The Twitter Diaries: Nov 14-Dec 7, 2010

@craigmorgan I’d love to do it for more than just us, but, while cheap, my guerilla video does have some costs and I do need to eat. #
@mtuckerb @NomdeB Agree on that, too. If I were a conspiracy theory type, I would say it’s even designed to create sheep-like voters… #
Ready for the oven:  #

New! downloadable version: Markus Flierl’s Introduction to Oracle Solaris 11 Express – Oracle Solaris Summit at LISA10 #
@NomdeB You can download and read pdfs on the kindle, but they don’t resize well. #
@tgardner While singing loudly: Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. #
@dreamofitaly Website lovelly & full of info – except what town the place is actually located. Italian web designers miss important details. #
Vance George is sending homesick-making emails from Mussoorie. Oh to be in the foothills even with the well-known bone-chilling cold. #
the Himalayas (Bandarpunch) in winter, from Mussoorie/Landour:  #

Oracle Solaris Developer Tools – Oracle Solaris Video – sorry, can’t attach the slides right now, upload borked #
What a wonderful day to… stay home! #
@dreamofitaly Snide, but true – I’ve seen a lot of this in Italy, eg restaurant site that doesn’t tell you what day it’s closed, or phone # #
Now editing the Solaris Summit videos that did get UStream captured, so you’ll have downloadable versions. I know people watch on planes. #
The Harder They Come  #

@paolovalde See you next year! Buon viaggio. #
1st video of the day (Markus Flierl Sol 11 overview) uploaded, processing on, 1st section of next (Bart on IPS) now compressing #
@glynnfoster Agreed, it looks like they’re trying to invoke the atmosphere of a seedy Vegas poker club. #
@Lisa827 @jscarp I like this idea, have signed up. #
Bart Part 2 compressing while Bart Part 1 uploads (Smaalders, not Simpson). #
The rich will always say ‘give us more money, we’ll spend more, it will trickle down.’ That has not worked – Buffet  #
@melanierenzulli cornbread stuffing with chestnuts is the BEST. #
RT @jdub: solution to enraged Whedon fans is a sharpened stick? – Stake is the word you’re looking for. It’ll take more than that, tho. #
It would make sense to move the major American holidays to a time of year when the northerm hemisphere is not absolute crap for travel. #
@jasonh He did. #
Amazon keeps wanting me to spend money to outfit my Kindle. I carry it around in a cloth OpenSolaris schwag bag. Got it free, works fine. #
@Roam2Rome @wanderingitaly Problem is, Italy is failing on both fiscal and humanist fronts. Hard to sustain la dolce vita on no salary. #
I really really really hate these robot phone trees that try to be too clever. Can you please say that another way? #
@wanderingitaly Guess I wasn’t furba enough. In fact got tired of needing to be furba. #
Just used iPhone self photo + Mms to get 2nd opinion on new glasses. Yay technology! #
Even if airline travel could be made totally safe, wouldn’t terrorists then just target other crowded venues? Then what? #
Starting to feel downright smug that I am Not Going Anywhere this holiday. #
@urbanturbanguy You have to do a bit of both, I think. The root causes are very deeply rooted, it’ll take time to fix those. #
@urbanturbanguy Yes. And we could start addressing the root causes effectively with just a small fraction of what we spend on security. #
@NomdeB Maybe Americans overreact because the news tells us constantly BE AFRAID. #
RT @flipcritic: There is no such word as Updation. There never has, and there never will. – but there /should/ be. Also upgradation #
Upgradation  #

RT @yesthattom: I predict this will be an instant classic:  Now there’s a holiday I can get behind! #

RT @GodlessAtheist: RT @nicktatebate: Only God can convince an atheist. <— Have him get in touch when he’s ready to party. – Doonesbury #
@DellCares I did the interntional tag transfer a few days ago. What happens next? Do I need to do something? #
@DellCares Thanks very much! #
Joan Baez – Oh Freedom – Turn Me Around – 1984  #

@wastedcarbon Congratulations! #
So where wd I find black Friday deals on Ugg boots? #

Bartender at Osha made me a special drink involving mango, basil, and Irish whiskey. Yum. But did he really say his name is Golf? #
@sogrady Almost always, except when the iPhone goes immediately to voicemail for no apparent reason. #
@sogrady …I did once use Twitter to interrupt a call from my mother (begged someone – anyone! – to call so I’d HAVE to answer). #
I’m flattered, Twitter, but is @ebertchicago /really/ all that Similar to Me? #
~12 year old girl with a t-shirt inscribed: Life is short, and so is your penis. Huh? Even on an adult, that would be disturbing. #
@portertech Ah, you hit some keywords I know. You might enjoy this #
Having fun editing an entirely new (for me) kind of video. #
Daughter & her friends making a full-on traditional American Thanksgiving feast in Italy. I’ll be having a non-traditional one in San Jose. #
I wouldn’t mind an iPad, but I suspect I’d use it mostly to play Angry Birds. #
The people of Naples are fed up with this story and perhaps with themselves, too.  #
Where’s @iamsrk ? Seems like I haven’t seen him on Twitter in ages. #
RT @ebertchicago: When did public stupidity cease to be a liability? – When public came to believe stupidty = sincerity #

@timoreilly Shareholders are happy when the bottom line looks good, no one cares what it cost the employees to get there. #
@davetong Assam is a proper noun, rasam hasn’t made it into an English dictionary yet, I suspect. #
@wastedcarbon Poor kid. Take it from one who knows: having a birthday around Thanksgiving… meh. #
RT @c_bright: @DeirdreS And what is the deliciousness that you tweeted?!? Here’s the recipe [for orange-lemon-olive oil cake]: And it IS delicious. #
@italylogue You know of at least two friends I’ve made by inviting strangers to my expat Thanskgiving feasts. 😉 #
@jeffreytaylor Not quite up to your standards of complex baking, but it’ll be tasty. #
I don’t think I’m going to mind that it’s not turkey  #

@vdotw Lamb, Moroccan style. Tanvir cooked it, it was delicious. #
@vdotw In Big Sur, cougars eat joggers. #
Great Thanksgiving with a Woodstock classmate (that counts as family), his family and friends – all great people. I probably talked too much #
@LiveForever1D @almightygod Huh? Just… huh? #
So today’s the day I’m supposed to leap out of bed and go stand in lines to buy stuff? #
@alecmuffett How does one put ducks to bed? #
Wood doves keep flapping accusingly about the balcony and staring pointedly into the window. Their food dish is empty. #
Why is every relationship in the world easier than those between spouses, or between parents and children? Or am I just lucky? #
@vdotw All valid points, and I think expectations also have a lot to do with it. We are far more forgiving of anyone else than our families. #
Italy’s decline began 20 years ago, economy not able to face globalization, every year production figures go down #
The Outlook for Italy? Rather bleak.mItaly is a country without direction. When a world expert on Italy expresses…  #
Dear Amazon: I need a single operation to change all my wish list books to Kindle editions of same. Please fix. #
Deleted all DVDs from my Amazon Wish List, added to Netflix queue instead (tho some were obscure – Netflix doesn’t know about them yet). #
Vance George keeps sending out gorgeous descriptions of his visit to Woodstock, Mussoorie, and environs. Such beauty. Making me homesick. #
RT @ilpost: Berlusconi claims he has resolved all emergencies, brought Italy out of economic crisis – I feel sick. #


Saw this in produce at Whole Foods. Who would eat whom?  #

RT @NomdeB: @DeirdreS THAT is creepy. No way to know if this is genuine concern or an abuser/stalker.. Dunno, but he also knocked on my door #
RT @billblum: Berlusconi’s interests do not extend beyond his zipper. – Sadly, no – they also include making more money, staying out of jail #
@frailgesture Expiring? They take stuff away?!? #netflix #
Now that I’ve found a perfect fit of jeans at the Gap, it’s not available at the store OR online. What gives? #
@vdotw Real Straight – the mind boggles that I would fit anything called Real Straight, but I’ll take it. They have em, but only in 2 styles #
@vdotw Damn, was hoping for corduroys. #
RT @wanderingitaly: I’d like an answer, too! RT: @italianescapes: Why do women love Italy? – It’s all the (myths about) Italian men. #
@wanderingitaly Perhaps they were mythical even then. #
@wanderingitaly It’s more US women (in particular) cherish an enduring myth of the Italian male, which adds to the whole dolce vita thing. #
@shawnferry @lskrocki Me, too, which is Shawn’s fault. #smugmug #
I’m up early on a Sunday (and my birthday), of my own free will, to… go discuss software with a bunch of drs. I must live in the Bay Area. #
@NomdeB That’s not myth – that’s fact. Goes for the girls as well, tho to a somewhat lesser degree. #
Thanks for all the birthday wishes on both Twitter and FB. So far not doing any of the normal birthday celebration stuff, happy nonetheless. #
Extraordinarily close relationship between Putin & Berlusconi causing US suspicion…lavish gifts, energy contracts…. #
Berlusconi a feckless, vain, and ineffective leader whose penchant for partying mean he does not get sufficient rest. #
Cablegate? I’m enjoying the refreshing honesty. When a world leader is a psycho criminal, I’d rather know about it and act accordingly. #
Tweetdeck didn’t scroll Mentions column, so I missed all the birthday wishes. Thanks, everybody! Spent the day on creative projects – fun! #
a song for my next year: It’s Getting Better All the Time  #

The Faces of Sun #
@macsun Sorry, I knew you were missing, but the only footage I could get hold of of you was so bad you were unidentifiable. So much was lost #
In case anyone was left wondering: yes, I did resign from Oracle today. Yes, I do have a very exciting new job to go to! #
…and, since at least half my world had figured it out already: yes, I’m going to Joyent! Very VERY excited about that. #
Feared YouTube would censor my use of a copyrighted song. Instead, they put links to you can buy the song. Smart!  #

– Yes, Bart Smaalders is in there – look again. 😉 #
Accidentally turned off comments. If I’ve filmed you & you’re not in the video or on the Missing list, please say so! #
@LudoMP Indeed it is. So where are you now? #
Reminder to self: you do NOT need more socks. Unless they’re really pretty and warm ones… #
@NomdeB I admit it, I have a sock fetish. Best socks I’ve found so far were from New Zealand. #
I’m told the music on The Faces of Sun is blocked on YouTube in some geos. If that’s your case, let me know. #
@Crescenzo As far as I recall, it’s a great film about growing up. why not? #
@flexrex Yup, didn’t even need a ring of invisibility. Just a circle of friends. Liked the vid? #
Taking back payments on my iPhone, and AT&T requires a credit check. Why? I was a customer in good standing for 2 years. #
@Cdash Glad to hear it’s going well for her. #
This is what I should have tweeted yesterday #

@Crescenzo I remember a body lying on the floor behind a desk, that was about it. (We’re talking about a movie, folks!) #
90 mins on phone with AT&T, perhaps 30 of which was I do apologize for the hold & bear with me. Maybe too polite! #
Life is good. Lunch is good. #

Interesting. 3 YouTube videos flagged for copyrighted content. 2 owned by Sony blocked in Germany only, WMG blocks worldwide. #
@tpenta Good point, have done so before. But takes research to find the right song, I didn’t have time for that + editing. Next one. #
@flexrex I probably did, but that was among the vast amount of footage I couldn’t get to in any usable format. #
Dear media: the plot of a TV show is not news. That Assange’s mother doesn’t want him hunted is not news. You’re being paid for this? #
@pelegri Was just noticing that myself. Funny thing is, I can still access email to see all these workflow notices go by. #
@pelegri … and I feel an unbearable lightness of being about it all. #
I know how you feel, buddy…# [somewhat overwhelmed]

Fell asleep at 10, exhausted. Woke up at 3, brain buzzing. This job will def keep my mind busy. #
Funny how everything fits together in the end. My visit to SuperNap back in April was almost accidental. #
Brendan Gregg’s talk from LISA10 is now available to attendees/USENIX members – check your LISA10 reg email 4 login #
Brendan’s LISA10 talk on Visualizations for Performance Analysis (and More) is now available to all  #
@gtirloni It was my pleasure, and I look forward to doing more with at least some of my favorite video stars! #
Getting my digital life moved onto a shiny new Macbook Pro. #
500 GB of HD right on my laptop, and a cloud at my disposal? Video processing and hosting nevermore a problem. <sigh of happiness> #
Okay, this is a bit bizarre… DTrace is a religion? I guess that makes @bcantrill a cult leader  #
The top 1 of Americans earn more than the bottom 50 COMBINED – Call me socialist, but I find that deeply wrong. #

@thinguy Yup. I think we saw trickle down not working under Reagan decades ago, why are we still stuck with that illusion? #
tired and weakened by scandals and a souring political atmosphere: in one meeting, Berlusconi fell asleep.  #
RT @rosannecash: Mr. L to me today: ‘You distort my sense of what’s normal’. #ThatsMyJob – Normal is overrated, I don’t recommend it. #
Reviving the company coffee machine (tried 4 kinds of Nespresso, didn’t like any of them). #
… Pop Tarts in the kitchen could be very, very dangerous. #
@pijewski Just brewed up a fresh half-pot to try it out – help yourself. Costco beans, I’ll get more if we all like them (I do). #
@timfoster I have at least once managed to set a Pop Tart on fire, merely by toasting it. #
Yes, my life is officially crazy again. YAY! #
What if her coach is 2nd class? She at least gets to travel – The Glamorous Life  #

@reiger When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro – Hunter S. Thompson #
Had a beer, but that’s not the principal reason I’m happy. #
One of the things I miss about Italy is an Argentine cartoonist: QUINO …who is well known in Italy, but not in the US #
RT @bcantrill: Alexander’s birthday present for me – Technology: a million new ways to embarrass yr kid! 😉 #

I’m the dream of all Italians. #
@jitterted Identifying a root cause is useful only if there is the will and ability to fix it, otherwise it’s just depressing & futile. #
@ryancnelson What, your birthday too? Lotta Sagittarians about. #
@wastedcarbon @brendangregg Intermittent Octopus? I guess that goes w the Rainbow Pterodactyl, and whatever new menagerie Brendan captures. #
@adamsbaldwin @Ben_Howe Exactly the same can be said of almost any religion. Any belief too fervently held can lead to violence. So? #
@Ben_Howe I would not go so far. I would say that *many* of the horrors of human history have been done in the name of someone’s god. #
@Ben_Howe Ture, most wars do boil down to resources. But religion is all too often the excuse, and used as motivation. #
@Ben_Howe Yes, there’s also patriotism, for example. But there is the odd juxtaposition that most religions claim to be about love. #
Breakfast, groceries, housecleaning… I need something a little more exciting in the calendar for today! #
Don’t know why I’m so resistant to vacuuming my very small apartment; it’s only going to take about ten minutes. #
Problem with feeding birds on the balcony is they most ungratefully poop everywhere. #
I wouldn’t mind TV/Hulu ads so much if there were more variety. I promise, I get the idea in only one viewing. #
@pborenstein Apparently I don’t watch nearly enough TV to have a clue what you’re talking about. 😉 #
Daughter is at the Lady Gaga concert in Milan, presumably having fun. I’ll bet (and have heard) she puts on a great show. #
It’s just the rain making me lazy, right? #
Was considering going out to a movie in an actual cinema, but it’s raining so hard I can’t be bothered. I’ll cook instead. #
Enjoy watching brilliant minds wrestle with interesting problems, even when I don’t entirely understand what I’m seeing. I’m a geek groupie. #
@hudsonette Saw the 6-hour adaptation of His Dark Matrials in London a few years ago, a truly stunning piece of theatre. #
@hudsonette His Dark Materials Part I 2003/04 – Productions – National Theatre  #
I dont care what picture you put on your FB profile. Take the extra 30 seconds to also do something worthwhile. #
Apparently my new sleep pattern is: collapse at 10, wake up at 4 needing to empty my brain. It keeps thinking when I’m sleeping, dammit! #
Damn. I always lose something in a computer move. This time it was a song translation in progress – many hours of work. Damn damn damn. #
@jgerst I’d like to know the converse: what do companies lose on employee stress-related illness? #
@wanderingitaly My daughter spent 6 hrs waiting in snow to get into the concert last night (dunno why that was nec), so I guess she cares ! #
RT @izs: OH: Sleep is a bad idea. Don’t sleep. Just do work. — @bcantrill – Does that constitute HR abuse? 😉 #
@droberts Congratulations! #ThoughtWorks #
Mmmm… eggnog. #
@jonto – Thanks! I’m the Director of Technical Education, which is mostly about getting knowledge out of our experts and into our customers. #
I am an awfully cheap date these days… #

Ben Rockwood, Deirdré Straughan, Brendan Gregg

^ Ben Rockwood, Deirdré Straughan, Brendan Gregg
I heat up, I cool down, when something gets in my way I go ’round it…  #

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