Living in Italy: Personal Reflections of a Long-Time Foreign Resident

If You’re Thinking of Moving to Italy…

Many foreigners dream of living in Italy, and some manage to make that dream come true – and then may find it’s not so dreamy after all. This is my personal experience of living in Italy – the good and the bad. Your mileage may vary.

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And read Rebecca’s View – sharp, real, and extremely funny reflections on life on a farm in Umbria.

Exchange Student Programs

If you are interested in coming to Italy as an exchange student (high school), here are some resources, try Intercultura (based in Italy, does exchanges both ways). NB: I have no affiliation with this organization and know very little about it! But they certainly know more about student exchanges in Italy than I do.

Want to Come to Italy as an au Pair?

Ask my friends over at Euro-Placements

Got Any Good Tips or Links for Living in Italy?

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