SFGMC: Rockaria

I snuck footage at the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Rockaria concert a while ago – couldn’t resist, particularly because I was entranced by the deaf interpretation performed by Ethan Pope (above, during a Michael Jackson medley). Of course, there were plenty of crowd-pleasers like Material Girl: Mickey: Viva la Vida: Venus: And, in support… Continue reading SFGMC: Rockaria

SFGMC: Rutter’s Magnificat

Performed in June, 2010, by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and the San Francisco Girls Chorus Alumnae, accompanied by the Community Women’s Orchestra. Sorry for the shaky camera work, but the sound quality is surprisingly good on this little Flip cam. You might also like: No related posts.

Balcony Garden

All edible: nasturtiums, two kinds of sage, tomatoes (gift from @bubbva), parsley, bell pepper, serrano pepper, rosemary, thyme basil and (in front) variegated pineapple mint from Jeffrey and John – and it really does smell like pineapple! Will have to experiment making some tropical drinks with that. Let’s see, I have cachaça and mango juice…… Continue reading Balcony Garden