The Twitter Diaries: Dec 7-30, 2010

Getting set to video stream #nodecamp next Tuesday, so that those who can’t be here in person can attend online. Details soon. #
@NomdeB Everything old is new again – including, perhaps, us. #
Friday evening, time to rock out… Italian style – Lucio Battisti – Dieci Ragazze  #

@rod11 We should do a Google earth mashup showing all the criss-crossing paths of the flying Joyeurs. #
Excellent food and company at lunch, with intense discussion about documentation, training, and video (which Mary was very patient about). #
The Twitter Diaries: Nov 14-Dec 7, 2010 – been a helluva month (or less) #
Cowgirl Creamery:


(Milan tram in San Francisco) #

Okay, I finally broke down: I’m listening – on purpose – to Christmas music. Boney M Christmas Party??? Ah, I know who that came from… #
@smugmug Thanks for the new upload progress bars – exactly what I wanted. #
Budding Joyeur: #

My duaghter is writing again. Nice to wake up to something of hers to read. (Only in Italian, for now.) #
Very busy week starts now, but happy busy. #
testing out video streaming. Why has UStream UI has changed since last time used a month ago? Do I have the new new or old new version? #
Built-in isight under fluorescent light = not the way I really want to be seen live. #
Node.js Camp tomorrow  will be streamed live, watch my Tweets for updates and details #NodeCamp #
@jordanbrock @jasonh @justinfrench only if we all get to work there 2 months a year. At least. #

Node.js Camp on USTREAM will be live tomorrow from 9 am Pacific Time at #
Women walk around SF in shoes I could barely stand up in #
@francoislaberge yes Tuesday, thanks! #
gettin’ ready to do that thang: Node.js Camp – preparation | Flickr – Photo Sharing! #
Node.js Camp on USTREAM will be live TODAY from 9 am Pacific Time at – #
Dear SF: enough with the last-second forced turn lanes. I cannot know every block of this city by heart. #
testing the node.js camp stream at – someone wanna jump in and tell me how the sound is? #
testing Twitter feed from UStream #nodecamp (live at #
@craigmorgan How ’bout now? #
@sgharms Thank Emily, our amazing organizer, and her team of orange-shirted elves. #nodecamp #joyent #
@befreax Thanks! Great people, wicked cool projects – all the good parts of my former life at Sun, with the addition of a bright future. #
Note on the #nodecamp video stream – the UStream chat DOES work. They must have changed the port they use – yay! #
@sveisvei Sorry to hear you’re ill. We’ll do our best to keep the stream up and running, and it’s also being recorded. #NodeCamp #
@iammerrick What music would you like? #nodecamp #
@craigmorgan I think I have at least six different languages on my iPod at any given time. #
About to get started here… #
Tom Hughes-Croucher giving opening remarks and instructions at Node.js Camp on USTREAM #
Ryan Dahl LIVE at Node.js Camp on USTREAM #
@franklywatson Join us on the stream! #nodecamp #
@mahemoff we’ll see if killing the first row of lights helps #nodecamp #
Geek humor – my favorite kind. And this is live, collaborative comedy #
> 190 viewers on the stream at Node.js Camp on USTREAM #
Next up on Node.js Camp on Workshop 1: Routingwith Guillermo Rauch #
Next up on Node.js Camp Workshop 2: Game Client with Tim Caswell #
@robtsuk #nodecamp Watching the stream on ? #
Dang, guess I’m not eligible for the raffle. #
Starting up again soon with Workshop 3: Socket.IO #
Node.js Camp started again – time to write some code! #
@tomcoates That was cited in Pinker’s The Blank Slate, as I recall. #
@tomcoates At the least, bad peers and bad management can restrain you from being awesome. #
RT @daithi44: Some beer and #nodecamp streaming live, considering it a virtual night out. – you had to mention beer… #
For those who will want to catch up later, UStream captures from Node.js Camp near the bottom of the page on #
@UstreamHelpers You guys are not coming out of this smelling like a rose. HELP #
Coming up: Datagrams with Paul Querna #nodecamp #
…a UDP based chat? #
coming up: Workshop 5: Deployment #nodecamp #
Node.js Camp demos! #
@RafaelCorrales you’re welcome #NodeCamp #
Demoing a chat client with Twitter, FB supprt – coded today at Node.js Camp #
Demoing Kinect with Node.js #
RT @ryanspaulding: #nodecamp was awesome! I hope they do it again next year. – Maybe sooner! #
Demoing a distributed object system written with Node.js #
Wow, a lot of really cool stuff going by very fast. #
UStream captures from yesterday’s Node.js Camp here: – in reverse chron order. #
Rossella Nel Mondo racconti di una vagabonda Italoamericana  #
RT @Boh: @DeirdreS molto carino il post sul vizio:) – Sarei tentatia di dire Tale madre… ma ha un talento tutto suo. #
@riccardo_iommi Grazie! Magari lasciala un commento – non ci e’ ancora abituata (tutte le risposte finora su FacciaLibro). #
Not only is she writing again, she’s damned funny. I wish she’d translate into English the comedian #
@jamesaduncan may be useful: Favorite Restaurants, in Italy and Elsewhere #
Fa la la la la…  #

@rbanffy Thanks – that was extremely timely for me. #
Bay Area Riak Meetup on USTREAM: #
Ah, beer. That’s what was needed. #
Tom Hughes-Croucher speaking on Riak and Node.js at Bay Area Riak Meetup on USTREAM #
@NomdeB I think that’s true of all male-female couples. How come men get built-in heaters? Is that why we keep them around? #
For the second time this week: if you can’t come to the geek, I’m bringing the geek to you. #
Note to those in the room: sorry, unexplaied equipment failure makes me really bitchy. Especially on an empty stomach. #
Node.js is awesome, like a unicorn riding a narwhal #
…yes, he has a graphic for that. #
Filmed Ryan last Friday, filmed Nodecamp all of Tuesday, filming Tom now. Cd prob start writing node.js myself now. NB: I’m not an engineer! #
RT @NomdeB: @deirdreS – recognize this place (redone now of course, Hostel)  – Remind me why we needed a new gym at all? #

@NomdeB There are treadmills?!? That’s just silly. #
Hey, who can recommend a really good Mexican restaurant in San Francisco? #
@pijewski Nice restaurant, thanks. #
We’re all getting Bs & Cs. Their children are getting As. And we’re doing their homework. #
@bubbva We’re trying out one that @pijewski recommended, very close to home – will let you know! Already had roasted mussels for lunch #
@izs Drunk Amazoning? Could be very dangerous. #
Jesus told us to love the poor and help the needy without condition; we just don’t wanna do it.  #
@jasonh Welcome back. #
.@ebertchicago When I heard that Mastroianni died (never met him, but lived in Italy at the time), I felt sad that I hadn’t had his child. #
@bubbva which is a good tonic? #
If your faith is so shakeable that you have to pretend entire volumes of science & history don’t exist, is that faith? #
Question on Italian Surnames – does anyone know the origins of the name Galassi ? #
I’m good. I just don’t believe I’ll be rewarded for it in heaven. My reward is knowing I try to do the right thing #
@adamsbaldwin @qwijyboman Nationalized health care paid via taxes, just like military, police, fire depts, schools… not hard to grok. #
@alaindebotton Wow, really? Sorry kind of friendship. I have several friends orders of magnitude more successful than I. Still friends. #
Sleep. Would be a really good thing. #
RT @jimpick: Worse yet, the doc stuck a camera probe thing deep into there. – Been there, done that, a lot. #
@bklein34 Could be worse. She could be learning the violin. Or is she? #
Filming geek porn.  #

@pfuetz We haven’t forgotten our roots, nor are we likely to. #
Festive breakfast at my desk #

oh, phew – it’s only Tuesday. Lost a day in there somewhere. #
Damn, thought this was a song for sysadmins: Backin Up Song  #

@bcantrill: DeirdrÈ has shot more video than a veteran pornographer. – I’ll be sure to put that on my resume. 😉 #
@PaulFranz Almost only gifts bought this year were for a family in need whom I don’t even know. I am free of the tyranny of forced giving. #
@pborenstein A chocolate cherry croissant with a dusting of – surely not real – gold. #
I find my courage where I can, but I take my weapons from science. Because they work, bitches. xkcd: Sickness  #

@alaindebotton Or because we just like people. #
Had one of those nightmares that’s hard to shake, being still groggy with sleep isn’t helping. Coffee, shower… #
RT @saraford: Am i the only person that liked TRON? -> a lot of people I know did, haven’t seen it myself yet. Have a lot of movies to catch #
Venchi Italian Chocolate Giveaway Ms. Adventures in Italy #
@rattay I’ve seen a lot of relatively young men in Italy who just shave their heads bald when their hair starts to go. #
there’s a huge difference between making a case for your religious views, and getting offended that some disagree #
@rattay How about needing a drink for the holidays ? #justsayin #
@creepyed LOL. That would be my ex futon? Which was already someone else’s before me? I can vouch that it’s comfy #furniture #sellingstuff #
Stuff to do over the holiday: play w Joyent’s new Canon D7, play at learning Python. Don’t laugh too hard at latter – expert advice on tap. #
@derik66 I think I’ve got a headstart on node.js from ~8 hours of filming about it. Something’s gotta sink in. #
@jasonh Excuse me, you left Texas out of that list of top universities. 😉 #
My personal blog is languishing again – which means I am once again using most of my brain cells on my day job. #
Oh, drat, we’re coming to the end of a decade. The media can be twice as lazy, with 10-year as well as 1-year recaps . Bored already. #
Spent 3+ yrs learning Sun tech, now find myself in the situation that Dtrace/analytics are my comfort zone, & its time to learn new stuff. #
It is delightfully relaxing to know that all those last minute gift ideas have absolutely no relevance to me. I’ll buy some gifts – after. #
If someone held a Winter Solstice Parade, how much do you wanna bet there’d a be a Reason for the Season float? #
My grandparents were Elks #

People keep asking if I miss Italy. Don’t need to.  #

@jlb13 all I really knew about it was bingo #

I want the giant lite brite!  #

@johnnysunshine Italy was home in some sense for 17 years, but my true home, if I have one, is a Himalayan hill station called Mussoorie. #
Holidays are when I traditionally go to the cinema. Who’s up for Harry Potter or Narnia? Sita Sings the Blues, probably Sunday. #
After massage and lunch, should I vacuum, go get packages, or … I think nap is winning. #
RT @stevel: Behold my army of cuteness. @NomdeB needs to see this. #
We braved Costco, @jeffreytaylor and I, to bring home the goodies for tomorrow night’s dinner. Now I’m done in for the day. #
Not gonna make it to a movie tonight after all. Body wants to sleep. #
RT @mtuckerb: Blog Post: The Relationship Paradox -> beautiful #
@HumanityCritic That’s usually a very dangerous situation for the man. #
I have found my tribe: The Christmas Resistance Movement!  #
When you’re unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. And you get to take yourself oh so very seriously.  #
Scrooge with title art by Ronald Searle. Cool. Plus I like the songs. #
@johnnysunshine buy whatever toy will most annoy the parents 😉 #
@vdotw no, friend’s kitty I’m visiting for Christmas eve dinner #
Tested whether I could type normally on a friend’s iPad. ~Yes. Could use one for communications while laptop processes video. Hmm. #
You know you work for a startup when your boss catches you online on Christmas day to discuss work – and you don’t mind. #
…really glad I’m staying home today, pouring rain in SF. Now if only I had a fireplace to loll in front of… #
It would be nice if health coverage wasn’t so damned confusing, even more if I wasn’t convinced it’s intentionally so. #
Damn, this is a lot of camera. And it’s ages since i used any kind of SLR seriously. Anyone have pointers to good tutorial sites/videos? #
Apparently I am supposed to feel like a loser because I spent Christmas alone and didn’t have a mound of gifts. Actually feel… peaceful. #
@iamjoeanybody Thanks, no one in particular said so, it’s just easy to infer from all the marketing, carols, etc. #
…and, now that the crush is over, I will actually enjoy shopping for gifts for a few special people. I shop better without pressure. #
Oh, did buy a gift of @smugmug for my daughter. Will upgrade to pro when she gets it organized – her work is defiinitely good enough to sell #
@thepartycow Good heavens, already? Seems like only yesterday he was just an ultrasound. Congratulations! #
.@anildash We need to just reschedule all this holiday stuff away from the WORST time of year to travel in the northern hemisphere. #
The Illuminated Heart (photo)  #
My New Job #
@wastedcarbon What is that? A baby spaceship? Looks like the control helm of the Enterprise. #
Going out soon to the RED VIC MOVIE HOUSE to see Sita Sings the Blues on the big screen  – thanks to @ninapaley #
RT @deirdresm: @DeirdreS You picked a great company. 🙂 -> Thanks, I think so, too! #
@Roam2Rome Ah, but some of us are tumbleweeds. #
The US is the rich country with the most skewed income distribution. Income Inequality and the Superstar Effect #
@Schlomo What sort of books? #
Too tired to cook, picking up lamb saag at Chaat Cafe. Must learn to sleep. #
@pelegri Felt like coming home. 😉 #
RT @badnima: Firefly vs Mad Men -> But only one has Captain Tightpants. @NathanFillion #
How many of these t-shirts do you have? (Joyent employees have an unfair advantage here, of course.)  #

@jasonh: there’s a couple missing there -> then they’re also missing from our new wall display. #
YouTube – Leonard Cohen – Ain’t No Cure For Love (watch in HQ) #
Oh, no, I am not getting into the t-shirt supply business again! However, I believe we do give out t-shirts rather freely at Joyent events. #
View through my apartment windows in a rainstorm… it’s a bit like living in a fish tank.  #

I think I just fell in love… with a camera. #
@lderezinski It’s a newly-decorated wall in the SF office. To be fair, no one claimed that this was the comprehensive collection. #
Canon 7D Test: Traffic at Night Through a Rainy Window #
@jasonh I hope Jeff Bonwick has one of those #
Having my name in the credits of Sita Sings the Blues does not get me into IMDB. Drat. #
@davetong Stewart has long reminded me of Spinrad’s decades-old book, Bug Jack Barron. He has great power; he’s using it well. #
People seem to enjoy explaining things to me. This is a huge asset in my work (and I enjoy the learning, too). #
@khaybee Beautamous! #

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