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Pink Wedding: My Wedding Dress

Had we been able to make a trip to India before our wedding, things would have turned out very differently. We both like and are comfortable in Indian clothing, and would have been happy to buy (or have made) something Indian, probably a lehnga for me (I have not worn saris enough to be able to wear them gracefully – it’s an art). Brendan looks very sharp in a long kurta, and could definitely rock an achkan.

But this was all happening on a short timeline. We couldn’t go to India before the wedding (we’d be going there in September, after the wedding), and I was not able to find anything Indian readily available and to our taste in the US. 

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SFGMC Unplugged

Rock the Boat

Too Straight Polka

The Lollipop Guild performs at the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus concert, June 15, 2012. Ethan Pope interpreting.

Beatbox Extravaganza

Kid Beyond performs at San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, June 15, 2012. Interpreted by Ethan Pope.

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SFGMC Christmas Concert 2011

Here’s a clip from last night’s Christmas Concert by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Christmas – which was, by turns: gorgeous, giggly, teary, heartwarming, and uplifting. You’ve still got a chance to see it – three shows on Christmas Eve!