Woodstock 150th: Campfire Dinner & DJ Party

Next on the agenda was an outdoor dinner and campfire at the campground just above Hanifl Center, organized by Tenzing and Tsering, with their sons helping out. Gautam is a very talented guitarist.

shot Oct 29, 2004, 0:56 min – Darab and Gautam singing a Garhwali folksong (I guess), Tenzing, Tsering and Pinder dancing. Everyone else practicing their vices.


shot Oct 29, 2004, 1:15 mins, 1.8 MB

This was taken at an outdoor campfire feast, with a team of hired cooks. I think the darker balls of dough you see at the beginning are makki ki roti (corn bread). When you hear my voice, I’m speaking a mishmash of Italian, English, and Hindi.

Dinner, song, and chat were followed by a DJ Dance Party. It took some time to explain to the DJ that we are old people and like old music. He was baffled that we wouldn’t get out on the floor for the latest tunes. When he finally found stuff we liked, he played it over and over again.

Lots of broken image links to fix… when I have time. Meanwhile, you can see the full gallery here.

Tenzing (’80) and Joe Pilaar (’79)

Geraldine (Jeet’s girlfriend) and Tsering (Tenzing’s wife)

No shortage of drinks! All generously supplied by Sanjay, who himself does not even drink.

next day

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