Ryanair’s Web Usability Tax – Passengers Pay for Incompetent Web Design

This article, with a new addendum added June 26, 2007, has been moved to my new blog, Usability Bitch.


  1. Io l’ho fatto l’altro giorno, e mettendo 0 non mi ha dato errore, ma è sicuro che per arrivare a capire come NON pagare i 6 euro per l’express check in, al quale non ero interessata, ci ho messo decisamente un po’ troppo…

  2. Good thing to know. I’m flying from Italy to the UK in a couple of weeks, with one passenger required to take the 6 Euro fee, the other flying with luggage. Hmpf.

    @Sara, how exactly did you manage? At least so I don’t make the same mistake next time.

  3. @Tara: I choose the 0 baggage, then under it appeared a note where there was written that you can choose to remove the quick check in… I clicked on remove… And it was done… A the third attempt…
    And the travel insurance too is not so clear how to remove it…

    I thought I was the only one experiencing those problems, but I’m very glad I’m not alone in this world of user unfriendly web sites!!!

  4. Hmm. I don’t think I was offered that option, unless I was reading too fast to understand it.

    It’s not your fault – it’s piss-poor web design. I hate it when people blame themselves or feel stupid because they have trouble with bad design!

  5. Bummer about Ryanair. Hard to tell if it’s stupidity or deceit. I was thinking of flying them from London to Trieste for my FVG trip, bypassing Malpensa altogether. Maybe it would be better to fly easyJet to Marco Polo (Venice) from London…anyone?

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