Planet Hollywood, Planet Vegas

This week I was in Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters conference/show. I had booked a room at Planet Hollywood because I thought the folks I was going with/for would be there. When I checked in at the desk, I was told I’d been upgraded to a suite. This surprised me, but the lady explained that, when bookings are tight, they often upgrade people who are only there for 1-2 nights as this gives them more flexibility in reassigning rooms.

So they put me into a suite decorated with relics of Harrison Ford’s career, mostly Indiana Jones stuff as shown above, and this:

…which was in my bedroom! A headless suit of clothing watching over me as I sleep was just too weird. Fortunately, it was not lit up when I arrived; I had to find the switch labeled “Memorabilia Light” to get this picture.

All this memorabilia was puzzlingly mixed with 60’s Mod furniture:

…which has what to do with Indiana Jones, or Harrison Ford, for that matter? Boh. Vegas works by its own rules.

I was most amused by these props from the famous “Oh, to hell with it!” swords vs. whip fight in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” I read somewhere years ago that an actual fight had been carefully choreographed, but when it came time to shoot it Ford was not feeling well (something about the food on location in Morocco?) and, instead, did what came naturally. I was feeling very unwell myself throughout my stay in Vegas (cold, not intestinal), so could totally empathize.

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