The Twitter Diaries to 2010-05-10: SF, Chicago

back & better than ever, with slides: Trusted Extensions & Demo – Glenn Faden at Solaris Security Summit, Nov 2009. #
Still ill; energy completely sapped by coffee, shower, & a bit of unpacking. At times it /would/ be nice to have someone to take care of me. #
bigger, better, with slides! Thin Client Delivery for the Enterprise – Oracle Solaris Video #
@ubifrieda O Teatro Magico, Brasiliani #
@DeirdreS Welcome to big in USA. πŸ™‚ Was watching International house hunters other day. Golly US has so many more mod cons & loads of space. #
did I tweet this yet? New video – Maximizing Application Performance with Sun Studio – Oracle Solaris Video #
@mschoenu unfortunately, the avg cost of living in Italy is higher than the avg salary, if you can get a job at all. Lovely country, but… #
Heartbreaking when people who wd & want to be great parents cannot be. Perhaps worse that many who are so bad at it so easily become parents #
@TheWorldCalls If you still need help w/that Italian phrase, try @DeirdreS @seancarlos @rosso #
@mkapor recently was on a flight w parents who apparently believed in let it cry itself to sleep. NOT acceptable on planes. #
I totally belong in this city. #
Hmm. I don’t get to sleep more than 5 or 6 hours a night now? #
RT @chrisfaron: late #followfriday @monicacesarato @noziotravel @DeirdreS @ciaolaura @stephenfry @RunwayGirl #ff #
That’s an interesting & engaging question RT @DeirdreS: Who are you people and why are you following me? #
Using DTrace for Gnome Performance Analysis – new video from OSDEVCON 2009 #
My arms hurt from moving boxes, which I had to do because neither shipping nor facilities would. Workplace injury. Need a massage. #
created a playlist on YouTube, cannot for the life of me figure out how to tell anyone how to get to it, or even get to it myself. ??? #
@bubbva remind me when and where performance will be? #fb #
I have so many stories, that are not mine to tell… Sounds like a line from a song or poem, but it’s simply my life. #
@montymunford can’t dm you unless u follow me. I & my daughter both graduated from Woodstock school, glad to give any info you want #
RT @TEDchris: Should we fear aliens? Jill Tarter’s response to Stephen Hawking #
@substudio actually, figuring out how to preserve and safely share our logsrithmically growing digital lives is a fascinating challenge #
Guy in a black suit with secret service style earphone walking the train. Why? #
@substudio LOL. No, they’re not talking about garden sheds #
another OSDEVCON video: ZFS Internal Structures #
new video from OSDEVCON: Dead ends in Multithreads Application Development – Oracle Solaris Video #
RT @CommunispaceCEO: Gehry: Our culture doesn’t support the visual kids. They are marginalized because they can’t get an A in math. #
lunch catching up with T made the trek to Menlo worthwhile. #
@bubbva bldg 18, but may move unless my teammates start showing up around here! #
@NomdeB turmeric and honey taken how? #
I like being on campus with colleagues, but these days I also love working from my own apt. #
Have you considered that I defend this point with tenacity and passion because I am sure I’m right about it? #
I’ve learned my lesson: any form of commuting falls apart when it rains here; better to work from home when there’s weather. #
@bubbva good tip thx tho today’s prob was the shuttle due to a traffic light being out #
@bubbva I should be in most mon, tues, fri, love to have lunch together! #
I am happy to fight when the cause is worthy, but I’m tired of fighting the same damn battles over and over and over… #
@Joanmarie more like job-related whack-a-mole. The same pesky problems keep rearing their ugly heads. #
RT @ben: Listening to @glynnfoster on Solaris and Oracle virtualisation – yay Glynn! #
why don’t you just leave, then? – I wonder why it is always those like me who are asked that question? #
Mayor Franco Tentorio said he believed the images of same-sex couples kissing might upset some members of the public. #
why, yes, I am having beer and chocolate cake for dinner, thank you very much. #
wondering whether I should split my twitter into two accounts, one for work/techie, one for… everything else. Your thoughts? #
RT @montymunford: <AND SO SAY ALL OF US!> RT @gambino: Brazil official urges more sex for better health -dancing, too! #
@bubbva ouch! #fb #
@reiger uh…. which part? πŸ˜‰ #
@izzyvideo have yet to see one, have no particular yearnings. #
@glynnfoster I suspect that even not quite your best was still plenty good. #
@ebertchicago Vincere more accurately translates as to win. I’ll have to see the film to understand how the title fits. #
is there an easy way to import a bunch of pages from one WordPress blog into another? #
saw a rainbow over SF this morning, now looking at blue sky through rain-streaked windows. #
@davegraham I like it. Wd you rather be remembered lying bizarrely formal and composed in a coffin, or doing something you loved? #
@digitalsista For ~30 yrs I’ve been just me online, don’t need/want multiple identities. Have seen multiple IDs become probs for others… #
@digitalsista …with everything/one so connected, worlds collide, then messy public reconciliation of multiple selves becomes necessary. #
Umm, I guess I just answered my own question about whether to split my Tweetstream. I’ve always been one single me, better stay that way. #
my southern roots are showing: making biscuits for breakfast. No molasses to go with them, alas. #
storage folks: how many of you remember ? Was it useful? Want it back? #
@missbhavens I had a tiny insect inside the screen of a Dell years ago, crawling around til I accidentally squashed him. His corpse remained #
New! Storage FMA – Eric Schrock presents at the Open Storage Summit 2009 (yes, this is very late… long story!) #
HATE how FB apps get around hide settings by giving subfeatures diff names. May have to start hiding everyone who uses these annoyances. #
nice at-home dinner with old friends who have also left Italy. I think we’re a movement by now. @euaccess @rosso we’re waiting for yooooo… #
RT @planspark: Toes, meet furniture. Ouch! – I broke two toes (one on each foot) within a month last summer. Bad furniture, bad! #
@PizzoC have you heard the Chenille Sisters’ version? La la la listen to your mamma… #
@rosso that’s right! We’ll have enough for our own high tech trade association. #
problem with a Skype phone is it makes me appear to be always online. So the kid called at 4:30 am and I’ve been awake ever since. Yawn. #
@faseidl thanks, but I don’t think that works when the only connection to skype is the skype phone #
dreamt that Larry came & (nicely) told me to clean up paper on my desk because it looked untidy. Cdn’t tell him it was my daughter’s mess. #
trying out local cheeses: last night: Humboldt Fog goat chese with a layer of ash inside, and Cowgirl Creamery’s Red Hawk. Both very yummy. #
@tgardner sign at restaurant at St Maarten nudist beach: No shoes, no shirt, no shorts – no problem! #
@penelopetrunk sure that’s not just to impress the guests? πŸ˜‰ #
investigating a spike in traffic to my site, found this Impara linglese con Elio e le Storie Tese! #
…pretty cool to have my site pointed out by a famous Italian band! #
@johnnysunshine meet @italylogue @c_bright , good friends, travelers geeks & Portland res/experts. Jess/Chris, John’s a cool colleague #
I know the human race is doing the best it can but, hells bells! that’s only an explanation, it’s not an excuse. Don Marquis #
RT @zephoria: I just watched The Internet is Made of Cats. My life is complete. I’m officially happy. #
@NomdeB ate way too much of that Red Hawk today, with Acme ciabatta bread and grapes it was purrrrrfect. #
@feliciaday weirdly, people seem to get madder over free stuff they miss out on than something they never had a chance at, at all #
Storage Re-Provisioning with COMSTAR – Mike LaSpina’s real-world experience, presented at the Storage Summit 09 #
wearing my copy-editing hat (I didn’t want to, they made me), growling at things like em dashes that should have been colons #
if cutting-edge takes a hyphen in the title, it also takes it in the body text. Decide! #
…though I’d rather leave out cutting-edge altogether… #
Performance Instrumentation Counters – An informal discussion among Roch Bourbonnais, Brendan Gregg, and Jim Mauro. #
My timing is completely off today. Doesn’t help that the corporate iCal thinks I’m still in Colorado. #
Performance Instrumentation Counters – An informal discussion among Roch Bourbonnais, Brendan Gregg, and Jim Mauro #
@SaberMarketing thanks. Did you guys start following me because I talked about Maker’s Mark? πŸ˜‰ #
weekend? Ikea, Costco, Chinatown, test new vacuum, cook, maybe play with cats in the sunshine in J&J’s garden… I’ll think of something! #
are you a young person looking for true adventure? Woodstock Gap Semester in the Himalaya #
Exhausted by constant demands to be aware of, let alone care about, everyone’s pet causes. All worthy, but there’s only so much of me! #
@msgilligan FB definitely spawns them, but I get stuff on Twitter as well. @johnnysunshine Agreed, I don’t see the point of mere awareness #
@llcrowe I don’t think Brendan shouting at hard disks was heart touching. Compelling sort of. Still the most viral thing Sun ever did. #
@thinguy I wasn’t at the old Sun long enough to be so emotionally invested. And, anyway, I need the job. πŸ˜‰ #
@jlb13 My daughter at ~18 mos discovered that glass was breakable. Accidental the 1st time, not the 2nd! Not only #boys #break #shit #
@Roam2Rome I miss rambutans, and mangosteens were my childhood favorties. Nowadays it’s mangos, but those imported to the US are just sad. #
June will be back to school month for me (yes, in addition to my day job). All set for an extremely busy summer. #
@bklein34 digital film (10 wks), and ZFS administration (3 days) #
@legeza no! thanks for the alert. It shows in the overview as being 17 mins, but only runs for 1… will fix #
woke up at 6:30 in a panic: Where am I supposed to be today? Had to think hard to figure out it was Saturday. But I still have work to do. #
new video! Introduction to the Chime Visualization Tool for DTrace – Oracle Solaris Video #
@jlb13 it was funny, tho, the look of pure mischief she gave me as she raised the glass bottle over her little head & flung it to the floor #
@kbeninato won’t do any good; people see truth where they wish to. And that goes for all sides. #
@NomdeB this one should be good – 10 week intensive course at the Berkeley Digital Film Institute. Will have teh mad skillz! #
Countries Beginning with I Living, Room #
@zaps benvenuto a San Francisco, mio nuovo paese! #
@lskrocki I wasn’t a Sunny all that long, but, while I saw lots of women in engineering there, not many seemed to make it to the exec ranks. #
the trip to Ikea alone is tiring, then there’s the new stuff to haul up and put together, then I tested the new vacuum cleaner… tired! #
I don’t miss Italy most of the time, and/but it’s nice to be around people who know exactly what I mean when I talk about it. #
@zaps lavoro per la Oracle, ex-Sun Microsystems #
did I forget to let you guys know about this amazing talk? Rethinking Passwords – Oracle Solaris Video #
it appears that I will be neither giving nor receiving anything for Mother’s Day. Dysfunctional is my middle name. #
Very angry and/or crazy guy screaming and swearing on the street. For the rest of us, it’s a lovely, sunny Sunday morning. #
Roch Bourbonnais on LUN Alignment – Oracle Solaris Video #
finch nibbles away from my improvised bird feeder, while keeping a wary eye on me through the bedroom window. No photos! #
part 2 fixed! Performance Instrumentation Counters – Oracle Solaris Video #
makes me crazy when a blog is beautifully designed and photo’d, but cannot spell #
@Danjite just had some Humboldt Fog Chevre the other night, there’s still a bit left. Now I’ll think of you when I eat it #cheese #
@Danjite by the time it got there it would probably be classifiable as a chemical weapon! #
Source Juicer A New Way to Build Solaris Software – Oracle Solaris Video – OSDEVCON 2009 #
I might eventually get a TV to go with the Tivo, DVD player, and dozens of DVDs. But it seems like more hassle than it’s worth. #
RT @jeffreytaylor: I wish I could find a tool that could eliminate repetition of the same news items across all social media. # is back with a oon-to-expand list of Solaris storage videos # is back with a soon-to-expand list of Solaris storage videos. #
Uh oh. Train ahead of us broken down. Wonder how long this will take #
Finally feeling like myself again, back to my usual energy, with more optimisum & enthusiasm than I’ve had for a while. World, watch out! #
Listening to a call while standing in line for a movie ticket – multitasking! #
a sterling example of open communications! Kudos, Shamu folks. – RT @Shamu: The Return of @Shamu? #
Oh, right… my neighborhood will be overrun with web 2.0 people this week, keeping the local bars hopping. #
people keep asking if I miss Italy. Don’t need to – Italy appears intent on coming to me, at least for a visit! And I’m enjoying that. #
@vdotw uh oh exception for what? #
RT @oracletechnet: It’s true, Mason St. between OFarrell and Ellis will be completely tented for the developer community. #javaone10 #
@NomdeB as the mansaid, privacy is dead. Guess it’s time for us all to come out of any closets we may be in. #
you who must leave everything that you cannot control. It begins with your family, but soon it comes round to your soul… #
DMV: the great leveller #
Another horrible license photo. Of course I look lost if you make me take my glasses off! #
RT @Oracle: View new #Oracle Complete video #ironman2 – the new Oracle dress code: no necktie required. #
I’m now a (re)licensed CA driver – kinda forgot I had a CA lic yrs ago, but stupidly let it lapse because I’ll never live in the US again #
@bsousapt well, that was in the Bush era. Many other expats felt the same. But some are returning now, especially from Italy. #
@bsousapt I’m more accustomed to being an expat than a native, but this is the right place for me to be now, and I’m happy. #
part 2 of a beginners’ guide: Getting Started with Solaris-2-Where is Everything? – Oracle Solaris Video #
a short index of Oracle Storage bloggers #
@bsousapt I would not define anyone involved with ZFS as small in any way. #
@NomdeB opined that these hypocrites fight hardest against what they fear most in themselves. #
so my site is somehow infected with badware, and Google is so intent on protecting me that it’s difficult-to-impossible to find and fix #
yeah, I needed that like a hole in the head today. I don’t have time for a personal site to have problems right now. #
RT @lhawthorn: FISL has opened its CfP – *the* Brasilian #FOSS conference. & enter email address to submit paper #
wtching an Eddie Izzard concert via Netflix. I’ve been in this West End theatre; I think we saw Spamalot there. I see way too many shows. #
okay, JT, in your honor I’m watching Prince Caspian. This story I don’t remember a bit of,except that there’s an annoying talking mouse #
waitaminute, weren’t these ruins in The Return of the King? #
@robbogio I had an address of convenience, but they kept trying to call me for jury duty… #
@DeirdreS Not so much- more a case of the sure is cold out, but can’t wear longjohns ‘cos I will be in Auckland pre-winter sleepys. #
@bsousapt wonder how. Suspect it’s a recent plugin #
Woman on train has very loud, clanky bracelets. Glad I don’t share an office with her #
Google’s attempts to keep me from harm make it damn nearly impossible to fix the problem they are pointing out. Gah! #
@jkstark ah, thanks, that is a huge help! Somehow all the how to fix this help pages neglected to mention this. #
@FakeAPStylebook now explain tenets vs tenants and peek vs peak vs pique (with sneak) #
have a bad case of I don’t want to be sitting at this desk. Spring fever? #
@Danjite I missed most of my summer last year, will have to find someplace warmer than SF to enjoy some sunshine this year. #
it’s a crisp spring day outside, why am I freezing in the overdone A/C in the office? More reasons to work from home… #
@bklein34 yay! You guys do a good job on customer service, too. #
RT @leapingwoman: a friend is aghast at yet another celebrity’s infidelity. – What planet is your friend from? #
@HumanityCritic Oh, dear, you mean you’re a standard-issue heterosexual male? πŸ˜‰ #
@dudulima yup, they are. I could also go to the SF office which is quite near where I now live. Don’t know how the A/C is there, though. #
@dudulima I like to work where my colleagues are, but we’re scattered across the campus so I don’t really see them. Might as well WFH. #
RT @mashable: 10 of Under-25s Think Its Okay to Text During Sex – kids today! No sense of priorities! #
Alligator meets Terminator: Caiman and AI – Oracle Solaris Video #
Getting Started with Solaris-4-Managing Software – Oracle Solaris Video #
why is @newsweek following me? Am I a news source now? (Not that I mind, just wondering…) #
@craigmorgan If there is, it’s something I don’t even know! #
coming up: Iron Man 2 at 10 am, then fly to Chicago for SAGE board meeting & to see an old videoblogging bud, back to SF Saturday night. #
@jlb13 good lord, what are they doing to you? #ouch #
RT @zalez: Cleaning up my #Facebook profile like @alecmuffett: #
Guy on the plane reading Karl Rove. I’m reading George Carlin, so I guess we’re balanced. Perhaps not fair. πŸ˜‰ #
Iron Man 2: total guy movie. Except that scene of Stark in a muscle shirt. At least Scarlett did not attempt to kick ass in 6 stilettoes. #
We found it on the Oracle grid. huh? I thought we didn’t telegraph our launches? #
@NomdeB I actually had nothing to get rid of. I’ve been online so long that anything that has ever been public about me already is. #
RT @DeirdreS: Iron Man 2: total guy movie. Except that scene of Stark in a muscle shirt. At least Scarlett did not attempt to kick ass i … #
Shoulda spent the flight reading docs for tomw’s meeting. Read George Carlin’s bio instead. He was an icon of my youth. #
The day is kind of weird when you start it with a big action movie. Esp when your big boss is in it. My life already felt like fiction. #
‘course I’m not much more likely to meet Ellison than I am to meet Downey… #
@bklein34 I’m in an American Taxi right this sec on my way to Vernon hills oh I’ve arrived #
Talking about how to offer amazing educational experiences in Asia #
@zalez pls send email so I remember I can fix when home on sundau #
@bklein34 yep. We need a private location service that only works with people we want it to #
long but productive day in SAGE board meeting. Day job stuff will have to get done on Sunday #
looks as if I succeeded in getting the malware out of my site to Google’s satisfaction #
turns out I don’t need to be in Chicago tomorrow morning, so taking an early flight back to SF. Work to do, but also some social life. #
@leapingwoman love to! Just on my way back from Chicago, this will be my last trip for a while #
So tired of TSA theater #
It’s a change to be on a flight that’s not jam packed and a fight for bin space #
Landed SFO. Now want to NOT fly for a while. #
@hemantmehta and,like him, you can dance bhangra #
5 am wakeup call in Chicago was a LONG time ago. Damn I’m tired. #
@jeffreytaylor sounds like a good sense to have #
You tore my heart out and stomped that sucker flat. Yeah, happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Mom. #
Two people today have told me I should write a book based on my life. Would give Augusten Burroughs a run for his money, believe me. #
@29mig you missed your MIG, wife, and children – in that order? πŸ˜‰ #
remembering my best mother: a heck of a gal, judging by her kin folk and the way she requested to be remembered. #
RT @seancarlos: Major airports in northern Italy closed due to #ashcloud #
@missbhavens yum! I hope to make chutneys again this summer, when tomatoes and apricots are in season #
@missbhavens oooh.. recipe? I love chutneys and cheeses together, and there’s a lot of awfully good cheese in California #
@jimpick I think I’d start with the sweater… #
@mxcia I married into an Italian family and my daughter is at least as much Italian as American, but I myself am… well, something else! #
built another Billy bookshelf and got the legs on the bed. Now my back hurts. I think that’s enough furniture for a while. #
video fixed: Immutable Service Containers – Oracle Solaris Video #
doing a very tedious but very necessary inventory of video – what’s recovered, what still needs to be, what we can let fade away #
The heathen class has all the good music. We might as well invite a few of them to our next party. #
dang there’s a lot of stuff to deal with in normal adult life, let alone when you have a life full of interesting situations #
new must-see video: smugmug’s @DonMacAskill on Open Storage & ZFS in a Linux World – Oracle Solaris Video #
Ooof, long day already. Time for a break. (Now that the boss can see my IM status, I feel a need to announce these things. πŸ˜‰ ) #

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