Cellphone Comedy

During one of my many trips to Silicon Valley, I was on a shuttle bus at San Francisco Airport, heading towards the rental car building. Four men got on together, talking animatedly, obviously colleagues on a business trip together. A cellphone rang, and all four simultaneously dived for their pockets. I burst out laughing, and one of them smiled at me ruefully. “It is pretty funny,” he admitted.

A friend of my stepmom’s was riding a commuter train out of London one evening when she witnessed the following: To the great annoyance of the other passengers, some guy was talking very loudly on his cellphone, bragging about a huge deal of some sort he’d just done, millions of pounds’ worth of business, etc., etc. He went on for quite some time, until everyone knew far more than they wanted to about his coup. Then the phone he was talking into… rang.

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