The Twitter Diaries: November, 2008 part 2

about to go offline for the rest of the day to make final party arrangements from web

…and a good time was had by all from web

@c0t0d0s0 sorry I missed you [at CEC], too. It was a crazy week. Still is. from web in reply to c0t0d0s0

@thepartycow anything with bacon tastes good! from web in reply to thepartycow

running the stats to see who won the blogging contest. from web

<sigh> Italian university reforms – be sure to read the comments! from web

@c0t0d0s0 have to survive 2 more days of SC08 (didn’t do much on it today, another student party that we sponsored to attend tonight) from web in reply to c0t0d0s0

@c0t0d0s0 …and then I’m gonna make like a sheep herder and get the flock out of here! from web in reply to c0t0d0s0

The Glamorous Life (revised and expanded) from web

trying to remember when I last had a full day off, let alone a weekend. It’s all catching up with me now. from web

Touring TACC, should get some cool tho very noisy footage from twitterrific

Sc08 winding down. Everyone’s exhausted from twitterrific

quoted in David Pogue’s column today, see if you can guess which one was me: from web

the long run of conferences is officially over. A meeting or two tomorrow, then off to St. Barthelmy on Saturday. Total collapse first from web

need a cheap, funky venue for an OpenStorage Summit in SFO, Feb 23rd. Suggestions? from web

biker babes and others on the SC08 show floor from web

Austin airport waiting for a flight to jfk. Tomorrow on to st Barth’s! from twitterrific

On the way to overnight with a classmate in NYC. Ross wants to go out. from twitterrific

Another bat out of hell taxi ride in new york from twitterrific

woke at 6, slept again il 10, still utterly exhausted. Going to be hard to pull together numbers today. from web
(I wasn’t entirely on vacation…)

…have to admit that being in a tropical paradise doesn’t help! from web

@tgardner totally not watching Rachael Ray. Why, is she doing something we should actually care about? from web in reply to tgardner

Video stats completed & sent. Time to pour another shot of vanilla rum and go help cook Hindustani khanna from web

@pizzocalabro thanks for the giggle – I needed that. Can’t figure out whether I want to see Twilight. Just read the book. Enh. from web in reply to pizzocalabro

@pizzocalabro thanks for the reminder- haven’t read Cleolinda in AGES. from web in reply to pizzocalabro

listening to the cries of a lost goat kid, and the deeper, hoarse bleats of its distraught mother. They’ll find each other. from web

St. Barthelemy: The Return from web

@tgardner run too much with the beer dogs & you soon become a much bigger dog than you were. I wish I hadn’t learned to like beer! from web in reply to tgardner

island wifi from web

the problem with having a huge international family is that there’s always something scary going on near someone you love (Mumbai, now) from web

@missbhavens check out this one: http://www.beginningwithi.c… from web in reply to missbhavens

this is India’s 9/11. Have any Americans even noticed? Hello, people! This matters! from web

role call of friends in Mumbai okay so far, tho one of the police commissioners killed was the relative of a schoolmate. from web

@rosso thanks for the links on Mumbai – very helpful. from web in reply to rosso

an Indian friend is sad that her Australian friend can’t come visit now – he’s too high-profile. from web

But she also said “I don’t want to be walking around with someone who’s a target”. from web

Then she asked me: “So when are you coming back to India?” <wistful irony> from web

@trine email seems to be normal, but I couldn’t get thru to a Mumbai land line from Skype last night, nor watch any Indian news video sites from web in reply to trine

@pandemia se vuoi qualche appunto dall’esperienza Sun, fammi sapere from web in reply to pandemia

today I’m 46 and my entire life is in question. Interesting times, I guess. from web

@ThinGuy thanks. Not getting laid off would be a good start. from web in reply to ThinGuy

@lucaconti @pandemia (non mi follow su nessuno dei 2, non posso messaggiarti). Cmq dipende dal giorno, non ricordo la data from web in reply to lucaconti

battery meter on my Air doesn’t know where it is anymore from web

oops from web

@ThinGuy no worse than the many times I’ve fallen off horses. Could use a good neck massage, but that’s about it. Happy birthday to me! from web in reply to ThinGuy

Suketu Mehta says it for me from web

morning-after soreness from yesterday’s car misadventure. ow, ow, ow. Need a massage, maybe. from web

@jscusc from where I’m sitting, the tropical trees and bushes look amazing without snow. ; ) from web in reply to jscusc

the evening ended with a house concert including from web

@pippawilson ma anche il vice-versa! from web in reply to pippawilson

Obama and his cabinet, TCKs from web

contemplating: if I get RIFfed by Sun, could I get a job in India? China? Hmm. from web

A friend writes: “A lot of the children at…the most elite and oldest school in Bombay have lost one or both parents” – truly India’s 9/11 from twhirl

@c0t0d0s0 no particular reason, and thanks for the compliment, but surely that’s what we’re all thinking right now. from twhirl in reply to c0t0d0s0

@jowyang re chai, make your own! recipes vary, but most involve boiling milk, water with tea, sugar + spices esp. cardamom from twhirl in reply to jowyang

@pizzocalabro any kind you like, but plain black, not flavored. You’ll want to use a strainer for the spices, e.g. cinnamon stick and clove from twhirl in reply to pizzocalabro

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