India 2005

About the Trip

I finally had the opportunity to take my daughter Rossella to India, something we’ve both been looking forward to for a long time…

Photos in this section are by Ross unless otherwise noted.



26 depart Milan after overnight with friends in the city. Mumbai flooded by 94 cm of rain in 24 hours – good thing we didn’t fly into Mumbai as originally planned!

27 arrive Delhi 2:30 am, sleep, buy local SIM card for cellphone, museum, shopping

28 train to Dehra Dun, taxi to Mussoorie

29 in Mussoorie, exploring the town and ordering clothes made, lunch with Yuti, dinner party at Sharon & Steve’s

30 visit to dorms, Ross spends afternoon with Dorien and Nora, lazy evening at home

31 back to town, buy more cloth for Ross’ jacket, dinner with Sujatha and family and Mrs. Kapadia


1 work on school stuff, dinner at Jefferys’

2 walk over the hill, dinner at Tenzing’s

3 assembly at school, taxi to Dehra Dun a day too early for our train (oops), spend the night at Hotel President

4 morning in Dehra Dun, train to Delhi, brief night in hotel

5 early morning train to Jaipur, collapse at hotel (Samode Haveli)

6 morning sightseeing – Amber Fort (with elephant ride), shopping, beauty treatments, Chowki Dhani

7 morning sightseeing – Jantr Mantr and City Palace, shopping: handicrafts

8 shopping, Teej Festival

9 lazy morning, evening train to Delhi

10 fancy multi-Asian lunch at Imperial Hotel, coffee with Nitin, overnight train to Mumbai

11 arrive Mumbai early morning, car to Gordon House hotel, shopping, evening celebration with Woodstock friends for Ross’ 16th birthday

12 shopping, late lunch with Sanjay, picked up by Shilpin, ride along dock side of Mumbai, dinner at Deepu and Shilpin’s

13 shopping with Yuti, Ross’ manicure at Taj Hotel, dinner with Yuti and Sumeet (Chinese)

14 (Japanese) lunch with Rachna and friends

15 drop off luggage with Sumeet and Yuti, lunch and afternoon with Deepu, back to Yuti and Sumeet’s, dinner, cricket on TV, departure for airport (in flood-damp car)


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