The Twitter Diaries: 2010-02-22 CO, SF, LA

Porgy gives me my money now – well, actually, Larry does. Or will soon. Whatever – I’ll be employed. #
call them, if you wish… emotions – Learn Italian in Song: Emozioni #
Had a skype video chat w the kid last night. She’s settling in to Aus and has fallen in love with a horse (in a good way) #
I’m up on the tightwire, one side’s ice and one is fire …and working without a net. #
that actually went pretty well. #
Italians speak of un lavoro certosino (work of a Carthusian monk) – a numbingly detailed and finicky task. That’s what I’m doing right now #
My tweeps are so diverse that the juxtapositions can be very entertaining. #
Only problem with a public transport commute is that I can’t sing. At least not out loud. #
@nonstick or might make me new friends #
if i could only have you near to breathe a sigh or two, I would be happy just to hold the hands I love on this winter night with you. #
(this morning’s playlist features Gordon Lightfoot, who might be a distant relative; there’s a Lightfoot somewhere in my family tree) #
@nonstick trust me, I have to work at it #
my plan of not working this weekend looks as if it will not work. #

^ why was there a bagpiper walking through Denver International Airport? No idea, but I liked it.

Heading back to SF after a tough workday/week. Cautiously hopeful the next will be easier. Wd help to rest this wkd, may not get much. #
@lewellyn notUnless they let me in for free. #
@lewellyn thanks, let me see what tomw looks like. Will you be there? #
@jeffreytaylor I will slap them if you won’t. That’s never good behavior, and wildly unacceptable now. #
Waking up slowly. Wish I had someone to bring me coffee in bed. Guess that wd be room service. #
@trine @jeffreytaylor maybe the correct response is yes, thank the Lord. When is He bringing lunch? #
@c_bright you can comevisit in CO fog our next snowstorm. Actually, you /should/ come while I’m still there. #
@c_bright don’t even know! Guessing I’ll move after my intl trip mid march to early April. #
Quiche and coffee on Mkt st. Might be nicer with company, but it’s pretty damn good alone. #
Just passed John Cleese walking around Union Sq. I was cool. #
@NomdeB no, I played it yes I know who you are but I’m so cool I’ll leave you alone #
Time to dress a bit more formally for work. Burning up the Amex @bananarepublic #
@nonstick I was guessing. #
@Schlomo where are you geographically? I’m in SF til next Friday evening. #
Not usually an enthusiastic shopper, but that was fun, and pretty good value for money. Woulda bought red if I’d found it, got pink instead. #
RT @c_bright: RT @TheSquare M.C. Escher… in Lego: – one thing I will need for my new home: big pile o’ Legos! #
@italylogue I was a frustrated Lego lover as a kid, now that I’m a grownup I can have as many Legos as I damn well please! #
time to go find a book to read and something to eat. And maybe shoes. #
Dim sum for lunch. Have i mentioned I love this city? #
Afternoon of wine and talk with @jeffreytaylor – we both needed it #
in an amazingly good mood. Half (or more) a bottle of NZ Pinot Noir – but, more, good friendships – will do that for me. #
@JohnCleese that /was/ you I saw in SF’s Union Square today, wasn’t it? #
waiting for my Valentine. #
@lskrocki highly non-specific use of language, IMHO. A French kiss is just one way of making out. #
the problem with fancy business clothing is that it needs to be ironed. Did enough of that in one year of attending a private girls’ school. #
@webmink yum! Please share that recipe. #
@bubbva are you sure it was the cat? #
@lskrocki kids these days! You can’t teach ’em anything. #
I should be out enjoying the city or at my desk working. What I may actually do is go back to sleep. Or read a book. #
@jeffreytaylor do NOT feel guilty. You cannot take care of anyone if you’re falling apart yourself. That Is the first rule of caregiving #
@almightygod but Jesus was a Capricorn #wwjd #
Barbies Next Career? Computer Engineer – Bits Blog – #
Learn Italian in song: My skin, white and perfumed, Needs caresses stillNeeds caresses now #
Learn Italian in Song: Parole Parole If you didnt exist, someone would have to invent you #
@feliciaday the shortest Darth Vader ever #
learn an Italian song for Valentine’s Day: Gli Ostacoli del Cuore #
here’s a long-lost (by me, anyway) treat for my geek Valentines: Bryan Cantrill talks Dtrace at Google #
does anyone know how to turn off the 2-finger resize on Mac touchpads? Annoys the crap out of me in OpenOffice. #
yes, I am doing work. No, I will not be doing this all day. #
seems like parents worry way too much about the influence of cartoon role models on their girls. But, then, my daughter had Buffy. #
@webmink one of my favorite things to do when traveling: buy local groceries #
I have been so girly this weekend: bought clothes, shoes, and makeup. #
Slow train to my first day on campus as an Oracle employee. Suspect it will differ from analogous day at Sun, April 1 2008. #
@GeorgeTrujillo isn’t it Day One all over again for you? 😉 #
Cultural adjustment is always tiring, even when it’s also exciting. #
@cwarticki #
@italylogue actually, this is about corporate cultural adjustment, but the principle is the same. #travel #
RT @oracletechnet: Remember to land at tomorrow at 10am PT for my live chat with Mark Reinhold. We want your questions! #
hmm. Not all of my usual communications channels work from here. #
Productive day. Hope to regain a few braincells with food. #
Remains of breakfast scone (in bag) found upon purse excavation. Yay! Now I can hold out til a decent hour for dinner. #
Btw, Oracle has very good coffee. I approve. #
Does Stallman drive a ‘Stang? Could swear I just saw him in one in SF #
Return to Denver late Friday, fly to LA Sunday. Who do I know there? #
Hangin out to observe how the pros doVideo/webcast. Already concluded i can’t afford these production values #
RT @ocp_advisor: Watching Oracle Technology Network Live @livestream #
RT @dboyll: RT @oracletechnet: It’s Oracle TechCast Live! Ask Mark Reinhold your questions: #oracletechnet #oracle #java #
This is impressive, takes ~10 people to do besides the ones you see on camera. #
Gotta get some of my folks on here. Maybe all four of the Bs at once. No, studio would combust… #
Brendan’s back: Little Shop of Performance Horrors – Sun Video (told you I’d get my videos back online…) #
@bsousapt we’re here to help. Especially when the ideas you’re taking to management involve Sun+Oracle goods. 😉 #
Richard’s back and downloadable (slowly) ZFS Workshop at LISA 08 – – gonna have to BitTorrent this stuff… #
@bsousapt Nice. I always enjoy direct contact with the customers. #
@NomdeB I’ll hopefully need house stuff soon. 😉 #
@NomdeB looking for easy commute, hence near Caltrain. Don’t know when. (Wd be nice if I had control over ANY aspect of my life rt now!) #
a cheerful little song for the day Learn Italia in Song: La Pulce dAcqua #
and here’s a silly one: Learn Italian in Song: Eri Piccola Cosi #
okay, would anybody else in the entire universe like to come hit me in the head with a baseball bat? Take a number. #
…and a melancholy one Learn Italian in Song: Questo Piccolo Grande Amore #
can’t win for losing today. Hotel offers wine in the evenings, but only til 6:30, it turns out. I got there at 6:40. #
Grabbed wrong bits of paper out of ticket machine so I’m on caltrain w/out a ticket. Conductor nice, so it’s not a 250 mistake… #
RT @danilop: and Solaris 10 in eWEEK’s Top 25 Technologies Of The Decade – #
RT @creepyed: Super excited for the Colorado Front Range Girl Geek Dinner at 6pm at CB & Potts Restaurant & Brewery in Broomfield!! #
@acworkma we were advised to change even if not expiring. Thanks for the reminder – haven’t done it yet #
@MYSTICASALLY trust me, c’e’ molto che non va in Shreveport. #
Don’t forget that when. you. get. to. Heaven you’ll be blessed, yes, it’s All For The Best #
the Bill ‘n’ Jeff show is back: Kernel Conference Australia 2009: Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore keynote – Sun Video #
RT @guercheLE: If Men Wrote Womens Magazines | Cool Material #
RT @wanderingitaly: Let the barfing begin! On Tuscans EatingCat | Wandering Italy Blog–> #
Talk about Republicans shutting down the American policymaking process, and ignoring the will of the voters. #
@mschoenu say no. #
today’s video talent is late, perhaps because of the small plane crash in Palo Alto. I need a do-over on most of this week. #
Graham’s back: ZFS Discovery Day: Total Cost of Ownership – Sun Video #
Bryan’s back: Visualizing DTrace: Sun Storage 7000 Analytics – Sun Video #
Sriram is back: Using DTrace to Analyze Your Webstack – Sun Video #
@bubbva were you able to get in to MPK? Waiting to film somebody and he ain’t showing, wondering if he’s having trouble getting here. #
@jimpick y’all just never get tired of Cantrill, do you? 😉 #
Now archiving stuff I didn’t know I would need to archive… #
Now archiving stuff I didn’t know I would need to archive… #
@mschoenu confront him/her? Sounds like they’re deliberately taking advantage. Or say sorry, I have to spend my time on paying work. #
When they leave me alone to get on with what I’m good at, well, the results are good. Really pleased with today’s video shoot. #
I see red, people – YouTube – deirdresun’s Channel #
Nick is once more highly available – A Conversation with Jack Adams – Sun Video #
George is back: Jack Adams Interviews George Wilson on ZFS – Sun Video #
…and Valerie is once more secure: OpenSolaris Security – Sun Video #
RT @akumar: The Case For An Older Woman OkTrends [incidentally, *much* better graphs then last time] #
RT @bklein34: These silly naysayers getting in the way… they’ve yet to learn resistance is futile. – Heh. You and I should work together. #
dear lazyweb: what’s the best/easiest way to make my videos available via BitTorrent? #
@macsun needs more expertise than I have to set it up, tho I did sign up a while ago. #
@creepyed wish I was there! Tell the gals I said hello. #
Perhaps my job title should be talent manager for alpha geeks. #
@Padmasree been wondering whether the US infatuation with novelty is genetic. Most of our ancestors had to be risk-takers. #rustechdel #
@creepyed glad to hear it! Sounds like a success. #
@IgorMinar yay! #beatCancer #
@AdamBusch not if he recently had oral surgery #
At the end of a highly varied day, can’t decide whether to take a hot bath or just go to sleep. #
had a coupon from my Banana Republic shopping spree, used it at the Gap to buy new jeans. Surprise: fit into a yet smaller size! #
didn’t I just do this drinking from the firehose thing 3 years ago? Good thing I have lifelong skills in cultural adaptation. #
@thinguy I already like the hold music better. And now I know who’s behind the scenes at BTV. #
@ptribble link? #
ummm… dance music changed to Mozart. Interesting. # Hermione is a chav? #
I enjoy@iamsrk ‘s tweets. He seems like a very nice guy, especially considering he’s a global megastar. Americans: look up Shah Rukh Khan #
not shown – ouch! #
@thinguy me, too. So we should be able to breeze through these, right? #
is anyone able to download the preso from the link they gave us? #
@bsousapt internal thing # – Configuring Sun Cluster Software With Oracle RAC/CRS and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems #
going to need to get well away from a desk after this. #
argh! It’s the answerbot! #
well, yes, of course I’m traveling in this interim period. And every other month of the year. #
hrm. I don’t think’s ftp upload option is working. Tried it twice, no new files showing up anywhere. #
Somehow my brain just totally shuts out words from the answerbot. #
RT @TEDchris: I was criticized last yr for reading ?s for Bill Gates from my Mac. So this year… – thx for LOL! #
Strange mood. So much was good this week, so much was horribly stressful. Can I declare this Friday night already? Need a weekend. #
besides, I’m having weird attacks of numbness in my right hand which probably mean I should lay off the keyboarding… #
We’d be so grand at the game, so carefree together that it does seem a shame… #
@comay very strange week. What was up with the fire alarm in MPK today? (I wasn’t there, but we had a meeting interrupted.) #
agh! complicit in their own oppression! they deserved their punishment & it would help stem sex outside marriage. #
RT @Radu43: @empoprises we are having a great time. – did that need a /sarcasm tag? #
RT @NomdeB: Mindtime Maps says I refuse to acknowledge or be bound by others’ rules. 😉 – u needed to be told that? #
could use about a week of sleep. Ain’t gonna get it. #
Tucker is back: SETI For The People: Addressing the Challenge of Massive Data Sharing – Oracle Solaris Video #
is email weirdly quiet today, or is it just me? #
@kbeninato equestrian events are also unisex, but sadly lacking in winter Olympics #
Free ride on muni because the machine is broken. I owe you a buck, Jeffrey! #
@nonstick yeah, who knew that having >1 gb of storage was extravagant? I have 5.5 tb of video material #
Been a lovely 10 days in SF. Back to Denver (to drive home in the snow?), wash clothes, and repack for LA. Gnah. #
Fri night traffic far less than predicted, butgives me time for a tempura dinner at sfo. #
Sfo STILL doesn’t have free wifi? Lame. #
Nice to be somebody on sn airline agAin. Frontier Ascent status netted me 2 free checked bags and a seat upgrade tonight #
Whoever Brendan Hickey is, they’ve been paging him for an hour at sfo #
Looks like a couple inches of snow. Drive home gonna be fun #
Get me my damn bags before I fall asleep! #
ah, yes, home is where the TV is ALWAYS ON. Gah! Can’t wait to NOT share living space. #
got home at 1:45 am after a tense drive in the snow, slept til 9, leapt out of bed to do laundry, expense report, repack… #
it’s days like this when I need a house spouse #
My no news is good news kid: if she calls me, it’s a crisis. If she doesn’t, she’s probably fine. Wd be nice to hear 1st-hand she’s happy. #
Roger Ebert’s Journal It is more erotic to wonder if you’re about to be kissed than it is to be kissed. #
kid was talking to everyone else in the world, on my AT&T bill. Guess who no longer has a working iPhone? AT&T cust serv rocks, I must say. #
@LusciousPear laying eggs appeals to you? #
my generation survived our youth without being constantly in touch with distant friends and family. Seems to be a lost art. #
last day to use old expense reporting system is Monday. So of course it’s down for maintenance today. #
the way were celebrating and getting drunk on it is far more depraved than anything hes done. #
In Italy, Mussolini makes comeback – Italy for the past 15 years has cultivated a gradual revisionism of Fascism #
a profound statement of traditional Italian vacation habits: the same sea, the same beach, practically the same ombrellone (beach umbrella #
Im a woman, Im not a saint; Dont tempt me, Im not a saint #
Learn Italian in Song: Sentimento, Pentimento when there is feeling There is never regret. #
an Italian Malaysian pirate: Learn Italian in Song: Sandokan #
Cultural divides within families are hard. #
Better learn to go it alone, recognize you’re out on your own (don’t be distracted by the very 80s video…) #
Realizing I failed to manage cultural expectations within my own family. Failed to be an Italian wife or mamma. Never wanted to be either. #
got a lot done today but haven’t packed yet. What’s the weather going to be like in El Lay? #
@svaroschi I failed with my family because they expected me to be those things. It was a wrong expectation, though. #
Wth is going on at DIA? Never saw it so crowded #
Wifi at DIA is AWOL. So much for getting that expense report done here. Flights leaving gates early to de-ice. Hmm. #
Nodules of ice and grit looked like a skin disease on my car. Grossed me out; had to scrape it all off with my shoe. Ok, I’m a little OCD. #
Wd have preferred To be doing this training in SF. #
Waiting to get a rental car at LAX. Good thing I’ve got over my driving phobia #
Haven’t been to LA in 10 years or more. If Disneyland even counts. #
Apologies to my kid: she ran up the bill b4 understanding she’d pay roaming even on skype calls w iPhone in Aus. #
Last wk was All About Oracle. This wk is Solaris sysadmin training pt 2 (don’t laugh). My head may explode. #
Avis, when you’ve got a long line of people waiting to rent is not the time for employees to go on break. #
This is why I avoid renting cars whenever possible: process too slow. #
last time ever wrestling with our old and very sucky expense reporting system. Tells me there’s an error when there isn’t one. #
@vdotw my understanding was deadline tomorrow, receipts tomorrow. Sure hope so, else I have wasted a few more unrecoverable hours onthis POS #
Don’t have a dinner engagement tonight after all. Just as well – tired, with another intense week ahead of me. #
@bubbva they’re going to let you entertain us? #
Tintarella (a little color) is a cutesy word for suntan.This was one of the first big hits for the fabulous Mina. #
for an urb that relies so much on the car LA has a disproportionate share of idiotic drivers. Nearly got hit twice – in a parking lot! #
kid lamenting the drawbacks of parents on FB. She should be glad she was born too soon for me to be a mommy blogger. 😉 #
@nonstick don’t worry about it. No matter what you do, your kids will someday blame you for everything. #
@NomdeB damn, sorry I missed it. Is there a reply somewhere? What music did they use? #
Countries Beginning with I Learn Italian in Song: Ti Voglio Bene #
RT @lewellyn: In the Linux vs. Solaris Debate, Watch out for Scalability FUD – (damn, do I know /everyone/?) #
His entire expression and posture are eloquently Italian, a cross between a shrug and Che ci vuoi fare? #
@svaroschi I was. For that matter, I probably don’t fit the American wife/mother norms, either. #
@lewellyn I think I’ve filmed practically everyone who is anyone in my corner of this industry… #
Waking up is hard to do. #
@vdotw when he’s a teenager you’ll have the opposite problem. #
Not feeling well at all. I may have finally reached break point. Which is going to make sysadmin training all kinds of fun. #
@jlb13 thanks, I dimly recall we covered SMF in part 1 of the training, so I may be safe. #
@NomdeB requires Silverlight, one thing too many to deal with today #
@PizzoC: here’s a Papa Ratzi antidote: Papa Fan: A Satirist for the Modern Papacy #
RT @IgorMinar: Only wimps use milliseconds in perf tests! Nanoseconds FTW! #

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