The Twitter Diaries: Mar 20 – Apr 6, 2011

Even tho my profile states that I work for Joyent, FB keeps showing me ads titled Work at Oracle? #FAIL #
The Twitter Diaries: Mar 5-20, 2011 #
But not in a Disney way  #

@edsai that may be taking hard-core geek too far #node #fedramp #csa #
@edsai That, we all need tattooed on our foreheads #
in Italy anything thats worthy of interest or comment has a bit of mommy in the mix #
Would like breathing to be a little easier right now #
@reiger best of all possible worlds. Even better when you can do it just walking. 😉 #
@reiger nice! #
@zaps l’unico politico italian che mi manca – la Bonino. Forse anche Rosy Bindi #la7 #linfedele #
@jamescmcpherson Congratulations to all! #fb #
Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine | Video on  #

Ross is playing music that I would ordinarily sing along to, but I have no voice. Frustrating. Maybe not for her. #
The DTrace book is off the press! Final copies will soon be shipping from the publisher’s warehouse, mostly to Amazon #
rose from my sickbed to come to the Joyent office, was missing my peeps #
RT @avareltech: @DeirdreS will the book be available on safari? — already is! #
Sometimes the most valuable thing I can do is get people in a room and let /them/ talk. Especially when I have no voice. #
More sleep and less cough would be very welcome… starting 6 hours ago #
(only the Italians would consider food a strategic resource, but thats another story)  #
@ryah I’ve been up all night coughing. I’m not sure which of us had a worse time. #
@ryah Thanks. Just tell me it’ll be over soon? #
Just saw a hawk being mobbed by crows outside my window… in San Francisco #
@trine Diesel is a surname in German, no? In Anglo cultures, at least, it’s not unusual to use a surname in the family as a given name. #
@trine I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. 😉 #
@MartinDBA DTrace videos #
.@lskrocki Revolutionary then still is now. Which is both amazing and sad. #
RT @notmatt: In six months, I expect I’ll post something just like this from @ryancnelson – Amen, +3 months #
@standaloneSA Isaac Rozenfeld of Sun/Oracle would be awesome for this #sysadmin #lopsa #
@WinnieWongSF What on earth are you up to over there? #
@ryah The power of the tweet is yours #
Showered, changed into a fresh t-shirt… and got back into bed. If only I could sleep! #
@sh1mmer Why would anyone pay money to buy dead-trees wikipedia? Makes no sense at all #

#1 inBooks > Computers & Internet > Operating Systems > Solaris DTrace book #

Top ten lists on several ways of being Best Places to Live for Expatriates – Italy not on any   #
Suggestions to stop a tickling wet cough so I can sleep? Tried mucinex dm, tea, hot lemon & honey (w & w/out bourbon), syrup, drops… #
@bubbva there’s no lack of humidity in Sf right now, esp since I’m barely using heating #
As we get more education we get more confidence and income, women are saying, she finally had the guts to walk out.  #
Let’s see if any of this new crop of medicines can tame tho cough enough for me to sleep #
.@timminchin That takes real guts in her situation – she has a good chance of being killed for that interview. #
@vdotw @edsai too late to get it tonight, I took dextromethorphan. Mix with acetiminophen w codeine left over from surgery? #
@deirdresm I don’t think she has a choice, unless she can find visas and a way to supprot herself and 6 siblings in some other country… #
s@trine Good luck, my dears. Thinking of you. #
Argh! Why am I not in New York?  #
RT @JessicaGottlieb: My Childhood Bullies Apologized to Me on FB 20 Years Later – careful, that’s not always sincere #
Sometimes the apologetic ex bully is just a scam artist ready to make you the victim, as ever. Or just plain batshit crazy. #
As I expected, doc says it’s just a really bad cold. But he’s giving me the good stuff. #
@MrSimonTaylor What if they just move the Y they’ve got? #
@anildash is that home made pizza? Sounds like the kind of awesome I would like to try #
the doctor told me to eat lots of non-dairy protein. Fortunately, I was planning to do exactly that. #
@deirdresm dairy causese mucus, whcih I already have too much of #
@GodlessAtheist Eww, eww, get it off me! #
Finally got a fair amount of sleep, I’m always surprised by how good that feels. Think I’ll do it some more. #
RT @nodejsconfit: the first italian conference about #nodejs #webdebs /cc @joyent @jsconfit #
We’re long past point of diminishing returns on awareness, days, ribbons for various causes. I don’t care what color you’re wearing or why #
.@johnnysunshine Spot on! Even non-believers are not entirely rational. We believe that thinking good thoughts somehow magically helps. #
Not even if Jesus Christ himself… Italian Idiom and Sayings #
.@elizadushku My photos of beautiful graffitit on trains in Italy and walls #slightlyobsessed #
RT @sogrady: @jasonh: give me analytics and i’ll pay – true dat. Tho you can do a lot with #
Those who recommended codeine cough syrup were right – very effective. I’m tempted to sleep through the weekend. Probably shourd. #
the comments say far more than the article: Sex and the Long-Term Relationship –  #
the state of my life 4 years ago: Light at the End of the Tunnel #
and one year ago: Gallery: Tech Days 2010 Hyderabad #
@WinnieWongSF Yup. I can deal – happily – with change. It’s stasis that kills my soul. #
Dave Pacheco’s Blog Example: HTTP request latency and garbage collection #
Friendly Atheist Prayer: It’s Almost Like Doing Something #
@webmink @lskrocki I love goats, but they are tricksy beasts, and you have to be way smarter than they are. Harder than you might think. #
@rob_ellis Giving way to hipsters and suits? Remember our mascot! #
.@acarvin How many of the deniers are women? #
it should be possible to know a great deal about me by analyzing who I follow & retweet. Is anyone doing this kind of analysis? #
.@zephoria IPuzzled by the slut shaming that flourishes among schoolkids. Why is teen culture so vicious and unforgiving (and hypcritical)? #
Amazon: WTF?!? Customers who have purchased or rated Sondheim’s Putting It Together might like Sarah Palin’s Alaska… Uh, no. Really NO. #
Why, yes, I am up at 430 am hacking up a lung, thank you for asking. #
@webmink dying from not-surprise 😉 #
@gedamore thanks’ I’m trying to! #
.@hridaybala Even experts will find the DTrace book useful – it’s 1100 pages of mostly new invention, bound to be something they don’t know #
Oh, shit, our mascot got loose: @BronxZooHBadger #
Hmm, even the White House camera person bumps and shakes from time to time. And the President is a lot easier to film than most of my stars #
The world needs more singing in public.  #

@sogrady Officially, Amazon doesn’t let you re-download music you’ve lost any more than Apple does. So far they’ve been kind to me, but… #
@NickKristof I happily paid for it a few years ago, was surprised when they stopped charging. Now I’ll have to see if I run into the limit. #
RT @KatieS: I wonder what the @honeybadger thinks of @BronxZoosCobra? – drat, there’s another one? #
Amazon says the Kindle edition is available now: DTrace book
RT @marczak: dtrace, I love you. – Aww #
@hridaybala Cool, thanks! #dtrace #
@konobi Dunno, but it’s affecting SF as well. #
@LusciousPear Better that it’s an ex, no? #headdesk #
@arclight Bed Spencer & Terrence Hill? You’re either Italian… or Indian. #
@neo_indian I initially read nuns and wickets…. #
@neo_indian Oh, I know. If I had any way to watch it here< I would. #
Not allowed to take pictures in the historic mills bldg because it’s a historic landmark and people go after places like this. Huh? #
Browsing at Walgreens, I realize there’s a genre missing in romance novels: Hot Tech – My Sexy Geek. Someone could make millions. #
RT @Annarella: @DeirdreS My Sexy Vampire Sysadm and My Wolfish Dba 😉 – That’s more like a reality show! #
My kid accuses me of being a terrible mother, but one of my failings is needing a definition of a good one. !Italian Mamma for Dummies? #
@sriramnrn Heh. My parents cheated – I was in boarding school from age 14, never came home again #
@bcantrill You hiring or looking? 😉 #
@rioter In case any of these are helpful. And of course there’s the book. #
whoever pointed out this new weather site, thanks! I like it – WeatherSpark | Interactive Weather Charts #
.@jlb13 Science fiction writers could see technology wd zoom ahead, but found culture hard to reimagine. Maybe Heinlein was the exception. #
@jlb13 It’s even funnier to read early Spinrad where characters living in 20nn are using hip 60s slang #
5 years ago today we buried my Aunt Rosie. She left a huge hole in many lives, and we gave her the send-off to prove it  #
I believe sleep is finally on the way. For which I am deeply, deeply grateful to the pharmaceutical industry. #
Real life will overtake a cynical national health-care debate. #
Illumos in the Cloud: What is Joyent Up to? – umm, yes, I wrote that #
@dexterous Thanks, will get that fixed. Too many fingers in the pie – I wrote most of the article, but not that bit #
I’m told that this is a 21-day cold & I’m lucky it hasn’t turned into pneumonia. Maybe that means I’ll be able to stop coughing & sleep soon #
@ryancnelson You need to move it into that corner conference room that’s always too cold #
@jlb13 (Eyebeam) #

.@ebertchicago If he really had the courage of his convictions, he would go burn Korans in Afghanistan. #
1 year ago I arrived from Colorado and moved into this apartment is San Francisco, with the help of @jeffreytaylor Still happy to be here! #
RT @jamescmcpherson: Is there any point in keeping 3.5 floppy disks these days? #fb – I’m using them as drink coasters – geek chic! #
I come from a family of drama queens (myself included). It gets very tiring. #
RT @NomdeB: Thinking that in honor of cricket & India, must watch Lagaan (2001) 🙂 – Good idea! #
@mamash Plus – they sing and dance! #
Intel Cloud Builders – Joyent #
DTrace book on its way to Amazon, those who ordered fm Informit get it this week. Kindle & other e-versions avail NOW #
RT @hudsonette: Hmm. I miss Walter Cronkite, too. – Yes, tho I hated him reporting the Vitenam casualties every night. Dad coulda been one #
@quasi42 I thought that date a bit optimistic, US Amazon says Apr 11. Informit orders arrive this week, though. #
RT @hudsonette: @DeirdreS oh, glad he wasn’t! Yes, those were scary news broadcasts. – Scary times. #
@heckenpenner83 Got book? 😉 #dtrace #freebsd #
.@hudsonette Not sure if this is really scary or just hilarious. The US combines the most advanced tech with the most backward superstition. #
.@hudsonette I have long feared that the powers that be want a crap education system so they can have a mass of gullible sheep as voters #
@binarycrusader Oh, is that what that’s about? Hmm… #
@jitterted good point #
@Cdash @shawnferry I’ve heard you two described as a pair of alpha dogs. 😉 #
My gut says the GOP Path to Prosperity is just that: the wealthy of the GOP will benefit, the rest of us will be thoroughly screwed. #
Once you enter the democratic political arena on a religious platform, your beliefs are up for legitimate attack #
RT @melanierenzulli: Anyone have the MLB At Bat app? Can you stream the games on your tv? Wondering if it’s worth 15…. @ryancnelson ? #
@Cdash Heh. Guess. #
Mirroring Facebooks Culture in a New Corporate Campus –  – will be sad but interesting to see results #
It has to come to life… bit by bit, Putting it together  – Is other words: it’s showtime, folks! #

TechTalkTO: James Duncan on Node.js on Vimeo  #

TechTalkTO: James Duncan on Node.js from FreshBooks on Vimeo.

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