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I help technologies grow and thrive through a variety of marketing and community activities. Since 2010, I’ve been involved in cloud computing, promoting new technologies and building communities of developers and end users. My product experience spans consumer applications and devices, cloud services, and kernel features.

My toolkit includes technical writing and editing, websites, blogs, mailing lists, open source and user communities, online forums, events, video, social media, content marketing, inbound marketing, UI design, technical support, and PR.

I have lived in Asia, Europe, and the US. I speak multiple languages, and work well across cultures and geographies.

Talks & interviews

Professional Experience

Product Marketing, Management & Governance services, Amazon Web Services

June, 2020

Open Source Content Lead, Amazon Web Services


I ran the AWS Open Source blog and the @AWSOpen Twitter handle, and also give public talks about open source (list below).

Head of Digital Channel, Cloud Product Marketing, Ericsson

2014 – 2017: Digital marketing lead, developing strategy and managing execution of a new digital platform for marketing, customer support, and other features for Ericsson cloud products and services.

Managing a team to create, produce, and analyze results of web content, blogs, and social media.

Our pilot site was launched in early 2016 on Episerver (CMS) and Hubspot (inbound marketing tool).

Head of Educational Programs & Community Architect, Joyent

Managed Joyent initiatives around education, driving revenue while helping Joyent customers and staff to understand and be successful with Joyent products and core technologies. Worked with instructors/course designers to create and launch Joyent’s courses on SmartOS internals, ZFS, DTrace, and Cloud Performance. Handled all course administration (managing instructors, curriculum, courseware development and delivery), course delivery, budgets, marketing, PR, sales, enrollment, billing, and student feedback.

Concurrently: Launched a developer and user community around SmartOS (a distribution of illumos, the open fork of the Solaris operating system). Facilitated internal and external community communications (wrote the site/blog, managed/administered and wrote much of the wiki), managed the human factors in open source communities (i.e., helping a bunch of strong personalities work together), designed and managed technical events.

For the core illumos kernel, worked with corporate and individual stakeholders to create and support a community. Encouraged and helped developers from Joyent and other companies to participate in conferences, meetups, etc., to boost community presence as well as their individual careers.

Extracurricular activity: edited, marketed, and managed technical review of Brendan Gregg’s book “Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud,” Prentice Hall, 2013.

Also did t-shirts.

Solaris Technical Content, Oracle Corporation

2010: Produced/managed production of technical content (video, white papers, web pages) about key Solaris technologies for Oracle Tech Net and Oracle Solaris Product pages. Participated in and filmed technical events such as Sun (Oracle) Tech Days. Attended weekly dev team meetings with the ZFS, storage, networking, and installation, and other groups. Edited, managed technical review, and marketed the DTrace book (Gregg & Mauro).

Community Strategist and Social Media Producer, Sun Microsystems

2008 – 2010: Part of a small team within Solaris engineering which developed and executed strategies to encourage technology adoption and use and community growth of OpenSolaris communities worldwide, and to improve communication between Sun engineers and external developer/user communities. Activities included user group workshops, technical events from small to large, in-house to international. Secretary to the OpenSolaris Governing Board (2009-2010).

Senior Web Producer, Sun Microsystems

2007 – 2008: For the Solaris Storage Software group, was responsible for content development and management (blogs, web, wikis, video) and web strategy, analytics and reporting, as well as social media strategy and presence. Encouraged and assisted engineers in creating technical content. Participated in the design and execution of technical events. Did video production and live video streaming for technical events. Was directly or indirectly responsible for much new technical content, as well as increasing the reach of existing content, e.g. by managing the translation and subtitling of text and video, and managing aggregator blogs bringing in content on specific topics from both inside and outside Sun.

Director of Customer Experience, TVBLOB Srl

2003 – 2007: Joining this startup at an early stage, strove to create a unified customer experience across every aspect of the company, from software design to customer support and service. Accomplishments ranged from designing UI for a very constrained environment (TV, set-top box, and simple remote control), to UI resource management (Eclipse), to management work on integration of customer UI with a CRM system (SalesForce), to internal and customer documentation.


Book: Publish Yourself on CD-ROM, co-authored with Fabrizio Caffarelli. A comprehensive guide to CD-ROM technology, for everyone from beginners to experts. Published by Random House Electronic Publishing, 1993. One of the world’s first books to include a CD-ROM, containing software and a hypertext version of the book. (Also desktop-published the book and created the hypertext, both using FrameMaker.)

Editing: DTrace: Dynamic Tracing in Oracle Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD (Oracle Solaris Series), Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud, and BPF Performance ToolsSystems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud, 2nd Edition (2020) by Brendan Gregg (edited many of his blog posts as well).

Systems Performance book  DTrace book 

Talks & Interviews

see page

Education & Training

  • Solaris 10 System Administrator’s Training, Parts 1 & 2, Jan/Feb 2010
  • MBA, Open University (UK), 2004
  • Bachelor of Arts with High Honors in Asian Studies and Hindi, University of Texas at Austin, 1987
  • Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India (high school), 1981


  • Native speaker of English
  • Read, write, and speak Italian fluently
  • Hindi/Urdu once fluent, could be revived

Volunteer Work


Live in the San Francisco Bay Area. For now.

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  2. Ebba

    Hi Deirdre!
    My name is Ebba and I’m from Sweden. I’m writing to you because I’ve recently moved to Lecco (to live with my boyfriend) and I’m looking to take a driving license. I found your lovely blog while googling a driving school in Lecco where it’s able to take the driving license in english.
    Therefore, my question for you is – Which driving school did you choose? And how much did it cost?

    Kind regards,

    Ebba Senyk

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