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… if that’s the right term. I’ve been doing something online for about years now, but I’m not sure what to call it. Is it marketing? Customer service? Tech support? It’s hard to define because it partakes of all of these – and that’s a clue to what makes it effective. My resumé lists the details of what I’ve been doing; more explanations and thoughts are here, and on the other pages in this section (links on the left).

The Making of an Online Career

Riding the Cluetrain

I first heard about the Cluetrain Manifesto from a customer who thought my style a good example of how a company could put the manifesto into practice. Which is a great compliment, since I had evolved this style based on what I felt was right for the company and comfortable for me personally. But, from a corporate point of view, what’s the ROI in riding the Cluetrain? The Cluetrain site doesn’t provide any case studies.

What the Gurus Are Saying

Brand New Branding: “Forget what you knew about branding. The Web changes everything. Four experts explain how and why” – Darwin magazine, July 2001

scott bedbury: “The Web has increased the consuming public’s ability to rant or rave about a company or service. Smart companies now recognize the necessity of being responsive to the criticisms, in real-time, and of making sure the brand is consistent€”and is as good as it can be€”wherever it shows up, and even after the sale has been made. The tools the salespeople use to sell it, public relations efforts and follow-up customer service all must reflect brand values and impart a consistent brand image. ”

regis mckenna: “The Internet is not a broadcast medium like television. It is much more of a service medium in which you allow people to interact and exchange information with you.

john hagel: “…they’d think, ‘No product is perfect. You mean my customers are going to talk with each other about my product’s flaws?’ Then I would say, ‘I’ll go on the Web and find at least five discussion forums where people are actively discussing your products and services.’ The point is, this is not a choice. It is going to happen. The only choice you have is how to participate in that discussion.

© 2001 Darwin magazine

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