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WinOnCD Documentation

User comment from CNet on WinOnCD 5 (US release, November 2002): “I definitely am not a techy and I had no problems. The reason is because I carefully read the manual. The manual is detailed. It took a number of hours to digest. There is a learning curve, but after some practice everything worked as described.”

“…Roxio’s excellent online help is friendly and logical…” – Review of WinOnCD 6 in PC World (UK), February, 2003.

Kudos from Long Ago

Manual for Easy-CD Pro, reviewed in InfoWorld, June 6, 1994:

“We generally don’t expect documentation to be better than the program it describes, but in the case of Easy-CD Pro, it is. Even though the product design is inconsistent, the 100-page manual does a great job of explaining the product from a functional point of view. It is cleanly printed, well indexed, and conceptually informative… On-line help is beautifully organized and cross-indexed, and context sensitive almost everywhere.”

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