The Twitter Diaries: 2009-06-28: Brazil


  • Lynn & I are in Montevideo, transiting to Porto Alegre. Guy took our passports to print boarding passes, hopefully will return with them! #
  • in Montevideo airport, soon to board for Porto Alegre. We already know that our luggage is not with us. Slim chance it got there before us. #
  • @debworks yup, had a change in my carryon, but a few key items are in the still-missing suitcases in reply to debworks #
  • sitting in hotel lobby with wifi, I can get email and use Twitter, but can’t get a browser to work. ??? #
  • @ben so I’d need to get the proxy address? in reply to ben #
  • Twitter is what you do when you can’t get to your blog… First, food. Dinner was strawberry caipirinha, liver salad, carrot/apricot soup… #
  • breakfast was slices of very good mango and papaya, fresh crusty bread. Our bus for the campus tour is late, so we’ll just go on eating… #
  • before dinner, we had to shop for clothing in case our suitcases don’t show up today. 2 luxe malls look much like malls anywhere. #
  • Porto Alegre, at least the parts I’ve seen so far, is cleaner and more elegant than most Italian cities. Architecture mostly concrete. #
  • everyone disclaiming responsibility for getting our suitcases to us. American Airlines #fail Let’s hope American Express can make it happen. #
  • hotel rebooted their router, that has fixed the problem #
  • @alecmuffett sorry to hear it. in reply to alecmuffett #


  • moving 2000 mini soccer balls (with Sun, Glassfish, etc. logos) from bus to Mauricio’s hotel room. Silly photos to follow. #
  • it’s 2:43 am in Porto Alegre, I’ve been awake since 5:30 this morning, trying to trace the bags myself because everyone else is NOT helpful #
  • remind me never to fly American Airlines again. They seem to be far more anxious to avoid responsibility than to help their passengers. #
  • NB i wasn’t tracing bags all day, we were doing an OpenSolaris conference at the University of Santa Cruz do Sul. #
  • hallelujah for good customer service! our corp travel department got an answer out of AA, now we know the bags went to Sao Paolo #
  • lesson: the free AmEx assist svc you get because you’re a cardholder? Not very useful. “We’ll call once a day to try to trace your bags.” #
  • !#$%^#$%^$%^ Clear ceases operations. That’s going to make my traveling life that much more difficult. #
  • Cut off from Twitter yesterday – the uni wifi blocks Twt, YouTube, and Passpack (?!). Show went well, including my extempore talk on video. #
  • hotel offers wifi in lobby, only wired in rooms, but USB/Ethernet for my Air is in the missing luggage. Leeching off a neighbor’s Linksys #
  • @jowyang I don’t always need Clear, but it’s saved me a few times, well worth the price I would have paid to renew it in reply to jowyang #
  • I can has baggage! #
  • @ckoontz Clear was actually a very useful service, at certain times and from certain airports. I had just made up my mind to renew, damnit! in reply to ckoontz #
  • 3 suitcases of expensive equipt, all opened (by customs in Sao Paolo – TSA locks not broken). Amazingly, only casualty 1 iPod. #
  • @willsnow did they get to tell the great story to the right peOple? I really want the world to know what a fantastic job they’ve done. #
  • RT @fschupp: @BigAdmn …. “Will some1 of your crew be @ OSCON?” Some others of us will be glad to represent for our Big friends at OSCON #
  • still figuring out this public speaking gig, but I’m getting a lot of practice this month! #
  • BTW, what sadist came up with the 2-5-2 seating on Boeing 777s? #
  • @SteveEdiger how does that confuse the police? in reply to SteveEdiger #
  • interesting to see how my Italian does and doesn’t help with understanding Portugese. Can understand a lot in writing, less in conversation. #
  • RT @Britopian RT @bobduffy: CIsco says employees own their own brand and followers on Twitter… Also true for Sun. Hard to see it elsewise #
  • turns out I wasn’t supposed to drink the tap water here… Then why did they provide glasses in the bathroom? Oh, well, lose some weight… #
  • had dinner with Aaron and Eduardo. Meat is awfully good here in gaucho country (home of churrasca) – good thing I’m not vegetarian! #
  • up early for the first day of FISL. We’ll all go together in a bus. This is like being on a school trip, but for grownups. With alcohol. #


^ Bruno Souza and Aaron Newcomb

  • on the very busy #FISL show floor. Aaron & I were interviewed by Radio Software Livre about using video to communicate about open source #
  • installing Flash plugin on the Internet cafe machines #fisl so we can show our Portugese-subtitled videos #


^ Angel Camacho, lost in the crowd

  • 1st day of #fisl winding down. The Sun booth has been thronged with visitors most of the day #
  • #fisl is one of the most frenetic conferences I’ve ever attended, with 1000s of young people eager to learn. Or at least to score a free T. #
  • real Brazlian churrasca – that was probably the best meat I’ve eaten in my life. The caipirinhas didn’t hurt, either. #


^ churrasca chef, Pat Patterson

  • @Britopian most played song? there are so many… Tonight’s theme song was “The Parting Glass” by the High Kings #soccrm in reply to Britopian #
  • frustrating when an organization which has NO idea how much is said about it in the rest of the world really screws up. (Not Sun) #
  • Charlaine Harris books apparently the same as Laurell Hamilton, only set in Shreveport (?!?) instead of St. Louis. The point being…? #
  • @glynnfoster I’m going to get to taste all this good stuff you keep braggging about, right? in reply to glynnfoster #
  • @glynnfoster I’ll take that as an invitation. ; ) in reply to glynnfoster #
  • @ethang thanks for streaming [our talk at FISL] – wish Id known in time to let people know. in reply to ethang #
  • talk went well, about 100 people, much more than expected since we were up against Peter Sunde of Pirate Bay #
  • very upset that our video subtitles are not working when we have a great opp to show them at FISL #
  • Sun booth thronged with people wanting t-shirts. Should I go help or stay out of the way? #
  • @nonstick for these students, we+re cool! in reply to nonstick #
  • @Crescenzo the getting famous plan requires the cooperation of at least one other person… in reply to Crescenzo #
  • @jowyang in the time and place I went to high school, even land lines were nearly non-existent in reply to jowyang #
  • #fisl done for the evening (not that the crowd is leaving…). tomorrow will be even bigger – President Lula will attend! #
  • another exhausting and exhilarating day #fisl. Looking forward to food and cachaça tasting tonight, thanks to our colleague Eduardo. #
  • lost my login and their password reminder isn’t working. #$%#% #
  • last night saw O Teatro Mágico – – wow! Get the music for free (they want you to) here: #
  • #fisl security for the president’s visit is causing inconveniences #
  • #fisl we are not doing t-shirt madness today – the mob would freak out the security people #
  • #fisl – 4 Sun talks in a row in room 41A, starting with Brian Leonard on Virtual Box at 9. Simon Phipps and the Webmink show at 10. #
  • #fisl if you want t-shirts or soccer balls today, attend Sun talks! We’re not doing giveaways at the booth due to security issues #
  • Brazilians are very creative with names. Best I’ve seen so far #fisl are Chrisnamurth and Darvin #
  • #fisl Today people have to work for their OpenSolaris t-shirts, either installing the OS or attending a talk. Result: crowded booth! #


^ a whole bunch of people installing OpenSolaris

  • OMFG. I get to film the president. #fisl #
  • #fisl now past security to the vast emptiness of the rest of the show floor (mostly roped off – Sun booth got most of todays traffic) #
  • #fisl Sun has prime real estate today, right where the virtual red carpet turns. #


^ the boys, ready for their close-up

  • #fisl Running fullscreen Portugese subtitled videos on the Internet cafe machines right along the presidential path. Talk about eyeballs! #
  • #fisl Im one of about 300 people on the show floor, a select much fewer are in the conf room and will speak with him, including Simon Phipps #
  • #fisl a set of uniforms just walked down the ropeway- maybe the pres is on the way, finally #
  • #fisl asked not to get in the way of the press. Sweetie, I AM the press. I represent the non-maintstream media. #
  • #fisl today I wore my bright green I”m Blogging This for Sun t-shirt. didn-t know how appropriate it would be #
  • #fisl our Brazil team fucking ROCKS! Wait til you all see the footage! #
  • #fisl our rockin’ Brazil user group leaders with President Lula: #
  • multiculturalism gone mad: a Brazilian soap opera set (mostly) in India: Caminho das Índias #
  • RT @jimgris: OpenSolaris at FISL w/ Brazil’s President Lula Da Silva. Outrageous! – yup, them #
  • RT @jimgris: OpenSolaris at FISL w/ Brazil’s President Lula Da Silva. Outrageous! – yup, them’s our guys. They rock! #
  • have I mentioned that I love Brazil and especially Brazlians? Can I come live here? #
  • didn’t go to the #fisl speaker dinner with 400+ open source luminaries (sorry, Simon!). Too tired to speak coherently. #
  • instead had pizza, wine, and giggles and belly laughs with Lynn & Teresa. #
  • did talk earlier today with Elizabeth Garbee in the speakers’ lounge. What an amazing person. #
  • @DavidHowell very glad to hear that life is good for you! in reply to DavidHowell #
  • okay, need to wake up enough to run some useful Omniture stats for the boss. #
  • last day of #fisl, even longer than the others. <groan> All the activity in the Sun booth is great, but exhausting for the staff. #
  • @ceri what have you guys been doing with WOSUG? (I think you’re the right person to ask about this…) – page views through the roof! #
  • #fisl schwag score – very cute Firefox t-shirts! (it helps to have something to trade) #
  • Waiting for #fisl closing ceremony to end. Don’t understand it and I’m hungry! #

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