Education in Italy: One Foreign Parent’s Views & Experiences

Caveat: The articles in this section are based on my family’s experience of the Italian education system in a specific time and place: Milan, and later Lecco, from 1991 to 2007. I haven’t lived in Italy all my life, nor ever attended any Italian educational institution myself, so my views may be biased, and your mileage may vary based on your location, specific school, and specific child.

Homeschooling in Italy

Yes, it is possible. I don’t know much about it, though I investigated briefly a few years ago.

Adult Continuing Education

One option for distance learning: the Open University (I did my MBA with them).

One thought on “Education in Italy: One Foreign Parent’s Views & Experiences”

  1. Homeschooling in Italy is permitted and it is named “scuola a casa” or “scuola paterna”
    If you are interested you simply has to ask the Director of the School of your area for further information. You just have to demostrate that you are able to teach your child the subjects and that you have a program that follows more or less the level requested for that class.
    In Italy the law says that “Education is required” but not school.
    I am doing some research on this subject. 🙂

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