Incat Systems

From 1991 until its acquisition by Adaptec in 1995, I worked for Incat Systems in Milan and then California (yes, it was a long commute). Here are some “family” photos of my colleagues on both continents, some of whom are still friends, others I’ve lost touch with. You might also like: Netflix 100M Party Facebook’s… Continue reading Incat Systems

LISA 2018

In 2018, Brendan and Rikki Endsley co-chaired USENIX LISA. I was, as usual, along for the ride, but also managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for Brendan. You might also like: Problematic employers in tech OpenStack Summit 2014 Storyteller

Netflix 100M Party

The Netflix 100M party in 2017 was held regionally, with the bulk of the attendees traveling in buses from all over the Bay Area to San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (because the majority of the employees work in Los Gatos). Guests were encouraged to dress to reflect Netflix’s expanded worldwide market – a relatively easy… Continue reading Netflix 100M Party

Netflix 50M Party

Some of the most fun tech events I have attended were two epic parties thrown by Netflix for its employees, to celebrate hitting the 50 million (in 2014) and 100 million (in 2017) customers marks. Netflix now has over 200 million customers, but alas there have been no further parties Brendan reminds me that there… Continue reading Netflix 50M Party