Pink Wedding: Dinner

A Canadian woman with short white hair and an Indian woman with long black hair sitting at a table, leaning their heads together and smiling like the old friends they are

It had been an easy decision to have our wedding dinner at home catered by The Mynt, an Indian restaurant in San Jose we were already fond of (and that I’d previously hired to cater a company event at the home of a colleague). They brought a portable tandoor to make fresh naan and other goodies. As usual, I over-ordered, but we had plenty of people around to eat the leftovers in the following days.

Food, drink, and conversation flowed. I had carefully designed the seating to put together guests with people they didn’t necessarily already know, but were likely to get along with. We had Woodstockers mixed in with Netflixers, Facebookers, AWSers, and other techies, as well as other friends and family from far and wide. I believe a good time was had by all!

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