The Twitter Diaries: May 2012

(in reverse chron order)

DeirdreS: @ryancnelson In India, it was the Windows XP “ta-dah!”

2012-05-31 23:46:36

DeirdreS: RT @jkuner: just saw a great talk by @dapsays about node.js profiling. . flame maps are awesome! #fluentconf

2012-05-31 21:44:12

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: If you’re at #fluentconf check out Joyent’s @dapsays in 20 mins! 2:35 PT Dave’s sharing his #node debugging magic http://t. …

2012-05-31 20:58:21

DeirdreS: RT @GinnyLaRoe: The much anticipated ruling is out in Oracle v. Google. Judge sides with Google on 37 API packages.

2012-05-31 19:23:32

DeirdreS: RT @heinz_gies: A new record! #SmartOS is watched by 300 people on github now 🙂 congrats to you all!

2012-05-31 18:17:32

DeirdreS: RT @derickr: Welcoming Couchbase to London by drinking their VC money. – That’s what VC money is for, after all.

2012-05-31 05:34:17

DeirdreS: Will have to show this to Vance George. HT to @johnnysunshine

2012-05-31 04:50:06

DeirdreS: @pborenstein Not that I know of. Have to give up Thai restaurants – they try, but apparently don’t always know where the soy lurks. Damn.

2012-05-31 04:09:25

DeirdreS: “they want privileges awarded to “religious” institutions, while claiming exemption from obligations of civil society”

2012-05-31 03:57:42

DeirdreS: @pborenstein Yes and unfortunately I have become a very sensitive soy detector. Gut-twisting agony is such a great souvenir of a meal.

2012-05-31 03:48:50

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine @pborenstein Restaurants are hard w soy allergy, and I’m bored of the ones I know are safe. So i cook even when too tired.

2012-05-31 03:12:25

DeirdreS: RT @bdha: So vfsstat is really freaking nice. #smartos #illumos

2012-05-31 03:04:32

DeirdreS: RT @siracusa: 25 years of HyperCard by @matthewlasar – I LOVED Hypercard. I could DO STUFF with it.

2012-05-31 02:59:57

DeirdreS: .@leapingwoman I try to avoid grating since I do very frequently grate myself, and guests tend not to like blood as an additive. #ow

2012-05-31 02:58:54

DeirdreS: @vdotw It’s actually easy to make biscuits from scratch – I was looking forward to this recipe:

2012-05-31 01:52:57

DeirdreS: RT @KellyOSullivan: Today requires a martini. – You may be on to something there…

2012-05-31 01:50:35

DeirdreS: Also: it would be really nice if I could do ANYTHING in the kitchen without stabbing, slicing, or burning myself.

2012-05-31 01:45:13

DeirdreS: …sometimes a small frustration is just one thing too many.

2012-05-31 01:44:49

DeirdreS: All psyched to make biscuits which I haven’t had since I realized I’m allergic to Bisquik, and I can’t find the baking powder…

2012-05-30 02:53:12

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman how was that? Haven’t read it in 30 years.

2012-05-30 23:38:02

DeirdreS: ALBERT EINSTEIN: The important thing

2012-05-30 22:56:04

DeirdreS: RT @dapsays: If you debug Node in production, you’ll be interested in my talk at #fluentconf tomorrow:

2012-05-30 21:25:03

DeirdreS: RT @ahl: presenting DTrace for Oracle at @NoCOUG tomorrow at 4pm with @dboptimizer (also of @delphixcorp); join us!

2012-05-30 20:58:55

DeirdreS: @scottherson It can always drop further.

2012-05-30 20:25:32

DeirdreS: “like many TCKs in this world, I have learned more about goodbyes than anyone should ever know”

2012-05-30 20:20:34

DeirdreS: Dear @bitly I now have to cut and paste to get a URL’s title into a tweet from the Chrome extension. This is an annoying extra step.

2012-05-30 20:18:29

DeirdreS: Top 10 Signs Your Enterprise Doesn’t ‘Get’ Open Source | Red Hat Services

2012-05-30 17:43:56

DeirdreS: @hollyburns Placebo?

2012-05-30 16:08:29

DeirdreS: Hand-Writing – A new autobiographical piece:

2012-05-30 16:00:03

DeirdreS: 4 years ago my daughter graduated from Woodstock School

2012-05-30 15:40:13

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Joyent’s Dave Pacheco to speak at @FluentConf about Node.js in Production, Debugging and Perf Analysis. See you there! http: …

2012-05-30 05:59:05

DeirdreS: @vambenepe Oh, so lawsuits are a family thing? 😉

2012-05-30 05:22:45

DeirdreS: RT @deirdresm: OH: Are you sure that Kardashia is not one of the countries Deirdre is visiting this year? – On behalf of all Deirdres: NO!

2012-05-30 05:21:12

DeirdreS: RT @dino246gts: Epic #dumbass award goes to… Lmfao… Check it out! #mitt2012 #withmitt

2012-05-29 22:43:14

DeirdreS: @izs You sure that’s not the pain medication? 😉

2012-05-29 21:50:32

DeirdreS: Shopping therapy doesn’t work for me. Probably just as well.

2012-05-29 21:48:56

DeirdreS: @deirdresm too bad we can’t know more about the first @deirdre on twitter. She is by definition the leading Deirdre. 😉

2012-05-29 20:22:21

DeirdreS: RT @dberkholz: If the secretive NSA manages to contribute to open source (GPL, no less), any company’s “inability” to do so is just excuses.

2012-05-29 20:21:54

DeirdreS: @bobthomson70 I don’t care about global influence nearly as much as I care about a bunch of religious whackjobs trying to run my life.

2012-05-29 19:35:28

DeirdreS: Ok, this might make an iPad make sense, if you add a Dvorak-capable keyboard (any recommendations on that?).

2012-05-29 19:27:40

DeirdreS: RT @stevel: dear recruiters, when you say “Talent Acquisition Team” i hear “We are Borg. Resistance is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated”.

2012-05-29 19:26:52

DeirdreS: RT @postwait: This system supports ZFS pool feature flags.
Successfully upgraded ‘data’ from version 28 to version 5000.
The #future of …

2012-05-29 18:52:59

DeirdreS: .@bobthomson70 I’m more or less expecting the US to split up sometime this century. I don’t want to live in the Republic of Gilead.

2012-05-29 18:43:15

DeirdreS: Ouch. “In Europe, a Dispute Over Facts and Fairness” –

2012-05-29 17:39:42

DeirdreS: RT @LOLGOP: This is your daily reminder that Mitt Romney hasn’t released his birth certificate, his tax returns or an actual plan to red …

2012-05-29 15:35:42

DeirdreS: How did I miss them before? Brilliant! (Also: rude!) 29/31 by Garfunkel and Oates – YouTube

2012-05-29 15:17:17

DeirdreS: RT @nosigorg: Announcing 4th NOSIG meeting, on SmartOS, with Max Bruning from Joyent speaking 2x 1 hour. Details: …

2012-05-29 15:07:02

DeirdreS: new bloc post (a bit of autobiography: Back to School

2012-05-29 07:07:25

DeirdreS: RT @rosso: Another earthquake…long one #milan #terremoto

2012-05-29 06:29:04

DeirdreS: A brilliant and disturbing piece of art: “Il sogno degli italiani”: (The Italian Dream)

2012-05-29 06:26:06

DeirdreS: The best thing tech marketers can do now is foster conversation between creators and users of technology – then get the hell out of the way.

2012-05-29 06:20:56

DeirdreS: I prefer my own definition: Everything that touches the customer is marketing, including UI design, customer service, social media – & more

2012-05-29 06:12:51

DeirdreS: “Marketing is…” – only marketers could have come up with the essentially meaningless definition given here

2012-05-29 05:13:17

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman Yes, I am more terrified of having enough insurance for that to be done to me, than of not having it – which says a lot.

2012-05-29 05:08:08

DeirdreS: @missbhavens Not on tumblr so I’ll tell you here: You are the absolute opposite of boring!

2012-05-29 04:08:59

DeirdreS: “This is not just wrongheaded but steals the life from everyone involved.”

2012-05-29 03:14:16

DeirdreS: @shanley Immed reduce heat to lowest, cover pot, set timer for 15 mins. When timer goes off, fluff with a fork. That’s it. This is for white

2012-05-29 03:13:23

DeirdreS: @shanley When water is at rolling boil, put in rice. Keep boiling until water is boiled down to top of rice surface, stirring occasionally..

2012-05-29 03:12:40

DeirdreS: @shanley How to make rice: 1/2 cup rice per person, twice that amount water. Put water in pot with salt, bring to boil over med heat…

2012-05-29 03:03:30

DeirdreS: @ryancnelson

2012-05-29 01:41:57

DeirdreS: “legislatures are ordering doctors to lie about medical evidence, the patient’s condition, their own medical judgment”

2012-05-29 01:19:49

DeirdreS: “The only thing he can do is defeat you. if that means more to you than your country, you shouldn’t be in Congress”

2012-05-29 01:16:08

DeirdreS: @dberkholz See you at CLS then – and looking forward to meeting you!

2012-05-29 01:06:03

DeirdreS: RT @markjaquith: Water drips from crucifix. Faithful proclaim it a miracle and drink the water. Skeptic investigates. **Sewage leak** ht …

2012-05-29 00:55:32

DeirdreS: new: Back to School

2012-05-28 23:41:20

DeirdreS: “Someone on the Internet thinks what you’re doing is stupid or evil or it’s all been done before… Make good art.”

2012-05-28 22:19:50

DeirdreS: @pelegri Apparently, according to the developers of a tony San Jose shopping center, Italy and Spain are irterchangeable.

2012-05-28 21:52:30

DeirdreS: “you must leave everything that you cannot control; it begins with your family, but soon it comes round to your soul”

2012-05-28 21:44:55

DeirdreS: @pelegri – @timbray suggested maybe they were going for Catalan. If so, they got that wrong, too.

2012-05-28 17:56:54

DeirdreS: “Future anthropologists might conclude that the people who called themselves Americans worshiped War and Baseball”

2012-05-28 17:52:31

DeirdreS: @notmatt Indeed, that’s why the America’s Cup was held in Barcelona.

2012-05-28 17:51:48

DeirdreS: RT @pborenstein: @jasonh @postwait @markimbriaco Due to @bcantrill’s boyish good looks, I never thought to look at his shoes.
http://t.c …

2012-05-28 16:45:11

DeirdreS: RT @didacog: RT @slidebot *New!* DTrace for biginners part(1) (by shojiha 2012-05-26) [ja][DL:OK] #Trac – Japanese

2012-05-28 16:40:13

DeirdreS: “there’s the possibility of the death of their memory and legacy, of the true story of who and what they were”

2012-05-28 16:08:54

DeirdreS: @timbray In Catalan it would be Plaça. I suspect these architects wouldn’t know Catalan if it bit them.

2012-05-28 16:00:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I attended and spoke at FemCamp Bologna 2007

2012-05-28 16:00:02

DeirdreS: 8 years ago I wrote: Italian Law and Naming Your Baby

2012-05-28 01:55:59

DeirdreS: If you must try to display “European sophistication”: Italy or Spain, pick one and DON’T MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF.

2012-05-28 01:51:28

DeirdreS: RT @harschness: FAQ: LIKE A BOSS

2012-05-27 22:45:16

DeirdreS: Accidentally ended up in an enclave of too much money chasing too little taste. Fled precipitately.

2012-05-27 21:18:30

DeirdreS: RT @brainpicker: What can I say? Sir David Attenborough narrates clip of turtle having sex with shoe

2012-05-27 15:31:38

DeirdreS: Replacements Limited’s Stand for Gay Marriage Has a Cost –

2012-05-27 05:05:19

DeirdreS: @nancygandhi Well, I am.

2012-05-27 04:45:19

DeirdreS: @_Bas1L @sriramnrn Such an event should show up here (add it if it doesn’t), and/or we’d love to help set one up!

2012-05-27 01:34:38

DeirdreS: My great, great grandchild.

2012-05-27 00:11:27

DeirdreS: @NaadiaSheriff @ruperthowe …for some value of “normal”. Rocky on!

2012-05-26 19:18:15

DeirdreS: @rod11 @jasonh @bcantrill We need to get it on video. I’ve seen it once or twice but don’t remember it. I hate shoes with laces.

2012-05-26 04:15:40

DeirdreS: Watching “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Of course.

2012-05-25 22:54:53

DeirdreS: .@vondanmcintyre Bought and re-read Dreamsnake recently – it was as good as I remembered, or better. #ebook #sciencefiction #biotechnology

2012-05-25 22:47:12

DeirdreS: RT @iamdanryan: I’m rewriting the Linux kernel because it’s not written in Node.js. Please fund me.

2012-05-25 22:35:32

DeirdreS: RT @KellyOSullivan: Funny how >99% of the people I hear saying there is no #waronwomen are men.

2012-05-25 21:22:07

DeirdreS: RT @pbeyssac: When I said Oracle is now a compass that shows the south… blaming Sun HW is really osé.

2012-05-25 18:28:13

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine @notmatt and the measurable benefits are less than biology would have us believe

2012-05-25 16:59:47

DeirdreS: @mcavage One thing that baffles me is that Americans take so little of the measly vacation time they have. Everyone needs a break.

2012-05-25 16:55:02

DeirdreS: @mcavage It would be better for all to give them a 3-month sabbatical right now.

2012-05-25 16:40:27

DeirdreS: @jonasthaler For an idea what this might look like in practice, read @DavidBrin1’s Kil’n People.

2012-05-25 16:38:45

DeirdreS: .@jonasthaler Yes, I’m never not doing stuff, but I’d enjoy more time for non-work stuff. Everything feeds back into everything else anyway.

2012-05-25 15:55:43

DeirdreS: The Case For A 21-Hour Work Week: “may be the only way a modern global society won’t overwhelm the earth’s resources”

2012-05-25 09:59:07

DeirdreS: @sturadnidge There, there… I still have some stickers I could send you:

2012-05-25 05:00:43

DeirdreS: I work with a lot of truly amazing people. Yes, I know how lucky I am.

2012-05-25 02:18:52

DeirdreS: Belated HT to @izs for my earlier link to Yeh’s – he said “Speakers at @nodejs events, Please read this”. Nodies rock!

2012-05-25 02:16:50

DeirdreS: @vdotw would it help if I said @rosso and @michellefabio are friends of mine and known good eaters? 😉

2012-05-25 02:14:21

DeirdreS: Just downloaded The Unofficial Guide to Nutella FREE today on Kindle by @rosso + @michellefabio

2012-05-25 00:13:00

DeirdreS: RT @postwait: This is a good idea. US citizens: sign it.

2012-05-24 23:53:06

DeirdreS: .@robtreat2 SmartOS is open source. Whatever belongs in core illumos is already there, or will be. Some things just don’t belong.

2012-05-24 23:45:33

DeirdreS: SmartOS News: May 24, 2012 –

2012-05-24 23:08:04

DeirdreS: “One can’t talk rationally or on any evidence-based discussion of tax policy. It’s assumed cutting taxes does good.”

2012-05-24 22:01:49

DeirdreS: “Speaking up when you see someone wronged sends a powerful message, needn’t take any special courage or eloquent words”

2012-05-24 20:46:33

DeirdreS: RT @heinz_gies: @DeirdreS The proper answer to that would be: “The Keyboard!” – GROAN!

2012-05-24 20:46:09

DeirdreS: @dave_miner I strongly regret that I didn’t just take all those copies left in MPK. Did they eventually find good homes?

2012-05-24 18:45:57

DeirdreS: If you describe yourself as a rockstar, I will probably look confused and ask: “What instrument do you play?” I’m kinda dense that way.

2012-05-24 18:36:21

DeirdreS: @quasi42 I removed the FB Like button from my personal site, felt it too intrusive on my readers.

2012-05-24 18:35:10

DeirdreS: The OpenSolaris Bible – and exactly how it’s still useful for SmartOS and illumos

2012-05-24 17:31:32


2012-05-24 16:26:18

DeirdreS: RT @TomRaftery: Hilarious email exchange between an Australian and his US neighbour – sheer brilliance /via @rascierto

2012-05-24 16:21:40

DeirdreS: RT @HeidiPfeifle: “Love more, fear less. Float more, steer less.” I love this! Thank you @Halcyon – still have that on a sticker he gave me

2012-05-24 16:20:43

DeirdreS: @WITI I think it’s purely age and sex, which is about all the information FB has about me – plus my friends, of course. #rude

2012-05-24 15:57:52

DeirdreS: RT @caroline_leigh: Presenting “Campaign Followup — What to do with a Lead?” at #MUS12 w/ @mcp823 @Joyent today at 10:20 in Imperial Room B

2012-05-24 15:57:42

DeirdreS: @caroline_leigh Break a leg!

2012-05-24 15:56:43

DeirdreS: @hirojin For some parts of my job, it’s helpful to know what the trends are in online advertising, and I have ads on my personal site…

2012-05-24 15:37:56

DeirdreS: Beginning to find the “wrinkle cures” ads on Facebook downright offensive.

2012-05-24 06:29:33

DeirdreS: Accidentally undercalculated tip on tonight’s dinner, feel bad about it. OTOH suspect they accidentally gave me soy, so I also feel ill.

2012-05-24 06:20:35

DeirdreS: @jmclulow Absolutely.

2012-05-24 05:44:59

DeirdreS: RT @stevenkaas: Yo Doug, I put a strange loop in your strange loop, so you can Hofstadt while you Hofstadt.

2012-05-24 05:44:18

DeirdreS: @AmnaAhmad schadentheme

2012-05-24 03:23:05

DeirdreS: A community is not something we own; our ability to “manage” it is very limited. “Lead” and “nurture” might be better ways to think of it.

2012-05-24 03:12:26

DeirdreS: RT @willsnow: @adrianco yeah, umm I did that on for quite a while. Works great!

2012-05-24 03:09:51

DeirdreS: Ah, now I remember – Storify is built on node.js, so your geeks are kinda my geeks too! #octribe

2012-05-24 03:00:14

DeirdreS: …because one thing about community is: you don’t get to choose where the conversation happens. #octribe

2012-05-24 02:50:05

DeirdreS: Ok, Storify looks good. Will it pull in irc? 😉 Thats where my community hangs out. #octribe

2012-05-24 02:45:18

DeirdreS: Your content, even as a brand, has to be more than “we’re great.” #octribe

2012-05-24 02:36:57

DeirdreS: Make your community a safe place where everyone has a voice. #octribe

2012-05-24 02:35:07

DeirdreS: “The only thing we can give others is good info.” #octribe

2012-05-24 02:32:43

DeirdreS: It’s getting harder to make pop culture references that everyone gets. No matter how popular. Many don’t watch TV at all anymore.

2012-05-24 02:27:24

DeirdreS: “Step 1: Own it.” That is, your screwup. Yup. #octribe

2012-05-24 02:21:08

DeirdreS: At #octribe meetup on “what to do when your community wants to kill you”. Maybe need a session on stopping them killing each other.

2012-05-24 01:22:09

DeirdreS: @HumanityCritic that would include me

2012-05-23 18:47:41

DeirdreS: @HTNMMO Just plain illumos.

2012-05-23 18:31:43

DeirdreS: RT @gustaf: Voxer save 25+ billion events per day, millions of daily users. We’re hiring a Data Scientist

2012-05-23 18:26:07

DeirdreS: What Joyent has Added in SmartOS –

2012-05-23 17:58:56

DeirdreS: Colleague @mcavage has some talents I only recently learned about: YouTube

2012-05-23 17:52:50

DeirdreS: “the Catholic Church had taken $2.9 billion from federal government to pay for charitable efforts the Church provides”

2012-05-23 06:31:17

DeirdreS: “I understand the economy because I’ve lived in it” -Romney – pretty sure he’s living in a different economy than most

2012-05-23 04:34:14

DeirdreS: Daily Kos: Wall Street Journal – “Obama spending binge never happened”

2012-05-23 04:33:20

DeirdreS: Just realizing I am in one of those calm-before-the-storm phases. Summer is going to be hellabusy.

2012-05-23 03:43:27

DeirdreS: RT @aRealLiveGhost: your body is a collection of beautifully complex systems and processes. are you really gonna use it to type somethin …

2012-05-23 03:41:36

DeirdreS: @pborenstein 20 years ago? I was married. <wry smile>

2012-05-23 03:27:06

DeirdreS: RT @fakedansavage: Sexual compatibility is IMPORTANT in long-term, sexually-exclusive relationships! Establish it before you marry! #SavageU

2012-05-23 02:44:59

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: works as advertised; just checked with both known-to-be-cracked and uncracked accounts

2012-05-23 02:35:09

DeirdreS: It is inevitable that the earth will have 10B people – but religion has nothing to do with it. Hans Rosling

2012-05-23 02:12:41

DeirdreS: “Taxing the rich to make investments to make the middle class thrive is the single shrewdest thing we can do for [all]”

2012-05-23 00:45:36

DeirdreS: RT @BarackObama: “All men are created equal. No matter how hard they try, they can never erase those words. That is what America is abou …

2012-05-23 23:07:01

DeirdreS: @pborenstein The Church’s influence is partly based on its claims about membership. I don’t wish to be part of the inflation of that number.

2012-05-23 23:06:37

DeirdreS: @pborenstein When you leave there, you are no longer on the tax rolls…

2012-05-23 22:47:22

DeirdreS: @pborenstein Supposedly “If you’ve been baptized, the church counts you as a member for life.” I don’t want to be counted as such.

2012-05-23 22:37:10

DeirdreS: @jasonh Yelp can tell you that. Or I can.

2012-05-23 22:31:21

DeirdreS: I was baptized Catholic, and want to make damn sure I’m not counted as such in anyone’s data. How do I officially secede from the Church?

2012-05-23 21:51:41

DeirdreS: Hey @OpenJonathan I’ll be mentioning your name at in a workshop on “The Changing Role of Technology Marketers”

2012-05-23 21:49:12

DeirdreS: RT @OpenJonathan: Hey @ZDNetRachel and @CalebGarling, thank you for your tireless typing (and good humor). Best telenovela evr. – Agree!

2012-05-23 21:39:29

DeirdreS: @bcantrill Ask him – he’s got tutorial videos! Massive coolness. And I do truly love the banjo.

2012-05-23 21:18:31

DeirdreS: Congratulations to @webmink: OSI Board Elects New Officers | Open Source Initiative

2012-05-23 21:12:26

DeirdreS: More Joyent talents coming out of the woodwork today: – we must form a company band!

2012-05-23 19:57:18

DeirdreS: And The Number 1 Way To Look Like An Idiot Is…

2012-05-23 19:22:51

DeirdreS: @HTNMMO Yes, we rely heavily on Crossbow – some key cloud features depend on it. And other forms of virtualization, see

2012-05-22 21:25:42

DeirdreS: RT @nodekc: If you’re around next Tuesday, come have a few beers and talk about Node with @edsai and @hij1nx:

2012-05-22 20:45:23

DeirdreS: RT @jnsaff: Used it for 6 months now, worthit! “@joyent: Free Trial of Joyent’s #Cloud Software! Download SmartDataCenter Today! http: …

2012-05-22 20:27:19


2012-05-22 19:58:25

DeirdreS: RT @nosigorg: Headsup: on June 14th we’ll have Max Bruning of Joyent present on SmartOS for 2 full hours. Working to have this Ustream-e …

2012-05-22 18:19:02

DeirdreS: RT @fakedansavage: A marriage, for that matter, is only as real as the two people in it decide to make it. All human relationships are b …

2012-05-22 18:05:04

DeirdreS: RT @leapingwoman: get community input by any means possible from face2face to online chats & surveys. involve them in research, plan …

2012-05-22 17:56:58

DeirdreS: RT @leapingwoman: A7: org must be committed to enabling community members & their voices, not just pushing own message #CommBuild

2012-05-22 16:38:11

DeirdreS: The Republican assault on women’s rights and health is undeniable, severe and continuing. –

2012-05-22 15:00:26

DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote: Rubber Ducky

2012-05-22 03:26:49

DeirdreS: @jasonh treat @deirdresm well – she’s one of the Deirdre club, obviously!

2012-05-22 01:35:37

DeirdreS: @philiph “We don’t want rockstars, we want your kid brother’s garage band.”

2012-05-21 23:04:18

DeirdreS: RT @KI4OTK: Represent! #smartos #illumos #opensolaris

2012-05-21 22:11:12

DeirdreS: @angelcamacho @dudulima And I hope to see you both soon!

2012-05-21 19:59:19

DeirdreS: RT @ericschrock: Congrats to @csiden (and @mahrens1 and @bcrow) on perhaps the most significant #illumos push yet with ZFS feature flags…

2012-05-21 19:59:04

DeirdreS: Sigh. The “good” thing about virulent anti-gay rhetoric from whack jobs is that most sane people equate it with racist rants of the 60s.

2012-05-21 19:53:35

DeirdreS: “If you wanted to kill someone, there had to be a reason.” Mafia boss breaks silence over Roberto Calvi killing

2012-05-21 18:30:04

DeirdreS: RT @KI4OTK: To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee. #AWS

2012-05-21 18:16:31

DeirdreS: illumos News: May 21, 2012

2012-05-21 17:35:29

DeirdreS: @willsnow tearing down is some form of flattery, often practiced by the extremely insecure on those who need not give a damn.

2012-05-21 17:05:33

DeirdreS: new post: The Last of OpenSolaris – your comments and memories welcome!

2012-05-21 15:33:26

DeirdreS: Drama in my blog comments, someone want to help with a takedown for a cheating boyfriend? Italian Idiom and Sayings

2012-05-21 15:02:31

DeirdreS: @simonmcc Ooh, great name!

2012-05-21 03:43:03

DeirdreS: @densone @shanley Welcome to the family!

2012-05-21 02:32:41

DeirdreS: Eclipse shadows

2012-05-20 03:19:07

DeirdreS: NAACP endorses gay marriage

2012-05-20 03:11:42

DeirdreS: @shainsingh There are probably millions of them in used bookstores in Italy…

2012-05-20 00:24:48

DeirdreS: Thanks @lewellyn for coming all the way over to see Yellow Submarine with me!

2012-05-20 22:23:10

DeirdreS: People are just… complicated. Maybe society would work better if we all gave up our ideas of what anyone “should” be

2012-05-20 22:11:36

DeirdreS: Jon Stewart, Religion Teacher Extraordinaire | Religion & Politics

2012-05-20 20:33:32

DeirdreS: @KI4OTK Maybe because god is looking after them, so they don’t need to be careful.

2012-05-20 17:02:35

DeirdreS: @dhoeffer ah, good point – hadn’t had enough coffee to see that

2012-05-20 16:19:11

DeirdreS: “Think about young women who struggle with math for reasons that have nothing to do with their innate intelligence”

2012-05-20 16:00:03

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I filmed my dad: What am I Doing Here? An American Civilian in Vietnam

2012-05-20 15:16:37

DeirdreS: Very puzzled by – There was a major earthquake and you lead with owls?!?

2012-05-19 18:55:41

DeirdreS: @lewellyn 3d row from screen, center. Not that it’s crowded…

2012-05-19 18:47:48

DeirdreS: “Like” IRL

2012-05-19 17:16:13

DeirdreS: @lewellyn let me know when you’re 30 mins out

2012-05-19 17:13:33

DeirdreS: @lewellyn Ok, see you there!

2012-05-19 17:13:10

DeirdreS: @shainsingh

2012-05-19 16:34:08

DeirdreS: .@pfuetz @rbarraud It was fun to go to Santa Clara after that and see lots of people wearing “my” shirts, perhaps in protest.

2012-05-19 16:32:21

DeirdreS: @shainsingh Have fun! #Dtrace #Backtrack5R2 ps did you know Diabolik was created by two Italian women?

2012-05-19 16:31:48

DeirdreS: .@rbarraud …at least the engineers finally got them – before only those who went to conferences got any OpenSolaris schwag

2012-05-19 16:30:46

DeirdreS: .@rbarraud I gave away 3000 t-shirts to ex-Sun staff in mid-2010 because we were no longer allowed to give them outside the company…

2012-05-19 16:02:03

DeirdreS: Added a new Flower Gallery: Poppies

2012-05-19 15:54:55

DeirdreS: .@vdotw Heh. Friend says her OpenSolaris baseball cap gets her chatted up by geeks everywhere.

2012-05-19 14:57:43

DeirdreS: RT @fysaen: Testing SmartOS from Joyent. ZFS+DTrace+Zones+KVM what a lovely combination.

2012-05-19 14:40:50

DeirdreS: “weight change takes a very long time. All diets work. But the reaction time is really slow: on the order of a year”

2012-05-19 14:28:42

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan In this case, it was probably because Larry loves red,

2012-05-19 06:36:25

DeirdreS: The Avergers was fun, product placement not too obtrusive, nice to see the Sun logo but pretty sure those servers are not red in real life.

2012-05-19 06:29:50

DeirdreS: @FilmCritHULK One nit: the people in the sium were speaking flawless Hindi – in Calcutta? Should have been Bengali.

2012-05-19 06:28:30

DeirdreS: @FilmCritHULK Saw, then read – now mad I missed final final scene (someone was waiting). Have to see it again in 2D; 3D was hard to see.

2012-05-19 05:00:23

DeirdreS: In the 1st min of the Avengers I thought: “How did they get Hans Rosling to be in a movie?”

2012-05-19 01:18:49

DeirdreS: .@BattleshipMovie if you were all that grateful, you’d give them free tix and not try to profit from pseudo-patriotic BS

2012-05-19 01:16:43

DeirdreS: @JewelStaite I liked you just fine as a girl who looked like she dared to eat cheeseburgers. Yes, I know the camera adds pounds etc etc

2012-05-19 01:13:43

DeirdreS: RT @SteveMartinToGo: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: A thing that will be something soon, coming, I’m sure, in the future, at some point.

2012-05-19 01:13:04

DeirdreS: To understand my childhood, start by seeing Yellow Submarine, Fantasia, and Hair. The latter came late, but wrenches my guts out still.

2012-05-19 00:01:17

DeirdreS: Oh, these boys won’t let me be – Poor Poor Pitiful Me –

2012-05-18 02:09:49

DeirdreS: I think I’ll just stay off the social media for a few days now. Got work to do, and it will all just piss me off.

2012-05-18 01:51:10

DeirdreS: George Carlin – Mohammed Ali, Vietnam the US Government YouTube

2012-05-18 00:23:25

DeirdreS: New version of SmartOS available, including a VMWare image for testing virtualized – thanks, @johnnysunshine !

2012-05-18 00:17:49

DeirdreS: @ginatrapani Or becoming ill about it all.

2012-05-18 23:21:18

DeirdreS: Books

2012-05-18 23:09:54

DeirdreS: This may give @brendangregg an edge in the never-ending office Mario Kart battle.

2012-05-18 23:00:18

DeirdreS: Huh. So I got my name just after a peak for Deirdre, but still not much of a peak –

2012-05-18 21:12:47

DeirdreS: Any complex technology is made by many people who must work together. Whether we like it or not, relationships are crucial – always will be.

2012-05-18 21:10:00

DeirdreS: @AlecMuffett That is, one martini of each

2012-05-18 21:09:21

DeirdreS: @alexr I have a feeling I do not want to know what, if any, specific jargon is associated with this.

2012-05-18 21:08:47

DeirdreS: @AlecMuffett Well exactly. I could use one of each about now.

2012-05-18 21:06:35

DeirdreS: @AlecMuffett I will take any of the above!

2012-05-18 21:05:53

DeirdreS: @voxer No one here to take it right now, but we’ll get one!

2012-05-18 20:39:52

DeirdreS: @lskrocki not yet, anyway…

2012-05-18 20:31:06

DeirdreS: I guess it’s appropriate that I’m wearing my @voxer shirt today 😉

2012-05-18 20:28:42

DeirdreS: .@kevinclosson A bunch of us used to work for Sun, whose acquisition by Oracle was extremely traumatic for many – suffering PTSD of sorts.

2012-05-18 19:37:24

DeirdreS: .@kevinclosson Dan’s very good to his “noncomms”. Grateful for the 100s of tech vids I’ve made? Thank Dan: his idea & bought the 1st camera.

2012-05-18 19:34:01

DeirdreS: RT @xeni: STOCKENFREUDE (n): That feeling you get, as someone who loathes Facebook, seeing FB shares crap out on IPO day.

2012-05-18 19:31:14

DeirdreS: Dangit @FilmCritHULK I have to wait to read the rest because I have not seen The Avengers yet – life’s been nuts. This weekend, I hope…

2012-05-18 18:44:04

DeirdreS: RT @templedf: That is some kinda funny -> RT @Deadspin: The helpful Dadspin guide to feeding a baby, from warming to barfing. http:// …

2012-05-18 18:22:06

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: The Nuts and Bolts of Joyent SmartDataCenter w/ James Duncan, CTO customer engagement. Webcast 5/22 @10 am PT. Join us. http …

2012-05-18 18:12:50

DeirdreS: LinkedIn asks “What did you do as Secretary to the OGB at OpenSolaris Community?” – “Watched a community die” probably not the right answer.

2012-05-18 17:59:03

DeirdreS: On June 5th I’ll be speaking at WITI’s Women Powering Technology Summit on “The Changing Role of Technology Marketers”

2012-05-18 17:50:23

DeirdreS: Growl? When you give a notification that I have “one new message from Sarah Jessica Parker,” it better be that I can sleep with her husband.

2012-05-18 17:48:07

DeirdreS: .@AnastasiaAshman @KellyOSullivan @getstoried My super community power has a lot to do with growing up a TCK. I genuinely like most people.

2012-05-18 17:46:13

DeirdreS: .@diogobaeder I consider it a given: don’t take a job you can’t be passionate about, don’t hire someone who won’t be. And it’s hard to fake.

2012-05-18 17:31:34

DeirdreS: “entrepreneurs in the north have been committing suicide for fear their businesses were going under.”

2012-05-18 16:31:20

DeirdreS: xkcd: Klout

2012-05-18 16:21:39

DeirdreS: @bdha Yes, @brendangregg failing to make a good case for tourism in his homeland.

2012-05-18 16:21:05

DeirdreS: RT @PeterKretzman: RT @stephengillett: logged into MySpace after 5 yrs. PK: people (investors) should contemplate how fleeting social ne …

2012-05-18 16:20:51

DeirdreS: @izs Is it a good sandwich? And don’t you have to dance tango while eating it?

2012-05-18 16:20:34

DeirdreS: @mcavage Yes, I’m afraid to go there now.

2012-05-18 15:59:45

DeirdreS: Thank you @nonstick (I think) for recommending the amazingly wonderful Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants.

2012-05-18 15:58:32

DeirdreS: I have learned that there are aggresive poisonous spiders in the world that will hunt you and attack you. Now I’m having spider nightmares.

2012-05-18 15:52:45

DeirdreS: RT @pborenstein: Of all the things I don’t want to watch Zuck doing, this is — oh you meant the IPO thing? Nah.
MT @mbaratz: Wanna see …

2012-05-17 23:07:26

DeirdreS: @simonmcc congrats to all!

2012-05-17 23:06:14

DeirdreS: .@ruperthowe MORE than enough

2012-05-17 23:05:50

DeirdreS: RT @ruperthowe: Facebook’s hubris is almost enough to make me wish for a total meltdown next week.

2012-05-17 23:01:20

DeirdreS: @Joanmarie “one of these things is not like the other”?

2012-05-17 22:59:30

DeirdreS: RT @LaCarrieraRosa: Pwa-Professional women’s association Milan ha vinto il Primo Premio Ambrogio Lorenzetti categoria Associazioni enti …

2012-05-17 20:02:27

DeirdreS: .@FastCompany Maybe we’re now using that brain space for something more useful than a list of phone numbers.

2012-05-17 19:23:45

DeirdreS: These words are meaningless in professional bios, job descriptions: passionate, rockstar, authority, recognized, forward-thinking, expert.

2012-05-17 19:06:14

DeirdreS: Reminder: you can try Joyent’s SmartDataCenter for free, some introductory videos here:

2012-05-17 17:33:37

DeirdreS: “Works for me” is acceptable neither as a testing methodology nor as a customer service attitude.

2012-05-17 17:19:38

DeirdreS: Will online form designers EVER learn good UI? It’s been 20+ years, people. Show respect for the time I must spend dealing with you.

2012-05-17 16:28:16

DeirdreS: @NomdeB Privileged doesn’t always mean heartless or insensitive, esp about how one is perceived by peers. Most want to be thought “nice”.

2012-05-17 16:26:02

DeirdreS: @NomdeB Seems to me some might need validation /because/ they know a stay-at-home spouse is a luxury not all can afford.

2012-05-17 16:15:04

DeirdreS: .@NomdeB Everyone likes others to validate their own choices by doing much the same thing; it’s just human.

2012-05-17 16:04:28

DeirdreS: @MogdenPong Wow, blast from the past… I’ve seen that comic, ages ago.

2012-05-17 16:04:12

DeirdreS: RT @MogdenPong: @DeirdreS Women? In IT Depts? Fairly represented? Are you some sort of witch? See

2012-05-17 16:03:24

DeirdreS: .@NomdeB The point is that men whose wives stay home may unconsciously dislike wives who work, because we do not “validate” their choice.

2012-05-17 16:00:13

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I filmed: Hot Chestnuts! Two Romans Explain How

2012-05-17 08:12:08

DeirdreS: @sturadnidge Pff, 5 months in 5 years? Amateur! 😉

2012-05-17 05:00:29

DeirdreS: the success of married women invalidated the choices they and their wives had made about how to divide responsibilities

2012-05-17 04:40:56

DeirdreS: Minutes of today’s illumos Developers’ Council Meeting – Welcome @kebesays to illumos Advocates!

2012-05-17 04:05:59

DeirdreS: @kebesays Figured we should at least tell you before I publicize!

2012-05-17 03:24:14

DeirdreS: @philiph I rarely tweet a song where the lyrics don’t have significance. I’m a word person. Also: Jethro Tull way ruder than hip hop et al.

2012-05-17 01:31:06

DeirdreS: @jayrosen_nyu Confused. I could have sworn I saw that talk advertised by @TEDchris – I had even meant to watch it. ???

2012-05-17 00:13:02

DeirdreS: It’s a tossup between standing squished in a crowded train, or waiting in a station smelling of piss for one I might get a seat on .

2012-05-16 23:36:37

DeirdreS: mdb tab completion in illumos

2012-05-16 23:35:00

DeirdreS: @notmatt I beg to differ!

2012-05-16 22:48:03

DeirdreS: RT @dysinger: “troll it forward”

2012-05-16 22:05:41

DeirdreS: 1/4 of respondents – those who have no women in IT management roles – believe women fairly represented in their dept

2012-05-16 21:57:11

DeirdreS: @philiph

2012-05-16 21:39:44

DeirdreS: “The game is easier to play, automatically, and when you need help, by default it’s easier to get.”

2012-05-16 21:30:51

DeirdreS: Director’s Prelude was great – see you at the concert? I’ll be going on Friday June 15th SFGMC Unplugged

2012-05-16 20:40:48

DeirdreS: RT @gwr755: @safekidsusa published our story about Alec, to help promote awareness of choking hazards. Please RT.

2012-05-16 16:35:13

DeirdreS: RT @j05e: I think now would be a good time to learn DTrace – Have fun! here are some resources to help you get started:

2012-05-16 16:32:31

DeirdreS: I’ll be speaking on “The Changing Role of Technology Marketers” at WITI’s Women Powering Technology Summit – June 3-5

2012-05-16 16:00:01

DeirdreS: 3 years ago I advised my Sun colleagues on Transitioning Your Online Identity

2012-05-16 15:53:12

DeirdreS: RT @DrJenGunter: I have not been silent -> Where are all the doctors?

2012-05-16 15:20:57

DeirdreS: “”We have to give a sense that we are not a dying country – but we are not large enough to have a critical mass”

2012-05-16 06:12:27

DeirdreS: Already bored to death of the Facebook IPO.

2012-05-16 03:47:27

DeirdreS: @alanc Exactly. I’m getting similar stuff, and worse.I can’t believe FB makes much revenue from this kind of ad.

2012-05-16 01:35:29

DeirdreS: “ads can seem creepy and intrusive, no matter the high standards Facebook holds them to.” WHAT high standards?

2012-05-15 22:50:41

DeirdreS: back to back desperate emails from Netflix and Tivo. Give up, guys. I just don’t care for your “entertainment” anymore.

2012-05-15 21:23:37

DeirdreS: RT @CalebGarling: So, Alsup clarified he’s been coding for some time. He’d just never written in Java. – Rockstar judge!

2012-05-15 20:54:31

DeirdreS: RT @CalebGarling: Alsup tells Boies Oracle’s only doing damages because they haven’t won anything else and they’re in a fix. “This is a …

2012-05-15 20:37:59

DeirdreS: Trying to write bio for speaking engagement, brain curls up and whimpers at standard buzzwords. Can I just say: “I’m amazing, you’ll see” ?

2012-05-15 18:23:02

DeirdreS: .@bcantrill As long as we don’t have a General Butt Naked

2012-05-15 16:00:03

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I filmed my dad talking about the religious schism within our family: The Hundred Years’ War

2012-05-15 15:00:05

DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote: Frequent Flier: The Strange Perks of Business Class

2012-05-15 15:00:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I photographed some lovely retro packaging: Pastiglie Leone

2012-05-15 09:21:01

DeirdreS: Try Joyent’s SmartDataCenter – and some videos to get you started

2012-05-15 06:06:03

DeirdreS: RT @seldo: You know what’d be awesome? If Romney said “fuck yeah, I’ve got the nomination. I support gay marriage too!” and campaigned o …

2012-05-15 06:05:23

DeirdreS: The World in 1962 – The Atlantic – why is everyone so fixated on 1962? I guess it was a good year for me, but…?

2012-05-15 05:54:28

DeirdreS: “I read the comments. I ask for advice. I answer questions. I fix problems. I take fans at their word”

2012-05-15 04:06:47

DeirdreS: @nonstick @ditucci good lord. Who would ever tell another parent – that they’re not married to – that they’re doing it wrong?

2012-05-15 04:03:17

DeirdreS: @PeterKretzman of course my daughter was esp fond of that one!

2012-05-15 03:34:50

DeirdreS: RT @Arianna8927: Betty White endorses Obama; Ted Nugent endorses Romney. That’s all u need to know about this election.

2012-05-15 02:37:41

DeirdreS: SFGMC Director’s Prelude starts with one of my faves: “Mama I’m a big girl now”.

2012-05-15 00:45:00

DeirdreS: Can Tech Companies Continue To Innovate With No Women At The Table? | Fast Company

2012-05-15 00:37:58

DeirdreS: insanely: The Bad News: As Suspected, Rental Rates Have Increased Dramatically Over the Past Year

2012-05-14 03:26:25

DeirdreS: Joyent’s @ryancnelson shows how easy it is to install SmartDataCenter:

2012-05-14 03:11:14

DeirdreS: Turns out I’m doomed:

2012-05-14 03:03:35

DeirdreS: @redtwitdown Thanks, was just thinking I feel like the sorcerer’s apprentice: wave my wand, things happen – but it might get out of hand!

2012-05-14 02:33:39

DeirdreS: So, who wants to get their hands on Joyent’s SmartDataCenter… for free?

2012-05-14 02:28:30

DeirdreS: @edsai Gorgeous! Where are you winging your way to?

2012-05-14 02:27:56

DeirdreS: @SezinKoehler Nice to meet you!

2012-05-14 23:43:46

DeirdreS: @hridaybala More likely that I have forgotten more Hindi than you know, because I sadly have forgotten it. Buried under Italian.

2012-05-14 23:37:37

DeirdreS: @hridaybala But, hey, I’ve never lied about it. I’m very proud of my US-govt financed degree in South Asian languages!

2012-05-14 23:32:52

DeirdreS: “I want the best and brightest. Not a piece of paper.” – Almost NOTHING I have done in my career was learned in college

2012-05-14 23:11:34

DeirdreS: RT @dapsays: Quick post on the bug I mentioned last week: ( (debugging RangeError from a cor …

2012-05-14 22:41:44

DeirdreS: RT @dizzyd: Do not benchmark on ZFS. You will be sad when you have to run same code on Linux. #protip

2012-05-14 22:27:07

DeirdreS: Ops horror movie:

2012-05-14 21:47:41

DeirdreS: ” baffled that Dell would approve the booking of a speaker who will talk about how women should be kept down.”

2012-05-14 20:42:13

DeirdreS: RT @internetsurfing: Looking forward to a bit of Node.JS coding and then setting up SmartOS (, if you code Node.JS …

2012-05-14 20:22:54

DeirdreS: RT @maddow: US state reckons with its claim to fame: “…nearly triple Iran’s, 7 times China’s and 10 times Germany’s”

2012-05-14 20:21:03

DeirdreS: RT @pnoordhuis: Many thanks to @joyent for kindly providing access to a number of SmartOS machines to make sure Redis compiles and runs …

2012-05-14 17:15:23

DeirdreS: @SezinKoehler @AnastasiaAshman I think the WS crowd will respond. We’ve done 2 or 3 related collections already, see

2012-05-14 16:36:16

DeirdreS: @jonasthaler That’s exactly what it is – ghoulish rubbernecking.

2012-05-14 16:17:15

DeirdreS: @SezinKoehler I put out a call on FB last night re your requests for submission – lots of Woodstock alumni & parents

2012-05-14 15:47:28

DeirdreS: So, for those who missed this yesterday: who wants to get their hands on Joyent’s SmartDataCenter… for free?

2012-05-14 07:57:49

DeirdreS: “needing an American racial identity as he grew older but chafing also against it and over-embracing it at times.”

2012-05-14 07:22:40

DeirdreS: “those who define good mothering tell us a whole lot more about themselves than about the nature of motherhood.”

2012-05-14 06:38:51

DeirdreS: I’ve been adding new photos to my flower galleries, like this one: Rose Gallery: Yellow-Orange

2012-05-14 06:37:08

DeirdreS: @hridaybala Yes, he’s also a TCK – he and I have those things in common, at least.

2012-05-14 06:26:11

DeirdreS: “Woodstock staff… formed relationships that will stay with me the rest of my life”

2012-05-14 05:47:56

DeirdreS: Gay Myths Busted: Setting the Record Straight. – YouTube

2012-05-13 19:54:35

DeirdreS: Devoting the day to personal care. they’re giving me champagne, so that’s appropriate.

2012-05-13 01:29:02

DeirdreS: RT @ebertchicago: One man, one wife, says Romney–whose great-grandfather had five wives, and great-great-grandfather had 12.

2012-05-13 01:25:57

DeirdreS: @AmnaAhmad Drat. My very reliable daughter will be looking for a place starting mid-Aug. She’s great with pets, too.

2012-05-13 00:39:06

DeirdreS: I don’t respect their views. Their views are archaic and stupid – “team forfeits title rather than play against girl”

2012-05-12 00:34:03

DeirdreS: RT @ebertchicago: Many of us were foolish teenagers. Not many of us knelt on a smaller kid and chopped his hair off.

2012-05-12 22:14:34

DeirdreS: “least effective relaxation strategies: shopping, drinking, eating, playing video games, surfing Internet, watching TV”

2012-05-12 21:26:35

DeirdreS: @seldo You have my deepest sympathies. I strongly recommend lots of open source get-togethers.

2012-05-12 21:13:16

DeirdreS: @seldo If this surprises you, you have not been going to enough tech conferences!

2012-05-12 21:12:09

DeirdreS: @jamesaduncan Good thing you didn’t turn it on before looking…

2012-05-12 21:04:06

DeirdreS: @konobi Hmm, I dunno. I’m pretty sure the Bible doesn’t say you’re allowed to kiss Canadians.

2012-05-12 18:46:43

DeirdreS: old video: Centro Ippico Lombardo: Gara Sociale 1999

2012-05-12 18:26:06

DeirdreS: @pborenstein I never tried it because I could easily see myself being addicted. Got enough 2nd hand to have lungs like a smoker anyway.

2012-05-12 17:19:43

DeirdreS: “Yes: They hate us. It must be said.” Mona Eltahawy | Foreign Policy

2012-05-12 16:55:16

DeirdreS: @dapsays @brendangregg and Henry Moore, celebrating the birth of baby girl @bcantrill.

2012-05-12 16:32:56

DeirdreS: @defunkt Bubble time in every sense…

2012-05-12 06:24:02

DeirdreS: @3awadalla Not THE problem, but certainly A problem. A big one, sadly.

2012-05-12 05:20:53

DeirdreS: “we can be filled with holes loss wide expanses of unhealed geography—and we can also be excited, in love, content”

2012-05-12 05:06:31

DeirdreS: RT @Joanmarie: “Robotic butt is even stranger and creepier than it sounds” – that is a very accurate headline

2012-05-12 05:03:10

DeirdreS: @Joanmarie At the risk of being obvious, if you were dead you probably wouldn’t be tweeting.

2012-05-12 04:37:00

DeirdreS: RT @SniperWulfzen: I love @modcloth customer service <3 – Did you know they’re hosted on @joyent ?

2012-05-12 04:25:03

DeirdreS: RT @koolhead17: In Open Source community we work for T-Shirts. #justsaying

2012-05-11 23:19:39

DeirdreS: “Joyent is fine with other companies cloning its APIs, because its core intellectual property lies elsewhere” Wired

2012-05-11 23:14:57

DeirdreS: If I was still a webmaster, I’d be all over this: Co-browse for customer support, e-commerce and sales with GoInstant

2012-05-11 22:49:38

DeirdreS: @vdotw Gorgeous! As I knew you would be.

2012-05-11 19:56:48

DeirdreS: @vdotw photo!

2012-05-11 19:50:24

DeirdreS: .@dberkholz Well, exactly. I’m not on here to “interact” with brands, but with people. Most brands rarely have anything interesting to say.

2012-05-11 19:41:57

DeirdreS: “They don’t get it. They think they’re worth it. ” Liberty Mutual: Your premiums, his premium office

2012-05-11 19:32:52

DeirdreS: RT @stephenodonnell: ” A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”

2012-05-11 19:22:19

DeirdreS: RT @AjeyGore: @joyent looking forward to having a #SmartOS chef provisioned cloud on our infrastructure pretty soon! /cc @sriramnrn

2012-05-11 18:38:09

DeirdreS: RT @usenix: Women #sysadmins willing to serve on a “Women & Tech” panel at #LISA12 wanted: via @chris_st_pierre

2012-05-11 18:22:18

DeirdreS: Video playlist: illumos at SVLUG –

2012-05-11 17:52:18

DeirdreS: RT @BorowitzReport: Romney: “I oppose gay marriage because when they’re single they’re easier to pin to the ground.”

2012-05-11 16:00:04

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I wrote “the kids roamed the town until they found a bar they liked, where they settled in and had drinks.”

2012-05-11 15:47:51

DeirdreS: @avbelow I haven’t had the chance, except in the sense that “living well is the best revenge”.

2012-05-11 15:41:35

DeirdreS: NEW! illumos Hardware Compatibility List

2012-05-11 15:00:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I tried to decode Italian SMS-Speak

2012-05-11 10:34:05

DeirdreS: Once, someone who had bullied me in HS reappeared, “apologized”, was all sweetness & light. I later realized she hadn’t changed a bit.

2012-05-11 10:30:22

DeirdreS: RT @hellvinz: one week of daily usage of #smartos. Still liking it. so far the best os i’ve seen for hosting vm

2012-05-11 06:03:27

DeirdreS: @amandapalmer I don’t work for Google, but I can send you a DTrace pony with x-ray eyes:

2012-05-11 05:55:33

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan influential in priest? What does that even mean?

2012-05-11 02:25:39

DeirdreS: @bcantrill congrats to all! ‘

2012-05-11 02:19:39

DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: Welcome Susannah Shelby Gaffikin Cantrill, born 12:55pm at 8 lbs 11 oz; mom’s great and her brothers are thrilled! http:/ …

2012-05-11 01:02:04

DeirdreS: Damn. (Naughty language, in case you care.)

2012-05-11 00:42:54

DeirdreS: Well, that’s certainly an enticing subject line: YOU WILL BE COMPENSATED ADEQUATELY

2012-05-10 23:51:28

DeirdreS: @missbhavens and/or a sauna for me. The Korean spa is sounding really good right now, if it only had a bar.

2012-05-10 23:46:07

DeirdreS: @italylogue Yeah. There are some things I strongly prefer to buy there, but I don’t enjoy the experience. At all.

2012-05-10 23:44:04

DeirdreS: @missbhavens For you or someone else? As for me – it’s going to end in at least one martini

2012-05-10 21:34:59

DeirdreS: “the world’s governments are forcing the public to subsidize fossil fuels with hundreds of billions of $ per year”

2012-05-10 20:47:55

DeirdreS: @philliefoodie It’s been suggested you might enjoy this:

2012-05-10 19:27:33

DeirdreS: RT @seldo: Dear media: instead of focussing on dumb shit Romney did when he was 17, why not discuss dumb shit he advocates RIGHT NOW?

2012-05-10 18:27:12

DeirdreS: Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes – Kristin Andreassen – ReverbNation HT @musicjulia

2012-05-10 18:22:42

DeirdreS: Sometimes the only appropriate response is…

2012-05-10 17:46:14

DeirdreS: RT @timoreilly: Fantastic op-ed by @ginatrapani In war for talent, ‘brogrammers’ will be losers Even better http:// …

2012-05-10 17:34:15

DeirdreS: RT @fakedansavage: Maddow on Obama—it’s required viewing:

2012-05-10 17:32:25

DeirdreS: “@bakadesuyo: Should you go back to bed?” YES!

2012-05-10 17:03:54

DeirdreS: “Unpack your sense of humor, and get on with living and ENJOY IT.”

2012-05-10 17:01:36

DeirdreS: Made a little change to my site, see if you can spot it. 😉 Countries Beginning with I

2012-05-10 05:00:48

DeirdreS: RT @nonstick: @DeirdreS Because they aren’t getting any or not enjoying what they do get. – Good point. My guess is: they’re doing it wrong.

2012-05-10 04:51:04

DeirdreS: Dear conservatives: please explain to me why you care so damn much about everyone else’s sex life? I’m really at a loss on this.

2012-05-10 04:27:45

DeirdreS: “Boys wear pants.” – “Not when they’re dreaming.”

2012-05-10 03:09:38

DeirdreS: @jmclulow I could say something really vulgar here, but I’ll restrain myself. For once.

2012-05-10 02:48:15

DeirdreS: Listening to music appropriate to my age: Smoke on the Water.

2012-05-10 02:44:07

DeirdreS: @hridaybala yup

2012-05-10 02:43:49

DeirdreS: @signed8bit yeah, y’know, there’s a danger gay people will make out wherever can see them if we provide too much public transport!

2012-05-10 02:37:44

DeirdreS: …now see two young women snuggling on the train, think: “I’m happy to live where people can be themselves. Now let’s let the whole USA.”

2012-05-10 02:35:59

DeirdreS: This morning saw a man in denim overalls talking w one in a corduroy suit at the Bart station, I thought: yeah, living near Berkeley…

2012-05-10 02:13:15

DeirdreS: RT @sterlinggates: Hell, just rerelease Serenity and put “From the director of THE AVENGERS” in every trailer. See what happens.

2012-05-10 02:03:09

DeirdreS: @RohanPinto this is why we should ignore “the news”. So don’t care what the dude works.

2012-05-10 02:02:05

DeirdreS: RT @chrisarnold: If you applaud @BarackObama’s position on gay marriage, show up to the polls this November. Likes and RTs don’t win ele …

2012-05-10 01:09:24

DeirdreS: @jmclulow we’d have to add a lot more chairs

2012-05-10 00:51:49

DeirdreS: We have a timeout corner?

2012-05-10 00:38:49

DeirdreS: What’s in a nametag. |

2012-05-10 00:29:58

DeirdreS: I was like…

2012-05-09 23:03:03

DeirdreS: RT @ZDNetRachel: That hearing is FINALLY over. All of the press pretty much agree barely anything was decided…or everything. We just d …

2012-05-09 23:01:45

DeirdreS: RT @sastauth: Researching potential of #smartOS as an alternative to #SPARC. Would like to get feedback from current SPARC / #Solaris u …

2012-05-09 22:31:47

DeirdreS: RT @pborenstein: @jayrosen_nyu Technology is esoteric; drinking at lunch is fun. Very much so. They can’t code, market, or sell tech. Yo …

2012-05-09 19:17:57

DeirdreS: better yet: “Watch out, you may get what you’re after!” TALKING_HEADS burning down the house.mpg – YouTube

2012-05-09 19:16:30

DeirdreS: currently stuck in my head: Talking Heads – Psycho Killer – YouTube

2012-05-09 18:12:20

DeirdreS: RT @craigmorgan: @bcantrill talking awesome common sense about OSS licensing and ZFS specifically (at 5:50) …

2012-05-09 17:52:45

DeirdreS: @ZDNetRachel totally not how Sun employees understood it at the time. They are giving the lie to much that we believed in. BTW: we’re pissed

2012-05-09 17:51:24

DeirdreS: @avinash dunno about that. As presented in their myths, most deities display traits we don’t like in our fellow humans.

2012-05-09 17:50:23

DeirdreS: RT @italylogue: Anniversaries in Italian History that Every Curious Traveler Should Know by @italofileblog {SO HAND …

2012-05-09 17:49:20

DeirdreS: RT @arclight: It’s like a competition to be the cheapest, cruelest, stupidest, sociopathic lying douchebag on the planet. And people see …

2012-05-09 17:44:22

DeirdreS: @NomdeB you yourself, being the product of “miscegenation”, might not have been legal in NC at the time of your birth. @stopbeck

2012-05-09 17:43:02

DeirdreS: RT @thinkprogress: FACT: Last time North Carolina amended their constitution on marriage it was to ban interracial marriage …

2012-05-09 17:41:10

DeirdreS: @StopBeck BO is expected to announce a new law which will force Glenn Beck to make an honest man of Sean Hannity.

2012-05-09 17:39:38

DeirdreS: RT @BarackObama: If you’re a woman for Obama, there’s a free bumper sticker with your name on it. RT so your friends get theirs, too: ht …

2012-05-09 17:38:37

DeirdreS: RT @davetong: For every action there is an equal and opposite corporate policy.

2012-05-09 17:35:03

DeirdreS: @avinash and that’s only the God “of the Book”. What about all the gods, most of them even older? Might have diff opinions.

2012-05-09 17:00:04

DeirdreS: “We are creating the most accepting society [in history] because we can see so much about people’s behaviors.”

2012-05-09 16:06:30

DeirdreS: @sriramnrn whoops, let’s try that again…

2012-05-09 16:06:17

DeirdreS: Video: illumos at the SVLUG Comparative Operating Systems Discussion Panel

2012-05-09 16:00:03

DeirdreS: Video: illumos at the SVLUG Comparative Operating Systems Discussion Panel

2012-05-09 15:10:03

DeirdreS: @trochej No, I never got around to getting in touch with the guy who was running it, it needed changes anyway.

2012-05-09 15:09:28

DeirdreS: @bubbva Yes, it’s common enough to be “funny”. But a sad way to live a relationship.

2012-05-09 15:00:03

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote about Italian Milk

2012-05-09 05:27:18

DeirdreS: This was probably funny when Whoopi said it, but, in real life, this kind of passive-aggression is just sickening:

2012-05-09 05:11:47

DeirdreS: Italian football discusses coming out (in Italian): Altro che realismo, sui calciatori gay Di Natale è solo ipocrita

2012-05-09 05:06:22

DeirdreS: RT @gsp1984: These two pictures will be viewed/judged identically by our children and their children.

2012-05-09 05:05:15

DeirdreS: Ellison Wonderland: (PJ has all my sympathies.)

2012-05-09 04:35:42

DeirdreS: 4 years ago I translated: Learn Italian in Song: Il Campo Delle Lucciole

2012-05-09 04:07:20

DeirdreS: “in our quest to manage pain, we deny joy, medicating away the unsettling, washing away aliveness in which love lives”

2012-05-09 03:57:35

DeirdreS: reminder: When Did You Choose to Be Straight? – YouTube

2012-05-09 03:44:29

DeirdreS: RT @pelegri: Dear california. Let’s repeal Prop 8 – there are a couple of weddings I really want to attend…

2012-05-09 02:56:36

DeirdreS: @lewellyn Yes.

2012-05-09 02:50:14

DeirdreS: Buzz Bissinger: Why College Football Should Be Banned –

2012-05-09 02:38:39

DeirdreS: Oh no. Not Maurice Sendak.

2012-05-09 02:12:46

DeirdreS: .@wilw “If you don’t like it here, you can leave” – happens whether you’re the local or the foreigner:

2012-05-09 00:31:10

DeirdreS: @yashar Add NC to the list of states I will not live in.

2012-05-09 00:21:32

DeirdreS: Video: illumos at the SVLUG Comparative Operating Systems Discussion Panel

2012-05-08 02:52:12

DeirdreS: RT @pourmecoffee: Imagine going to sleep tonight knowing strangers vote tomorrow on who you can marry.

2012-05-08 02:50:59

DeirdreS: RT @DrJenGunter: 10,000-15,000 abortions/yr occur among women who pregnancies resulted from rape/incest

2012-05-08 02:49:18

DeirdreS: @NomdeB @dianefischler @chrisryanphd And that clergy is often not celibate in practice. So we can add a large dose of hypocrisy here.

2012-05-08 23:52:06

DeirdreS: RT @slfritchie: Proposal for more Erlang-triggerable DTrace probes, whatcha think?

2012-05-08 23:37:08

DeirdreS: @lewellyn No rush!

2012-05-08 23:37:01

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: new blog post: dtrace.conf 2012 videos

2012-05-08 23:25:35

DeirdreS: @lewellyn Want to join? I think it’d be more fun with more people. It’s been restored, apparently.

2012-05-08 23:18:15

DeirdreS: Childhood memories (“Great movie to be high in,” according to my dad) mean I need to see this again: – join me?

2012-05-08 22:16:39

DeirdreS: Just occurred to me, apropos of books, that this one was published 20 years ago.

2012-05-08 21:41:11

DeirdreS: “US women low political status, children not enrolled in preschool as often, working moms not guaranteed paid leave”

2012-05-08 21:25:59

DeirdreS: Lack of sleep colors the whole day in drab gray. I should have stayed in bed this morning.

2012-05-08 20:48:26

DeirdreS: The Queen has arrived. She will be properly framed.

2012-05-08 20:16:45

DeirdreS: SmartOS News: May 8 –

2012-05-08 20:09:02

DeirdreS: New video: Why You Need ZFS

2012-05-08 19:57:02

DeirdreS: Must go read @FilmCritHULK to get the bad taste of that out of my mouth.

2012-05-08 19:55:39

DeirdreS: I find this disturbing: “address the beauty industry w technology created by women targeting our core female consumers”

2012-05-08 18:54:22

DeirdreS: @heinz_gies I’m not complaining – I enjoy it and/because I’m good at it.

2012-05-08 17:46:26

DeirdreS: RT @Mozi_N: Sen. Scott Brown(R-MA) insures his 23-year-old daughter through Obamacare, but he still wants2repeal it. @Kernelwars @Progre …

2012-05-08 17:42:45

DeirdreS: RT @DrJenGunter: An estimated 22,000 pregnancies from rape could be prevented with access to emergency contraception

2012-05-08 17:12:36

DeirdreS: Apparently my major task on this planet is to get people to talk and listen to each other. No, I will not be a marriage counselor.

2012-05-08 16:45:53

DeirdreS: RT @jperkin: New blog post: Goodbye @Oracle, Hello @Joyent!

2012-05-08 04:24:32

DeirdreS: “Water, water everywhere…” Nor any shoes I could actually wear. (I did eventually find a pair.)

2012-05-07 23:27:33

DeirdreS: RT @webmink: Bad News For The Meshed Society?: The Oracle/Google initial verdict is out in the US, and it’s bad news for the … http:// …

2012-05-07 19:58:05

DeirdreS: RT @BklynOBGYN: “80% of people search for health topics online. 60% of people think what they read online is true” @DrJenGunter on why s …

2012-05-07 19:19:53

DeirdreS: @hridaybala – @brendangregg has ruined cricket for you now? 😉

2012-05-07 15:58:49

DeirdreS: “lower intelligence in childhood predicts greater racism in adulthood, effect mediated via conservative ideology”

2012-05-07 15:32:54

DeirdreS: short Video: illumos Key Technologies –

2012-05-07 01:24:03

DeirdreS: Sigh. I wish I didn’t have such a strong feeling of “We’ve been through this before, and apparently learned nothing.”

2012-05-06 21:48:47

DeirdreS: @ActuallyNPH That means we get more Joss, right? I can deal.

2012-05-06 20:17:22

DeirdreS: @DrJenGunter please do not waste your most excellent brain on Chopra. He’s not worthy of your time.

2012-05-06 20:16:15

DeirdreS: .@DrJenGunter @todayshow because some parents are idiots.

2012-05-06 20:14:44

DeirdreS: .@pcrampton @billcrosby If 80% of jobs are found through personal connections, does recruiter behavior matter much?

2012-05-06 18:20:20


2012-05-06 18:08:26

DeirdreS: 1 year ago: New Videos: The Gregg Performance Series

2012-05-06 18:06:34

DeirdreS: 5 years ago, one of my most popular posts: Old-Fashioned Italian Baby Names

2012-05-06 18:05:52

DeirdreS: 6 yrs ago: “Italians live closer to the seasons than Americans do. American homes, offices overcompensate for weather”

2012-05-06 18:04:58

DeirdreS: ~6 years ago: Trainwriting – Italian train graffiti

2012-05-06 18:03:27

DeirdreS: 9 yrs ago: “Joss might have been interested in her point of view; his aim with Buffy was to create a role model”

2012-05-06 18:00:42

DeirdreS: 9 years ago: “when you’re about to leave a place, you are suddenly out of patience with it. Annoyances loom large”

2012-05-06 17:59:43

DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote: “No,” said the old man, “I’m waiting for this jerk to get up and do the right thing.”

2012-05-06 17:47:55

DeirdreS: @gbonazzoli Can you tell me what “even more” consisted in?

2012-05-06 16:17:46

DeirdreS: “humans sensitive to sleep related facial cues, w potential implications for social & clinical judgments & behaviour”

2012-05-06 02:36:36

DeirdreS: @WallsBleedLust Heck no, it’s squirrel mating season and you’re in the way! At least in his little squirrel mind….

2012-05-06 02:34:21

DeirdreS: “Jurors are people, and people don’t like being fooled, inadvertently or otherwise. Especially otherwise.”

2012-05-06 02:21:24

DeirdreS: RT @agrieser: The ‘why’ behind node.js design, by Jason Hoffman (CTO Joyent). Starts slow, worth it.

2012-05-06 02:20:52

DeirdreS: @WallsBleedLust He’s probably thinking: “That guy is in my territory – go away, jerk!”

2012-05-06 02:19:14

DeirdreS: video: Woodstock School in 1979

2012-05-06 00:28:29

DeirdreS: Old wounds: “In maritime law, the captain goes down with the ship. In the corporate world, he sells the sinking ship and cashes out.”

2012-05-05 22:54:59

DeirdreS: RT @KellyOSullivan: They’re right! I DO want the government in my vagina! Now I understand. #GOPVagina HT @NomdeB

2012-05-05 21:49:08

DeirdreS: Remind me never to live in Arizona, or Kansas, or…

2012-05-05 21:47:49

DeirdreS: Unearthing old old old photos and videos from antique CD-Rs, not sure if my daughter will love me or hate me for this…

2012-05-05 20:20:04

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan For the time, it was. Among other things, I suggested using CompuServe forums!

2012-05-05 19:04:31

DeirdreS: Just mounted a CD I recorded in 1997, and found an online marketing plan I wrote that year for friends’ software.

2012-05-04 21:56:52

DeirdreS: @philiph I stopped listening to the radio around 1984.

2012-05-04 21:25:49

DeirdreS: Video: Instrumenting the Real-Time Web: Node.js, DTrace and the Robinson Projection – with a classic @bcantrill rant

2012-05-04 21:03:47

DeirdreS: I don’t usually notice the generation gap between me and many of my tweeps, until something happens involving music.

2012-05-04 20:59:10

DeirdreS: New version! Download SmartOS – SmartOS Documentation – SmartOS Wiki

2012-05-04 19:19:20

DeirdreS: RT @indecision: Conservative experts draw line between belief in science and mass murder. And they did that without resorting to logic. …

2012-05-04 17:34:55

DeirdreS: @Gundryggia when that was the boss, I quit.

2012-05-04 06:09:40

DeirdreS: Got to see two old friends today, ate great food, and did yoga (not in that order). And laughed a lot at work again. Life is good!

2012-05-04 05:57:25

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan Me? I haven’t watched it! #NCIS

2012-05-04 02:33:54

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan The creator of that site probably never got laid.

2012-05-03 23:15:24

DeirdreS: .@ekampf @amalc SmartOS is for running websites – if you want to run them fast. 😉

2012-05-03 20:26:04

DeirdreS: @WallsBleedLust Thanks, the one you gave me may be ok – have’nt tried yet

2012-05-03 19:43:48

DeirdreS: RT @WallsBleedLust: Best sticker collection ever. @voxer @joyent

2012-05-03 19:14:47

DeirdreS: RT @oraclepartners: Be sure to join Solaris 11 engineering experts for a Developer Technical Webinar on DTrace May 8 @ 9AM PT…. http:/ …

2012-05-03 06:02:46

DeirdreS: @jonasthaler ooh!

2012-05-03 05:18:54

DeirdreS: White rose by streetlight

2012-05-03 05:15:47

DeirdreS: RT @rachelmyers: Walking away from the ModCloth Girl Geek Dinner (that’s #mcggd in hashtag speak) with wildflowers and drinking plans! S …

2012-05-03 05:14:36

DeirdreS: @missbhavens and even if they did, who cares?

2012-05-03 03:27:02

DeirdreS: RT @MichaelDell: 28 years ago (May 3rd) with $1000, instead of studying for finals during my freshman year at the University of Texas, I …

2012-05-03 03:24:41

DeirdreS: @missbhavens problem is I’m hungry and stuck behind a camerafor a while yet

2012-05-03 03:23:59

DeirdreS: @davidpaulyoung @bcantrill mmm, too subtle to be Italian in that instance

2012-05-03 03:16:25

DeirdreS: @sogrady sigh. There are many.

2012-05-03 03:14:27

DeirdreS: .@bcantrill makes a point

2012-05-03 03:06:29

DeirdreS: Suddenly I’m hip deep in OSUGs. Putting the band back together. Welcome home to open Solarish, gang. 😉

2012-05-03 02:57:08

DeirdreS: @missbhavens not sure if I love you or hate youfor that.

2012-05-03 02:48:19

DeirdreS: “Why do we have to have these competing projects? It’s all just butting heads over licensing.” Josh Paetzel

2012-05-03 02:28:06

DeirdreS: RT @jeffreytaylor: PLS RT: Help me raise money for @SFGMC ‘s Dragathon and put me in a dress! See linked video for more details! http:// …

2012-05-03 02:21:20

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan yeah, kinda weird…

2012-05-03 02:07:01

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan filming my boss on a comparative OS panel,had requests to stream for those who can’t be here, as we do for our own events

2012-05-03 01:52:40

DeirdreS: Sadly, I will not be able to live stream tonight’s event – Symantec has not given us any network access in their building.

2012-05-03 00:47:39

DeirdreS: @WallsBleedLust @voxer some of that better have our names on it! 😉

2012-05-02 18:46:54

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: We’re at Stanford IT Open House. @jasonh talking in a few hours: Free Private Clouds for .edu.

2012-05-02 18:40:45

DeirdreS: RT @JeffMerrell: From @sandy_carter Best community managers are part of/respected by community. #ibmsocialbiz #socm2012 #msloc430

2012-05-02 17:18:59

DeirdreS: RT @steveweinstein: You still have to vote. And drag everyone you know & their daughters to register & vote no matter the GOP ob …

2012-05-02 17:16:00

DeirdreS: @CalebGarling are they asking anything that’s not completely frightening?

2012-05-02 17:14:57

DeirdreS: RT @hotdogsladies: I realize and respect that many people are vocally opposed to any use of profanity.

With that said, most of those pe …

2012-05-02 17:14:36

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan @pourmecoffee I expect to see Newt flogging Priceline next

2012-05-02 17:14:08

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan @pourmecoffee

2012-05-02 17:12:34

DeirdreS: @tomcoates have you heard @bcantrill ?

2012-05-02 16:55:07

DeirdreS: @Joanmarie there is nothing ungraceful about funky dyes. No such thing as too old to have fun, with your hair or anything else!

2012-05-02 16:46:10

DeirdreS: @rubinafillion @lanesutton interesting challenge – but ultimately impossible – to make GS sympathetic without a radical change in culture

2012-05-02 06:56:53

DeirdreS: @lewellyn Someone tried to connect you with a device, or you tried to connect someone…? Either way, probably not a good date activity!

2012-05-02 06:37:01

DeirdreS: A tiring but rewarding day doing what I do best: connecting people with each other.

2012-05-02 06:12:21

DeirdreS: @WallsBleedLust No, no – the Unix beard must be earned! 😉

2012-05-02 00:56:46

DeirdreS: @littleidea That’s where you shave the yak, right?

2012-05-02 00:55:52

DeirdreS: Recovered the images for: Capturing Good Sound for Video

2012-05-02 00:39:35

DeirdreS: In 6 of the 10 most competitive countries, it’s illegal to demand more than a 48-hour work week

2012-05-02 00:36:11

DeirdreS: SmartOS News: May 1, 2012 –

2012-05-02 00:16:13

DeirdreS: Having a day full of LOLs at the office. And I don’t think it’s just because I’m easily amused.

2012-05-02 23:31:12

DeirdreS: @atl Welcome to the SmartOS family!

2012-05-02 23:09:59

DeirdreS: HUNTER S. THOMPSON: The happier man

2012-05-02 23:07:49

DeirdreS: dang, wish I could go! Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners » Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #19: Sponsored by ModCloth

2012-05-02 22:58:36

DeirdreS: @jasonh we’ll be in Mountain View at this event: (me, Bryan, Brendan)

2012-05-02 22:57:37

DeirdreS: illumos News: May 2, 2012

2012-05-02 22:54:58

DeirdreS: will be heading south soon for this: SVLUG Event: Comparative Operating Systems Discussion – will stream if I can

2012-05-02 22:45:11

DeirdreS: @monkchips @jasonh is down in Palo Alto right now, so I suspect you could persuade him.

2012-05-02 22:20:04

DeirdreS: @atl community support!

2012-05-02 21:53:23

DeirdreS: @atl We’re still working on the whole situation, feel free to ask for clarification in the mailing list, irc, or wiki.

2012-05-02 21:47:57

DeirdreS: @monkchips You could come watch the fireworks:

2012-05-02 21:46:50

DeirdreS: @atl did you find this? What else would you like to know?

2012-05-01 23:39:24

DeirdreS: @AlecMuffett @runasand

2012-05-01 18:55:01

DeirdreS: @ccraigross Better than DTrace or better with DTrace? #lfeeus

2012-05-01 18:32:14

DeirdreS: RT @ebertchicago: Oops! Projectionist hits “Delete,” entire file of “The Avengers” is wiped out. A good reason to use film. …

2012-05-01 18:18:33

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine Plus, business sense & integrity neither the same nor mutually exclusive. I don’t want to do biz w anyone who lacks either.

2012-05-01 18:17:06

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine Looks to me like he was handed a company that already had troubles that his predecessor did not want to deal with.

2012-05-01 18:11:29

DeirdreS: Whatever the outcome of the #Googacle trial, @OpenJonathan may be the only person involved who has any integrity left.

2012-05-01 15:53:10

DeirdreS: @bubbva No problem with the title, just the spelling. @PeterKretzman gets resumes form people citing their experience as “mangers”!

2012-05-01 04:04:52

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan You have sexual thoughts about chocolate? What do you call that? That’s my kind of orientation!

2012-05-01 03:57:40

DeirdreS: RT @gorbypuff: I heard you like DTrace

2012-05-01 02:12:48

DeirdreS: “acknowledge that you were fortunate enough to be born in a country where upward mobility is possible”

2012-05-01 00:47:42

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