Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 4

Mar, 2007 – (handwritten) Sunday [we’re] always open

[formal complaint to the police] – Too lively: the janitor insults and threatens the children

Writing and drawings defame the principal of Grassi high school

Italian newspaper headlines

Mar, 2007 – Exhibitionist terrorizes [female] cyclists – denounced [formal complaint made to police]

Fines “Auxiliary [traffic police] [should be] more tolerant with the citizens”

Italian newspaper headlines

Lecco, March 2007

Bread baker fired without reason – Now he’s full of debts

In Lecco a good 1,000 Alpini parade

Three climbers fall from the wall of the Medale and die

Girl raped near the Meridiana [local shopping center]

“They were absolved, but they are the murderers”

Raped in [town] center

The Sheikh in Lecco

The tragedy of San Martino [peak]: The truth in two nails [climbing pitons]

Post office: [office in] via Dante closes, but the ex-Piccolo [another location] does not open

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