The Twitter Diaries: December, 2008, part 2

@plasticbagUK when I saw vertigo I thought ” oh look, san francisco with parking!”

@Zadi ships passing in the night : just arrived ago heading for a rental car and pali alto

Looking forward to the luxe bathtub at the 4 seasons

Sun’s cafeteria serving Indian food and playing music to match.

Day of filming (for a Jan release) complete, way too much time to kill at SFO. Bought Cosmo at my BIL‘s request – he’s cited in it.

useful to know if you ever fly into Denver: Freedom cab charges $1.80/mile as opposed to Yellow’s $2.25

they’re not wrong…

@michellefabio Italians have very short memories of their own history as mass migrants

I’m sure there are a million things I’m supposed to be doing, but my brain is molasses right now and I can’t remember what they are

final uploads, downloads, etc. then some errands before our flight to Heathrow tonight.

heading back to Europe for a month after my longest stay in the US in 18 years (5+ months). Wondering what it will feel like.

Plane being inspected after it got hit by lightning. More delay, if we fly at all tonight.

We weren’t on the plane when it was hit apparently damage was severe. Overnight at a hotel then fly tomorrow

just talked to BA. So far looks like we’re on track to leave today and get to Milan Saturday morning.

at least we have a voucher for a taxi this time, so don’t have to take SuperShuttle and be there hours early

getting ready for our second attempt to leave the country

Waiting to drop our bags again. At least ba are handling this act of god pretty well so far

@wisequeen trying to!

@wisequeen holiday only

doesn’t happen to me often, but that was a fairly hellish trip. Finally arrived home 24+ hours later than expected

have no idea what I did with the charger for my Italian cellphone

@jeffreytaylor unfortunately, Northern California is a relatively small and unrepresentative part of the overall American reality

@IgorMinar where do you find Bosnian and Serbian pickles? and what are they like?

whoa. looks like we tiptoed out between potential (but not quite) disasters at Denver airport.

@davest maybe someone’s trying to remind you what it was like to live in Colorado. ; )

home in Lecco. bought 100 euros’ worth of chocolate at the factory outlet http://www.beginningwithi.c…

major jet lag, up talking with Ross til 4:30 am. Interesting cultural reflections upon being back in Italy after 5 months in the US

trying to remember where my turtlenecks are in the Lecco house

did my old 2-hr commute to visit former colleagues in Milan. There is nothing I miss about that.

in Italy, executives are being laid off

I wish [American] [men] would clue in to how excluding sports analogies are. Red Sox vs. Yankees means nothing to me, or most of the world.

@ThinGuy in which part of the world and by whom?

@pizzocalabro a specific instance, but email.

@ThinGuy mostly a guy thing, and of course it’s very culture-specific, so perforce it leaves people out. Not good for biz communications

@plasticbagUK there’s worse company than House

the family ambigram

argh. almost 5 am and I’m still awake (did sleep from ~10:30-1:30)

@caseymckinnon Jon Stewart and I were born EXACTLY the same day, and are both left handed

@italylogue I hope you have better luck than we did getting out of Denver. Where are you going?

torchlight procession to the top of the mountain opposite; my friend Lisa is in there somewhere

@fakejonathan hair smelling like truffles would be really, really gross

back online after 3.5 days without Internet (the horror!)

@medgno got back just in time. ; )

figured out how to add a tag cloud to my blog. Feeling quite chuffed about it, since I am not in any sense a programmer

taking a long time to get over jet lag. Maybe because of the trip from hell plus subsequent road travel in Italy.

had to speak to my bank to verify a wire transfer. The “security” questions are all facts that anyone could figure out about me in <5 mins

…and to change the “password” I would have to snail-mail a request on paper. No wonder identity theft is so easy.

kid: didn’t wake up in time to wash her clothes (no dryer here!), now wants to borrow my new cashmere. Tough luck.

maybe I just have a monstrous sleep deficit

@Roam2Rome somehow docs like that turn out about 30% shorter when translated into decent English

@Roam2Rome no need for guilt – you have to wade through all those superfluous source words to figure out the content, it’s a lot of work

@pippawilson io ho preso 4 [voli] in 6 giorni, a novembre

@moroplace perche sei in ufficio? Non siamo in vacanza, o e’ solo per gli Americani?

Cartoceto photo gallery: memories of a different place, and a much warmer day!

waiting for the potatoes to boil so we can eat them with bollito (boiled meats) and yummy sauces

…while cleaning out thousands of duplicates in my iTunes library. Needs an automatic function for this

traffic to my site fell off sharply Christmas day and hasn’t regained. Does this mean everyone has a life outside the Internet?

argh! get these @#@$# Scientologists off my website!

the weird thing is, the Scientologists are advertising on my Funny Signs posts

Milan, Christmas 2008

@ceri I’ve wiped out my inbox several times thanks to system reinstalls, change of computer/OS. I’ve never been sure it was accidental.

@timfoster a very old fave of mine [The Princess Bride]. The movie was great but the book (which I read years before) is even better.

spending my vacation digitizing more of my life (CDs that didn’t make it into iTunes last year)

@tgardner someone who is better left out of the gene pool anyway

wow. We actually have CDs that have never been entered into Gracenote

@MarketingProfs re. consumerism: One shock-but-not-surprise in moving back to the US has been just how much sheer crap people buy.

pesto pizza and salad for dinner. Replaced the calories from the 1-hour walk around the lake in the freezing cold earlier

@koolinus very simple and yummy: Buitoni pizza base with mozzarella, pesto slathered on top, this time I added potato slices.

@missbhavens funny, I’ve just been moving the pages to do with my garden onto WordPress

moving > 2000 pages from static html to WordPress is…a lot of work

@seancarlos fixing the links will be round two – right now I’m just redirecting, page by page

@koolinus I first ate pesto pizza in a restaurant in Milan; if anything, blame the Milanesi!

@seancarlos nice, thanks. I was going to use Google Webmaster tools for this, is LinkSleuth better?

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