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The End of Ramadan


Today during theater class we made masks (we’re studying Greek theater).

First, my face is completely covered in Vaseline. Then, cold, wet strips of plaster are layered on top.


My personal Ramadan lasted all of one day.

My mood was terrible for the duration of the fast and I didn’t want to do anything but SLEEP. My only hallucinations were mirages of future meals and feasts.

When at last the sun went down, I flew into the dining hall and ate at light speed, of course feeling nauseated afterwards.

I decided that I like food and, honestly, I feel closer to god when I’m rested and have a slice of bread with Nutella in hand!

This morning I ate breakfast, at lunch I ate, and now I’m happy, lively, and AWAKE.

But how the hell did they come up with such an idea? The best part is that these people live in the desert and expect to not drink for 12 hours?!

This seems more like masochism than devotion.

Let me try some other religion, I really don’t think I’m cut out to be Muslim…