Learn Italian in Song: Balla Linda

Another classic from Lucio Battisti.

Dance Linda

ritornello        refrain
Balla Linda balla come sai        Dance, Linda, dance as you know how
Balla Linda, non fermarti        Dance, Linda, don’t stop
Balla Linda, balla come sai        Dance, Linda, dance as you know how

Occhi azzurri belli come i suoi        Blue eyes like hers
Linda forse non li hai        Linda maybe you don’t have
Ridi sempre, non parli mai d’amore        You always laugh, you never speak of love
Pero’ non sai mentire mai.        But you never know how to lie
Mh Mh        Hmm hmm
Bella sempre, dolce come lei        Always beautiful, sweet as she
Linda forse tu non sei        Linda perhaps you aren’t
Tu non dici che resti insieme a me        You never say you’ll stay with me
Per non mi abbandoni mai        But you never abandon me
Tu non mi lasci mai        You never leave me
Ti cerco e tu, e tu ci sei        I look for you, and there you are
Ti cerco e tu mi dai quel che puoi        I look for you, and you give me what you can
Non fai come lei, no non fai come lei        You don’t do like her, no you don’t do like her
Tu non prendi tutto quello che vuoi.        You don’t take everything you can.


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  1. I think I may be wrong but this song is about a woman you’re not in love with named Linda but she loves you? Does the last sentence say a warning about just going out with any person you just meet? Again I might be wrong but I’m just browsing the songs here and this one caught my interest hehe. Thank you for posting this.

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