage are cold, but my butt is warm thanks to my king-sized heating pad

the chocolate won. Now do I want to follow it with a hot toddy?

RT @hemantmehta: Mathematical proof for the existence of cougars? Yay for new lesson plans!

@bubbva do you have a good recipe for hot toddy? I don’t actually know how to make an authentic one.

RT @pancrazioauteri: The Vatican Television Center has a TV multiplex in Rome. The frequency is 666 MHz. Please, tell this to Dan Brown!

@ramarob panetone is also REALLY good simply toasted in a pan with a bit of butter, like Mexican pan dulce

I see no reason to get out of my bathrobe, or even out of bed, until it’s time to get on the airport shuttle this afternoon.

my suitcase closes far too easily. I must have forgotten something vital.

Xtianity in action: “prayed real hard that Sen. Byrd would either die or couldn’t show up at the vote the other night.”

…I know, love & respect many Christians who will find that repellent. But what is said and done “in the name of God” in US is horrifying

@nonstick amen, sister.

one Christmas treat I do want more of: eggnog! Couldn’t get it in Italy.

On the airport shuttle, hoping 90 mins is enough time to get there.

Oooookay… Now hoping to make it there in one piece. I thought these vans had snow tires

If my flight is actually om time, I’m gonna miss it

Flight’s late. For this one, that’s a good thing

Made it.

This is the end of the terminal where small planes depart for funky destinations. And we’ll have to walk across the Tarmac in blowing snow

I think we’re next in line for de-icing. Cmon people, get me out of here!

Waited so long for de-icing that wd now don’t have enough fuel for takeoff. Back to gate to refuel, then line up for de-icing again. Sigh

We’ll bd back on the gate for another hour, hoping de-icing won’t take too much longer after that. Oh, well. I have homework to do anyway

Got OpenSolaris running in Virtual Box on my Air. Yay me. (What else is there to do while sitting on the tarmac?)

At least I’m able to recharge my iPhone from the Air’s battery.

And if all my gadgets run out of juice, I have “Solaris Internals” to read…

We are moving again, back to the de-ice pad. Let’s hood this time we get thru fast enough not to run out of gas

@willbldrco believe mr, I would /love/ a drink right now…

Bored. Bored bored bored.

@drewjensen nope, never got off. Up and down the tarmac for 3 hrs so far

Finally reached Tulsa af 215 am!

@jimgris good, wehad some ideas about getting you om film. As far as I can tell, I’ll have a job

On the road to Russellville AR, in the rain bt ahead of the snow

@davest yep, running ahead of the weather all the way. Eventual destination: New Orleans, where I was born.

Listening to Leonard Cohen’s Live in London album. He now sounds very like Tom Waits.

I can get by on 6 hours’ sleep, but 4 is definitely not enough.

Settling in for a long winter’s nap. I hope. There are 5 or 6 dogs in this house, plus more outside. Fortunately, all but 1 well schooled.

Having s decent Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, should go well with gumbo

@pizzocalabro what happened to the good old fashioned hip flask?

@willsnow whenever you no longer feel like a newbie. For md at Sun, ths will be approx never.

I’m with someone else’s family, and that’s perfectly fine. Happy Christmas to all my tweeps, and may you all find traditions that work for u

@jimgris you were great last time I filmed you! Glad we’ll get to see you soon. Let me know so I can plan my travel accordingly.

Feeling deliciously lazy. I may sleep for another 2 days.

Disconcerted by increasing evidence that actors really just play themselves

Waiting in line to see “it’s complicated”. Not my first choice but it’ll do

Wow even the edge network sucks out here in Russellville AR

Sunshine makes me happy, even when it’s cold

Diet Dr Pepper with strawberries in it. Umm. No. Not for me.

RT @plasticbagUK: Terrifying article from the Guardian about China’s actions at the Copenhagen climate summit:

@jimgris how about talking live and being filmed? I seem to remember your talk at osdevcon filmed well. Tho the interviews did, too

@jimpick yup, flying lots. It just gets more fun all the time

Irritating that an exhibit on ancient Egypt has to end with a Byzantine Christian tombstone, obviously out of place and forced.

Blah mood today, post-Christmas blues I guess

Of course, reading that TSA is about to make my travels even more uselessly miserable does not improve my mood. We pay for their mistakes.

@ben and then they sell confiscated items on eBay

@creepyed that’s not in the US, right?

@italylogue thanks. I hope the TSA agents know that!

@italylogue let us know how it goes

@lhawthorn you’re an Aramco brat? Aha! Asian development brat myself, know a number of Aramco brats

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