Visiting Sun Bangalore

After seeing my daughter graduate from Woodstock School last week, this week I’m visiting Sun’s engineering center in Bangalore, to meet colleagues – and film them!

I haven’t been to Bangalore since 1980, when it was a sleepy little town. No more! The ride in from the new airport (just opened last week) took an hour and a half, the first part of it very fast on a brand-new six-lane highway. Then we hit city traffic…

I’m staying at the Chancery Pavilion Hotel, which is within easy walking distance from Sun’s office, if you know how to get there. I didn’t, so colleague Sanjeev Bagewadi came to get me – the route is impossible to explain. I’ve mapped it for the benefit of other Sun travellers:
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When you reach the building, what you notice first is this magnificent tree:

We don’t have vegetation like this in Broomfield. In spite of the building boom, Bangalore is still delightfully green.

The security guards at the US offices cannot boast such snappy uniforms!

Sign in Kannada, the official language of Karnataka state, though many other languages are spoken in Bangalore, including, of course, English.

The building has a beautiful atrium lit by a huge skylight.

Here’s the view into the atrium from the 6th floor:

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