Nothing is Familiar

original Sunday morning. Fortunately, here we have weekends free. Both Saturday and Sunday! Two days in which we don’t have to worry about scaling Everest to reach a Hindi lesson. Yesterday I turned 18. I didn’t even realize it! My friends ordered pizza (school food is acceptable, but it’s always institutional cooking and you get… Continue reading Nothing is Familiar

Almost 18

original No self-portrait. I’m losing even this vice! The long-awaited, prematurely celebrated 18th birthday arrives…finally… tomorrow! Since no one will call me, I will content myself with birthday wishes via fotolog! You might also like: The Techies Project

Welcome to Mussoorie

original PART 4 Fortunately, I’m not the only one, Megan from Los Angeles is in the same situation, though I’m worse off than she. We meet the head of Woodstock’s elementary school, in a car with her daughter. She offers us a ride. When we arrived at her house she was showing us the path… Continue reading Welcome to Mussoorie


original PART 2 In the room of that Julia who today (Aug 4, 2007) is 17 years old and will be my classmate. Continuing the story of the trip: We spent a day in New Delhi. Because very few of us, among them me, had rupees, and the banks refused to change our dollars, most… Continue reading Delhi