Netflix 100M Party

Deirdré and Brendan in front of giant red zeros (part of the 100,00,000 sign)

The Netflix 100M party in 2017 was held regionally, with the bulk of the attendees traveling in buses from all over the Bay Area to San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (because the majority of the employees work in Los Gatos).

Guests were encouraged to dress to reflect Netflix’s expanded worldwide market – a relatively easy assignment for Brendan and me as we are both comfortable in Indian clothing and had some formalwear from our trips to India together. Many of the Indian women wore saris, and their consorts, seeing Brendan, regretted that they had dressed in western suits instead of churidar-kurta!

There was big-name entertainment again, but this time it was comedians rather than musicians. And there were themed areas dedicated to popular shows where you could get special effects photos and videos done:

^ Now I know how these whirling romantic shots are done: we were standing on a circular pedestal with a camera mounted near the floor spinning around us very fast!

^ Narcos-style celebration

…and you can see the video clips here.

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