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Useful online travel forums for Italy:

Colosseum, Rome

Imaging in Italy

My friend Tony’s Imaging in Italy site has been updated – do drop in for a visit. For those who missed my report in 2003, Imaging in Italy is a wonderful thing to do in Rome: a photographic walking tour with Tony Boccaccio, who photographed for National Geographic for 30 years, and is an all-round fun and fascinating person, as well as a great teacher. I enjoyed the course and learned a great deal.


Ferrovie Statali (trains)

maps and routes (for all Europe)

Cheap flights from and within Italy

Latest News on Strikes

AT&T USA Direct information for Italy – not the cheapest way to phone home, but it works

Please share your own little-known tips for travelling in Italy

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  1. I stumled upon your blog and I was really delighted by the way it is designed and by the way you write. Also, for some reason, I am always curious about how foreigners see the practicalities of living in Italy (and about what they think about our country). Perhaps because at times I feel a little foreigner in my own country as well.
    that said, I want to contribute to the places off the beaten path category:

    – Bologna as a whole. Maybe there is no single outstanding piece of beauty (with the exception of piazza maggiore, maybe) but I think this town is wonderful. Pasolini considered it Italy’s most beautiful city (apart from Venice). More in detail, B. has got a huge old town, the longest amount of porches (portici), two (not twin) towers, an old ghetto and hebrew museum, a wonderful cathedral and main square, a good egyptian museum, a church-with-seven-churches-one-inside-the-other and….

    (and I don’t even come from Bologna, but from Modena, its arch-rival!)

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