The Twitter Diaries, Dec 30, 2010 – Jan 23, 2011

It’s that time of the month in which I crave chocolate. Fortunately, the Tim Tam elf visited recently. – 12/30/10 17:54

New glasses. I find if very difficult to take a good self –  portrait with the iPhone. Or at all.  – 12/30/10 18:00

Getting to know (aka playing with) the new camera totally counts as work, right? – 12/30/10 18:12

@NomdeB Well, I will have to use this camera for filming at work. And I also need to see how my newly – corrected vision likes the viewfinder. – 12/30/10 18:26

@jacksonwest @jasonh @brendangregg I think I just found a use for that greenscreen: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – 12/30/10 18:33

I just donated to: Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view.  –  Gapminder.org12/30/10 18:39

Since when did I become the expert…? Oh, yeah, since I edited 1000+ pages on DTrace. – 12/30/10 18:53

If that guy who’s been coughing his lungs out at the office gave me whatever he’s got, I’m gonna be so mad… do not have time for this. – 12/30/10 19:44

@reiger We’ll be happy to welcome you to the Left Coast! – 12/30/10 20:52

@obscurebug No, that I could definitely resist. – 12/30/10 20:53

3 lbs of broccoli has become soup for an army, and veggie lasagne. – 12/30/10 20:53

@reiger And you shall have it! Dunno abou the teepee, my apartment complex has a courtyard… – 12/30/10 21:15

Seems as if 2010 was a rough year for a lot of us. Maybe we should just stay safe at home tomorrow and wait for it to be over? – 12/30/10 21:17

The Twitter Diaries: Dec 7 – 30, 2010  –  with lots and lots of Joyent – 12/30/10 22:56

@KurtSchlichter @adamsbaldwin Tell me you’d have the guts to do what these pacifists did in WWII: The Great Starvation Experiment: The Heroic Men Who Starved so That Millions Could Live12/30/10 23:00

.@adamsbaldwin May be common sense to Orwell, not to me. – 12/30/10 23:02

.@adamsbaldwin ps you didn’t answer the question. – 12/30/10 23:03

.@adamsbaldwin Takes courage to respect people with whom you disagree. Can also take courage to be a pacifist. Name calling, not so much. – 12/30/10 23:47

I Love a Rainy Night – More Tests with the Canon 7D (yes I know it doesn’t work in all countries due to copyrights) – 12/31/10 2:12

@jasonh @brendangregg “What’s the weather like in your cloud? Find out at 6 o’clock with Brendan Gregg!” – 12/31/10 10:42

Dreamed I met old friend (not IRL) Christopher Hitchens in a bar, w unsuitable wife. He was saying extremely rude things about Santa Claus. – 12/31/10 10:48

@jonasthaler You should have heard what he “said”. ; – ) – 12/31/10 11:11

“It’s been rough & rocky travelin’, after takin’ several readings, I’m surprised to find my minds still fairly sound.” – 12/31/10 11:33

for those who couldn’t view on YouTube, there’s now a download (561MB) I Love a Rainy Night – More Tests w Canon 7D12/31/10 12:05

RT @trevoro: Unsolicited advice for your new year  –  Turn off your Television.  –  Don’t even own one. – 12/31/10 12:43

@robinbloor Have you seen this:?  Motel of the Mysteries12/31/10 12:43

Going to see movie in new glasses that I’m not yet used to. Umm. At least it’s not IMAX 3d – 12/31/10 16:09

Finally saw the latest Harry Potter. Meh. – 12/31/10 19:14

@vdotw @willbldrco Amen, sister  –  here’s to a far better 2011 all around! – 12/31/10 20:14

@wastedcarbon There was a lot I liked about it, but I found myself looking at my watch and noticing the production details. Not good signs. – 12/31/10 20:33

Had a long winter’s nap, now I’m awake in time to see out 2010. Need a large item to dispose of out the window the way they do in Naples. – 1/1/11 1:42

No, I will not be recapping this year and certainly not this decade. There have been some amazing high points, but, on the whole… – 1/1/11 1:45

Okay, have to admit the decade started well, with a Millenium party here: Château de la Bourdaisière1/1/11 1:50

RT @divinacucina: @DeirdreS ha ha –  –  –  i saw a toilet thrown out once –  –  – !!!  – > That would be very appropriate, if I had a toilet to throw out. – 1/1/11 1:51

Oh, damn, haven’t put on my red underwear1/1/11 1:58

@tomcoates KLM Tries Harder… But Fails KLM Makes Up, and Other Airline Experiences1/1/11 13:21

1 dislike about Harry Potter 7: the sad gray – blue palette . Today I’m going to see Dawn Treader. I expect it to be colorful. – 1/1/11 14:08

There’s a generation of new movie comedians who all look the same to me. Who are these people? – 1/1/11 15:20

@NomdeB the half blood prince was good. Not enough Rickman in this one – 1/1/11 15:24

Dear Narnia team: thank you for going back to the original illustrations that I love so well. And for a great movie. 3D totally right too – 1/1/11 17:26

Also, the young actors are great, esp the one who played Eustace – 1/1/11 17:42

Retweet of rosanne cash (rosannecash) Here’s the great thing about not being 30: I will never join another gym as long as I live. I will take the money I save and go to the spa. – 1/1/11 19:09

@jimelliff Umm… you mean if we read too many other books we don’t appreciate the Bible properly? – 1/1/11 19:17

RT @TechCrunch: Facebook Close To Naming Sun Microsystems Campus As New Headquarters < –  Yup, thought so – 1/1/11 19:31

@jimpick I never got to see MPK in its heyday, but was very involved in moving out… sad. – 1/1/11 20:05

…and oh, boy oh boy… Can That Boy… Foxtrot – 1/1/11 20:27

youths protest against a general situation in which the older generations have eaten the future of the younger ones,”  – 1/1/11 21:05

@nonstick If you want men in skirts, “Troy” is the movie for you. Though I think they cheated for the film and also wore underpants. – 1/1/11 21:11

Oven burn on my arm looks like an exclamation point. At least my injury is emphatic. – 1/1/11 21:37

the more self – expansion people experience from their partner, the more committed and satisfied they are” – 1/2/11 0:45

@wastedcarbon Seems to me like a good sign. ; – ) – 1/2/11 0:56

.@wastedcarbon My pattern is that, when there is no longer anything new to learn  –  in a job or in a relationship  –  it’s time for a change. – 1/2/11 1:03

.@mkapor Seems that most performers like to keep performing, regardless of age or financial need. They’re, you know, performers. – 1/2/11 11:35

Retweet of Brian Walsh (thepartycow) I don’t know why people say “man up.” After witnessing pregnancy and child birth, it strikes me it should be “woman up.” – 1/2/11 11:35

@NomdeB @milouness Having a 21 YO daughter in Italy rather sharpens my thoughts. Plus my own exp  –  well – qualified yet unable to find work. – 1/2/11 12:27

.@Roam2Rome Italy, for all its beauty, history, etc., IS deeply flawed  –  most Italians agree. La dolce vita wears thin when you need a job. – 1/2/11 12:29

@pelegri You can add Robert Mustacchi, also ex – Fishworks, to your Joyent list. – 1/2/11 12:32

@pelegri Nexenta also got Richard Elling, maybe others. – 1/2/11 12:32

Retweet of pelegri (pelegri) A recap of where some of my ex – Sun friends have landed a year after Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun:  – 1/2/11 12:32

@Roam2Rome I think a lot of people come to Italy with unrealistic expectations, so perhaps react more strongly when those are disappointed. – 1/2/11 14:00

.@Gundryggia @Roam2Rome Even when I moved to Italy in 1991, Italians thot me mad to willingly give up US advantages. This puzzled me  –  then – 1/2/11 17:08

YouTube’s tag suggestions are weird. What has Christianity to do with “SmartMachine, Joyent, virtualmin, webmin, cloud computing” ? – 1/2/11 17:09

.@KatieS I knew I shouldn’t bother seeing “The Social Network”. Thanks for confirming. – 1/2/11 17:52

.@Roam2Rome Ultimately, for me, Italy was not worth it professionally or personally. It works out better for some, and truly I hope for you. – 1/2/11 17:57

…but, with “Eat, Pray, Love” a best – seller, I do think it’s worth warning people that life in Italy is not as depicted in Italy – porn. – 1/2/11 17:58

thinning out drawers, am moved to ask: how many t – shirts do you have from tech companies that no longer exist? – 1/2/11 18:25

talked w entrepreneur friend Shirley about cultural diffs US, China, Europe. It’s never easy, but in US much easier, to be an entrepreneur. – 1/2/11 18:29

@arekdreyer Do you have equally non – existent stock options? ; – ) – 1/2/11 18:46

@davidpaulyoung …and that list isn’t complete yet, being added to soon. – 1/2/11 19:13

@johnnysunshine No, it’s just that Eduardo is more familiar with the middleware gang than the Solaris folks he plans to update his list. – 1/2/11 20:22

@milouness I think there was also a dramatic film made in India about Ramanujan, possibly Tom Alter was in it (he told us about it). – 1/2/11 20:36

“Don’t go nowhere, but what do I care, your kisses are worth waiting for.. ain’t misbehavin, I’m savin my love for you”  – 1/2/11 21:38

@timfoster No, but Skype helps . Have spent most of my life far from various people I love, starting back when intl airmail took 3 wks. – 1/3/11 0:52

@timfoster I didn’t mean to diminish your feelings. Goodbyes are never easy, regardless. – 1/3/11 3:00

RT @OldSpice: Wherever there are men, there is a need for men to smell like men.  – > But they all smell different! – 1/3/11 13:30

@jasonh @davidpaulyoung I make it 10 altogether, once Eduardo gets all the comments consolidated into the list – 1/3/11 13:53

Retweet of Joyent (joyent) Two Joyent customers in Jan 11 webinar, You’ve Got Game: The Successful Scale and Performance of Your Cloud – Based Game  – 1/3/11 13:54

@droberts $15 gets you a perfectly decent Mr Coffee at Target etc. That was my solution to BRM’s horrendously bad coffee. – 1/3/11 14:16

@NomdeB Often no dryer, either. – 1/3/11 15:32

@harrylove If it helps, I updated this one DTrace:  – 1/3/11 19:48

videos from Node.js Camp are starting to be available here (footage by yours truly, editing by @jacksonwest) – 1/3/11 21:18

New Joyent SmartMachine Tutorial Videos « Joyeur  – 1/4/11 13:06

@trevoro Brendan’s deck for a 90 min talk at LISA10 was 135 slides. He actually did get through them all. – 1/4/11 13:08

@grantmichaels which links specifically? – 1/4/11 14:36

@grantmichaels Thanks! We’ll get that fixed. – 1/4/11 15:49

RT @vambenepe: 1st question when people learn I work for Oracle is which acquisition I came with. FYI, some of us join willingly.  – > what %? – 1/4/11 16:34

@vambenepe That brings up a really creepy image of Larry watching you all shivering in your bathing suits… – 1/4/11 16:44

@rattay it it good pho? #Pho – 1/4/11 16:46

RT @fitzage: Damn this cold.  – > Ditto. I kept hoping it wasn’t, but it looks like it is… – 1/4/11 17:09

@vambenepe Now that’s a mental image I could have really done without… – 1/4/11 18:28

RT @jlb13: @DeirdreS I don’t believe it.  – > I’ve met a few, but also a number of old – timers who have left in recent years. – 1/4/11 20:19

WTF, YouTube? “I call shenanigans” ???  – 1/4/11 20:31

Body, would you just make up your mind whether you’re going to be sick or not? Preferably not. – 1/4/11 20:36

@trevoro brill, thanks! – 1/4/11 22:02

There is perhaps irony in the fact that Amazon could tell you exactly what is going on in my life. – 1/4/11 22:46

RT @bklein34:  Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets  – > Thanks, I needed that. I think. – 1/4/11 23:34

RT @larrywake: #xkcd fanbase has been alerted to an editable list of common misconceptions. What could possibly go wrong?  – > Whee! – 1/5/11 0:14

@NomdeB So much for “you get what you pay for” – 1/5/11 0:15

posted this date a year ago: Gallery: Delhi Street Scenes, 20041/5/11 0:29

This day in 2003: Cellphone Comedy1/5/11 0:35

this time in 2005: Why Italians Have Stopped Eating Out1/5/11 0:37

this time in 2006: In the Kitchen at Spankyville –  video recipe of Julia’s grandma’s Sticky Chewy Ribs – 1/5/11 0:39

this time in 2007: Learn Italian from Newspaper Headlines “At the wedding lunch, [he] betrays his wife with his [male] friend” – 1/5/11 0:43

this day two years ago: What I Miss About Italy1/5/11 0:46

Reading may be fundamental, but writing can be cathartic. Even when it’s not for publication. – 1/5/11 0:50

@trochej I usually do like to publish, but I am mindful of others’ privacy, including my ex. – 1/5/11 1:09

YouTube changed its mind about allowing the song in some parts of the world. So I made a rain – only version1/5/11 1:11

@nanaze hmm. I wonder which bus does those diagonals over the buildings? – 1/5/11 4:09

@bklein34 Have you seen “Chess in Concert” with Groban et al? Stunning. – 1/5/11 9:54

Lot o’ filming lined up today and tomorrow. Yes, you’ll get to see some of it. – 1/5/11 12:41

One huge advantage of living in a small space: there aren’t that many places things can be lost in. – 1/5/11 13:22

@NomdeB Men & women think completely differently about where it is logical to store things in the kitchen. – 1/5/11 14:14

.@NomdeB …plus, a man will stand there and ask plaintively “Where is…?” when he could easily find it himself by opening a drawer or two. – 1/5/11 14:15

I’m sure all true Buffy fans remember this one – 1/6/11 1:15

Holding your own boobs – Watch more Funny Videos

@jlb13 That plus “Goodbye, Earl” are the two most cheerful songs about murder ever written, I suspect. – 1/6/11 8:53

@adamsbaldwin Who’s outraged? At least this way we can be sure they’ve all heard it at least once. – 1/6/11 10:44

Crazy day of meetings, filming, etc. – 1/6/11 13:27

@Spytap You’re missing the point of being at CES. Have a look at the /other/ big conference going on in Vegas this week. ; – ) – 1/6/11 13:28

Yeah, I’ve been to CES before, though I’m not there now – 1/6/11 14:03

1/6/11 14:11

Joyeurs, Blogging « Joyeur  – 1/6/11 14:21

RT @NathanFillion: Nothing lights up my twitter mentions like my naked ass on tv.  – > damn, now regretting not having a TV – 1/6/11 22:38

damn sinuses – 1/7/11 11:58

Italy: Youth Unemployment Hits Record 28.9% –  Corriere della Sera  – 1/7/11 12:18

@mentalmosaic Been using it for years; it only works sometimes. – 1/7/11 12:21

@riccardo_iommi At the least, the figures may not include unpaid internships (“Tanto, abiti con i tuoi, no?”) and tenuous CoCoPro “jobs”. – 1/7/11 12:30

@MissExpatria Recipes, please! – 1/7/11 13:33

I find Twitter archives and my blog useful in remembering events and people from a crowded, eventful life. Even recent years are a blur. – 1/7/11 14:00

ALL the videos from Node.js Camp now available:  – 1/7/11 14:02

Retweet of YungSang (yungsang) Node SmartMachine FAQ [Joyent Wiki] #nodejs  #twittaw – 1/7/11 14:39

How many marriages fail because we marry, not the actual other person, but some idealized image of what a husband/wife is supposed to be? – 1/7/11 14:43

“when a marginalized class starts finding its voice & expressing outrage, they’re framed as dangerous or trivial”  – 1/7/11 14:55

@PaulFranz Yup  –  will change to meet that unrealistic ideal. – 1/7/11 14:56

RT @rattay: @DeirdreS I married a nerd but #ilikehotnerds 🙂  – > So do I. To me, sheer brainpower is attractive. ; – ) – 1/7/11 14:56

RT @notmatt: Attn @bcantrill  – > You have got to take me there! – 1/7/11 15:09

@PaulFranz ICall it a “straw man marriage” : set up an impossible role for yr spouse, then you can be disappointed when they fail to be that – 1/7/11 15:11

.@johnnysunshine Won’t need to hide in @bcantrill ‘s suitcase, I’ll be there on my own ticket pretty soon. With a camera. Get ready. ; – ) – 1/7/11 15:22

RT @johnnysunshine: @DeirdreS sweet, come see how the sausage is made. should be fun  – > Did you just invite me to a sausage fest? ; – ) – 1/7/11 16:14

Why is it that being on hold always involves terrible music and extremely annoying repeated messages? If I could DO this online I WOULD HAVE – 1/7/11 18:03

@fitzage The worst offender was the co. which told me repeatedly to visit the website when the phone queue I was in was for internet probs – 1/7/11 18:05

the invention of the phone tree was the beginning of the downfall of civilization – 1/7/11 18:14

RT @myinnervoice: @joyent @DeirdreS  –  the Dream Team is everywhere ; – ) – 1/7/11 20:55

My favorite movie opening ever: Much Ado About Nothing Part 1 (Denzel on horseback  –  what’s not to love?) – 1/7/11 21:21

Bill O’Reilly’s philosophy boils down to “There must be a god, because I don’t know how things work.”  – 1/7/11 21:47

@timbray somewhat different list here. And you’re in the video.  – 1/8/11 0:19

@pelegri I wonder how many are suffering from Post Oracle Stress Disorder? – 1/8/11 0:29

@saramaternini childproof? Mi sa’ che c’e’ una notizia grossa – 1/8/11 12:18

took me all summer (much of it ill in bed) to re – read all of Diana Gabaldon, then catch up on the latest  – 1/8/11 12:22

Retweet of Monty Munford (montymunford) The assassination of Rep Gabrielle Giffords and Sarah Palin’s 2010 target list. They’re connected, stupid. – 1/8/11 13:47

Are we seeing the start of America’s Anni di piombo?  –  Years of lead (Italy)  –   – 1/8/11 13:52

Retweet of Markus Sandy (apperceptions) RT @GlennF: This just in. Guns don’t kill people. Targeted political ads telling people to kill people kills people. – 1/8/11 14:16

It’s too easy to say: “We’re praying for her & her family.” True Christians (I’ve known some) wdn’t have wished her death in the 1st place – 1/8/11 14:18

.@jasonh Sounds as if these Chinese mothers have a lot of time to spend on “100s of practice tests with her child”. Do they never sleep? – 1/8/11 14:47

RT @alexia: Palin’s political career is over.  – > I wish I believed that. – 1/8/11 18:08

I need a way to tell Netflix that some of those recent movie choices were a house guest, not me. – 1/8/11 19:28

Now here’s what I need: a dumb Mel Brooks movie. Exactly perfect. Thank you, Netflix. – 1/8/11 19:29

music by Hummie Mann ????? – 1/8/11 19:31

.@corey_latislaw @creepyed Having been the mother of a little girl from The Little Mermaid on, there is no Disney song I DON’T know by heart – 1/8/11 20:48

Retweet of Nate Silver (fivethirtyeight) James Fallows has the most sensible take on Giffords I’ve seen today.  – 1/8/11 21:07

@lebrun Clarification needed: relevant to what or whom? – 1/8/11 21:16

.@wikileaks Are they also going to subpoena everyone who ever looked at!/wikileaks ? What a waste of taxpayer money. – 1/8/11 21:35

Well, I guess I’m glad I am cautious even in Twitter DMs and FB private messages. Anything I say anywhere may be used against me, eh? – 1/8/11 21:38

So what is the perfect martini recipe, and is it possible to drink it out of a non – martini glass? – 1/8/11 21:45

There are times when you must listen to George Carlin: “Children should be taught to question authority, shd be warned there’s BS coming.” – 1/8/11 23:25

“People who ask ‘what would Jesus do?’ don’t wanna know so /they/ can do it  –  they wanna know so they can tell other people to do it  – Carlin – 1/8/11 23:31

@fitzage I attended a missionary school, so there are many true Christians in my life, and I respect them. US Media Christians not so much. – 1/9/11 0:47

@wastedcarbon We used to drive  –  car always put her to sleep. Nowadays they make chairs that have similar vibration, apparently. #parenting – 1/9/11 2:20

Retweet of Natasha Badhwar (natashabadhwar) She is not just that woman holding the tray. She’s got a life, and a story and a dream of a common language. – 1/9/11 10:36

I need to amend my language.  Because the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart are the same.” – 1/9/11 10:59

@wastedcarbon That’s the problem with babies: just like people, every one is different! Mine screamed 1st five months, never knew why – 1/9/11 11:07

@dboyll Judging by the standards of their usual crowd…? No, no, I won’t go there, it’s too easy. – 1/9/11 11:30

Retweet of johnnysunshine (johnnysunshine) Most countries have crazy political whackos. The difference is most countries don’t arm them. – 1/9/11 13:36

.@AndrewBreitbart “The left” should no more be lumped into a single category than “the right” should. – 1/9/11 13:44

.@timbray Troubling because of how the kids are treated? The resulting adults? The competition they pose to non – Chinese kids? Pls clarify. – 1/9/11 13:45

.@adamsbaldwin The violent rhetoric has become a troubling tool used by both sides. We all need to think twice1/9/11 13:46

I need to make with the marketing words, not my strong suit. But it’s about people & tech I know rather well… you know, the two B’s. – 1/9/11 13:49

@dogcow @ben Beauty and the Beast. – 1/9/11 14:59

@stonemirror Let’s not give these people any attention whatsoever, that’s what they’re seeking. Shun them. Ignore them. #disgusting – 1/9/11 15:00

.@EnricCirne Rhetoric “causes” violence is too strong. “Contributes to a climate in which violence is acceptable” seems reasonable. – 1/9/11 15:18

.@LusciousPear @penelopetrunk Why wow? That was exactly the correct answer. Agreeing “you’re too fat to look sexy” wd be a huge mistake. – 1/9/11 16:19

Spring planting = put the rest of the daffodil bulbs into planter I finally took tomato plant out of. Bulbs planted earlier near flowering. – 1/9/11 16:38

Ugh. More house cleaning and ironing to do. I am only semi – domesticated. – 1/9/11 16:39

Elvis in India1/9/11 17:37

.@BarackObama Nice thought, but what good is prayer when people have been shot? Can we have less superstition and more gun control, please? – 1/9/11 17:55

Sorry if I tread on your sentiments, but I am sick of the notion that praying makes anything better except your feelings. Don’t pray  –  DO! – 1/9/11 17:58

we are discussing grossly uncivilized aspects of American society, aspects of ourselves that we ought to change”  – 1/9/11 18:05

1/9/11 18:39

Retweet of Roger Ebert (ebertchicago) Birthday of Joan Baez. Today this nation needs her songs.  – 1/9/11 19:03

(Yes, I am an unrepentant hippie kid.) – 1/9/11 19:04

When I bought a 1.75L bottle of Maker’s Mark, he stared as if I were an incipient lush. “Not gonna drink it all at once. It keeps,” I said. – 1/9/11 19:06

@LusciousPear Thanks. I think part of the problem was that he didn’t appreciate bourbon. – 1/9/11 19:23

I’m just gonna shut down all my social media and concentrate on DTrace for a while, ok? Far less emotionally draining. – 1/9/11 19:25

“I could be In someone else’s story In someone else’s life And he could be in mine I don’t see A reason to be lonely”  – 1/9/11 22:38

@johnnysunshine Well, I would try that, but I’m on bourbon & bourbon (with a bit of ice) this evening. – 1/9/11 22:44

.@jasonh Some kinds of work go better with coffee, but others go better with alcohol. – 1/9/11 22:52

@denizrende What is that contraption? – 1/9/11 22:52

what is all the racket in SOMA? Did someone win something? – 1/10/11 0:26

Retweet of Bill Pijewski (pijewski) Which team has higher significance to its city: the Broncos in Denver or the Red Sox in Boston? Help settle a lunchtime argument. – 1/10/11 15:00

RT @alecmuffett: @pijewski @DeirdreS Dem Stillers beetcha both.  –  I did tell them the argument was pointless without the Steelers. ; – ) – 1/10/11 15:04

Retweet of SAGE Program (SAGEProgram) Love it! More students delaying college for travel/volunteering –  great WSJ article  – 1/10/11 15:42

Becoming irritable. – 1/10/11 15:43

I can continue to bang my head against the metaphorical wall trying to do it your way, or I can do it my way and just GET IT DONE. – 1/10/11 15:53

If AZ promotes soul – searching, it cd prove a turning point. If not, Saturday’s atrocity will be just the beginning. – 1/10/11 17:14

@KatieS “Come to Dublin, we have great pubs!” ??? – 1/10/11 18:19

RT @nonstick: Girl has yellow belt test today.  – > Hmm. At what stage will she be able to beat you up? – 1/10/11 18:21

@davidpaulyoung @jasonh I was two doors down at Bar Bacco, but now I’m home. Want to try Perbacco  –  menu looks like real Piemontese. – 1/10/11 21:21

@sh1mmer Do you have the original UK versions? That’s what I want to re – read, but my copies are back in Italy. – 1/10/11 21:32

Had much needed glass of wine or two with @jeffreytaylor . Now I need to edit video. – 1/10/11 21:33

Is it me, or is there a problem with our company Jabber? Feeling kinda cut off. – 1/10/11 21:47

“parents couldn’t see what an amazing son they had instead of trying to shoehorn him into their idea of success” – 1/10/11 22:00

RT @timbray: I suspect Amy Chua is sitting in her Yale office thinking “lulz”; I was among those successfully trolled.  – > It’ll sell books. – 1/10/11 22:02

@sh1mmer Ugh. I recommend the Stephen Fry audio versions. I find him very soothing on plane trips. – 1/10/11 23:07

@johnnysunshine working again now, thanks. Wasn’t accepting my password for no apparentl reason. – 1/10/11 23:17

Retweet of Planet Lang (planet_lang) [Smalltalk] Smalltak meets DTrace: This post is an introduction to DTrace and a provider I implemented for the S… – 1/10/11 23:50

Video is compressing. Crunch, crunch, crunch. – 1/10/11 23:52

“we’d have to radically restrict the availability of guns while trying to change a culture that glorifies violence”  – 1/11/11 1:04

Hmm, fresh – baked video in the morning… Now if I only had someone to bring me breakfast in bed. – 1/11/11 9:12

Retweet of ryan nelson (ryancnelson) Joyent office is hosting tonight’s revival of the SFOSUG (sf opensolaris user group)  –  stop by! – 1/11/11 11:01

Sorry I didn’t stick around for SFOSUG, my brain was already overflowing for today. Went to sleep right after eating a lot of dinner. – 1/11/11 23:37

RT @LusciousPear: @DeirdreS “sfosug” is a really fun word to say  – > It probably means something rude in some language somewhere. – 1/12/11 0:20

Man was yelling on the street about “white BS” and “if you give kindness, you’ll get kindness.” When I passed he smiled, said “Good morning” – 1/12/11 12:11

@rattay I had a deep craving for pho for lunch, but the line was too long. 🙁 – 1/12/11 15:47

@fitzage Agh, that sucks. Sorry to hear. – 1/12/11 17:33

@ditucci Heavens, busy crowded news day. Congratulations! – 1/12/11 18:17

@StopBeck His “oops, did I say that?” look is umm… amusing. – 1/12/11 18:19

join us in person or by video stream next Weds for “Solving Big Problems with Real – time Visibility into Cloud“…  1/14/11 11:09

…that’s with @bcantrill and @brendangregg, of course – 1/14/11 11:09

@anitaborg_org Yeppers, see you there! #clswest – 1/14/11 21:03

finally setting up Thunderbird on my new laptop, and loving the automated mailbox setup – 1/14/11 21:12

Interesting session on community leadership, privacy, boundaries… At #clswest – 1/15/11 12:59

Zynga is hiring community managers #clswest – 1/15/11 13:23

Keep in mind that we experience eg badge fatigue sooner because we live this stuff. #clswest – 1/15/11 13:30

Retweet of Sara Maternini (saramaternini) Blogger invasion around piazzale loreto, Milan, Italy: all going to celebrate wikipedia 10th birthday! – 1/15/11 13:31

Face to face meetings are themselves a reward for community members. #clswest – 1/15/11 13:55

Retweet of mattb811 (mattb811) I don’t understand how the people of Tunisia overthrew their government without me signing an e – petition or changing my Twitter avatar. – 1/15/11 14:45

Community for the long haul session at #clswest  –  some of us have been around for quite a while. – 1/15/11 15:08

Retweet of David Roberts (drgrist) One asshat starts a fire in his underpants, we’ll accept Kafka at the airport. Dude mows down a half – dozen people w/ a handgun? Nothing. – 1/15/11 15:15

Reviewing the history of online community #clswest – 1/15/11 15:21

Early community managers in ed/gov wre called sysmoms – 1/15/11 15:24

Complexity of multiple online venues  –  still have this problem, tho specific venues have changed. #clswest – 1/15/11 15:34

I’d like to investigate integration/separation of online and offline identities. – 1/15/11 15:48

@jdtangney I’m fairly new parts of to the terminology myself, but maybe I can help? #joyent – 1/15/11 18:07

1/15/11 18:25

No, not gonna go there. Not tonight. – 1/16/11 0:11

Just spent an hour on Skype with an old friend hadn’t talked to in years; I love that tech makes it easy to catch up and stay close. – 1/16/11 12:56

@milouness As long as you don’t buy plastic geese to put “seasonal” costumes on. #SkyMall – 1/16/11 12:57

Sun coming out in SF, I think I’ll go for a long walk today  –  clear my head and get off the keyboard. – 1/16/11 12:59

1/16/11 15:00

walked to the Ferry Building, bought a baguette from Acme Bread. Now time for a cheese and chutney sandwich! – 1/16/11 16:06

I’m tempted to say: “Miss me yet?” ; – ) System News: DTrace BoF at LISA10 | UNIX Note – 1/16/11 17:04

My Life as a Clog #homemovies – 1/16/11 17:05

The bureaucracy of everyday life: just spent 30 mins doing personal filing. Not helping with the headache. – 1/16/11 17:48

learning Dvorak typing, whcch nhound in the long run help with RSI. Yes, this i –  @brendangregg ‘s fault! – 1/16/11 22:22

@saraford just watching Brendan I cd see there’s a lot less finger travel – 1/16/11 22:30

@jasonh see also1/16/11 22:31

@alanc Fell down stairs onto concrete last year, no stitches but still have scars on my hands. It’ll hurt for a while. – 1/17/11 0:11

.@richlowe wonder if this wd be easier if I hadn’t been an excellent touch typist for 30 years – 1/17/11 2:11

.@jimpick Yet another reason I never want to work for a large company again. – 1/17/11 12:15

Sitting in the sun, smelling the eucalyptus, about to go talk about my fave place with some of my fave people. – 1/17/11 18:17

Italy’s biggest porn star wants to help Berlusconi recover from his addiction… (in Italian) – 1/17/11 23:41

Retweet of Christian (christianwolff) Giving the Joyent Node SmartMachine a try. Love that Solaris flavor! : – ) – 1/18/11 9:41

So, is the Republican leadership unable to see through childish logical fallacies? No.” – 1/18/11 9:53

Retweet of Joyent (joyent) Join us tomorrow 1/19 for “Solving Big Problems with Real – time Visibility into Cloud Performance”  Will be interesting. – 1/18/11 14:04

Fondly remember George Carlin bit about how everyone should have an audience on the other side of their desk say: “Hey, you’re doing great!” – 1/18/11 15:33

@stevel Warmest congrats! – 1/18/11 16:16

.@tomcoates Umm, are you seeing the ad next to that article: “If you died today, who would take care of your family” ? – 1/18/11 20:24

Retweet of Joyent (joyent) Joyent Introduces Next Generation Cloud Operating System: SmartDataCenter 61/19/11 12:29

@pelegri The kernel is not the focus of this talk, tho of course it’s a factor in that we can use DTrace at allv – 1/19/11 13:43

Retweet of Mark Madsen (markmadsen) RT @tomcoates Give a man a fish, that’s socialism. Teach a man 2 fish, that’s socialism too. I recommend vouchers for private fishing school – 1/19/11 13:45

The expanded Joyent t – shirt wall h – 1/19/11 14:29

@templedf So you won’t go hungry when you’re there – 1/19/11 16:06

@bryanbell Glad to meet you! I’ve admired your work for some time, then, without knowing who you were. – 1/19/11 17:24

Solving Big Problems with Real – time Visibility into Cloud Performance  –  USTREAM: 6:30 PT today  – 1/19/11 17:31

Retweet of Hosam Al Ali (hosamalali) @joyent can I watch on record web site ??? – 1/19/11 18:02

RT @hosamalali: @joyent can I watch on record web site ???  –  yes, you should be able to test now – 1/19/11 18:03

RT @hosamalali: @DeirdreS @joyent So.. I can  –  Good, glad you’ll be able to join us! – 1/19/11 18:07

@kbeninato How do you pronounce that? – 1/19/11 18:10

a contemporary snapshot of Italy; the meeting of two cultures, each rooted in longstanding beliefs and prejudices. – 1/19/11 18:30

More than one in five young Italians neither work nor study, the worst figure in the European Union1/19/11 18:34

We’ll broadcast around 6:30 PT on USTREAM: Solving Big Problems with Real – time Visibility into Cloud Performance  – 1/19/11 20:11

RT @dlgwynne: @DeirdreS it will be recorded for later viewing too right?  – as always – 1/19/11 20:38

We’re live at – 1/19/11 20:38

if you’re not on this stream you’re missing the Cantrill comedy hour – 1/19/11 20:45

Return of the rainbow pterodactyl – 1/19/11 21:02

Retweet of Mark Phillips (pharkmillups) really enjoying watching @bcantrill et al talk about the new Dtrace hotness in the Joyent cloud – 1/19/11 21:47

@kirsten_al @melanierenzulli I’m spending the evening sharing people with others 1000s of miles away – 1/19/11 21:50

Joyent Cloud Analytics, Recorded on 1/19/11 joyent on USTREAM. Conference – 1/19/11 23:53

RT @wastedcarbon: @DeirdreS Thanks for playing nerd wrangler! Good stuff!  –  you’re very welcome. I also enjoy it! – 1/19/11 23:54

Retweet of Jonathan King (jhk24) Joyent Unveils Its Next – Gen Cloud System  –  Cloud Computing  –  News & Reviews  –  eWeek.com1/20/11 10:07

Retweet of Mathieu Simon (MathSimon) Joyent Cloud Analytics, Recorded on USTREAM.  –  A must – see, the end shows how these nerds introduce also fun in work : – ) – 1/20/11 10:15

Berlusconi’s latest scandal  –  animated1/20/11 10:19

love being able to grab a colleague for an impromptu meeting over coffeev. Definite efficiencies in F2F – 1/20/11 12:57

RT @trevoro: WTF is with all the acquisitions lately? Does this happen every January?  –  everyone got $ in their stockings? – 1/20/11 13:22

@davewiner I’d say that activity carries its own punishment – 1/20/11 13:51

@NomdeB That reminds me: need to get back my Asterix collection – 1/20/11 18:34

the Catholic Church, which has long backed Berlusconi’s government for its family – values policies, is showing unease” – 1/20/11 18:44

Look calm and then, dear, see if he doesn’t sort out lots of problems for all of us… For mum for you and for me.” – 1/20/11 19:30

RT @pelegri: @DeirdreS Italian politics are a riot… I guess…  –  No. Just nauseating. – 1/20/11 19:30

@pelegri He owns most of the media. Just as in the US, propaganda works. – 1/20/11 20:21

A Year After: The Open Source Projects « Castellers v2  – 1/21/11 10:45

Dear iPhone: I am setting up a reminder about pilates class. Surely that is a more common term than “popster” or “oilseed”? – 1/21/11 10:52

@ArtemTitoulenko Hey, that page is out of date; it was for the competition. Those projects are over or moved. We’ll update the page. – 1/21/11 11:12

Retweet of Marco Montemagno (montemagno) Silvio Berlusconi’s scandals: A party animal | The Economist1/21/11 14:23

@izs I’m just having trouble with the rolled – up jeans look. – 1/21/11 14:56

RT @tomcoates: Be a movie extra in SF:  Won’t have time, myself, but sounds like fun. – 1/21/11 16:23

so… what’s the weather like in Vancouver? Do I need my down coat? (Bear in mind I’m a wimp with cold weather) – 1/21/11 17:21

@sh1mmer Where/when? – 1/21/11 18:46

Participating in a group requires the ability to trust people, read moods, understand psychological pieces each brings – 1/21/11 18:56

Nice happy hour with Joyent colleagues to round off another action – packed week. Some just returned, others taking off soon. We get around. – 1/21/11 21:10

Berlusconi may seek a new mandate to crush the independence of the judiciary. Poor Italy.1/22/11 18:20

@DecalbDennis Being physically capable of producing children is not indicative of any quality except fertility. Motherhood is not sainthood – 1/22/11 18:45

@sh1mmer can’t DM, you’re not following me – 1/22/11 19:07

Happy to be getting on a plane tomorrow for the first time in 9 months  –  the longest stretch I have NOT flown in many, many years. – 1/23/11 9:54

@sh1mmer Still planning to investigate that coffee place, or didyou already? – 1/23/11 10:12

@pborenstein Do the upbeat sayings fit, at least? – 1/23/11 11:11

@sh1mmer ok. If you need moving help, I have a large car with good cargo space. – 1/23/11 11:48

@India_Insights Be where you can see camels silhouetted against the sunset at the top of the avenue. At least, that was true 30 years ago… – 1/23/11 11:51

Time to go to Goodwill to drop off a lot of clothing that no longer fits. – 1/23/11 11:52

@Cdash Joyent’s Vancouver office, for the first but likely not last time. – 1/23/11 13:20

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