Home Improvements

I’ve spent way too much time at home in recent months, often having little else to focus on than this rather small interior environment. In this case, small changes can make a big difference. I mounted the picture ledges shown above just today, part of my ongoing campaign to decorate using my own photographs, chosen sometimes for their artistic qualities, sometimes for their memories (ideally, for both). The figurines on the right ledge were bought at the Crafts Museum in Delhi.

I used a wider picture ledge as a “landing strip” in the entry – a place to empty pockets when arriving home, as well as to display some small decorations.

This was an idea from Ikea Hacker. My walk-in closet has some odd nooks and crannies, probably because it’s built around building support columns or such. I inherited an assortment of shoe storage from Ross which I didn’t need for shoes so much (I don’t share her shoe fetish). I repurposed a pocketed hanging shoe storage thingy for handkerchiefs and bras, but didn’t really like guests having to see that on their way to the bathroom (since I rarely remember to close the closet door). The configuration of jutting corner and built-in closet shelving gave me a chance to re-use a curtain rod from my place in Colorado, combined with S-hooks from Ikea, to make a handy, concealing, easily-moved “curtain” of my scarves.

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