First Photos from India

original I had written one of my TOO BEAUTIFUL poems. Except that: I can’t connect my laptop to the Internet I have to transfer everything on a USB key this computer in the library dating back to 1920 doesn’t recognize what I’ve written? it all came out YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -oof The photos are nice, though! I’m… Continue reading First Photos from India


I feel so cosmopolitan! One day I’m wandering around London with my hair expensively curled, looking at shop windows where the price of a pair of underwear equals the bimonthly salary of some Indian whom I will see in a few days, on the streets of New Delhi. 5:26 AM I’m leaving. ([photo of] the… Continue reading Departure


Just me. Two suitcases*, max 20 kilos each. Since this will be a year in India, I was forced to discard low-necked shirts, miniskirts and short-shorts, high heels and wedge sandals: in other words, everything I usually wear! Put aside is the useless junk, the designer stuff that I’d be ashamed to show off. I… Continue reading Packing


original Indian man on a pilgrimage [title of the photo, which Ross took during our trip to India in 2005] Pilgrimage: a voyage of devotion and penitence towards the sacred places of every religion. Sitting for hours in front of the computer. I’m waiting for a great idea for some logical thread or thesis to… Continue reading Pilgrimage