Rajdhani Thali: Great Food, Great Price

Last day of shopping in Delhi, Ross and I still had presents to buy, and it had been impossible to get the neo-graduates out of bed at a reasonable hour. So we found ourselves facing a line of state emporiums that were mostly closed for lunch. After a few minutes’ glance around one or two that were still open, we decided to head to Connaught Place to find some lunch for ourselves.

We struck it lucky: right on the corner was Rajdhani Thali, which looked clean and appealing, and proved to be very good.

It’s a set meal (which I suppose varies with the day and season), at a fixed lunchtime price of Rs. 168 (about $4) each. After you sit down, a man comes around with a ewer and washbasin so you can wash your hands (because you’re going to be eating with them!).

Then the thali – a big, stainless-steel tray – is brought out, empty, with some empty little bowls which are soon filled up by waiters making constant rounds. And they just keep coming, offering various dishes, seconds of whatever you want, and a variety of Indian breads fresh off the griddle. The style is Gujarathi and Rajasthani, not too spicy for most Western palates. I had no idea what most of it was, but it was all delicious (and strictly vegetarian).

Rajdhani Thali

As is usual for Indian restaurants, service was excellent.

Rajdhani Thali is a chain throughout India (and in Dubai). Highly recommended, wherever you happen to find one!

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  1. waiting for rajdhani thali in mangalore!!!!!!!!!!!! when ia it going to happen????????????

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