The Twitter Diaries: April 6-24, 2011

God made us a different color for a reason and should be honored by not marrying outside of the race that God picked”  #
@jlb13 I assume they are being ironic, but maybe not… #sigh #
the art of transforming nothing into something. Every good thing that has happened to me can be traced back to that #
@PeterKretzman Telecom Italia repeated ad nauseam You can get help on the Internet! when I was in the queue for support for broken DSL. #
This time 6 years ago: Gardening: In Italy, a Mans Home is His Orto #
an article I wrote 5+ years ago. I wish I felt any differently now about Italy’s future –  #
You’re ugly, and you’re not nice.  #
Had a much-needed weekend of mostly offline downtime. And I’m almost over the cough from hell. So… ready to face a new week. Almost. #
restored a video I had somehow lost of Barcelona’s Parc Guell (stills by Ross)  #
My first online video, made in 2004, and how I did it (wasn’t easy in those days!)  #
RT @davewiner: An open letter to the brilliant young people who read my blog, about health insurance.  – Listen to him. #
The DTrace book
is officially released on Amazon today. don’t know why the long ship time, we’re asking. #
Now who’s going to be first to review this item? 😉 #
@sevanjaniyan good question, let me get after @brendangregg about that. Last I heard, it’s in his hands. #
@lindseyfowler Thanks! I’m told that est ship date will shrink when it reaches the warehouse, is there a way to know when that will be? #
@jasonh That would be very cool. On a plane I would actually be bored enough to use them. #
@templedf it’s not easy no switch after 30 years of Qwerty, but does soom to have reduced/eliminated my RSI #
@rosannecash Kristofferson? Thanks. Nice to see a name I love (that sadly we don’t see very often) flash by in my tweet stream. #
@rosannecash I sang The Pilgrim for an 8th grade choir audition. Startled the teacher – but I got in. #
A bizarre political correctness tied the tongues of those who would normally rally to defend women’s rights.  #
Very excited that I will be able to attend next week’s concert of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus! #
RT @feliciaday: @jake_freeland @joyent provides our website hosting and they rock! – I didn’t even know that   #
like a rabbit trapped in the headlights of vacuous crap #
RT @AngryBlackLady: Jesus Take the Wheel – Thanks, I needed a LOL this evening! #
I tend take people at their own valuation. If you say you’re awesome, I’ll believe you, until absolutely forced to think otherwise… #
…which I guess means I’m out there on some spectrum or other. But it also means that i genuinely like most people who like themselves. #
RT @riccardo_iommi: @DeirdreS i’m quite handsome!!! 🙂 – Ah, well, for that you’ll have to supply a better photo. 😉 #
@LusciousPear I thought that was going to be a Rocky Horror reference #
the once-heretical question of whether education is worth the exorbitant price has started to be re-examined. #
.@NomdeB Substance does not matter; image is all. #
@NomdeB college is too expensive these days to use as additional growing up time. I wondered about the value during my own BA. Now… #
I so enjoy watching a job done well. #
@PeterKretzman SAGE Program #
First experiment with running Webex concurrent with UStream (plus filming). Tiring doing this solo, but it’s effective. #
@lskrocki Thanks., I’ll settle for a stiff drink when it’s over! #
@dangillmor a real ninja would take out the lot and get the upgrade? 😉 #6 #
Does any human emotion burn like the sense of injustice suffered? #
@FrankConniff is it possible to disassemble Bachmann with a hex wrench? #
.@bsousapt Other emotions can be more intense, but injustice has its own bitter flavor. Even monkeys have a sense of injustice, it runs deep #
@fitzage Of course. #
RT @sh1mmer: Reps. 35 x 20lb each arm. – videotaping @brendangregg all day is probably equivalent for arm exercise. He’s a pacer. #
@urbanturbanguy There’s a much older version starring Dudley Moore #
@urbanturbanguy I’ve seen ads. It looks disturbing #
@brendangregg has been teaching for ~7 hours now. He doesn’t show any sign of stopping. #
.@tpenta I did know, and even if I hadn’t, I would certainly have figured it out today. 9 hours in the classroom and he wasn’t even winded. #
@tpenta …whereas I, after following him with the camera all day, am exhausted. But we proved a few theories and did some good – worth it. #
Worst time sink in working life is reformatting between docs, wiki, slides… But people ignore anything not in THEIR preferred format. #
@pborenstein Ah, but it is ALL YOUR FAULT. Even if you didn’t mean to. See how that works? No, neither do I. #
@StopBeck 100 years ago, pink was for boys and considered too strong for girls, who got baby blue. Saw that at the Smithsonian. #
Why is it sometimes (but not always) necessary to cut&paste from Google docs via TextEdit and/or Word to get text into Confluence? Stupid. #
Dear universe: I LOATHE PowerPoint, and all its ilk. That is all. #
Be nice, girl. You have to pay a price, girl. They like to give advice, girl. Don’t think about it twice, girl. It’s time to get to work! #
Feeling lazy and relaxed but, alas, I have work to do. #
Not to put too fine a point on it: I fucking HATE PowerPoint. #
Word to the wise: when you don’t know something, making shit up is not an acceptable solution. #
@thinguy I wince, empathize, and admire. Good luck! #
RT @Hymyilla_: Berlusconi just unlocked the Processo Breve badge on @foursquare! – He’s a swarm all by himself. Of cockroaches. #
Dear Google Docs Revision History: I love you, will you marry me? #
Time to remind myself that I confuse and irritate some real Americans – because I look like one, but I’m not. <sigh> #
I had some cultural misunderstandings with my American colleagues. I didnt realize at the time what was going on… #
.@NomdeB re cultural misunderstandings w colleagues blog discussion ensued. The lighter side #
.@pelegri Love to hear it. Gets more complicated w cultural diffs in the family. Daughter is Italian, wants an Italian mamma. *So* not me. #
Laughing at the ironies of life. #
Teh mad language skillz – I haz dem. #
I have spent 20 hours this week wrestling with formatting issues in Confluence and PowerPoint. This is not a good use of my time. #
@confluence 3.3.3 Most irritating right now: if I cut/paste text containing a link, even within a page, link format is lost – becomes text. #
.@camanpour Making public racism and complete ignorance socially acceptable? #TeaParty #ThisWeek #
@italylogue Buffalo milk is preferred in India due to high fat content #
I hate shopping for clothing, and I’m not good at it. Need help with this girl stuff. #
Oh, was that the #teaparty? In SF, they’re outnumbered by the cops sent to protect them. Would have stayed to heckle them, but wanted a beer #
Amazon lists sweaters as casual, timeless, contemporary, and juniors. I have no idea what any of that means. #
@NomdeB Business casual, NOT middle-aged (but not teen either), comfortable, don’t have to iron, medium warm for the Sat Francisco summer #
@u_m Umm… time lto leave again? #lies #
@bubbva I’m not sure Ayn Rand qualifies as philosophy. #fb #
@MrSimonTaylor Here: speaking Italian #iwantanappforthat #
When pricked by rankling injustice, pettiness, and other absurd behavior, I should strive to remember: none of them tops my mother. #
a large part of the anti-abortion community is also anti-contraception #
@nonstick Or eles they keep fit running after their 19 kids #
Last week really sucked, and I’ve barely been out of the house in a month except to go to work. I need to NOT sit at home tonight. Ideas? #
@sevanjaniyan taxes thet (ugh) clothes shopping. Whcih I hate, but my wardrobe is in such a state #
Hmm, Maria Muldaur at Biscuits & Blues tonight. That sounds like just the ticket. #
@sevanjaniyan if all I ever needed to wear was t-shirts, true. But I’m in marketing – can’t always dress like an engineer 😉 #
taxes done! #
Shopping for clothes. Hate it. Nothing looks like me. #
Shopping exhausts me. Taking a food break. #
Even with a nice (and unexpected) tax refund on the way, I’m just bad at spending money. #
@vdotw I’d love that! So bad at girly stuff. Plus my shape has changed and I’m not used to dressing the new me. #
@kbucketusa @milouness Starting with getting the spelling of Gandhi wrong. 😉 #
@Myrna_SF @geevall I have to, tho – my standbys are in shreds, almost #
Dinner last night w friends of friend – great food, even better company (international)& conversation, too much wine (hence awake at 4 am). #
@ryah Getting the impression you don’t sleep much. Not that that’s a bad thing. And what’s this about a banjo…? #
Being awake at 4 am is not so bad when dinner conv provided so much food for reflection. I’ve missed non-American perspective in my life. #
@davidpaulyoung Exactly. I still love wine, but it doesn’t love me back. Don’t have this problem with bourbon. #
Also, dreamed I was on a business trip and had to share a room with Worf the Klingon. Which would be fine, unless he snores. #
Does @Smugmug to FB just not worked? Tried Chrome and Firefox, login looks fine, but actually sharing a photo does not. #
@davidpaulyoung I look forward to doing so. #
automatically trusting others sometimes without due cause can be beneficial #
.@ebertchicago What a beautiful Freudian slip (if it is): only 12 wanted Pain as the nominee #
5 years ago: The Papal Funeral Bash #
4 years ago: Shut Up or Go Home No Culture Likes a Kibitzer #
Rereading LotR for 1st time in years & finding it a hard slog. Girls don’t have any fun in Tolkein’s Middle Earth. Jackson’s a bit more. #
@jonasthaler Heh. I actually remember parts of it verbatim, read it so many times when it was almost the only fantasy in town (w Narnia) #
some new questions about Italian Slang and Swearwords – can anyone help?  #
@cpj1 Thanks for buying! Can’t quite see – what’s the other book? #DTrace DTrace book
@hridaybala Many thanks for buying the DTrace book
! Looking forward to hearing what you think (abount the DTrace book). #dtrace #
Italian gays fight for full parental rights for both parents (in Italian) – via @Niki1601#
@ryancnelson Well, geez, you could have got Leffe blond at Costco. 😉 #
@ryancnelson they used a knife to do what to it? #
@antitheistangie He probably has an intern screen his incoming tweets #
Was headed out for dinner when my bldg fire alarm went. Hope it’s not actually a fire, grabbed my passport in case. #
Came home after good food and good conversation, no fire. Was <2 blocks away so probably would have noticed if there actually was one. #
@notmatt Yup. What single item would be the largest PITA to replace at short notice? #
I start to do an expense report (do them rarely these days), system immediately goes into maintenance. The universe is conspiring against me #
Only 4 of the DTrace book left in stock–order soon (more on the way). #
@ManishChaks @dangillmor I thought the whole point of these events was to get the journos drunk. Been doing it wrong all this time #
Make me go through a reg process then tell me Page level restrictions have been applied that limit access to this page? Classy, Oracle. #
@billblum I’m imagining a #dtrace script that invokes a bunch of singing knights #
Dear Confluence: I’m writing technical courseware. It should not be possible for me to lose 90 of a (long) page by pasting in sample code. #
@lskrocki Nope. Thanks, but I did try. #
I am actually in a gym working out. Don’t faint with shock. #
@NomdeB Mostly just working off a bad mood. #
It stops being a matter of fairness and starts being a matter of wanting whats best for ourselves. #
@izs Does she advertise vodka? #
If you happen to be in Kansas City next weekend, go have a great time for a good cause!  #
My essential political/philosophical conviction is belief/faith/trust that human society still has upside potential #
@Myrna_SF just a stadning bike in the gym, nothing too exciting #
@sogrady Outrage is a sport like any other. If you exercise those muscles daily, you’ll soon find yourself in form. Look at Glenn Beck. #
Love browsing colleagues’ shared iTunes libraries. Almost as insightful as being able to see their bookshelves at home, in some cases more. #
Looks like Amazon sold out available stock of the DTrace book and has had to reorder. Coulda toldja 😉 #
@bklein34 is it harder to kick someone out of a virtual room than a real one? #
@rosannecash poplar fluff? That stuff is horrible #
.@codebleep Planned outage for, sorry the wording doesn’t actually say that. #
@ryancnelson Used to hear a Thai band do Eo ya Think I’m Sexy as 20-min closing number every night at 2 am at a hotel in Bangkok #winning #
.@ryancnelson …because everyone in the hotel could hear it #
@izs I suggest you duck fast when you do that. #
@AngryBlackLady But, hey, white billionaires… we’ve been trained all our lives to think Big White Daddy knows best. #
@sh1mmer Much better! #
@Dx_Martha yes I feel very lucky to live here. And somewhat broke #
A couple together for 60 years: Ken and Charlie. #
Fringe benefit of being one of relatively few women at this concert: no wait for the bathroom. #
It’s a wee bit intimidating to have 3 choral conductors analyzing one’s voice. Do you sing? You sound like a mezzo… #
Thanks to the #SFGMC for a deeply moving, satisfying, and beautiful concert. Congrats to conductor Tim Seelig and the whole chorus! #
I enjoy hearing talented people discuss their work, even in areas I know very little about. #
From last night’s SFGMC concert with Tim Seelig – Musical Risotto  via @youtube #

From last night’s SFGMC concert with Tim Seelig – SFGMC – Angels #

Did not get to record, but was deeply moved by A Hundred Thousand Stars from the opera For a Look or a Touch (Heggie/Scheer) #
Starting the day with a (routine) visit to Dr Bert always puts a smile on my face. #
@willbldrco Better yet, Dr Bert is a he #
OSUG Leaders: to receive a review copy of the #DTrace book for your group, send your name+ shipping info + phone#: #
@jeffreytaylor Glad to be of help, sorry for the shaky camera work. #
YouTube – SFGMC – The Wizard of Oz #

YouTube – #SFGMC – The Awakening #

@jeffreytaylor Damn, I wanted to meet Ethan Pope but forgot to look for him in the crowd after. I love watching him. #
YouTube – Tale of Two Cities from SFGMC’s Words Spring 2011 Concert  #

Thank you, Hulk: your post [on “Eat, Pray, Love”] was undoubtedly more enlightening than book or movie, saved me gouging my eyes out #
11:59 on Friday night and I’m done in. Helluva week. Thanks to the #sfgmc for the good stuff. #
sex, lies and instant messenger by @alecmuffett – Where NOT to say I want to nibble you. #more questions (and some answers) on Italian Surnames: The Funny, Surprising, and Just Plain Weird #
@jasonh Hmm, I know who one of those WoW couples is, I think. Have you spotted – there’s another unusual relationship pattern @joyent #
@brendangregg and I spent 4 hours last night alone in a room, making video…. about vmstat. Yes, you’ll get to see it, at shorter length. #
.@kebesays I think we’re all better off with openness. We see over and over again in private and public life that secrets are unhealthy. #
@jasonh I used to live near the town of San Pellegrino #
RELIGION is ubiquitous but it is not universal. That is a conundrum for people trying to explain it. #
@hudsonette saw Patti Lupone in that in 1989, have yet to see Sutton Foster #
At the Night Market with @leslie_lum and @Myrna_SF – Leslie got us VIP access – line down the block! #
Of course I had to try spam musubi! Yum. Haven’t had Spam ™ in years.  #

Beet ice cream with Guiness chocolate cake and fudge sauce  #

An Italian comic becomes an American film. YouTube – Dylan Dog : Dead of Night #

YouTube isuggesting the weirdest tags for this video – everything from Communism to religion to self-defense. Wonder what they base that on #

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