The Twitter Diaries: January 2012

(in reverse chron order)

2012-01-31 23:40:29
DeirdreS: RT @pbeyssac: OMG! At last! RT @TechCrunch After Four Years, ZFS Finds Its Way To The Mac

2012-01-31 23:38:23
DeirdreS: Prophetic..? “noticed what we need to mention this morning twenty-one billion scripts it’s possible” @brendangregg

2012-01-31 23:11:31
DeirdreS: @sogrady but what have you done with our boss?

2012-01-31 22:43:07
DeirdreS: “I may be obliged to defend every love, every ending – or maybe there’s no obligations now.”

2012-01-31 22:39:57
DeirdreS: .@jaredmdobson We use SmartOS in production in Joyent’s own public cloud – drinking our own champagne every day!

2012-01-31 22:08:30
DeirdreS: RT @izs: Two things that need to be part of Silicon Valley culture: 1. Yearly sabbaticals 2. Daily naptime

2012-01-31 21:42:37
DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote and filmed: Il Muro di Sormano: Where Bicycle Racers Hit THE WALL

2012-01-31 21:13:06
DeirdreS: RT @robertociacci: “Se dichiari tutto sei un deficiente” #ballaro – Allora, mia mossa piu’ intelligente e’ stata: lasciare l’Italia.

translation: “If you declare everything [on your taxes], you’re an idiot.” – quoted on an Italian TV program called Ballaro. My response: “In that case, my most intelligent move was to leave Italy.”

2012-01-31 18:31:22
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Tonite – Joyent Cloud Meetup w/ @rmustacc “Using #SmartOS as a Hypervisor” in SF 5-7 pm. Beer/pizza Ea …

2012-01-31 17:27:40
DeirdreS: “We wondered why we had to prove that we could run the company, rather than our investors assuming that we would.”

2012-01-31 17:13:28
DeirdreS: @Graftolistic Welcome to the left coast – we look forward to meeting you in person! #illumos

2012-01-31 17:02:40
DeirdreS: Coming to dtrace.conf? we’d love to hear how you’re using dynamic tracing!

2012-01-31 17:00:25
DeirdreS: RT @fergleiser: the video from my talk about DTrace at BSDDayAR 2012 is available /CC @ahl @bcantrill (sorry, in sp …

2012-01-31 16:35:13
DeirdreS: RT @kebesays: It’s only Tuesday, but it might be worth a FF post for @obamatranslated via @youtube

2012-01-31 04:54:45
DeirdreS: RT @LusciousPear: Encourage your “intelligent design” friends to take faith-based antibiotics next time they’re sick. #fb

2012-01-31 04:53:29
DeirdreS: Voodoo Child – Alex Britti – YouTube

2012-01-31 04:37:28
DeirdreS: RT @mmfa: Miss Piggy: #FoxNews is not news! #p2 – well, she’s right…

2012-01-31 04:03:01
DeirdreS: RT @johnnysunshine: Updated #SmartOS to fix bug 53 :

2012-01-31 03:59:15
DeirdreS: @ben Apparently you should ask @bcantrill – or so YouTube thinks.

2012-01-31 03:48:23
DeirdreS: @ahl It fails almost as epically on Bryan: “acceptable referrals for an axe”

2012-01-31 03:38:55
DeirdreS: @ahl His accent is not that Aussie, for an Aussie.

2012-01-31 03:24:32
DeirdreS: Must be read to be believed: YouTube Transcription FAIL of @brendangregg’s #SCALE10x talk

2012-01-31 02:07:58
DeirdreS: ‘you then can look anyone in the eye and say, “I’m probably no better than you, but I’m certainly your equal.” ‘

2012-01-31 01:33:20
DeirdreS: 2 years ago: “When you take 5 minutes to do what others do in 5 days YOU GET BORED – I QUIT” Learn Italian in Signs

2012-01-31 01:30:50
DeirdreS: 8 yrs ago: “I don’t understand much of what goes on in Italian politics – simply too squalid to bear thinking about.”

2012-01-31 01:29:10
DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote about Scuola Materna: Public Preschool in Italy

2012-01-31 01:21:28
DeirdreS: @joelhousman I thought that described pretty much every real person on the internet; that’s how I distinguish real people from spambots.

2012-01-31 00:58:16
DeirdreS: Please, please, PLEASE, if you’re filming a conference:

2012-01-31 00:26:39
DeirdreS: .@hridaybala You asked for videoblogging tips: (and I’m going to update/expand this soon).

2012-01-30 00:21:15
DeirdreS: “the question is whether he has an underlying religious conception of the presidency and the American government”

2012-01-30 22:59:09
DeirdreS: Entire Joyent engineering team mesmerized by YouTube’s attempt to transcribe @brendangregg

2012-01-30 22:02:07
DeirdreS: @ryah When watched closely, developers rarely fail to be entertaining!

2012-01-30 20:17:54
DeirdreS: RT @quiip: “This concept of companies as communities feels like an important and implementable one.”

2012-01-30 19:18:16
DeirdreS: @cote I’ve wondered about that regarding myself. Maybe it really is everybody else? 😉

2012-01-30 17:35:47
DeirdreS: 10 years ago: “women don’t drive.” Car Stories

2012-01-30 17:29:06
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: We often get asked “Will this run on Joyent Cloud?” Most everything does but here’s the highlights.

2012-01-30 17:28:02
DeirdreS: new video: Performance Analysis: new tools and concepts from the cloud @brendangregg at #scale10x

2012-01-30 17:07:50
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Tomorrow – Joyent Cloud Meetup w/engineer Robert Mustacchi “Using #SmartOS as a Hypervisor” in SF 5-7 pm. Beer/pizza http:// …

2012-01-30 02:20:57
DeirdreS: “Sorry for your loss. Here’s your bill.”

2012-01-30 01:23:21
DeirdreS: Alarmed that a “laptop” designed for toddlers brightly exclaims: “New blog entry!” Also claims to do email. At least it’s not tweeting. Yet.

2012-01-30 01:19:15
DeirdreS: RT @johnmoe: Namasit. Nastmaste. Namagoodboy.

2012-01-30 01:18:37
DeirdreS: @LusciousPear …which totally demands “photo or GTFO” of the outfit in question”

2012-01-29 23:58:58
DeirdreS: @atmos Sorry you’re feeling sick. I have gone psycho from time to time due to illness and/or medication. Both can do weird things.

2012-01-29 22:18:02
DeirdreS: Textures: Brick, Stone & Sky

2012-01-29 22:04:31
DeirdreS: ” gays and lesbians are born in places like Texas and Oklahoma, into even the most devout families.”

2012-01-29 20:35:24
DeirdreS: 8 yrs ago: “An agreement in 1884 between Italian Republic & Vatican… Respecting freedom of conscience of parents”

2012-01-29 20:31:24
DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote about Asilo Nido: Daycare in Italy

2012-01-29 20:27:46
DeirdreS: Twitter “managed to play by the rules while also leveling the playing field of communication”

2012-01-29 20:10:37
DeirdreS: @philiph Yes, it’s the ridiculous rent that started me on the path outta here. I could just about go to India every quarter with the savings

2012-01-29 19:33:21
DeirdreS: SOMA SF becoming unlivable when I have to call cops at 2:30 am for music from a car parked half a block away.

2012-01-29 17:34:12
DeirdreS: RT @LivePaola: This job reports to me. Are you up for it? Online Marketing Enterprise Manager at Vodafone – Milan Area, Italy #jobs http …

2012-01-29 17:33:26
DeirdreS: “Long hair, beard and sandals, and a funky bunch of friends – reckon they’d just nail him up if he came down again”

2012-01-29 17:16:32
DeirdreS: @raichoo Thanks! Glad to hear it went well. #illumos #zfs #dtrace

2012-01-29 17:15:58
DeirdreS: RT @raichoo: #illumos talk was a lot of fun. Audience was excited. Looks like this is going to be a mini install party ^^ #zfs #dtrace

2012-01-29 17:13:10
DeirdreS: new video: Performance Analysis: new tools and concepts from the cloud @brendangregg at #scale10x

2012-01-29 05:43:57
DeirdreS: @NomdeB I rarely get colds, just get everything else, usually. But after a vely long, hard workweek, not too surprising.

2012-01-29 05:38:57
DeirdreS: @jonasthaler Agree. I can’t watch any of those shows, they give me (more) nightmares. #CSI

2012-01-29 05:38:22
DeirdreS: Shoulda known I’d get a cold. Anyway, last part of @brendangregg’s SCALE talk compressing now…

2012-01-28 20:51:45
DeirdreS: “senior execs violated antitrust laws by entering into secret anti-poaching agreements not to hire each other’s best”

2012-01-28 20:11:02
DeirdreS: @hridaybala Never heard the end of the story, come to think of it. I hope she got free and was able to live the life she wished.

2012-01-28 20:01:44
DeirdreS: 10 and 5 years ago I wrote about Immigration and Identity in Europe

2012-01-28 19:43:25
DeirdreS: @raichoo Wikis all suck, and each one sucks differently from the others…

2012-01-28 19:42:30
DeirdreS: Shit Italian Girls Say

2012-01-28 19:40:33
DeirdreS: “many young adults are enormously smart and knowledgeable but directionless, enthusiastic but unable to commit”

2012-01-28 19:15:50
DeirdreS: @raichoo Can you add that here? #illumos #hackerspace #bielefeld

2012-01-28 19:14:11
DeirdreS: RT @raichoo: I’m going to give a lightning talk about #illumos tomorrow at #hackerspace #bielefeld

2012-01-28 17:13:37
DeirdreS: @hudsonette You might like to see my friend Amanda in this:

2012-01-28 16:56:30
DeirdreS: @sturadnidge They all said it was disappointingly drinkable. I had a Stella instead.

2012-01-28 05:12:16
DeirdreS: @NomdeB probably been done for my whole family by Mormon relatives, so what? They’re dead and beyond caring.

2012-01-28 02:46:52
DeirdreS: @nsolis @gigastacey @om thinks I’m a dude age 24-34!

2012-01-28 00:55:08
DeirdreS: @hridaybala Yeah, and I’ll bet you guys worked the weekend before, too

2012-01-28 00:48:21
DeirdreS: At the end of an 11-day workweek. Having a beer.

2012-01-28 00:45:39
DeirdreS: @timfoster One or two other whats?

2012-01-27 23:07:23
DeirdreS: @federicocarrara Carino! Non c’era al #nodesummit questa settimana?

2012-01-27 22:39:59
DeirdreS: Thanks to @gflarity for “Remotely Upgrading A USB Key Based Deployment” – SmartOS Documentation

2012-01-27 22:17:02
DeirdreS: @federicocarrara Sono la community manager sia per SmartOS che per suo genitore, illumos. Lavoro per Joyent.

2012-01-27 20:44:48
DeirdreS: “We’re not zealots, we’re engineers of taste.”

2012-01-27 20:02:02
DeirdreS: @diorahman should help

2012-01-27 19:52:52
DeirdreS: Thanks @johnnysunshine for a new SmartOS image, this one incorporating node.js v0.6.8 !

2012-01-27 19:22:12
DeirdreS: @diorahman Please ask in the mailing list: – lots of folks there who can answer at the length needed!

2012-01-27 19:21:19
DeirdreS: RT @mmayo: RT “@ozten: Read my @Storify story: “My Take on NodeSummit” #nodesummit” <– best summary of NodeSummit.

2012-01-27 18:31:04
DeirdreS: RT @ryancnelson: I’m on a plane, bringing a 12pack of Walgreens “Big Flats” beer (google it) back to SF for the DTrace/SmartOS team.

2012-01-27 17:48:46
DeirdreS: .@jbaltz3phase Some stuff here might help you learn #ZFS #smartOS

2012-01-27 17:48:09
DeirdreS: RT @jbaltz3phase: If anything out there gets me really serious about learning&deploying #ZFS this year, it’s going to be #smartOS.

2012-01-27 17:21:02
DeirdreS: And it is on! dtrace.conf 2012, San Francisco, Tuesday, April 3rd. Sign up now at

2012-01-27 11:16:12
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Joyent Cloud Meetup w/engineer Robert Mustacchi “Using #SmartOS as a Hypervisor” Jan 31 in SF. 5-7 pm. Beer,pizza http://t.c …

2012-01-27 08:01:19
DeirdreS: RT @bdha: In other news, migrating #illumos services to @joyent’s Public Cloud makes me pretty happy.

2012-01-27 08:00:49
DeirdreS: 5 years ago: Oh, My Darling Clementine

2012-01-27 07:54:51
DeirdreS: @gaspart La risposta e’: “Non c’e’ speranza, ne’ per il sito, ne’ per te.”

2012-01-27 07:42:52
DeirdreS: @KallistoG Scary!

2012-01-27 04:42:47
DeirdreS: “There’s a lot I’ll have missed, but I’ll not have been dead when I die!”

2012-01-26 01:05:01
DeirdreS: RT @BrendanEich: Congrats to @voodootikigod for @SaferAging winning “Best use of Node.js” at #nodesummit

2012-01-26 01:03:29
DeirdreS: @FilmCritHULK There are still photos around of birds strangling in them etc, so, yeah, I would think so.

2012-01-26 00:18:29
DeirdreS: .@musingvirtual I unfortenately do not have a car…

2012-01-26 22:36:16
DeirdreS: dtrace.conf –

2012-01-26 22:33:50
DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: And it is on! dtrace.conf 2012, San Francisco, Tuesday, April 3rd. Sign up now at

2012-01-26 21:10:04
DeirdreS: @RossellaLaeng Your tweets are protected – intentional? Also, you’re not following your mother. 😉

2012-01-26 19:07:51
DeirdreS: @raichoo if you can come up with the right mark, I’ll add it. Mind, we may both be shunned by @bcantrill and @ahl for excessive cuteness!

2012-01-26 18:22:54
DeirdreS: @raichoo You’re way too into this. 😉 DTrace isn’t just for Illumos; don’t want other OSes to feel unwelcome!

2012-01-26 18:13:57
DeirdreS: @ebertchicago that was a profoundly disturbing book, don’t think I could watch the film

2012-01-26 17:21:02
DeirdreS: Examining File System Latency in Production: 61 pages of @brendangregg to while away the wait for new video 😉

2012-01-26 17:10:27
DeirdreS: .@robotovat @alaindebotton Seems a pity to waste years (or even minutes) of your life doing things to stave off fear of death.

2012-01-26 07:04:21
DeirdreS: @alaindebotton Or maybe it’s just being old enough to know what they want and brave enough to pursue it.

2012-01-26 06:36:57
DeirdreS: My linguaphile friends should check this out: Flash cards, vocabulary memorization, and study games | Quizlet

2012-01-26 06:26:04
DeirdreS: Examining File System Latency in Production: 61 pages of @brendangregg to while away the wait for new video 😉

2012-01-26 05:35:13
DeirdreS: @jonasthaler I used to be able to sing, otherwise no musical talent whatsoever… unless remembering a lot of lyrics counts.

2012-01-26 05:34:11
DeirdreS: @NodeSummit This is San Francisco – they should all go naked! No, waitaminute… #nodesummit

2012-01-26 05:31:21
DeirdreS: @hridaybala @sogrady Alcohol only puts me to sleep for about 2 hours, then I’m awake the rest of the night. Sigh.

2012-01-26 04:43:58
DeirdreS: I need a power switch for my brain – would like to just shut down for about 12 hours.

2012-01-26 04:35:28
DeirdreS: @davidpaulyoung It /is/ hard – but we’re up to it. 😉

2012-01-26 02:07:42
DeirdreS: @jaredmdobson lots more where those came from: (and with some of the same people)

2012-01-26 01:44:22
DeirdreS: Spent half of the day doing community manager stuff, the other half editing video. I can haz beer now?

2012-01-26 01:39:46
DeirdreS: RT @charlesbeeler: RT @bcantrill: When your competitor’s high profile customers publicly congratulate you on a round, you’re doing somet …

2012-01-25 23:08:08
DeirdreS: @NomdeB @milouness You both had to go there… Now I’m stuck with that thought.

2012-01-25 21:26:52
DeirdreS: RT @avinash: [Hilarious, and true:] Every Presentation Ever: Short video: #communication #fail – Oh, so TRUE.

2012-01-25 21:13:52
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Ppl @ #nodesummit asking about @smartos. Learn more at our Meetup/Office Hours Jan 31. 5-7 pm. Beer+pizza.

2012-01-25 19:42:41
DeirdreS: RT @bryanwb: #opschef geeks, coming to fosdem? interested in #illumos? join me at the illumos meetup

2012-01-25 18:57:49
DeirdreS: @dbarodrigo needs work: #iouc

2012-01-25 17:29:42
DeirdreS: Dear American food makers: If it’s not Asian cuisine, it doesn’t need soy. Please stop making me sick.

2012-01-25 17:21:36
DeirdreS: @sogrady Having a timezone is overrated.

2012-01-25 17:05:02
DeirdreS: new video: Using SmartOS as a Hypervisor Robert Mustacchi’s talk at SCALE 10x.

2012-01-25 16:32:16
DeirdreS: Will the awareness ribbon campaigns end when they run out of basic colors? “I’m wearing a puce ribbon for x” might be stretching things.

2012-01-25 16:15:15
DeirdreS: @shesgeeky is anyone carpooling Saturday from SF or Caltrain?

2012-01-25 08:13:11
DeirdreS: …it begins to tell ’round midnight – YouTube

2012-01-25 08:04:10
DeirdreS: 8 years ago: Learning Italian

2012-01-25 08:03:40
DeirdreS: 8 years ago: Religion in Italian Schools

2012-01-25 08:03:17
DeirdreS: 8 yrs ago: “I undoubtedly owned shoes as a child, but couldn’t tell you anything about them.” That Italian Shoe Thing

2012-01-25 08:01:53
DeirdreS: 2 years ago: Thinking Badly of Others in Italy “A very indicative Italian saying”

2012-01-25 07:58:37
DeirdreS: 9 years ago: “a boy who doesn’t yet own a cellphone she considered an advantage as he was forced to speak to her”

2012-01-25 06:23:19
DeirdreS: “Companies are increasingly relying on social networks to gauge candidates’ suitability for a job”

2012-01-25 05:58:06
DeirdreS: @feliciaday #searchit

2012-01-25 05:29:52
DeirdreS: “We see adulthood as the time when we can choose for ourselves what’s important to us and what we most want to do.”

2012-01-25 05:11:49
DeirdreS: RT @amrutamehta: Sir Patrick Stewart on domestic violence, from personal experience

2012-01-25 05:08:57
DeirdreS: new video: Using SmartOS as a Hypervisor Robert Mustacchi’s talk at SCALE 10x.

2012-01-25 03:40:38
DeirdreS: @Dichenlachman Why should you “do anything” about how you look? You’re gorgeous!

2012-01-25 03:22:20
DeirdreS: Clearing out the freezer means tonight’s dinner is bison and chestnut meatloaf. Smells good, and I’m awfully hungry…

2012-01-25 03:06:32
DeirdreS: RT @dhh: I usually give startups shit for taking wads of cash, but @joyent’s $85M to buy loads of servers to fight AWS seems like what V …

2012-01-25 00:45:28
DeirdreS: RT @craigmorgan: RT @kylebeyer Wow. @bcantrill just blew the bottom out of conf presentation latency. great job. #nodesummit < +1

2012-01-25 00:43:54
DeirdreS: RT @robWcam: SmartOS is what I have been missing. Really excited to give it a spin. #nodesummit Thanks @bcantrill!

2012-01-24 00:33:05
DeirdreS: I need to go home and go to sleep. Wonder if I have anything to eat for when I wake up hungry later.

2012-01-24 23:56:13
DeirdreS: RT @sturadnidge: 2 minutes in and @bcantrill is on fire already. #NodeSummit

2012-01-24 23:27:25
DeirdreS: another one from the vaults: Mike Shapiro of Sun and Steve O’Grady of Redmonk

2012-01-24 23:18:32
DeirdreS: RT @johnnysunshine: yo dawg, I heard you like SmartOS:

2012-01-24 23:13:20
DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: Google is being annoyingly tight-lipped, while Microsoft is writing a Node program on stage — on a Mac. #NodeSummit #Wor …

2012-01-24 22:45:42
DeirdreS: found some old stuff on an antique hard disk: Solaris History: The Open Storage Revolution – Jeff Bonwick

2012-01-24 22:22:26
DeirdreS: Dear recruit-spammers: Why would I be interested in working for a company that can’t even read my LinkedIn profile before writing to me?

2012-01-24 22:15:06
DeirdreS: RT @jasonh: Joyent and Sprint Partner to Bring Node.js to Developers on SmartDataCenter via @wordpressdotcom

2012-01-24 21:49:14
DeirdreS: This dark chocolate salted caramel I’m eating may prevent a homicide today.

2012-01-24 21:24:03
DeirdreS: RT @composerstephen: Tickets go on sale next week for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus special event! @SFGMC

2012-01-24 19:34:12
DeirdreS: RT @bdha: Can now create ipkg zones with #SmartOS’s vmadm create: (couple bugs still)

2012-01-24 18:58:42
DeirdreS: RT @GeorgeTrujillo: The number of Oracle shops using #MySQL is 60-70%. #IOUG

2012-01-24 18:38:34
DeirdreS: Well, there is one thing more annoying: when the next (and last) bus doesn’t show up at all.

2012-01-24 18:23:32
DeirdreS: @leapingwoman thinking about it, will depend partly on getting rides to/from Caltrain – and how tired I am after 9 day workweek

2012-01-24 18:21:30
DeirdreS: Few things in life are more annoying than seeing the bus pull away as you approach to catch it.

2012-01-24 17:36:21
DeirdreS: @bcantrill Showoff! 😉 #NodeSummit

2012-01-24 08:31:10
DeirdreS: @jasonh I thought hugs were your department?

2012-01-24 06:32:00
DeirdreS: About a week of sleep would probably be a good place to start…

2012-01-23 23:56:51
DeirdreS: Notes from SCALE10x — More I/O for the Cloud, Please « Joyeur

2012-01-23 23:49:39
DeirdreS: RT @rod11: Big news day for Joyent. We announced our recent $85M funding round. That’s basically what I have been working on …http:/ …

2012-01-23 23:48:38
DeirdreS: @jscarp There’s one right under the Joyent offices – come for a visit!

2012-01-23 21:48:38
DeirdreS: Good sandwiches, nothing I’m allergic to. Yay! (@ The Melt w/ 3 others)

2012-01-23 19:30:58
DeirdreS: @pborenstein thanks! I expect flowers on my desk when I get to the office! (Not really – I do already feel appreciated.)

2012-01-23 18:56:14
DeirdreS: Maybe I should write a post “about me on Twitter” so new tech followers know what they’re in for – ie not all tech!

2012-01-23 18:53:31
DeirdreS: RT @nwekwerth: @garrettwilkin Yes, you can run Silverline in supported Linux guest OS’s on SmartOS. Our Metrics service would fit really …

2012-01-23 18:50:52
DeirdreS: RT @tefdigital: We’ve made a strategic investment in @joyent to boost our cloud computing capabilities.

2012-01-23 18:04:23
DeirdreS: RT @lusis: you guys should seriously look at @brendangregg slides from his preso. You’ll be smarter. Trust me.

2012-01-23 17:59:27
DeirdreS: Joyent Secures $85M in Venture Funding to Fuel Global Growth and Continued Innovation | Joyent

2012-01-23 17:18:38
DeirdreS: RT @blakeirvin: @HenrikJohansen : I’ve worked with SmartOS. Much faster than EC2. Requires a little extra legwork at times, but well w …

2012-01-23 09:12:14
DeirdreS: Made it home from #Scale10x in the rain, waiting to hear that @brendangregg did, too. Then I hope to sleep for many hours.

2012-01-23 09:08:41
DeirdreS: @vambenepe mine would be more like: “Some guys moved a ball around, whoTF cares?”

2012-01-23 09:00:39
DeirdreS: @MathSimon @gedamore yes I’ll be getting video out, may need some time – lots of other stuff to do!

2012-01-23 08:59:35
DeirdreS: @vambenepe my reaction when I heard “Giants” would be playing was very similar: “I thought they played baseball…?”

2012-01-23 07:14:04
DeirdreS: RT @nodejschina: SCALE 10X 2012, Using SmartOS as a Hypervisor

2012-01-23 07:10:24
DeirdreS: @missbhavens amen, sister!

2012-01-23 01:06:28
DeirdreS: @hridaybala @socallinuxexpo thanks to you guys – it was great!

2012-01-23 01:05:43
DeirdreS: RT @davewiner: Poor Chris Dodd.

2012-01-23 00:51:34
DeirdreS: .@bdha @rmustacc heard someone in the hall afterwards telling a friend “I just heard the most awesome talk!”

2012-01-22 23:54:42
DeirdreS: @3rdEden Annabelles is good, OSHA Thai on 3rd&folsom… What do you Wang to eat? you’re in my neighborhood

2012-01-22 23:51:30
DeirdreS: RT @richardelling: @joyent has some interesting ideas on how to #dtrace into the VM guest… stay tuned… #illumos #SCALE10x

2012-01-22 23:48:26
DeirdreS: RT @richardelling: #smartos with #dtrace and #KVM allows @joyent to offer very detailed and useful analytics #illumos #SCALE10x

2012-01-22 23:47:28
DeirdreS: Oh god – /more/ football?!?

2012-01-22 23:46:39
DeirdreS: RT @gedamore: Using DTrace and SmartOS to instrument ext3 in a Linux kernel. Cool.

2012-01-22 23:19:06
DeirdreS: Had never even heard of Paterno til his name came up in context of child rape. So not likely to mourn a “college football legend”.

2012-01-22 22:19:04
DeirdreS: @hridaybala ok thanks for checking

2012-01-22 21:54:02
DeirdreS: RT @ubersoft: Investigate Chris Dodd and the MPAA for bribery after he publicly admited to bribing politicans to pass legislation. http: …

2012-01-22 21:47:13
DeirdreS: RT @raichoo: Watching @gedamore live talk about #illumos at #scale10x

2012-01-22 21:46:38
DeirdreS: Thanks to #Scale10x for letting me film all the #illumos related talks so we have great new info to share with our community – and others!

2012-01-22 21:44:04
DeirdreS: @milouness in some ways feel like I never stopped being a teenager

2012-01-22 21:19:21
DeirdreS: RT @lolcatstevens: Unsung heros: thanks @irabinovitch and Jordan Schwartz ( @mediatemple ) and the #SCaLE10x folk for keeping this great …

2012-01-22 21:18:07
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Nexenta’s Garrett D’Amore on Developing for illumos at SCALE today (1/22) at 1:30 pm

2012-01-22 21:17:46
DeirdreS: @imarambiocatan we have some #illumos t’s here at #Scale10x and clearly we need to make them more widely available… Working on it!

2012-01-22 20:09:00
DeirdreS: @HumanityCritic can we force SC to secede from the union?


2012-01-22 20:08:16
DeirdreS: #illumos #Scale10x

2012-01-22 19:36:56
DeirdreS: @raichoo I’m thinking I should make the pony available on a t-shirt… #dtrace #illumos

2012-01-22 19:29:52
DeirdreS: RT @raichoo: HOLY SHIT! THERE IS AN OFFICIAL #dtrace PONY!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 #illumos /cc @lotterleben @viirus42

2012-01-22 06:57:22
DeirdreS: RT @Mike_FTW: Rick Santorum launches Conservatives Unite Moneybomb (CUM). I am not making this up.

2012-01-22 06:52:17
DeirdreS: RT @underbellie: If you truly don’t believe a baby has a right to eat in public, you might want to check if you’re an asshole. #breastfe …

2012-01-22 04:31:23
DeirdreS: @jonasthaler ‘fraid so…

2012-01-22 04:16:13
DeirdreS: Illumos / SmartOS BoF af #Scale10x – come on over to the Santa Monica room!

2012-01-22 03:26:27
DeirdreS: @mikeal What cable?

2012-01-22 03:18:19
DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: My #SCALE10x slides “Performance Analysis: new tools and concepts from the cloud” it was videoed too

2012-01-22 02:34:49
DeirdreS: RT @richardelling: Gordon Ross shows how to use dtrace to debug FUSE #SCALE10x

2012-01-22 02:24:55
DeirdreS: RT @justinvincent: MPAA lied to Congress about the jobs number

2012-01-22 02:12:09
DeirdreS: There is just no interesting way to film people sitting at a table facing an audience, so they’d better say something interesting.

2012-01-22 02:06:17
DeirdreS: >120 of them attended @brendangregg’s talk this morning.

2012-01-22 02:05:30
DeirdreS: >1800 attendees at #Scale10x this year

2012-01-22 02:03:05
DeirdreS: RT @notmatt: .@spolsky suggests no more guerrilla tactics on SOPA/PIPA-style legislation. Time to engage directly:

2012-01-22 01:54:53
DeirdreS: About to attend and film the OS panel At #Scale10x

2012-01-22 01:30:31
DeirdreS: @rbarraud I could probably eat the stick, but the cornbread and hot dog probably contain soy

2012-01-22 01:22:39
DeirdreS: Having a burger without a bun, not because I’m on a diet, but bec most commercial bread contains soy in some form… Forced diet!

2012-01-21 00:17:09
DeirdreS: Pace is important in keeping open source project thriving. #illumos #Scale10x

2012-01-21 00:12:19
DeirdreS: If we’re all competing on the same open standards, the best implementation wins. #illumos #Scale10x

2012-01-21 22:56:41
DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: Cool btrfs demo showing reduced seeks vs ext3 and xfs. Except it was demoed on flash

2012-01-21 22:38:13
DeirdreS: 10 years ago I wrote: Ringing in the Euro

2012-01-21 22:35:35
DeirdreS: RT @richardelling: btrfs is being tuned towards big storage, where big is 8TB+ #SCALE10x – They’re kidding, right?

2012-01-21 22:34:06
DeirdreS: They’re saying “Let the grownups work a deal” because the kids – us consumers – don’t know what’s good for us. Gah!

2012-01-21 21:14:01
DeirdreS: OH: would a Christian Science Sysadmin never actually do anything?

2012-01-21 20:23:19
DeirdreS: @bnwri hmm, religion as a condition of employment? @hemantmehta – is that legal in the US?

2012-01-21 20:20:24
DeirdreS: @cwebber yes, both from us and from #Scale10x

2012-01-21 20:12:43
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Reminder #illumos ppl @ #SCALE10x. We’re sponsoring BoF tmrw @ 8pm w/ @brendangregg. DTrace, KVM. Santa Monica B. http://jo …

2012-01-21 19:54:30
DeirdreS: RT @bdha: Nora and I watching @brendangregg drop some wisdom cross-country:

2012-01-21 19:51:13
DeirdreS: RT @cwebber: Watching @brendangregg give a neat talk on performance analytics. #scale10x

2012-01-21 19:43:17
DeirdreS: RT @bdha: Yay, watching @brendangregg at SCALE livestream:

2012-01-21 19:36:13
DeirdreS: Full room for @brendangregg’s #Scale10x talk in Century AB

2012-01-21 18:53:44
DeirdreS: @chrisridd @brendangregg yes, should be live streamed as well

2012-01-21 18:52:15
DeirdreS: 11:30 in Century AB: @brendangregg’s talk on performance in the cloud #Scale10x

2012-01-21 18:50:52
DeirdreS: RT @quaid: Posted mostly-final PDF (or ODF) of my #SCALE10x #FOSS Mentoring talk at (under CC BY SA 3.0).

2012-01-21 18:50:12
DeirdreS: @irabinovitch give me a direct link for @brendangregg’s stream, I’ll tweet the hell outta that

2012-01-21 18:49:03
DeirdreS: RT @irabinovitch: I’m watching #SCALE10x video online. You can too! #scale10x

2012-01-21 18:48:11
DeirdreS: @quaid some of us get that – hence SmartOS and node.js @joyent

2012-01-21 18:46:40
DeirdreS: @bnwri the job requires a Christian?

2012-01-21 02:26:56
DeirdreS: @philiph @cwebber Or beer, after his slides are done.

2012-01-21 02:26:14
DeirdreS: RT @rmustacc: I’ll be at #SCALE10x this weekend and speaking on Sunday at 3:00pm on #SmartOS. Don’t miss @brendangregg talking perf Satu …

2012-01-21 02:21:09
DeirdreS: Digital crowds work better than real-world ones For some things, nothing works except solitude – Andrew McAfee – HBR

2012-01-21 01:59:07
DeirdreS: Board members should be re-elected every year – our lives change so fast in software (but some audience disagreement with this) #Scale10x

2012-01-21 01:56:36
DeirdreS: Don’t put your chief funders on the board – they have a lot of influence anyway.

2012-01-21 01:53:05
DeirdreS: Problem of mentoring open source board members – we don’t yet have the meta non-profits. #Scale10x

2012-01-21 01:49:18
DeirdreS: @approx_normal @hemantmehta isn’t that child abandonment – illegal?

2012-01-21 01:48:04
DeirdreS: Good thing I’m no longer in school – I can no longer sit and be talked at for hours.

2012-01-21 01:43:44
DeirdreS: RT @AskDrRuth: CDC says 30% of teens not using contraceptives thought they couldn’t get pregnant. Do you think we need better sex ed in …

2012-01-21 01:13:47
DeirdreS: Incorporation takes time – board meetings, accounting… #Scale10x use a fiscal sponsorship instead (if you can)

2012-01-21 01:12:30
DeirdreS: “can’t we just let our corporate sponsors take care of this stuff?” of course the example is MySQL -> Sun -> Oracle… #Scale10x

2012-01-21 01:10:54
DeirdreS: Reasons for incorporating include legal protection, loss of key people… #Scale10x

2012-01-21 01:07:18
DeirdreS: At Josh Berkus’ talk on foundations at #Scale10x – very timely for me

2012-01-21 00:57:35
DeirdreS: Challenge in open source community is growing the 10% who are most productive #illumos #Scale10x

2012-01-21 00:54:22
DeirdreS: @theronconrey glad you’re finding it useful!

2012-01-21 00:34:52
DeirdreS: For a FOSS OS, you need hardware partnerships. And we need specs to work from. #illumos #Scale10x

2012-01-21 00:33:27
DeirdreS: Developers like knowing that their paid work will go back to the open source community. #illumos #Scale10x

2012-01-21 00:29:57
DeirdreS: If you’re going for the big reveal, it’s even more important to have code to show. #illumos #Scale10x

2012-01-21 00:20:25
DeirdreS: Community events, user group meetings drive momentum. #Scale10x #illumos

2012-01-21 00:19:16
DeirdreS: Code first, not vaporware, not just announcements. #illumos #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:53:04
DeirdreS: Risks of growth include loss of focus, bikeshedding, project too big, too diverse. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:47:36
DeirdreS: Grow by changing leadership regularly. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:44:18
DeirdreS: Ongoing communicators are needed, using open extensible tools. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:44:10
DeirdreS: Consensus over voting, see apache’s lightweight consensus model. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:42:43
DeirdreS: Don’t let the poisonous people ruin your community. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:40:50
DeirdreS: Yes I’d like to join the metrics wg

2012-01-20 23:39:20
DeirdreS: Make sure your tools are open source too. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:35:24
DeirdreS: Discussions and decisions should be open. Better to disappoint than to surprise. People feel they’ve contributed when they’ve been heard.

2012-01-20 23:33:38
DeirdreS: Improve infrastructure – enable. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:31:16
DeirdreS: And we need a community who’s who page (I’ve been working on that, on the SmartOS wiki). #illumos

2012-01-20 23:29:35
DeirdreS: We need a wiki page of people willing to mentor #illumos newbies (tho asking me is still ok). #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:28:34
DeirdreS: Expose interesting and easier tasks- encourage peripheral participation. #Scale10x So what are some easy ways to participate in #illumos ?

2012-01-20 23:26:24
DeirdreS: Have a blog aggregator. And an open road map. And Open marketing plan. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:25:08
DeirdreS: …but make decisions in the mailing list. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:24:16
DeirdreS: Importance of irc as communications channel, low barrier to entry for countries where bandwidth is metered. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:23:24
DeirdreS: Open wiki increases amount of documentation by orders of magnitude because community pitches in. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:22:21
DeirdreS: @quasi42 true, that remark was specific to case when a project must have a big reveal. I prefer to avoid that kinda thing.

2012-01-20 23:20:45
DeirdreS: Source control needed for docs as well as code. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:19:58
DeirdreS: Start with one mailing list, branch as needed. #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:19:27
DeirdreS: CLA vs contribution policy. Not sure I see the difference…?

2012-01-20 23:13:45
DeirdreS: Large orgs involved in open source need to be extra open. Governance needs to be transparent #Scale10x

2012-01-20 23:10:38
DeirdreS: Lots of folks at #Scale10x whom I know from community leadership. Filming Karsten Wade’s talk on bldg open source community

2012-01-20 23:10:38
DeirdreS: The traditional “big reveal” is antithetical to open source projects, how to handle that? Closed mailing list.

2012-01-20 22:25:04
DeirdreS: Come to the #illumos BoF ast #SCALE10x Saturday 8pm – chance to win a personalized autographed copy of the DTrace book from @brendangregg

2012-01-20 22:09:50
DeirdreS: @mccrory 30 months? Helluva flight delay! #SWA

2012-01-20 22:03:17
DeirdreS: live stream #SCALE10x: on now: Josh Berkus PostgreSQL Web Application Security

2012-01-20 22:02:12
DeirdreS: @cwebber Actually, we just passed you in the hall, I knew it was you because I heard you introducing yourself to someone.

2012-01-20 20:14:05
DeirdreS: schedule of SmartOS-Illumos Events at #SCALE10x:

2012-01-20 20:05:42
DeirdreS: RT @monkchips: still one £129 ticket for @monkigras left. you should buy it. you wont see a more amazing speaker list. Joyent founder, J …

2012-01-20 20:03:45
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Just posted Webinar “How @nodefly Uses the Joyent Cloud API and DTrace to Monitor #Nodejs Applications”

2012-01-20 20:02:50
DeirdreS: RT @jcea: If you want #DTrace in #Python, please express your opinion in For instance #OpenIn …

2012-01-20 19:06:11
DeirdreS: #illumos and #SCALE10x – updated event list: there’s an Open Source Operating Systems panel Saturday!

2012-01-20 18:37:50
DeirdreS: Anyone looking for me? No? Good.

2012-01-20 04:22:12
DeirdreS: @llcrowe I’ll vouch that you worked at Sun. What kind of confirmation is this?

2012-01-19 20:54:39
DeirdreS: Shortages for in demand skillsets will favor entities… with the logistical ability to incorporate remote hires

2012-01-19 20:08:27
DeirdreS: RT @AlbertBrooks: The thing about Newt is that Clinton never lectured us on morality.

2012-01-19 19:53:42
DeirdreS: So now the tech experts are the “nerds”. As opposed to, you know, those cool cats in Congress.

2012-01-19 18:58:40
DeirdreS: 3 years ago: “The test of our progress…” (photo)

2012-01-19 18:57:17
DeirdreS: 5 years ago: “When somebody asks “How are you?” my usual response is “Tired”. ”

2012-01-19 18:56:19
DeirdreS: 7 years ago: Deirdré Does Vegas: CES 2005

2012-01-19 18:54:54
DeirdreS: 8 years ago: Scenes from the Fashion World

2012-01-19 17:45:55
DeirdreS: Webcam views of people staring at docs on their computer screens are boring.

2012-01-19 17:29:39
DeirdreS: schedule of SmartOS-Illumos Events at #SCALE10x:

2012-01-19 16:33:43
DeirdreS: RT @trondn: Just signed the contributor agreement for #SmartOS.. Time to roll up my sleeves and figure out where I can contribute

2012-01-19 16:33:35
DeirdreS: @jeffreytaylor @hudsonette I can actually remember when “Upstairs, Downstairs” was on the air, tho no detail. Will have to compare.

2012-01-19 07:47:14
DeirdreS: @hudsonette @jeffreytaylor Ok, you finally got me – I /will/ be watching all of Downton Abbey. Wish I could stay up all night, in fact…

2012-01-19 06:08:25
DeirdreS: RT @tomlenk: Get to know me & Candrea: “@funnyordie: A suicidal woman gets less than she hoped for when @tomlenk picks up her call: http …

2012-01-19 04:08:24
DeirdreS: how you can tell this song is really old: geeks in suits, and at COMDEX: ‘It’s All About The Pentiums’ | Rolling Stone

2012-01-19 03:49:55
DeirdreS: (NB: Working at #SCALE10x Fri-Sun…)

2012-01-19 03:49:11
DeirdreS: Have only worked 2 days this week so far but my brain feels wrung out. Tomorrow’s drive to LA will feel like time off!

2012-01-19 03:41:59
DeirdreS: Stunned that so many students know how to use wikipedia, but apparently can’t actually, like, read. Or think. Or spell.

2012-01-19 03:37:02
DeirdreS: @leahcphillips Why don’t you call your Congressional rep and try to ensure that wikipedia doesn’t get shut down forever? Might ever help.

2012-01-19 03:36:20
DeirdreS: @__ThatOneGirl

2012-01-19 03:36:10
DeirdreS: @DanBent1 Do pay attention, dear:

2012-01-19 03:35:50
DeirdreS: @CiniqL Not Obama, Congress:

2012-01-19 03:35:29
DeirdreS: @8907_andrew

2012-01-19 03:35:20
DeirdreS: @kazface Oh articulate one:

2012-01-19 03:34:38
DeirdreS: @Ilyas_Mohamed put the blame where it belongs: Congress

2012-01-19 03:34:08
DeirdreS: @BradG4L be informed:

2012-01-19 03:33:33
DeirdreS: @Ted_Zepplin Not Obama – Congress:

2012-01-19 00:54:57
DeirdreS: RT @mahrens1: new blog post: the future of LibZFS: #zfs

2012-01-19 00:54:19
DeirdreS: @RaoulMiller How about both?

2012-01-19 00:52:17
DeirdreS: @stopcarrottime SOPA explained:

2012-01-19 00:31:05
DeirdreS: “As long as entertainment spends more money in Washington than tech, bad laws like SOPA and PIPA will appear”

2012-01-19 00:24:37
DeirdreS: @benjaminws Maybe we could post that video as a reply to all the “WTF happened” idiots: #SOPA #PIPA

2012-01-19 00:23:58
DeirdreS: RT @benjaminws: This is an excellent explanation of #SOPA/#PIPA from @khanacademy for people still not getting it.

2012-01-19 00:07:44
DeirdreS: RT @ahl: new blog post: ZFS+10: illumos meetup recap

2012-01-19 00:06:11
DeirdreS: @joelhousman Sadly, I was also unsurprised.

2012-01-19 00:05:42
DeirdreS: READ THIS – A personal experience with DMCA – UMG vs Veoh – minglewing

2012-01-18 23:47:29
DeirdreS: RT @arnaudlacour: RT @furrygirl: Hands down, The Oatmeal has the best SOPA blackout page and explanation:

2012-01-18 22:00:52
DeirdreS: @joelhousman The fact that most of them can’t be bothered to read tha damn page they landed on is depressing.

2012-01-18 18:24:37
DeirdreS: RT @opensolaris: The @EFF explains how #SOPA & #PIPA could affect open source projects & distros: & …

2012-01-18 16:30:31
DeirdreS: Why I’m fighting SOPA: It’s hypocritical, onerous and dumb — Tech News and Analysis

2012-01-18 16:00:05
DeirdreS: new video from illumos meetup: ZFS Feature Flags –

2012-01-18 07:09:51
DeirdreS: the problems with religion:

2012-01-18 07:00:26
DeirdreS: @trochej Kinda doubt it if all they know how to do is search wikipedia

2012-01-18 06:51:25
DeirdreS: RT @vambenepe: I’m glad Wikipedia went with JavaScript and rejected Adobe’s alternative proposal: let’s get all CPU to 100% for 24 hours …

2012-01-18 06:41:42
DeirdreS: A lot of just-in-time students out there. Not that I’m a lot better, but I do know how to use other sources

2012-01-18 06:32:39
DeirdreS: RT @timbray: Real-time Wikipedia shutdown freakout: – this is both pathetic and funny, and it might actually work!

2012-01-18 06:24:53
DeirdreS: “Vunce the rockets are up, who cares vere zey come down? Zat’s not my department, says Werner von Braun” Tom Lehrer

2012-01-18 06:13:05
DeirdreS: RT @urbanturbanguy: The first time I hear these words I thought they were the names of some village goons from india: #Sopa & #Pipa.

2012-01-18 06:00:13
DeirdreS: RT @SarahKSilverman: Jesus would be bummed about the Vatican being all filled w riches that could feed the world (but doesn’t)

2012-01-18 05:59:11
DeirdreS: @KatieS Interesting, all my reps are women. None of them is saying anything about #SOPA

2012-01-18 05:02:00
DeirdreS: RT @NodeSummit: Just told we have 3 slots left for STUDENT volunteers (all others are full). Free pass if u r willing to work. info at n …

2012-01-18 05:01:02
DeirdreS: new video from the illumos meetup: ZFS Feature Flags –

2012-01-18 04:59:34
DeirdreS: 2 years ago I wrote: On Love

2012-01-18 04:45:56
DeirdreS: If most of the Internet will be blacked out tomorrow (including my own site), should I just sleep through the day?

2012-01-18 03:04:55
DeirdreS: @notmatt Bryan looks pouty, what did you guys do to him? 😉

2012-01-18 00:55:23
DeirdreS: An excellent late afternoon pick-me-up: Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water – YouTube

2012-01-17 23:35:54

2012-01-17 23:35:38

2012-01-17 22:45:59
DeirdreS: RT @babsray: RT @PsychToday: “After meeting James, I have less patience with kids who can’t look beyond themselves.” – Barbara Ray http: …

2012-01-17 22:42:20
DeirdreS: “You don’t know what you’re messing with, you got no idea”

2012-01-17 22:35:20
DeirdreS: .@tomcoates @mattwaite I suggest visible engineers in corpcomms as well. When making technical decisions, why accept info filtered by mktg?

2012-01-17 22:32:56
DeirdreS: RT @tomcoates: @mattwaite My suggestion would be to push for more engineer and creative team bylines around tech journalistic products.

2012-01-17 22:32:16
DeirdreS: RT @johnnysunshine: SmartOS’s repos, smartos-live & smartos-overlay can finally accept patches! Sign your CLA today:

2012-01-17 21:30:01
DeirdreS: updated: SmartOS-Illumos-OpenIndiana Events with schedule and rooms for illumos talks at #SCALE10x

2012-01-17 20:25:13
DeirdreS: Six Reasons Why You Should Give Employees a 4-Day Week | LinkedIn

2012-01-17 20:12:32
DeirdreS: Come See Us at SCALE 10X! –

2012-01-17 19:41:34
DeirdreS: new video from illumos meetup: ZFS Feature Flags –

2012-01-17 17:15:11
DeirdreS: …then a lot more video next week from #SCALE10x!

2012-01-17 17:14:51
DeirdreS: For those who may be wondering: yes, there is more (final edit) video to come from last week’s illumos meeting, I hope to finish it today.

2012-01-17 17:12:02
DeirdreS: @ringae Probably east bay – good commute to Joyent, good value for money on rents.

2012-01-17 17:11:40
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: On deck 1/18: Webinar w/ @nodefly CTO, @dapsays covering how they use #DTrace, Joyent API 4 #nodejs analytics. …

2012-01-17 07:49:30
DeirdreS: “his class consisted of 52 students, 26 different nationalities.” Oscar shorts autobiographical journey ‘The Road Home’

2012-01-17 07:34:32
DeirdreS: ZFS Backwards Compatibility Testing with ztest –

2012-01-17 07:29:29
DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote: “Picture the wife of an American diplomat or missionary, just arrived in India or Thailand…”

2012-01-17 07:11:11
DeirdreS: RT @srsmoot: New Blog Post (and ScreenCast): “SmartOS Setup”: – THANK YOU!

2012-01-17 06:54:53
DeirdreS: @vambenepe Since you tweeted it to force yourself, should we demand proof tomorrow?

2012-01-17 06:54:13
DeirdreS: @jonasthaler Have not found a specific place yet, it appears I’ll have to wait til closer to my move-in date – rentals come and go quickly

2012-01-17 06:53:30
DeirdreS: @JeriDansky @jonasthaler Likely east Bay – better value for money and an easy Bart to our Financial District office.

2012-01-17 05:18:58
DeirdreS: First step in vacating SF apartment: non-food greenery is moving to the office, at least temporarily. Monster plant probably for good.

2012-01-17 05:14:53
DeirdreS: @pijewski In the context, was that better or worse than an al Qaeda t-shirt? #patriots

2012-01-17 05:13:10
DeirdreS: @shawnferry @lskrocki @nonstick This is beginning to sound like my kind of ritual!

2012-01-17 03:20:01
DeirdreS: @shawnferry Better yet, @lskrocki and I will be knocking on your door, dressed in white shirts with our names on badges.

2012-01-17 03:17:30
DeirdreS: @LusciousPear Got time to drop by Joyent for a visit this week (before some of us leave for SCALE on Thurs)?

2012-01-17 00:19:28
DeirdreS: RT @csanz: EC2 traceroutes SUCK! reason #10 why we are moving to @joyent

2012-01-17 00:19:12
DeirdreS: @philiph very true!

2012-01-17 00:00:40
DeirdreS: If you’re looking to hire, please don’t use “smart” or “motivated” in the desc. We can assume you /don’t/ want to hire a lazy idiot.

2012-01-16 23:55:42
DeirdreS: @NomdeB I would think that worked by preventing intercourse!

2012-01-16 23:35:24
DeirdreS: RT @DavidBrin1: Via @nprnews: Brazil’s Falling Birth Rate: A New Way Of Thinking?

2012-01-16 23:28:07
DeirdreS: @lskrocki especially not when interrupted by Catholic calisthenics 😉

2012-01-16 22:06:53
DeirdreS: For Jeffrey

2012-01-16 19:26:51
DeirdreS: @MogdenPong If you went to sleep in Santa Clara and woke up in Prague, you’d be confused, too!

2012-01-16 19:25:15
DeirdreS: “it is jolting and uncomfortable. But it grounds me in the reality of being an American today”

2012-01-16 19:17:17
DeirdreS: @lskrocki To the extent I ever do it, anyplace quiet is fine. Whether it’s prayer or philosophy, seems fair to give everyone a space.

2012-01-16 17:00:02
DeirdreS: Come See Us at SCALE 10X!

2012-01-16 07:37:56
DeirdreS: @lskrocki so where do the atheists go when they want to commune with their thoughts?

2012-01-16 04:53:53
DeirdreS: RT @pourmecoffee: Quick, while everyone is at Golden Globes, let’s break into studios and make decent movies with normal-looking people.

2012-01-16 04:38:12
DeirdreS: RT @MathSimon: @gedamore Good luck in your post-Nexenta adventures and thanks for being the ‘grand poobah’ for illumos.

2012-01-16 03:48:06
DeirdreS: @bici Separata da 2+ anni

2012-01-16 03:32:42
DeirdreS: interesting questions on an old post of mine: What Happens When You’re Not a Native of Anywhere?

2012-01-16 02:14:32
DeirdreS: Dinner = chicken breast stuffed with chestnuts and leek, mashed sweet potatoes, fresh fennel and apple salad with almonds. Hungry!

2012-01-16 01:16:36
DeirdreS: @webmink I would be quite happy to have a domestic god around from time to time. 😉

2012-01-16 00:32:35
DeirdreS: I dusted and vacuumed. Enough of this domestic goddess crap!

2012-01-15 23:17:59
DeirdreS: RT @LusciousPear: If God didn’t intervene in the holocaust, he’s not going to intervene in your football game. #fb

2012-01-15 23:11:00
DeirdreS: 4 years ago: Photo Gallery: Torino, January 2008

2012-01-15 23:10:20
DeirdreS: 5 yrs ago: “For weeks Italian media has been obsessed with a crime…” Close Neighbors: Living Cheek-by-Jowl in Italy

2012-01-15 20:21:16
DeirdreS: RT @KI4OTK: @mranney @izs @nodejs Those two should get a room. #nodejs #joyent – We did! At One Embarcadero.

2012-01-15 20:18:19
DeirdreS: RT @MikeLaSpina: @bsousapt @edsai smartos will mount v28 now and after #ZFS feature flags is done it can mount any version and ignore un …

2012-01-15 19:12:50
DeirdreS: 6 yrs ago: “We’re making it possible for viewers to compete with you,” “We need it,” murmured his colleague from Fox

2012-01-15 19:04:16
DeirdreS: 7 years ago: “America obsessed with eating. You can’t go anywhere without being bombarded by advertising for food”

2012-01-15 18:54:20
DeirdreS: Looks as if the San Francisco winter is finally here: 51F and cloudy. (But humidity makes me feel colder. Yes, I’m a wimp about cold.)

2012-01-15 18:53:49
DeirdreS: @quasi42 Oh, right… thanks. Short night, not enough coffee… #factcheck

2012-01-15 18:53:17
DeirdreS: What happens when your Twitter handle is give out as an info source in a popular conference talk:

2012-01-15 18:33:52
DeirdreS: Come See Us at SCALE 10X!

2012-01-15 18:19:18
DeirdreS: “accepting government subsidies, refusing military service declining to work, while having 6-8 children is unsettling”

2012-01-15 17:37:36
DeirdreS: @raichoo dunno if it counts when food comes of the actions you intended to be evil

2012-01-15 17:09:47
DeirdreS: RT @jamescmcpherson: rt via @SLSingh: The Red Flags of Quackery These are the sorts of science posters you want in …

2012-01-15 17:06:52
DeirdreS: RT @TheEconomist: Obituary: Ronald Searle, artist, limner of St Trinian’s and St Custard’s, died on December 30th, aged 91 …

2012-01-15 08:01:48
DeirdreS: Damn, just remembered: my dad would have been 73 today.

2012-01-15 05:30:52
DeirdreS: Is it significant that the last five people to look at my LinkedIn profile are people I know very well?

2012-01-15 05:25:23
DeirdreS: @livejasonbourne I see lots to love about Canada, not sure I could stand the weather, though – I was born and raised in tropical climes!

2012-01-15 00:57:17
DeirdreS: a congressman berates a constituent who works two jobs, cares for two kids, and tries to attend school

2012-01-15 00:51:56
DeirdreS: @philiph Blame 4chan for your toddler needing pants?

2012-01-15 00:50:06
DeirdreS: @raichoo From #illumos’ very own Richard Elling! #zfs #illumos #openindiana

2012-01-14 23:33:03
DeirdreS: @jonasthaler yes, looking forward to seeing you!

2012-01-14 23:32:36
DeirdreS: @bubbva yup, that’s where I went. More pleasant, but only in a relative sense.

2012-01-14 22:28:30
DeirdreS: .@bcantrill My boss, the disaster perv.

2012-01-14 22:27:19
DeirdreS: I’m at Whole Foods Market (399 4th St., at Harrison St., San Francisco) w/ 9 others

2012-01-14 21:53:42
DeirdreS: OH in the dressing room: “I hate ‘the girls’ sometimes. They are so rambunctious!”

2012-01-14 21:50:07
DeirdreS: @NomdeB football? Is that a thing? 😉

2012-01-14 21:36:25
DeirdreS: One of my least favorite activities: shopping for bras. (Whatever the lingerie cos wd like you to believe, it’s neither fun nor sexy.)

2012-01-14 21:26:48
DeirdreS: I’m at Nordstrom (865 Market St, Westfield SF Centre, San Francisco)

2012-01-14 21:18:39
DeirdreS: Should have trusted my first instinct to NOT take the Muni

2012-01-14 21:11:14
DeirdreS: Why are young women traveling in gangs so LOUD?

2012-01-14 21:08:31
DeirdreS: Need coffee and food before I can face (shudder) shopping.

2012-01-14 19:04:37
DeirdreS: @monkigras @tomraftery that’s great news, thanks!

2012-01-14 08:27:44
DeirdreS: @Joanmarie good luck. My far less serious brushes with insomnia make me feel for you.

2012-01-14 08:08:07
DeirdreS: @Joanmarie agh, I don’t know how you survive that.

2012-01-14 08:01:47
DeirdreS: @leapingwoman in my case the decision is easier because to car, and have hair appointment… #CLSWest

2012-01-14 07:49:12
DeirdreS: “Research strongly suggests that people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption.”

2012-01-14 06:44:30
DeirdreS: And next week: @brendangregg @rmustacc @gedamore @safiume and I bring #illumos enlightenment to the Linux hordes at #SCALE10x. 😉

2012-01-14 06:32:54
DeirdreS: Wish I could go to #CLSWest tomorrow, but honestly I’m too tired from /being/ a community manager this week to go and talk about it.

2012-01-14 06:30:49
DeirdreS: 3 years ago: The Italian Adam

2012-01-14 06:20:53
DeirdreS: RT @aredridel: Wow. I think SmartOS might be that thing I’ve always wanted. Purely a hypervisor. Only sane.

2012-01-14 06:20:44
DeirdreS: RT @MikeLaSpina: @benni_dito I have illumos running in production, it’s Rock Solid, usable and easy to manage.

2012-01-14 05:34:19
DeirdreS: What a week. Good, but exhausting.

2012-01-14 05:31:25
DeirdreS: Piling absurdity upon absurdity… For Priests’ Wives, a Word of Caution –

2012-01-14 02:45:39
DeirdreS: @joelhousman I take it he doesn’t read twitter…

2012-01-14 00:42:01
DeirdreS: new video from illumos user group meeting: ZFS Code Comments –

2012-01-13 23:52:40
DeirdreS: @philiph I like the one I have.

2012-01-13 23:05:40
DeirdreS: @monkigras Please please please tell me you’re filming the talks.

2012-01-13 23:03:41
DeirdreS: RT @JessiDG: For my 6-year anniversary, I re-wrote Robert Heinlein’s “A person should be able to”: “A Couple Should Be Able to…” http: …

2012-01-13 22:40:32
DeirdreS: @SFGMC is this a hint about the program for March? #Pippin

2012-01-13 22:36:12
DeirdreS: “I’m on the job – you ain’t never had a friend like me!”

2012-01-13 22:06:02
DeirdreS: RT @johnnysunshine: For those inclined to build their own SmartOS images, I’ve uploaded an extras tarball & modified the config script. …

2012-01-13 18:46:07
DeirdreS: new! Dave Pacheco’s Blog » Playing with Node/V8 postmortem debugging

2012-01-13 17:50:42
DeirdreS: great and useful video on SmartOS Guest Provisioning

2012-01-13 17:24:42
DeirdreS: RT @jasonh: External is biweekly now!! ==> RT @johnnysunshine: New SmartOS release. Moving to a biweekly regular schedule. http://t.c …

2012-01-13 17:10:01
DeirdreS: New version of SmartOS available! – thanks @johnnysunshine !

2012-01-13 16:40:33
DeirdreS: video: The Future of LibZFS – from this week’s illumos user group meeting

2012-01-13 08:36:33
DeirdreS: RT @johnnysunshine: New SmartOS release. Moving to a biweekly regular schedule.

2012-01-13 04:52:44
DeirdreS: RT @nodejschina: Trond Norbye’s Weblog: Couchbase Server meets SmartOS!

2012-01-13 00:42:51
DeirdreS: video from the user group meeting: Testing ZFS in illumos –

2012-01-12 20:40:22
DeirdreS: @kometen Yes, @bcantrill is kind of permanently wired. I don’t see him consuming vast amounts of coffee, either.

2012-01-12 20:39:38
DeirdreS: @richlowe good point, I’ll see if I can bump it up with a recompress

2012-01-12 20:30:11
DeirdreS: DTrace and ZBall – Another bit of Solaris history with Bryan Cantrill.

2012-01-12 20:05:03
DeirdreS: @kvegh If you use the right pharmaceuticals, yes.

2012-01-12 17:59:07
DeirdreS: @jonasthaler Goes without saying! See you in LA next week? Maybe Friday dinner? We’ll be at LAX Hilton.

2012-01-12 17:45:16
DeirdreS: The world looks so much better after a decent night’s sleep.

2012-01-12 06:05:07
DeirdreS: @jamescmcpherson Documentation needs to be randomly-consultable text, with perhaps video how-tos. But tech preso are better as video, IMO.

2012-01-12 05:26:28
DeirdreS: .@alanc People have diff learning styles. How well you absorb info in a given format can be as important as how long it takes to take in.

2012-01-12 04:19:59
DeirdreS: @jamescmcpherson @dboyll @socialtimes YouTube is doing video transcription but it’s work to get it accurate. Human works better but costs.

2012-01-12 03:09:13
DeirdreS: RT @dboyll: Motion Infographic: Online Video Is 5.33X More Effective Than Text via @socialtimes

2012-01-12 01:35:00
DeirdreS: full house for the illumos User Group Meetup last night at Delphix (photo)

2012-01-12 00:20:03
DeirdreS: @gedamore Glad to do it!

2012-01-11 23:08:39
DeirdreS: RT @badnima: Today’s office view from the Joyent clouds

2012-01-11 23:08:02
DeirdreS: @vruz Very good idea, except I’m going with LibreOffice – just remembered how much I prefer it to Those Proprietary Guys.

2012-01-11 22:37:42
DeirdreS: I need to create a simple pdf form (on Mac OSX) – anyone know a tool cheaper than Acrobat X?

2012-01-11 22:32:49
DeirdreS: @redtwitdown buy pizza 😉

2012-01-11 22:05:48
DeirdreS: @redtwitdown or perhaps I should say I’m managing stuff (websites, events) rather than people

2012-01-11 22:04:40
DeirdreS: @redtwitdown I don’t expect to manage this crowd much. 😉

2012-01-11 21:54:43
DeirdreS: For those who missed last night’s announcement (& hadn’t figured it out already) I am now community manager for #illumos as well as SmartOS.

2012-01-11 18:35:49
DeirdreS: @shawnferry illumos soap on a rope?

2012-01-11 17:15:14
DeirdreS: @darkproger Yes, keep an eye on the Delphix guys’ blogs, and they’ll probably send slides to me as well.

2012-01-11 17:12:40
DeirdreS: @lderezinski I can hear audio now (just spot checking). ??? #ZFS

2012-01-11 16:52:39
DeirdreS: rough cut available now: illumos user group meeting on #ZFS Recorded on 1/10/12 on USTREAM.

2012-01-11 16:51:11
DeirdreS: @iamsrk If that is the case, you’re hanging out with the wrong people. The ones closest to you should understand and accept you the most.

2012-01-11 16:07:45
DeirdreS: @shawnferry That makes me feel so… loved?

2012-01-11 08:44:49
DeirdreS: “it’s not just the gays who are planning to violently harass us with wedding invitations” |

2012-01-11 08:28:50
DeirdreS: recording available: illumos user group meeting, Recorded on 1/10/12 joyent on USTREAM. Conference

2012-01-11 08:26:10
DeirdreS: Thanks to all who joined the #illumos video stream tonight – we hope to meet you in person at a future event!

2012-01-11 06:08:08
DeirdreS: I don’t think these conversations will end til Delphix throws us out…

2012-01-11 05:32:14
DeirdreS: Very cool lo see a living, breathing OS in the process of growing #illumos

2012-01-11 05:27:08
DeirdreS: .@bcantrill proposes deulling over bits in the #zfs block pointer

2012-01-11 04:50:48
DeirdreS: @timfoster Who was it said that bug-free code is dead code? 😉 #zfs

2012-01-11 04:48:50
DeirdreS: Chris Siden on ZFS feature flags: on UStream

2012-01-11 04:38:30
DeirdreS: @ahl ack sorry! #illumos #zfs

2012-01-11 04:36:47
DeirdreS: Chris Siden on ZFS backwards compatibility testing: on UStream Sponsored by

2012-01-11 04:28:34
DeirdreS: talkin’ ’bout #zfs test suites – illumos User Group on USTREAM: Sponsored by

2012-01-11 03:59:16
DeirdreS: 65 people in the room and 27 on the stream at the #illumos user group meeting. I’d say this community is doing all right.

2012-01-11 03:41:48
DeirdreS: Matt Ahrens on libzfs: illumos User Group #illumos #zfs

2012-01-11 03:27:27
DeirdreS: starting: illumos User Group on USTREAM: Sponsored by

2012-01-11 03:22:50
DeirdreS: @shayanpooya I’m afraid it’s going to take some more time to get people to stop chatting and sit down…

2012-01-11 03:22:02
DeirdreS: eating pizza: illumos User Group on USTREAM: Sponsored by

2012-01-11 03:05:26
DeirdreS: @lowbit I was promised that the Nexenta people have already eaten!

2012-01-11 02:55:57
DeirdreS: sitting around chatting, waiting for pizza: illumos User Group on USTREAM: Sponsored by

2012-01-11 01:38:36
DeirdreS: RT @anamariecox: I would like to get in on this “European social welfare state” that Obama is starting, according to Romney.

2012-01-10 21:53:47
DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine Are you saying I should move to Vancouver? 😉

2012-01-10 21:53:31
DeirdreS: @JPedde PR is part of my job, but it’s more about growing an open source community – very different set of skills and tasks.

2012-01-10 21:30:31
DeirdreS: @JPedde

2012-01-10 21:24:15
DeirdreS: @JPedde Hmm, this seems to be a completely different definition of “community manager” than what I do. #cmgrchat #cmgr #octribe

2012-01-10 00:21:37
DeirdreS: This makes me ashamed of America: My Guantánamo Nightmare –

2012-01-10 21:12:41
DeirdreS: Rent on my 1 BR SOMA apartment would be $2679 starting in March. Farewell, downtown SF – I can’t afford it anymore.

2012-01-10 00:12:22
DeirdreS: @fitzage Ah. In that case – go to sleep!

2012-01-10 20:33:58
DeirdreS: @heinz_gies also try asking on and irc Joyent or illumos #VMWare #Solaris #KVM #SmartOS

2012-01-10 00:11:39
DeirdreS: @fitzage If you’re bored, I’m sure I can think of something for you to do.

2012-01-10 20:33:26
DeirdreS: RT @heinz_gies: Wanting to migrate my #VMWare server to #Solaris + #KVM or joy nets #SmartOS has anyone experience to share?

2012-01-10 20:07:05
DeirdreS: @SFSiren I heard what you did there!

2012-01-10 20:06:18
DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Webinar: How @NodeFly Uses Joyent Cloud API & #DTrace 2 Monitor #Nodejs Apps – Jan. 18 10 am. hosted by @dapsays …

2012-01-10 20:05:50
DeirdreS: Can I NOT have the daily migraine today? kthxbai

2012-01-10 17:56:17
DeirdreS: RT @BrianLehrer: Santorum in debate: he fears Iran cause it’s “a theocracy” and Obama’s a bad prez cause he subscribes to “secular ideol …

2012-01-10 16:53:56
DeirdreS: RT @philiph: People putting content on websites you don’t own: my website has existed for 10 years. Will services you use today be aroun …

2012-01-10 02:17:30
DeirdreS: .@wimcoekaerts We went through this 50 years ago with JFK. Catholicism is not the issue – Santorum is just an idiot (to put it politely).

2012-01-10 00:51:42
DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: new blog post: Activity of the ZFS ARC stats + DTrace

2012-01-10 00:46:48
DeirdreS: @KatieS Would love to have this for iPhone. Not likely, I suspect… #SOPA #stopsopa

2012-01-10 23:30:43
DeirdreS: Is 18 pizzas enough for ~60 devs?

2012-01-10 23:30:28
DeirdreS: @christiebrkt Sounds to me like you did the right thing – you were patient.

2012-01-10 23:09:14
DeirdreS: @bdha In reference to why @brendangregg is awesome. 😉

2012-01-10 22:42:39
DeirdreS: .@bdha Baby I Perform This Way

2012-01-10 22:38:58
DeirdreS: @pborenstein heh. You’d think they’d have thought of that, being in Rome.

2012-01-10 22:25:44
DeirdreS: RT @nielr1: Wow – no need to go to Rome now

2012-01-10 22:23:13
DeirdreS: @Historian Done properly, community management is also marketing. But it has to have a very light touch.

2012-01-10 22:09:56
DeirdreS: @Historian Nearly 20 years of community experience for me, wish I’d thought to brand myself as an “expert” back when I started!

2012-01-10 22:07:33
DeirdreS: @christiebrkt it’s worth the time to NOT traumatize kids with dental and medical procedures – your life and his will be much easier later

2012-01-10 22:01:11
DeirdreS: apropos of nothing in particular: The Beatles – Baby You’re A Rich Man

2012-01-10 22:00:11
DeirdreS: @Historian @jpedde Aside from the fact that I am out of range on age and experience. 😉 #cmgrchat #cmgr #octribe

2012-01-09 22:36:40
DeirdreS: @richlowe No, I was thinking more in general. I am increasingly dubious about the value of many “traditions” we take for granted in business

2012-01-09 22:32:49
DeirdreS: @richlowe SI?

2012-01-09 22:27:20
DeirdreS: Begin to suspect that, in fast-moving tech, any piece of “collateral” that takes >1 week to produce will be obsolete upon publication.

2012-01-09 21:14:31
DeirdreS: “You thought I didn’t really notice. But I did. I wanted to high-five you.”

2012-01-09 21:10:45
DeirdreS: Even a day old, this may be the best chocolate chip cookie EVER – from TARTINE BAKERY

2012-01-09 20:33:03
DeirdreS: study abroad From Costa Rica to Thailand

2012-01-09 20:19:52
DeirdreS: @JacknificentNL Ah, those were at least 5 years ago – I’d love to see pix of the revamp!

2012-01-09 20:19:29
DeirdreS: @justinsantab We’d love to help – what do you need? #OpenStack #Illumos #KVM

2012-01-09 20:16:10
DeirdreS: “I cannot help but to feel extremely proud that OpenSolaris (and Solaris) is not dead yet and it’s alive and rising.”

2012-01-09 19:50:50
DeirdreS: InfoWorld’s 2012 Technology of the Year Award winners – InfoWorld

2012-01-09 18:50:45
DeirdreS: .@monkchips Love it “We believe people, not industrial processes, need to be at the center of application development.”

2012-01-09 18:49:24
DeirdreS: .@sbraswe1 We will be live streaming the illumos User Group meetup at – sorry, I know time zone may be inconvenient

2012-01-09 18:47:58
DeirdreS: @hridaybala I couldn’t possibly comment on that – not a lawyer for either side!

2012-01-09 18:22:18
DeirdreS: RT @SFGMC: First rehearsal tonight for “Enchantingly Wicked,” our next concert with Stephen Schwartz! Mission High, 7pm. See you there, …

2012-01-09 18:22:01
DeirdreS: @shawnferry I wish!

2012-01-09 18:02:45
DeirdreS: @JacknificentNL Which grand hotel?

2012-01-09 17:44:04
DeirdreS: tomorrow night: illumos User Group Meetup – final call if you want to be counted for pizza and beer!

2012-01-09 17:38:00
DeirdreS: “If people want to make stupid decisions and not choose my beloved Solaris, I’m not going to stop them”

2012-01-09 16:00:02
DeirdreS: new: Viva la Mamma? Motherhood, Menopause & Culture

2012-01-09 06:14:16
DeirdreS: @kbierce Yep, I have a copy back on my shelf in Italy.

2012-01-09 05:45:09
DeirdreS: @philiph Don’t worry – the brain death attributable to parenting small kids is not permanent. You do get your mind back eventually.

2012-01-09 05:43:45
DeirdreS: RT @sfmattdelong: wicked useful resource on #github for capturing stack frames and graphing the output

2012-01-09 05:27:21
DeirdreS: Y’know that thing where you just put something down and then you can’t find it? Yeah, that. Very annoying.

2012-01-09 03:44:17
DeirdreS: @kbierce Brenda laurel wrote the first book I think when she was working for Apple

2012-01-09 01:57:12
DeirdreS: @philiph I will never vote for anyone who makes more than a token reference to his or her relationship with god. Has no place in politics.

2012-01-09 01:49:03
DeirdreS: @LusciousPear I’ve been begging for yeasr for a twitter plugin that filters out all sports, because I REALLY don’t care #ragequit

2012-01-09 01:09:09
DeirdreS: Oh, please, don’t tell me we have to go through all that stuff about a football player’s personal relationship with his god – again.

2012-01-09 01:03:38
DeirdreS: @mranney You can tell old-timer tales without the beard – look at @bcantrill ! 😉

2012-01-08 23:53:40
DeirdreS: Big fire in SF somewhere?

2012-01-08 22:14:31

2012-01-08 20:53:12
DeirdreS: @rattay If you want good south Indian in SF, try Ruchi on 3rd – better and less pretentious/pricy than Dosa #spicy #SF

2012-01-08 19:29:35
DeirdreS: @drlouann You are heavily referenced here:

2012-01-08 19:26:44
DeirdreS: new: Viva la Mamma? Motherhood, Menopause & Culture

2012-01-08 17:24:34
DeirdreS: 2 yrs ago: “He reeled off a list of stupid questions you should never ask, attributing most of them to Texan tourists”

2012-01-07 22:24:28
DeirdreS: RT @sturadnidge: New post: SmartOS: Up and Running #smartos

2012-01-07 22:19:38
DeirdreS: SF farmers’ market earlier, now for a ramble in the east Bay, looking at possible future neighborhoods.

2012-01-07 11:07:48
DeirdreS: @bensummers Hmm, that’s a good idea – thanks!

2012-01-07 09:50:26
DeirdreS: “There is no correlation between rape and what women wear.” Don’t skirt the real issue – Hindustan Times

2012-01-07 09:46:33
DeirdreS: @bensummers fair enough. What about white papers?

2012-01-07 08:53:14
DeirdreS: Late-night musings: does anyone pay attention to traditional marketing materials anymore, white papers, data sheets, etc.?

2012-01-07 04:53:19
DeirdreS: There must be people in the world who have serene and simple lives, but I don’t know any of them – do you?

2012-01-06 00:40:09
DeirdreS: “he bared his fangs and went for God’s jugular” Salman Rushdie, Christopher Hitchens (Vanity Fair, Feb 2012)

2012-01-06 00:39:15
DeirdreS: @SalmanRushdie Dammit, you’re making me cry (again). #Hitchens

2012-01-06 00:30:58
DeirdreS: RT @stochastic_code: Reason enough to move our node.js ops from AWS to @joyent Proper Node stack traces in DTrace FTW

2012-01-06 00:15:15
DeirdreS: now this is music: Bonnie Raitt & Roy Rogers – Gnawin’ On It – YouTube

2012-01-06 23:03:02
DeirdreS: @sogrady Please tell me this is being filmed.

2012-01-06 21:42:12
DeirdreS: @sogrady I need to be able to DM you

2012-01-06 21:40:46
DeirdreS: RT @annejohn: Craft tech, craft beer – apps dev and socialisation. London 1 Feb with @monkchips @Joyent @Nitobi Phonegap, …

2012-01-06 19:45:14
DeirdreS: @OrganizeFISH the new doc can initiate a request to transfer the records, you probably have to sign an auth

2012-01-06 18:02:38
DeirdreS: @NomdeB on yelp you could place that comment yourself. A lot of people use it to find health providers.

2012-01-06 17:44:32
DeirdreS: @NomdeB might be a good place to get this information and to share it

2012-01-06 17:40:20
DeirdreS: RT @DEVOPS_BORAT: All OS are evolve until they are support dtrace. – In an ideal world…

2012-01-06 17:30:51
DeirdreS: @NomdeB Vote with your wallet, and let them know why.

2012-01-06 06:27:28
DeirdreS: @NomdeB Planned Parenthood

2012-01-06 06:03:11
DeirdreS: listening to Kristofferson on this tears rolling down my face – I saw him in concert ~1973, 74 & 75, with my dad

2012-01-06 04:07:48
DeirdreS: .@bcantrill George Wilson (among other luminaries) will be attending the #illumos user group meeting next week

2012-01-06 04:05:16
DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: When I spoke of George Wilson in my #lisa11 talk, this is what I was talking about: #illumos

2012-01-06 00:56:00
DeirdreS: RT @Zee: 6 reasons to move to NY City over SF… – uhhh…. article clearly written for (straight) /men/, given point #3.

2012-01-05 23:01:45
DeirdreS: @squaremobius We aim to prevent you getting bored. 😉

2012-01-05 22:58:12
DeirdreS: RT @arnaudlacour: Now this is awesome awesomeness right here: untangle your node with DTrace thanks to the folks @Joyent …

2012-01-05 19:07:11
DeirdreS: @italylogue Would you believe I neven did get onto the roof of the Duomo? Scared of heights. #italy

2012-01-05 18:11:30
DeirdreS: wow, illumos User Group Meetup reaching critical mass!

2012-01-05 17:04:48
DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: If people are heralding “detailed corruption messages” as a major improvement in your filesystem, you’ve done it wrong #btrfs

2012-01-05 16:52:51
DeirdreS: RT @GodlessAtheist: God Trolls Republican Candidates. #atheism

2012-01-05 14:18:27
DeirdreS: “How can you bear this country? What do you see that I don’t?” “The light, colors, smiles – It teaches me something.”

2012-01-05 14:03:40
DeirdreS: @davidpaulyoung Delhi’s not treating you too badly, I see. 😉

2012-01-05 14:02:08
DeirdreS: @DavidStrauss Yes. Was last time a wednesday?

2012-01-05 07:44:03
DeirdreS: iPhone seems to be recovering on its own from its dunking, just waiting for the last bit of moisture to clear from the camera lens.

2012-01-05 07:30:36
DeirdreS: @davidpaulyoung Good choice. 😉

2012-01-05 07:22:34
DeirdreS: RT @NomdeB: So here’s the question. Can we use santorum as an official Scrabble word now?

2012-01-05 07:10:29
DeirdreS: WTF? Sounds likea block party, on a Wednesday night??

2012-01-05 00:52:53
DeirdreS: @jhk24 The place is so big I haven’t even seen you!

2012-01-05 00:50:57
DeirdreS: We’ve gone from Mario to ponies. Probably time to have beer.

2012-01-05 00:36:07
DeirdreS: RT @SFGMC: RT @playbill Stephen Schwartz Will Join San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus for March 2012 Concerts” @SFGMC # …

2012-01-05 00:35:01
DeirdreS: @rmustacc But who is the wookie in this situation?

2012-01-04 23:22:00
DeirdreS: @rob_ellis OTOH, now you have more reasons to visit SF! #not_the_same

2012-01-04 20:05:05
DeirdreS: @sevanjaniyan only lunchtime!

2012-01-04 19:51:28
DeirdreS: Spilled coffee in my purse, dropped my iPhone in the toilet – maybe I should just go back to bed.

2012-01-04 19:18:25
DeirdreS: RT @johnsw: Ikea instructions for the Hadron Collider

2012-01-04 19:14:44
DeirdreS: Today’s desk arrangements

2012-01-04 17:40:54
DeirdreS: @lderezinski yes, the windows are already in use

2012-01-04 07:57:55
DeirdreS: RT @jimpick: English pronunciation poem /via @wrightak

2012-01-04 07:06:16
DeirdreS: @edsai See you soon, then? Cool!

2012-01-04 05:57:37
DeirdreS: @philiph It’s fun to do it in a pan on the stove with a glass lid – then you can watch it popping!

2012-01-04 04:58:53
DeirdreS: @darkproger he demos it in one of these two vids:

2012-01-04 04:55:45
DeirdreS: @SarahKSilverman Because parking them in a bitch.

2012-01-04 01:39:31
DeirdreS: @denizrende cool thing (I guess) is that the white walls are whiteboards

2012-01-03 23:06:04
DeirdreS: I have long observed that, whenever you randomly pause a video, it’s going to catch someone looking weird.

2012-01-03 22:18:12
DeirdreS: @vdotw Yes, have already learned that cheating or carelessness will leave me in misery. Home cooking FTW (in my abundand spare time…).

2012-01-03 22:15:06
DeirdreS: an open signing protocol for HTTP: A Bit More About the New Joyent Cloud API « Joyeur

2012-01-03 21:15:36

2012-01-03 21:11:39
DeirdreS: @argv0 me too!

2012-01-03 21:06:07
DeirdreS: New lunch table – big improvement!

2012-01-03 20:01:10
DeirdreS: @bcantrill looks as if you’re becoming Italian

2012-01-03 19:53:28
DeirdreS: Trying to find something to eat that doesn’t involve soy in any form. I may go hungry.

2012-01-03 19:40:53
DeirdreS: [above] We put our top people in the Joyent call center. 😉

2012-01-03 18:10:19
DeirdreS: one week from tonight! illumos User Group Meetup – ZFS Working Group Report – Menlo Park Tues 1/10 – please sign up at

2012-01-03 17:46:44
DeirdreS: new video! Building a Real-Time Cloud Analytics Service with Node.js Surge Conference 2011 Dave Pacheco Bryan Cantrill

2012-01-03 17:22:53
DeirdreS: RT @storming: Are people integrating Twitter and Google+ in any way? – I am still looking for a way to send tweets to G+

2012-01-03 16:48:19
DeirdreS: Heading in to the new office! Expect a day of chaos at Joyent SF.

2012-01-03 03:31:25
DeirdreS: RT @gknauss: You can tell Monopoly is an old game because there’s a luxury tax and rich people can go to jail.

2012-01-03 01:56:17
DeirdreS: RT @badnima: Mashup: Lion King + Dark Knight Rises

2012-01-03 01:12:27
DeirdreS: .@missybyte As Joss put it: ‘I’m sixteen: looking at linoleum makes me think about sex’.

2012-01-03 00:49:03
DeirdreS: @MissyByte Also: it’d be nice if boys didn’t grow up judging girls as “skanks” regardless of how they dress. Where do they learn that?

2012-01-03 00:47:45
DeirdreS: @MissyByte To quote Richard Dawkins: “We don’t dress our women, they dress themselves.” Maybe boys are more biddable than girls re dress.

2012-01-02 23:18:45
DeirdreS: “They don’t want their children doing anything. Even going to the market is overdoing it” Italian Mammas

2012-01-02 23:06:16
DeirdreS: RT @jmclulow: @xrobau You should join us in the #illumos community, build a ramdisk-based #hipbx appliance (a la #smartos) and stick it …

2012-01-02 21:59:08
DeirdreS: RT @3awadalla: Just met a friend who recently took off her Hijab. Thinking of writing about it! – Please do – I would like to understand.

2012-01-02 21:14:32
DeirdreS: new: 2011 India Trip: Timeline

2012-01-02 19:33:50
DeirdreS: Some days I should obey my gut instinct to just not answer the phone.

2012-01-02 18:31:30
DeirdreS: Moving apt will also mean getting a new mattress – this cheap one from Ikea did not wear well – <2 years and it’s so concave I get backaches

2012-01-02 18:09:26
DeirdreS: .@ebertchicago It doesn’t have to be hard to make new friends. Maybe that’s a skill I learned living all over the world – a very useful one!

2012-01-02 17:51:20
DeirdreS: 4 years ago: I guess the figurines illustrate the staff of a British household in the Raj – The Crafts Museum in Delhi

2012-01-02 17:45:09
DeirdreS: 5 years ago “Struck by a toilet seat thrown from the train – Priest collapses at mass!” Everyday Italian from Headlines

2012-01-02 17:43:23
DeirdreS: 7 years ago: Why Italians Have Stopped Eating Out

2012-01-02 17:42:23
DeirdreS: 7 years ago: a much-delayed law banning smoking in public places goes into effect in Italy

2012-01-02 17:29:09
DeirdreS: most potent religious influence on American politics is far religious right, backed by huge amounts of money

2012-01-02 17:19:01
DeirdreS: Final day of lazy long weekend before a very busy month (year, likely!) begins. Tomorrow, new office. Next week, illumos meetup, then SCALE!

2012-01-02 03:45:29
DeirdreS: RT @jasonh: I don’t know what “Tumblr meets Pandora for E-Commerce” means – Nor do I want to.

2012-01-02 03:44:41
DeirdreS: @myinnervoice I have no idea

2012-01-02 03:01:22
DeirdreS: RT @Cartelink: Ninety-nine percent of the world’s lovers are not with their first choice. That’s what makes the jukebox play. Willie Nelson

2012-01-02 01:52:44
DeirdreS: @philiph That’s pretty much how my dad looked to me – big guy with a beard.

2012-01-02 00:54:04
DeirdreS: @jasonh Agh! My brain just melted!

2012-01-02 00:19:04
DeirdreS: My Year in Blogging – 2011

2012-01-01 23:46:21
DeirdreS: 3 years ago: “Apologizing” for Fascism: Apologia del Fascismo, in Flagrante

2012-01-01 23:42:32
DeirdreS: 8 yeas ago: Recycling: A New Italian Tradition

2012-01-01 23:40:01
DeirdreS: 9 years ago: Holiday Hell – Italian Vacation Traffic

2012-01-01 08:29:08
DeirdreS: RT @trondn: I haven’t even been using SmartOS for 24 hours, and I’m already in love! Way to go Joyent! Keep up the good work!

2012-01-01 04:59:00
DeirdreS: @philiph Smartass. 😉

2012-01-01 01:49:11
DeirdreS: RT @adron: @gblock I’m looking forward to throwing a node.js up in Azure, Joyent, and CloudFoundry Private & Public host soon…

2012-01-01 01:48:39
DeirdreS: One bottle of bubbly has already been consumed (thank you, @Myrna_SF – I think it’s the one we forgot to open on my birthday!). Have more.

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